4 Ağustos 2022

Jennyfer Collects Men’s Clothes Ch. 06


Jenny boasted of having sex with many men, and of all stealing their clothes.

And in some cases, it has left them in a very embarrassing situation!

Or in other cases, she would go to her boyfriend’s house, steal clothes from the closet.

As on the day she discovered that one of the ex-boyfriends she had, he was cheating on her, she did not quarrel or made scandal, she simply did something very cruel.

His name was Jayden Pikas.

She had the key to his apartment.

He went to college every day and practically stayed there all day, and he lived alone.

It was a small apartment.

Jenny had the key and an apartment without anyone!

Look what she did.

She knew the time Jayden was going to college around 6:00 a.m., so around 8:00 am she went to his apartment with Amanda and they both started emptying his wardrobe.

They emptied the wardrobe, the drawers, even the clothes that were dirty in the laundry room.

They took and put them all in plastic garbage bags.

They took their pants, suits, shirts, briefs, shoes, socks, coats, towels, bed sheets, that is, they took everything he could use to cover himself.

They got almost 5 plastic bags full of Jayden stuff.

They separate 3 plastic bags to donate to a charity and in these bags they had some clothes, all the shoes, the bed sheets, socks and the coats.

The other two bags stay with Jenny.

Some of those clothes she will sell, but she will be keep some clothes as a trophy, especially all the pants Jeans!

They left the apartment, got out and went to the car and put Jayden’s things in the car, and they left.

Then, konyaaltı sınırsız escort Jenny and Amanda stopped at a charity to leave the 3 bags with Jayden’s things.

The women who were working at this charity told them, “This is a lot of generosity, it’s a lot of things, and they will be of great help, as winter approaches, but I have a question, whose were these things?”

Jenny looks at Amanda, smiles and replies “from a boy, who is dead to me, and will no longer need any clothes.”

Women do not ask anything, just thank once again, and Jenny and Amanda go away.

Now start phase two of the plan!

Jenny wants him to be totally naked, so she tells Amanda “I need him totally naked and humiliated.”

Amanda does not understand and asks “What do you mean? You took all his things from the apartment, he does not have anything else to wear!”

Jenny says “Amanda, he’s still wearing the clothes he wore to go to college, and we’re going to have to take those clothes off him too!”

Amanda smiles and says “Jenny, you are very bad girl!”

Jenny replies “yes, and I’m just getting started, and that mother fucker will learn not to betray anyone else!”

At about 1:00 pm, Jenny calls him “Hi handsome, I really want to see you, how about I go to college to pick you up to do something new?”

Jayden replies “Of course love, all you want, but I came by car to college, and I have to stop by my apartment first.”

Jenny speaks in a mesmerizing voice and whispers “please, I want to do something very hot today, and I want to pick you up, forgets your car, think you’re konyaaltı türbanlı escort going to have sex with two pretty girls tonight!”

Jayden’s cock gets hard and he says “WOW, are you going to fulfill my fantasy today?”

Jenny says “yes, me and Amanda.” Jenny continues “I’m going to get you now, stallion!”

He agrees.

She turns off the cell phone and goes to pick it up in college, because the humiliation had to be complete.

She arrives in college, Jenny is alone in the car, and he asks “Where’s Amanda?”

Jenny replies “she’ll join us later, now leave your wallet, papers, cash and your cell phone in your car and let’s go to my flat, because that’s where it all starts.”

Jayden says “I need to get in my apartment, I want to change my clothes and take a shower.”

Jenny says “You can shower in my flat, and about clothes, you will not need any tonight!”

He says with excitement in his voice “Okay then, let’s go to the flat.”

Jenny smiles and thinks “You do not know what awaits you mother fucker!”

They arrive at the flat, Amanda is in the living room, it’s her day off.

He enters the room, greets Amanda and sits on the couch, him, Jenny and Amanda.

Jenny tells him to go take a shower, and when he gets up from the couch Jenny says “Hey boy, Take off your clothes here! I want to show Amanda how hot you are!”

He gets a little embarrassed, but they say “we’re going to help you get rid of this clothing.”

They started taking all his clothes off.

They took off their T-shirt, sneakers, socks, and belt, and unbuttoned and took konyaaltı ucuz escort off their beautiful, expensive jeans from 7, and of course, his briefs!

Jenny thought “another 7 jeans to my collection!”

He was naked now in the flat, and then Jenny told him to go and take a shower, that she would take care of his clothes.

While he bathes, Jenny hides his clothes, and when he gets out of the bath, he asks for clothes.

Jenny goes to him, takes off his towel and says “you will not need that towel and not even clothes, stallion!” she continues “we want you like this, naked and away from your clothes!”

He was very sexually aroused.

So they had sex with him, and they had the best sex he had ever done before!

Two beautiful women, sucking and fucking his dick all afternoon until the night.

He cum 2 times!

After all, Jenny said, “Let’s get you home, handsome!”

He said “I need my clothes.”

They said, “Your clothes are going to stay with me here at home, because we’re going to take you home, and you’re going naked, without any clothes!” she continues “you’re going to have a big surprise tonight!”

Jayden really did not know what would happen to him.

They get in the car, and when they get close to the apartment he lives in, they stop in the dark, they start sucking him, and make him cum again!

Then they take him to the apartment, Jenny tells Jayden, “Goodbye love, your night is just getting started!” She continues, “You’re naked, so you better run inside, naked boy!”

Jenny and Amanda leave him naked in front of the apartment.

He runs, climbs the stairs, opens the door and enters his little apartment.

That’s when he sees what happened!

He’s away from the car, his wallet, his money and even his cell phone are inside the car that’s parked there in college, and he does not have a piece of cloth to cover himself, and there’s no way he can call for help.

Jayden’s night is just beginning!

What will he do?

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