16 Mart 2023

Jerkboy Life Ch. 02


Second chapter of my first submission (hmmm). Anyway it’s purely ridiculous smut, for ‘entertainment’ purposes only…


I guess being allowed to fuck Sarah’s mother was her way of making up for the fact that she was allowed to fuck any man she wanted.

It was my own fault. When I was beating off for her, Sarah made me tell her my fantasies before she would let me squirt. One of them was thinking of her being free to ride as much cock as she liked.

So when Mrs. Landtree saw my hard-on return and said, “If I can use him however I want . . .” my wife rolled her eyes, cut her off and said:

“Just take him upstairs, Mom.”

Mr. Landtree was long gone, years ago, and we never heard about Sarah’s mom dating anyone. My performance in the kitchen and living room had the desired effect, I guess. Jerkoff Mama was ready to get back in the saddle.

Sarah was barely ever letting my dick near her sweet tawny pussy any more. She was getting it good lately from a co-worker named Carl, she’d told me. From the few times my cock had been allowed inside her, I could tell he was much bigger than me.

When I was beating off and staring at her cunt she could make me come almost instantly by holding her vulva open and displaying her stretched-out vagina. In fact, when she got bored with my jacking off that’s exactly how she finished me off quickly. When she let me come at all.

I loved it. The sight of her lovely, delicate hands pulling on her labia and her pink, yawping fuckhole drove me wild. I wished I could watch her get stuffed, but Sarah said no dice. That’s okay. Just part of Antalya Escort the jerkboy life.

Mrs. Landtree was shimmying out of her slip in her retrograde chartreuse, pink and deep blue bedroom. I watched idly as I stroked my erection. The older woman was a few inches taller than my wife and it struck me that her body was very similar. Just bigger by say, ten percent.

The woman wasn’t ready to let me see her naked, though. She told me to turn off the lights. From the switch across the room I heard her whisper urgently, “Come here, boy.”

I made my way in the darkness toward the voice. I felt her hands find my hips, then my buttocks. Then I felt her mouth engulf my cock. My knees nearly buckled beneath me.

Some slurping, then the dirty finger was back. Poking and tickling at my anus again. Mrs. Landtree’s BJ skills were definitely out of practice, yet the idea that my mother-in-law was doing it had my head spinning. I reached down, found a hefty pound of boob and discovered a fat nipple that dwarfed my wife’s.

“Yes,” she hissed before gobbling more cock. I really wanted some pussy. It had been a long time. For me, and especially for her. I gently pulled back on her dyed-black mop of hair, slightly suggesting she fall backward on the bed. So she did. So I reached down and hoisted her legs so she was laying on the bed. Then I knelt between her legs and laid my cock on her tummy above her twat. It was hairy. Gonzo hairy, like maybe to her belly button if I could see in the dark.

“Please,” my mother-in-law said huskily.

“Ask for it.”

“Oh, god. Will you Antalya Escort Bayan please make love to me?”

I took my cock away, leaned back, found her knees and pulled her legs apart. If she hadn’t groomed that snatch in years, as I suspected, poking though the forest was going to be a chore.

“Use your hands to open your cunt, like a slut.”

“Oh my god.” She tried to close her legs but I forced them open wider.

“Do it.”

“Please. This is so humiliating . . .” she whined as I sensed her hands drifting over the rolls of her womanly belly. My eyes were adjusting to the faint light coming from the crack under her door. The woman had enormous dark areolae.

I rubbed my knob downward and indeed she had done as I had asked. I felt the warm entrance surrounded in fur and told her, “Good girl. Now you’re going to be fucked.”

When I pushed inside I felt an amazing squishy-tight, stretchy-wet vagina that was far beyond any place my dick had been before. I reveled in that pussy, letting it send waves of ecstasy through my penis into my balls, into my abdomen, into my chest . . . .

And then she started bellowing. I hadn’t been inside her a minute and my mother-in-law was already having an orgasm. A loud one. Mrs. Landtree was a howler, and her daughter downstairs was sure to hear it. So I pounded right into her O and just made the howling worse.

It wasn’t really fucking, I realized after a while. It was a woman coming and subsiding briefly and coming again. Over and over. I had to clamp my hand over her mouth and nose at one point to stop her from hyperventilating.

I Escort Antalya glanced at the door once and saw the shadow of two feet outside. Sarah was listening. At least I hoped it was Sarah.

For fun I reached underneath and snuck a finger into her asshole.

“Please!” she gasped, then bucked her hips upward and yanked back on her knees. I wasn’t sure she was asking for it, so I just placed my cock near her anus.

“Fuck my ass, you bastard!” she snarled at me. I heard Sarah laugh out loud in the hall at that one. So into the void, eventually, while Mrs. Landtree unleashed a torrent of paint-peeling obscenities spiced with an occasional lusty shout of “Up my ass!”

Good times.

I couldn’t hold off much longer, though, and I was uncertain how or where I should ejaculate. Or if I should at all. So I pulled out her ass, leaned back and carefully stroked myself.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was going to come.”


“I’m a jerkboy.”

Mrs. Landtree sighed heavily. “Christ. What do you need? Oh, wait. I know. Lay down.”

After I got on my back, this woman my own mother’s age adjusted herself so that her boobs were hanging, then smashing into my face. I nuzzled and hunted for a nipple with my mouth while I jerked off. Her breasts smelled heavenly and there was so much of them! I felt enveloped and small, awash in maternal womanhood and beating off like a rhesus monkey.

“There you go,” I heard her say. “Have some of Mama’s boobs. I want you to come for me. I’m going to count down. Ready? Five . . . four . . . three . . . .”

By three I was ready to shoot and by one I did, on command, to please my Mama. I desperately wanted to show her how much I loved her by coming as hard as I could.

Then she rolled away, pulling my head toward her belly as she did.

“Now soothe my bottom with your tongue.”

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