26 Mart 2022

Jerking off for my Grandmother


Jerking off for my GrandmotherMy name is Mark and my friend Felicia, here at Hamster, asked me to tell you about this story I told her a few weeks ago!I was in high school and my parents worked for the US State Dept. and traveled a lot. They had a two month assignment in England and since I was in school, they didn’t want me to move for that short time so they had me stay at my grand mothers house. Truthfully, she was an old women, at least to me, and I believe in her late 50’s or early 60’s but even I could see she use to be really pretty and from old photo’s I had seen, she really was back then. As all you know, when your in high school, guys get hard-on’s all the time and even wake up with them almost every morning for sure. Another fact is guys DO jerk off and anybody that says they don’t, is just a fucking liar!…LOLOne afternoon after I got home from school, I had to rub one out really bad so I went in my bedroom and shut the door. I didn’t have any porn to look at so I had to just leave it to my imagination. While sitting there happily, but quietly whipping it, I closed my eye’s but kept my ears open in case granny came upstairs. She always seemed to ramble around the place with no apparent reason but it was her house so what was I gonna say about it. I was now hard as a rock and got to that point where you know your gonna cum so you kinda just go into a bliss and don’t really pay too much attention to anything else for that brief moment!I was just seconds away from shooting my load when the bedroom door suddenly burst open and there stood granny! I freaked out and tried to cover myself but it was no use. I was caught red-handed and there was nothing I could do about it. I felt my face turning red and my cock was still sticking straight up in the air!My granny smiled and told me that she didn’t know I was home or she would have knocked on the door before entering. Turns out she was carrying some clothes to my room which she had just washed. She walked past my bed and put my clothes away in my closet and while she did that, I grabbed my underwearand pants and put them back on. She just glanced over at me and smiled but on her way back out, she mentioned that my cock looked just like my dad’s! That kinda got me wondering if she had actually seen my dad’s cock or if she meant when he was a young boy or something.That Friday evening, around 8 or so, I was up in my room listening to some music and generally doing nothing. It was raining outside so I knew most of the guys and girls in my neighborhood were indoors so nothing eryaman escort was really going on. My granny knocked on my door and I told her to come in and when she entered my room, she was carrying some magazines. She tossed them on the bed and when I looked at them, they were old porn magazines. I was stunned that she gave them to me and when I picked one up, she told me that those were the mags that my dad use to look at when he was “choking the chicken” as she put it.She left the room, closing the door behind her and I laid back to look over my new porn stash!! As I was glancing through it, I started getting a hard-on again and figured that I might as well jerk off since my secret was out. I pulled my jeans and underwear off and started stroking my cock. It got hard as hell but I kept thinking about what she had said earlier about my dad’s cock. While whipping away, I heard her knock on the door again and it kinda ruined what I was doing so I pulled my bed spread over my naked genitals and told her to come in. She entered the room and this time, she was holding a bottle of something but I couldn’t see what it was. She told me that this should help me if I wanted to use it and she handed me that bottle and it was lube!Granny them sat on the bed next to me and told me that she use to help my dad when he was my age and then asked if I would like her to show me how it’s done. I was a little nervous but curious too so I told her yes. She pulled the covers back and was now looking at my cock and balls. She squirted some of the lube in her hand and then placed it over my cock! It was a little cold and I jumped some but as she rubbed the lotion in, my cock got absolutely HUGE! I had never had a hard-on this big before and as she started stroking it, she told me that my cock was exactly like my dad’s. Same size, girth and even my balls were like his. She rubbed all around the head and even rubbed my ball sack, rolling each of my nuts between her lubricated long fingers.Granny really knew what she was doing and I could feel myself about to shoot. I was a little embarrassed about that and didn’t want to freak her out by shooting cum everywhere so I mentioned to her that I was about to cum and she just looked at me and told me to let myself do what comes naturally and she would do the same. I started to tense up and just as I was about to blow, Granny put her mouth over the head of my cock and I BLEW right away! I felt myself shoot several large loads which were all shot into granny’s mouth! She started sucking on emek escort it and swallowed every last drop! I couldn’t believe what had just happened but it was awesome and when she raised back up. Some of my jism was on her chin and a little more had gotten on her face. She took her fingers and scooped it all up, placed them in her mouth and licked them clean. She then started licking my cock clean and she even squeezed my cock and licked the last little drop of cum from my pee hole!I was laying there, completely spent, and my granny leaned over and gently kissed the head of my cock and then she kissed me on the cheek! She told me that she would do this with my dad a lot and that it seemed to keep him happy too! She made me promise never to tell my parents about it and that it would be our little secret. I agreed and she left the room!The next day, I went downstairs and she was walking around butt naked! It kinda startled me but since she had already sucked my dick, I might as well see her naked. Her tits were kinda saggy but she had nice long hard nipples and her ass was really nice too. She had a little bit of hair between her legs but I could plainly see her clit hanging out and it was bright pink and looked good.She told me that she usually runs around the house nude and she hoped I didn’t mind. I told her it was fine with me and that’s when she asked me to do the same if I liked. I ran back up to my room, stripped down naked and went back down stairs. We sat at the table and had some breakfast and she had one leg up on the arm of the chair next to me and I had an unobstructed view of her old pink pussy! I could barely eat, thinking of what she had done to me the night before and of what it may be like playing with her pussy. We finished breakfast and while she did the dishes, I went back to my room. While up there,I could feel myself getting a hard-on again so since I was already naked, I just laid back on my bed and started whipping one off! I hadn’t bothered to shut the door either and I secretly hoped she would come in again. I pulled out a magazine she had given me and started to do my thing when I heard her come in and just like last night, she sat on the bed and asked if she could help! She told me that I must be like my dad because he was jerking off several times a day and she could barely keep up with him sometimes!She told me that there was a few other things my dad liked and that if I wanted, she would show me. Well, I was more than willing if she was so she left the room and came back with a box. elvankent escort She placed it on the bed and opened it up. Inside were several dildo’s and a few other things that I had no idea of WHAT they were. Granny took some lube and greased her hands and while I laid back, she started playing with my cock and balls again. I was now sporting yet another gigantic hard-on and when I got to my largest size, she told me to get on all fours. I did as asked and she took my cock and started jerking it like you would milk a cow! I felt her put some of that lube on my asshole and then her finger sticking in my ass. It felt a little strange since I had never felt it before but I was enjoying it and having her jerk my cock at the same time. A couple minutes later, I could feel her grabbing something from the box and that’s when I felt one of the dildos starting to enter my hole! She whispered to me that I should relax and it would be something I would never forget. It hurt a little but after a few strokes, it was deep in my butt and she was moving it in and out like she was fucking me. She laid on her back and got under my balls and cock and was still jerking me off while fucking my asshole at the same time. I could feel myself about to blow and she must have known because she told me to shoot my load all over her face. I couldn’t believe she said that but when I came, I felt several rushes of sperm shoot out and she just continued to milk my cock!I rolled of of her and she was still laying there with her face covered in my jism. She reached down between her old legs and started fingering herself. I watched as granny got off several times and she took ny hand and placed it over her old wet pussy. I pushed a couple of my fingers inside and moved then all around in there. She came again and told me to fuck her with one of the dildos. I grabbed the largest one and pushed it in her. She squirmed around and then came almost immediately! She shot a ton of clear liquid from her old hole that soaked my hand and the bed sheets too. She laid there a few minutes, trying to catch her breath but me being the horny bastard I am wanted to do some more so I took my cock and tried to pop it in her pussy. That’s when she told me that I would NEVER be allowed to fuck her and that she couldn’t live with the fact that she had fucked her own grandson. I was like WTF!! She had already sucked my cock, balls, fucked my ass and swallowed several loads but her pussy was off limits? This I couldn’t understand but what the hell, at least I had a slutty grand mother who I could do other fun things with.My granny and I did stuff with each other over the next two months and after my parents got home, I could never look at my dad the same way again, knowing that he, like me, had used his mom as a cum dump whore!!

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