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“I warned you, Jessa! You were over an hour past your curfew last night. You aren’t going out tonight; do you understand!?” he yelled from the living room. “Dad, I have a birthday party to go to tonight, I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now,” she whined. “Well, guess what, too damn bad!!” “And she has done it again, just when will my cute step sister learn?” I wondered, covering my face with both hands. Suddenly the door opened up. “Were you fucking listening to that, Claude?” My hands slid off my face. “Jessa, I’m in this room because of you. Your dad doesn’t trust you, so I get robbed of having my own bedroom so I can keep an eye on you. To add insult to injury, you can hear him yelling all throughout the house, how can I not listen?” I questioned, peeking at her. “What the fuck ever, dude,” she muttered, heading towards her bed. “Yeah, that’ll work: alienate the only friend you have here. You are permanently on your dad’s shit list and my mom isn’t about to help you out either. I haven’t complained at all about being stuck in here or all the times I have to hear him yell at you.” “I’m sorry, I guess,” she groaned, sitting down. I kept my eyes on her and she covered her face. ‘Pretty blonde with nice tits that just never seems to know when to stop.’ “You know what? Fuck this,” she stated, getting up. “What are you talking about?” “The sun is going down and tonight is my best friend’s birthday party,” she told me, strolling to the window. “You can’t be serious; did that yelling not comprehend with you? He is already really pissed at you, won’t he just kill you if you go to that party?” “Well, maybe you could cover for me,” she proposed, unlocking the window. “Please?” “No, I’m not gonna take that risk just so you go to some party. Screw that, Jessa. I’m pretty sure you are gonna have to pass on this one.” “No, I’ve been looking forward to this party for weeks now,” she mentioned, opening the window. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I muttered under my breath. “What would I even tell your dad?” “Just tell him I went to bed early. I was upset, so Arnavutköy escort I just wanted to hit the sack,” she spoke, going on the window. I immediately came to the window and poked my head out. “So, what’s it gonna be, Claude? Will you please just cover for me? I’d really appreciate it.” I bit my bottom lip and glanced at her face for a few seconds. Suddenly, my eyes went down to her boobs. ‘Shit, those are nice.’ “Maybe this will help you figure it out,” she suggested before she leaned up to me and kissed me on the lips. It lasted for about five seconds before she parted lips. “I knew it, you have a thing for me, don’t you?” I bit my lip even harder and stayed silent. ‘I have a boner now.’ “Thank you, Claude, I’ll find someway to repay you,” she said, prior to taking off. I maintained my position for a moment. “Son of a bitch, now I have a crush on step sister?” I groaned before I brought my head back in. I closed the window and walked back to my bed. “What the fuck just happened? I never thought of her like that, but then I saw her crack. She pleaded to me and she kissed me,” I griped before I felt my crotch. “I still have it.” I lied down on my bed for a few minutes and then the sun was down. “Fuck it, I’m gonna hit,” I said before I got up. “I’m not telling her dad shit, if she gets busted, I’ll know it by the yelling.” I headed to the bathroom and did my business. After I was done, I went back out to the hallway. “Hey, Claude?” he asked, rubbing his head. “Yes, Brian?” He took a deep breath. “So, is she really upset?” “Yes, she just told me she wanted to go to bed early,” I informed him, failing to make eye contact. “Okay, can you just tell her something for me?” “Sure,” I replied, looking at him. “Just tell her I’ll always love her more than life itself, but she got to cut the shit out. Once she turns eighteen and she gets in trouble, she is on her own.” “Okay, I got it,” I responded, nodding. “Thanks, your mom did something right with you,” he praised me, patting my shoulder. “Your welcome,” I said as he Avcılar escort bayan walked away. I went to my room, turned off the light and lied down. “So much for that idea. Damn, how can I find her to be so hot now? We’ve been in this bedroom together for six months now, but I’ve never even seen her without a top or bottom. Suddenly she kisses me, and I get a major hard on and lie for her too?” I stayed silent for a couple more moments and then I just undid my pants. “Of course we can have some fun together, Jessa. Your kiss and cleavage certainly gave me this nice hard on. You made it happen, so you may play with it all you want,” I moaned, taking my rod in my right hand and closing my eyes. I began stroking it and smiled too. “Yeah, rub it, Jessa. Maybe you can make me cum all over your hand. Or maybe you’ll want to take it right into your mouth, I’d certainly liked that. Take the whole thing in your mouth, its only like six inches long, so it should be easy. Suck on it like the sexy step sister you are and I’ll cum right down your mouth. I know a dumb chick like you would love to swallow my seed,” I moaned through my teeth. My strokes became faster and I broke a sweat too. I had the bed shaking a bit and my smile seemed to get bigger with every passing second. “Holy shit, Jessa, that feels so damn good, your lips are so soft. Thrust them as slowly as you can and make my heart feel like its about to pop out of my chest too. Do it just because you want to be a good step sister. I’m just gonna rest my hands onto your head because I love your blow job so much, so just keep going until you make me cum.” I began shaking nonstop and breathing very heavily. “Oh, here you go, step sis,” I moaned before I came. It splattered out and landed on my hand and shirt. “Damn,” I muttered before I opened my eyes. “Jessa isn’t just cute; she is one hot fox.” I lied there with my eyes opened and attempted to comprehend my new found feelings for a few minutes. ‘Maybe its just natural to develop crushes on step siblings.’ A moment Escort Bağcılar later, my head immediately rose up. “Jessa?” I asked, getting under the blanket. “I’m sorry,” she responded, climbing through the window. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.” “Its fine, but its like two in the morning.” I could still see her quite well through the moonlight from the window. She shut it, stood up and peeked at me. “Did you talk to my dad?” “Yes.” “What did you tell him?” she pondered, walking towards me. She sat down on my bed only about a foot from me. ‘Holy shit, she is beautiful. Why the hell is she sitting on my bed with me?’ “I just told him you were upset and wanted to go to bed early. Did you at least have fun?” “Yes, I did,” she answered, placing her left hand onto my leg over the blanket. “Thank you, Claude.” “Your welcome.” She leaned towards me. “I really appreciate it,” she confided in me, prior to kissing me again. She leaned away and smiled. “If there is anything I can do to make it up to you,” she mentioned, moving her hand onto my cock. “Let me know.” I put my hands up. “Wait a minute, are you actually offering me sex for me to not tell your dad?” “I guess, I just love you as a step brother and I want to make it up to you.” “Well, that makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t want a sexual favor like that. I want a woman to take my virginity, that truly wants to take it.” She closed her eyes, slanted her head back and then covered her face with one hand. “Are you smiling, Jessa?” “Claude, you are a virgin?” she giggled. “Yes, why is that funny?” “Well, you turn nineteen in two months, and I’m only seventeen. I’ve already had sex with three guys, and you haven’t been with even one girl?” “No, I haven’t,” I groaned, crossing my arms. “Have you ever gotten your dick sucked?” “No.” “What about a hand job or just gotten to second base?” I took in a deep breath. “No, I’ve never received a hand job or had my hand on a tit,” I replied, looking straight ahead. She chuckled for another moment. “I’m sorry, Claude, I don’t mean to laugh. That was just unexpected, you are over a year older than me. You do have a mean hard on though.” “I know, will you get off my bed now?” “Sure,” she answered before she rose up and walked back to her bed. She got onto it and pulled the blanket over herself. “Jessa?” “Yes, Claude?” she wondered, glancing at me. I took in another deep breath.

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