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Subject: JESSE, JEREMY AND THE SON OF DOCTOR WHO part two EPISODE TWO On my big canopy bed I stirred. The two blond studs that were in my TARDIS were sitting on the foot of the bed. I groaned. The floating K9 looked me over with his bio ray. “He needs…” Jeremy looked at me, staring and then crawled over my body, “He’s burning up.” “What?” Jesse asked, “What does he need?” “He needs love…transfer of bio data causing cold burn out.” Jesse cocked his head, “What does that mean? It doesn’t make any sense.” “In order for him to survive, he will need…the human touch.” Jeremy over my body, my dick rose from limp nothingness to slow hardness. Jeremy instinctively pulled off his shirt, then my Oak Beach Inn top and began to caress my sides with warm sensitive hands. While he did this, he lowered his mouth to mine. I could feel his nine inch cock straining to get harder and bigger as it wet itself up his outfit and poked out. He pulled them off and my pants too. My cock bounced out and hit his smooth hairless right leg. Jesse turned to us, “What the…?” “Action affirmative.” “It’s firm alright,” Jeremy murmured as he took a moment to breath in air between our tongues. Jesse smiled and nodded a mischievous glance, sparkles in his eyes, and he stripped off his own shirt and clothes. bursa evi olan escort “Wait for me…” “No waitin'” Jeremy was already licking the inside of my mouth and then kissing my chin and rubbing my side. Jesse came to my other side and said, “Make me room, blondie…” Jeremy giggled and kissed my neck and rubbed as he straddled my entire right side of my body and began to kiss and caress my entire side. His mouth found my pec and then my nipple. Which grew hard. Jesse giggled and began to work on my left side, which tingled under his gentle touch but he kept alternating between just barely touching and roughly touching…it was very hot. I sweated the sweat of sex and it felt better than the sweat I was undergoing due to my mind fuck. Of course having two blond boys caress and minister to my body was just the right, just what the K9 ordered so to speak. Jeremy’s tongue was circumventing my nipple and hardening it. Jesse was biting my lower lip with his lip and breathing onto my mouth, which was very sexy and smelled like flowers. He is so hot! So is Jeremy! My body began to tingle all over and I shook a bit and moaned. “Is that good?” Jeremy asked. “That’s good!” I gasped, “Don’t stop!” “Yeah,” K9 said, “Don’t stop!” Jesse smiled, “I’m not stopping!” altıparmak escort He began to rub my side and kiss along my pectoral’s side and moved to my nipple as Jeremy, his head start–and I do mean head—began to lower on my ribs and lick. Oh man! My hips rose from the bed and boy smell was just great! Jeremy’s dick against my leg and my dick against his leg stiffened harder and harder until I bounced between the two boy ribs on either side and my dick was wet with pre cum as it strode into the air. I wrapped my arms around each of the boy’s smooth hairless backs and felt their boy sweat as I slapped on them. They pressed into me, almost as one and I could feel dick from both sides, jutting into my hips, wetting my bones with hot male pre cum. It was like sex in stereo as wet tongue on either side went down my hips from my nips. Erogenous zones hit, I was turned on beyond being turned on. Jeremy moaned, Jesse groaned. I gasped as they both sought out my balls and finally the base of my dick and two hands stroked both sides, one from each teen! My goodness! Fingers tingled my legs along the knee and up it and down it. Almost simultaneously with hands that rubbed my back. I began to feel a huge giant squirt cumming out and squeezed my balls to hold it bursa merkez escort in as long as possible. Burning! HOT! I could tell by his faster movements that Jeremy was the hyper active one and Jesse was the more calm of the two blond hunks. Jeremy was licking my thigh and all around my hip where hip bone meets leg and up toward my dick area. Hitting every hot spot in the world on my body or something. Jesse was taking his time but it was just as hot for that. Tingling along his tongue near my other side and licking vertically as well as horizontally at the same time. His hands were all over my chest now as he held himself from tipping over and the bed rocked as his own hips swayed, his dick on my knee, smacking it with thick wetness. I looked down in my hot burning rage of sexiness and saw Jeremy’s eyebrows raise up and he smiled, with my dick in his mouth, his teeth slightly and beautifully somewhat crooked but not detracting from his handsomeness at all. In fact, that seemed to add to his unique beauty. I didn’t realize my hands were gripping now at each boy’s butt cheeks and finding their way between…soon I found each boy’s clean pure hole and rubbed and teased them there. Without realizing it my middle finger on both hands soon found entrance into the fucking tight holes and pushed. The boys moaned in pain and delight. Doctor Who is the possession of the BBC, unfortunately and maybe Universal for a time and others but who cares? This story is not meant to infringe on any copyrights held nor is it meant to imply that either Jesse or Jeremy or both are gay, bi, or straight!

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