15 Ocak 2023

Jessica – Weekend in Las Vegas – Story Five – Part 1


This a continuation and maybe the last story in the Jessica series. Stories are not stand alone so please read the series in sequence for cast of characters and events. *****On Wednesday afternoon, the doorbell rang and I walked over and opened the door to see a messenger service man with a thick envelope. “Ma’am, I have a delivery for Jessica Summers.” “I’m Jessica Summers,” I said taking the envelope. “Thank you.” I looked at the return address, it was from the travel agency I use. I opened it and inside were four first class plane tickets, a confirmation of our hotel reservation and four complimentary tickets to see a Jay Leno show. I called Julie at the travel agency, I had another favor to ask of her. “Julie, thank you so much for your help on such a short notice. Also the Leno tickets are very much appreciated. Would you be a dear and set up limo service for us? I want round trip here and in Vegas.” “Sure Jessica, that will be no problem and thank you so much for your business.” Derek was returning tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to see my husband again. He had been gone less than a week, but I was so missing him and his love making. I thought about Carl and Curtis, and about the videos I had in my baby book. Derek won’t be seeing them any time soon. I checked my email and my inbox had one from Derek. “I board my plane in ten minutes, see you tomorrow. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night! All my love, Derek.” I called Trisha, “Hey, you want to go get a bite to eat? I don’t feel like cooking just for myself.” “Why don’t you just come and have dinner with my husband and me. I fixed a pot roast and there will be plenty for all of us.” “I don’t want to impose on you two, I just don’t want to eat alone tonight.” “Okay, and I will expect you in about thirty minutes. The wine is cold and waiting.” “Thirty minutes and I’ll be there, thanks Trish, goodbye.” I ended the call and headed for my bedroom. I was dressed in jeans and a sloppy loose sweatshirt so I wanted to change into something more appealing. I found a short skirt and collared blouse to wear. I thought about teasing Trish so I skipped the bra and panties. I knew she would have a fit if I flirted with her husband Jake. She has always shown a little jealousy when any woman gets too close to him. I would flirt with and flash Trish, I wondered how she would react to me flirting in front of her husband. This just might prove interesting! Thirty minutes later, I was sitting in her house with a glass of chilled wine. Her and Jake were sitting opposite of me on the couch. I noticed that Jake was looking at my legs and he could see my nipples through the thin cloth of my blouse. “Dinner’s almost ready,” Trish said. “Come on, let’s head into the kitchen to eat.” After I stood up, I followed Jake toward the kitchen. Trish grabbed me by my arm and whispered into my ear, “Did you dress like that for Jake or for me?” “For you, Trish, I want to fuck with your mind in front of Jake. If Jake can’t keep his eyes off of me, well that is just a side benefit for me.” “You Bitch!” “Come on, Trish, you know we like to fuck each other and if anything happens tonight we all win!” “You said, ‘I want a threesome with Derek and you.’ did you not?” “Yes, but that is different with Jake. I don’t want him in any woman’s pussy, just mine. I’m kinda jealous that way.” “Okay, I’ll lay off Jake, but that doesn’t mean you are off limits.” “Oh shut up and let’s eat.” After dinner, Trish and I cleaned up the kitchen. Every change I got I would pat her ass and a couple of times I was able to press my finger into her cunt. One time, when I was standing behind her, I put my arm around her waist to hold her as I jammed two finger in her pussy and started to finger fuck her. She playfully slapped my hand and said, “Stop that, right now!” I poured two more glasses of wine and we headed into the living room to join Jake. Jake was sitting in the comfy chair so we sat on the couch. We talked about nothing much but the wine was flowing for Trish and I. We started acting silly and Jake was laughing at us. “What’s so funny?” Trish asked him. “Oh, you two, I think you both are getting sloshed.” Trish’s skirt was up high enough to show off her bare pussy. My skirt was higher than hers and my bare crotch was very visible to Jake. Jake was looking at her pussy then mine, then back and forth. He was sporting a very visible lump in his trousers. I was getting turned on and my pussy was getting wet. Trish was starting to squirm around so I knew she was turned on also. I looked at her and I could see in her eyes that she wanted to fool around with me. “Trish, are you horny?” “God, yes,” she replied. “Jake, are you horny, honey?” Trish asked. “A little, just watching you two is starting me to fantasize,” Jake told his wife. I could see where this was leading to so I spread Trisha’s legs and shoved my middle finger into her pussy as far as I could. She lifted her feet up onto the couch and slid her ass forward so her pussy was fully exposed to me and to Jake. When I saw how wet her pussy was, I finger fucked her with two fingers. Trish started to moan and move her cunt in time to my fingers. I then pushed another finger into her. She was really wet so my three fingers were in deep. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her and we were tongue kissing like two mad women. I then went for broke and pushed all four fingers into her cunt. She was so wet and turned on she grabbed my arm and started to fuck herself gaziantep escort with my hand. She kept pushing my hand harder into her pussy until my hand slipped fully into her. I hadn’t planned on fisting her but now Trish went totally nuts, her moaning and rapid ass movement along with her jamming my hand in and out of her pussy was bringing her to an orgasm. As she came, I looked at Jake and saw he had taken his cock out and was masturbating to the scene before him. His actions turned me on and I furiously pounded my hand into Trisha giving her another screaming orgasm. Suddenly Trish pulled my hand from inside of her and pushed me onto my back. She threw my leg up on the back of the couch and flipped my other leg outward. She dived in between my legs and proceeded to lick my pussy like crazy! Her tongue entered my vagina and she licked upward to my clit, she kept repeating this until I came. As I was cumming she pushed two fingers into me and went to work on my G-spot, I now went multi-orgasmic. I was moaning and crying at the same time from all the sensations she was giving me. She pulled her fingers from my pussy and pushed them into her mouth. I could see she was sucking on them. After she sucked and licked her fingers off, she jammed them back into my cunt. Again she pulled her fingers out and then pushed them into my mouth. I sucked and licked her fingers clean of all my juices. I like the way I taste and now I know why Trish likes to go oral on me. “Jake, come over here, quick,” she said. When Jake was close, she grabbed his cock and forced her mouth down over him until her nose was buried in his flesh. She went crazy on his dick, giving him a blowjob like I have never seen. This woman sure knows how to use her mouth no matter what gender you are. I looked more closely at him and saw that Jake shaves his genital area, how hot is that! I have something new to do to Derek, I wonder how he will look without pubic hair. “Jake, is Trisha giving you the blowjob of your life?” I asked him. “It looks to me like she sure is enjoying sucking your cock!” “She sure is, she has never been this wild before, maybe because you are here.” “Could be, now cum for her like a good little boy,” I teased him. He wrapped his hands in her hair and grunted as he cum in her mouth. He pulled his dick out of her mouth just leaving the head in. I could see his cock pulsing as he pumped load after load of cum into her mouth. Trish was swallowing as fast as she could and she kept up with his volume of cum. “Oh god,Trisha” he finally said. “That was the best blowjob you have ever given me. What turned you on so much?” “Just showing Jessica what I could do for Derek,” Trisha replied with a grin. “But let me be honest, her just being here made me all the more wild.” “Maybe we should all watch you blow Derek, I would love to see that,” Jake said, “How about you, Jess?” “Oh god yes, Trish, I’d let you blow him in a heartbeat! Of course we would all be there to witness Derek blast the back of your throat,” Jessica sensuously answered. “Jake would you like to fuck me?” I asked. “Trisha, would you like to see me fuck her?” Jake said, trying his best to dodge a bullet. “Not tonight, Jake, maybe we can swap partners sometime in the future. I would like us to be in the same bed when I fuck Derek and you fuck Jess. I think that would be hot.” “That sounds good to me,” Jake answered. “How does that sound to you, Jess?” Trish asked. I answered her by grabbing her hair and pulling her down and backwards onto the couch. As soon as she was on her back. I was on her cunt. I repeated exactly what Trish had done to me before and she was cumming in two minutes. I kept eating her out until she pushed my head away from her. “I’m so sensitive now, please stop,” she said. “I want to save some action for my husband.” I kissed her and then I kissed Jake. “Goodnight, you two, and thanks for dinner. I have to pick up Derek early tomorrow and I need a good night’s rest. He will be thoroughly fucked tomorrow night.” I walked across the lawn and into my house. I went straight to my bedroom to prepare for the night. After brushing my teeth and washing my face I lay down to sleep. I guess I wasn’t ready because I tossed and turned for quite awhile. “Fuck it,” I said to myself. I lifted my chemise up to my waist, pulled my tits out of the top and proceeded to masturbate with a passion. Pinching and pulling my nipples was driving me to new heights of passion and I was fantasizing about swapping with Trish and Jake and before five minutes were up I was cumming hard. I don’t know why but I was turning into a sex machine. I honestly think I would fuck anyone if they would let me. I relaxed all my muscles especially in my neck and soon I was asleep. The next thing I heard was my alarm wailing away on the nightstand. I hit the snooze button and dropped off to sleep again. The next time the alarm went off, I jumped up, hit the alarm off button and headed to the bathroom. Time for my morning pee and shower. I had about two hours before I had to leave for the airport, so I took my sweet ass time with my makeup. My makeup was perfect when I was done. Now to pick out some clothes that Derek would like to see me in. I decided on a conservative but sexy business suit. ‘He will be proud of me,’ I thought. I poured a glass of milk and microwaved a sour cream donut for a few seconds; this was my breakfast. Sour cream donuts are my diet downfall, but my favorite for a quick meal. Just before I left the house, I doubled checked my makeup and hair, noted that everything looked fine. I backed down the driveway and headed for the airport. The closer to the airport I was, the more excited I became. I would be seeing my husband in about an hour and we had so much to talk about. I pulled into the short-term parking and headed for the international baggage claim area. Five minutes after I entered the baggage claim area, the announcement of Derek’s flight number and baggage carousel number could be heard. I walked over to the designated carousel area and waited for him. Soon streams of people were coming to claim their baggage, but I did not see Derek! I started to worry that I might have the flight number wrong, maybe his flight was later or something delayed him at customs; all kinds of thoughts were going through my head. Then I saw him walking toward me. He was carrying a big boquet of red roses! I rushed over to him and started kissing and hugging him like I hadn’t seen him for months! He returned my kisses by kissing me hard and hugging me even harder. “God I’ve missed you,” he said. “I know it wasn’t long but I now know that I have to take you with me on future business trips.” “Oh, I’ve missed you too. I think I will become your IT consultant so I at least contribute to your business. Let’s go home, I have so much to talk to you about and I am very horny for your cock.” After Derek’s porter retrieved his baggage and a big cardboard box, I went to the parking garage to retrieve the car. Derek was waiting by the curb and the porter quickly loaded the baggage, received his generous tip and saluted Derek while thanking him. “Wow, how much did you tip him?” “Who cares,” he replied. “We have enough money now to retire and live like a king and queen. Plus in my contract I’m one third partner in this new company. Not only am I getting paid handsomely while I work, but when the books are closed at the end of the year, I get an equal share of the profit! And if the company goes public and is sold, one third of the proceeds is ours! How sweet is that?” I knew from his excitement, that this was a big deal. “I’m so happy for you, I mean us,” I said. “But I’m having a hard time putting my mind around what you are saying. Lets us have a great weekend and then we can talk about all the changes that will be occurring in our lives, okay?” “Sure thing, honey, now tell me what’s up with the weekend.” “Well I don’t know where to start, so I will start at the beginning. I know you want to fuck a black woman and you know I want to fuck a black man, so I bought this charm necklace that would advertise, to black men, what I wanted. I went to the mall and I just sat down to lunch when a black teenager propositioned me. I told him I was not interested, but he insisted that I keep him in mind because he turns eighteen in three months.” “Honey, you are a hot shapely beauty and I can’t blame the kid for trying.” “So after I finished my lunch I went into the Victoria’s Secret store to buy some lingerie. While there, a very black handsome man approached me. He knew what the charms meant. The first words out of his mouth were, ‘I want to fuck you’ and I said, ‘I want your black cock’, we fucked that afternoon. As I recall, we fucked four different times that day. I have to admit I enjoyed him and his cock immensely.” “Does what I’m telling you bother you?” I asked Derek. “It was just sex, right?” he asked. “Absolutely just sex. You are the one I love and no man will ever replace you in my life. It was purely for pleasure, just sex and the experience of being fucked by a black dude. His name is Curtis Williams. He is a half partner in Williams and Williams Engineering. His father was a widower, his wife died giving birth to Curtis, until two years ago when he married a woman with a twenty one year old daughter. She is also going with us, I have a picture of her to show you on my phone when we get home. She has a college degree and I think you will be pleased with my choices.” “Are they going with us on our weekend?” “Yes they are.” “Okay, so what are the travel plans? When do we leave and such?” “The limo will pick up you and I at 9AM, we will then pick up Curtis first and then we pick up Chelsea. I have four first class tickets to Vegas and return. We will be staying at ‘Rumor Las Vegas’, it is a two room suite with two queen size beds, in the same bedroom. I looked at their website and I think you will be happy with my choice. Oh, and we have tickets to the Jay Leno show!” “Sounds like you have been one busy chick these last few days,” he said. “Not really, it all just kind of fell together,” I replied. I pulled my car into the garage. Derek brought in his luggage and the big cardboard box while I made a pot of coffee and put the roses in a vase. We sat down and just looked at each other for a few minutes, you could see the love passing between us by just looking at our eyes. God, how I love this man and he loves me. “I brought you something very special from Japan. My Japanese partners want you to come with me next time. They will plan a very special Japanese evening for us since we do not know the customs of their country. By the way my partners’ names are Kato Daichi and Sato Ichiro; back in time their ancestors belonged to the same clan. Ichiro suggested that his wife help me in choosing your gift. So open the box and see what you think.” Now I was excited to see what was in the box. I carefully cut the tape holding it closed and when I opened it up I could see that it was some kind of Japanese garment. “Take it out, take it out,” Derek implored me. As I lifted up the garment I saw the most beautiful kimono that any woman would be proud of. “Try it on, let’s see if it fits. I know your dress size so we kind of guessed what size a kimono should be. If it needs tailoring there is a Japanese seamstress here in town that can tailor it for you.” “Derek, I want you to remove my clothes and help me try it on. I have no idea how to do that.” “Midori, that is Ichiro’s wife, said to ‘Use Youtube’, they have the whole procedure on how to dress in a kimono.” After Derek and I completed dressing me, I noticed the kimono was to long, “Off to the tailor we go,” I said. After I removed the kimono and put it away I was standing nude in front of my husband. I had a twinkle in my eye when I said, “Lets go into our bedroom and see what happens.” He turned me around, slapped my bare ass and steered me into the bedroom. I wasn’t in a hurry to fuck, I wanted to be loved first. It had been a week since Derek and I made love to one another and I was in a mood for a long drawn out foreplay session. That would make both of us ‘chomping on the bit’ to fuck each other silly. “On second thought, lets use the guest room. That way, our bed will be all nice and made up when it is bedtime,” I suggested. “Sure, I don’t care where we go, lets just go!” I turned down the bed, after I removed the duvet cover, and unbuttoned his shirt. After slipping his shirt off, I removed his shoes and socks, then proceeded to unbuckle his belt. The zipper got caught on the cloth of his fly and I could not pull it down lower. That was a good excuse for me to reach in and grab his cock and slide my fingers up and down it a few times, just to tease him. I unbuttoned his slacks and was able to pull them down without to much of a struggle and he was now totally naked also. He turned to pick up his clothes and while he was looking away, I pressed ‘on’ and then ‘record’ on the remote. “Do you remember telling me that you would like to make a movie of us fucking?” I asked him. “Yes, I seem to recall that, yes, I definitely recall us discussing how we would save the movie and when we were old we would play it to remember the “Good ole days’. We can do that right now if you want.” “So Derek, what you are saying is that it is okay to record us fucking. Am I right?” “Yes, it is okay.” I flung myself into his arms and started kissing him. I knew he would not become suspicious if I could get his mind on me and sex. I was right; he picked me up and placed me on the bed. He laid next to me and pulled me into his body as he started to press his tongue into my mouth. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue into his and then we twisted our tongues around each other’s. ‘God I loved the way he kisses me,’ I thought. There was no way in hell I would endanger my relationship with my husband. I knew that in the end I would have to tell him about Carl the TV guy and show him the movie. I would also have to tell him about Trisha and me and our lesbian relationship, which also had been recorded. I will do all this after our weekend away though. He will see his wife and a black guy fucking this weekend and I will see my husband and a black woman fucking also. Just the idea of this was making my pussy extremely wet. “I missed this while I was away,” he said. “I don’t ever want a night without you again. If I have to travel, you will be with me. We have no kids, no pets, nothing to keep us apart. Enough of this serious shit, lets get busy!” And with that I felt a wet sloppy set of lips sucking on my breast. Then I felt those lips wetting and sucking on my other breast. He pulled back, made a kissing sound and then he blew air on my nipples, they responded by twisting into tight pointy knots. “Hey, quit that!” My nipples were tingling and I felt the same tingling in my pussy. Derek started kissing down all over my body. He even rolled me sideways and kissed my back. I was really becoming a turned on, hot and horny wife for him. He did not know that I was now shaving my pussy and had done so this morning. When he reached my pubic area he looked for a few seconds and then he kissed my mound. Slowly he run his tongue over my labia, up and down, over and over, then he kissed my cunt and slowly pushed his tongue into me. As he slid his tongue up my slit, he licked my inner lips and the feelings I was now having were making me want his cock right now. I then felt his tongue circling my clit. His lips were suddenly sealed around my clitoris and he was sucking hard. Blood filled my clit and it became a little cock in his mouth. He pressed his tongue against my clit and I had sensations building me to an orgasm. Still sucking my clit, his tongue was flicking back and forth over my clit and then I told him, “Do that, keep doing that, I’m going to cum hard.” I didn’t know it but I then held my breath when I came. The feeling of cumming and cumming again and again was tremendous and I passed out. I came to and looked at Derek who had a very worried look on his face. “Are you alright?” he asked. “You have never passed out before, what happened?” “You gave me a very intense orgasm and I unconsciously hold my breath when that happens. I will be okay, just fuck me now. I have been waiting a week for your cock to be in my cunt, now get busy!” He slid his cock up and down my slit to wet himself and when his cock head was at my cunt opening he pushed it in, all the way in.

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