16 Mart 2023

Jim and Kelley 101



I was in a rut. My life was a mess. I’d been let go from my job, abandoned by my girlfriend, and I was facing the worst economy in decades. I thought about leaving, but where would I go? I could look for another job, but I hated what I did. I needed to roll the dice. I needed to make a change.

It all happened at once for me. It was a chance afternoon of surfing job sites when I stumbled upon the classified of a different kind – her personal ad. I responded right away and was excited when she took an interest. She sent a photo and I was smitten. She was beautiful – long black hair, piercing green eyes and a smile to die for. I couldn’t wait to meet her, but her jobs kept her busy and left little in the way of time for me – at least in the short term. I didn’t care. I wanted her and would do what I needed to meet her.

She shared with me that she taught at the local college. I hurriedly signed up for her class and counted the days until I would see my new object of affection. It seemed like forever, but the day finally arrived.

I sat in class and watched her command with a sultry presence. She was business-like in her appearance wearing a white blouse cut low at the neck, a black skirt cut to length at the knee, but slit a third of the way, exposing her long slender leg. She wore hose and heels and had her hair pulled back tight in a ponytail. I was mesmerized. She paced back and forth as she lectured, spouting facts and reciting text from our book, but I didn’t hear a word. I only watched her mouth move and her ass shake as she walked.

I don’t think she knew it was me in class that night. It was fairly full and she was all bout business. I wondered as I sat whether or not my presence, if discovered, would be received well.

As class ended, She thanked us for attending and announced her office hours would be one hour before and after each class. I knew that nobody would be seeing her on the first night, so I thought it best to announce my presence in the privacy of her office then and there.

I knocked.

“Come in.” I heard through the door.

I entered and dropped my bag on the chair beside her desk. I sat in silence while she finished filling out a form. Her eyes rested on her work and I cleared my throat. She glanced up at me and our eyes met for the first time. Her gaze shot through me; through every inch of my being. Lust filled my pores and fire breathed heavy in my belly. I stood and walked around the desk. She sat silently, spinning in her seat to receive me as I approached.

I glanced down at her perfectly toned legs balanced on the black heels and my heart began beating faster. She leaned back in her chair and slid her hips forward. I dropped to my knees and pushed her skirt up, revealing a butterfly tattoo on her inner thigh and a pair of black lace panties. I gently slid my hand up her stocking calf and over her knee, grasping her lower thigh and forcing her legs apart wider.

My hand found it’s way up her leg and my fingers danced lightly along the edge of her panty line. I tugged at them and raced my fingers along the inside edge. I could feel her heat on my fingers and I listened as she moaned and I watched as she bit her lower lip, grinding her hips faster, trying to find my fingers.

I grasped the spaghetti string waistband and tore once forcefully. The band snapped as I tore her panties from her. She gasped!

Her pussy was an inferno, a sweltering wetland meant only for my exploration. It was perfectly manicured – a single strip of hair trailing North toward her naval.

I stood and moved around the chair in slow motion, holding her hand as she sat motionless. The back of the chair was low, so I felt completely unencumbered. I pulled her ponytail back to reveal her soft, supple neck. Her skin was a bundle of nerves wrapped in a cloud – soft, light, and extremely sensitive. As I brushed my tongue along the soft line of her ear, I felt her body quiver. I watched her breasts come to life, her nipples jutting through her bra and through her blouse, begging to be freed and touched.

I slipped my hand down the front of her blouse and under the front of her bra. I grasped her perfect c cup breast in my hand and let her nipple slide between my index and ring finger. She moaned and gyrated, pressing my hand firmly against her, reaching her free hand to my leg – squeezing it lustfully.

I knelt beside the chair and reached my opposite hand through the armrest to her hip. I pulled her back into the seat and let my fingers find her hot wetness. I slid my middle finger Antalya Escort along the thin line of hair and gently parted her lips. She responded by grabbing my hand and trying to force it inside of her. I resisted momentarily before penetrating her with my finger. I pushed it deep into her and felt her tighten around it. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear as I explored her with my finger. I moved it slowly in a circular motion, just barely touching her swollen clit, but each time I did, she gasped.

I rubbed vigorously, pumping in and out, feeling her wetness gush all over me. She held on to the back of my neck and thrust harder against me as I finger fucked this sexy professor. She was like putty in my hand ad I was in complete control.

I felt her pussy spasm as she came hard all over my hand. Her nails dug into the back of my neck as she screamed out in sheer ecstasy.


I always hated the first day of class. Those first couple classes really lack the flow and intimacy you get towards the end of the semester. Additionally, it feels like being under a microscope having all new eyes on you. Goals of my classes are to learn without even knowing they are learning. As seats began filling I take look up and smile occasionally, trying to get a feel for how this class will be this semester.

I noticed you the second you walked in and a thought passed through my mind, “could that be….” No, how would you have known where I taught, I don’t think I told you. But, there is something about you that is so familiar. During my lecture I kept skimming my eyes across to where you were sitting. The intensity of your gaze made me feel things I had not felt in awhile. There is certain naughtiness about having thoughts like these about a student. And, it made it very hard to concentrate on my lecture. After class I went back to my office and pulled out the class roster- I had to know. Yep, there it was, your name, halfway through my class list. I immediately feel my pussy contract and can’t help but think about the things we have said in our emails.

I hear a knock at the door and I turn, and there you are. Just like in all my fantasies you walked toward me and I lean back in my chair, my breathing already heavier with anticipation. I can’t believe this is happening….but oh god, I am so turned on I have to have you touch me. When you knelt down and ran your hand up my leg under my skirt my whole body came alive. The intensity of feelings I had making my pussy moist and I could feel my clit harden and throb with the need to be touched.

You stood behind my chair whispering kisses and tracing them with your tongue down the back of my neck… god that drives me crazy! When you reached down the front of my bra to cup a breast and gently twist my nipple I feel like I am going to explode. I have to touch you. I reach back and grab your leg, squeezing slightly, as I run my fingers up your leg, across your lap. I can feel your cock, already hard; give a slight jump as my fingers run the length of you through your pants.

Finally, it seemed like forever, your hand made its way back up under my skirt and I can’t help but try to force you to touch me where I desperately need to be touched. When your finger finally finds its way into my wetness my pussy sucks you in. I can feel the palm of your hand cupping me as your finger explores my depth and it drives me over the edge. With my head thrown back over the back of my chair I furiously thrust my hips against your hand and cum harder and faster than I ever had in my life.

I look at you while I try to catch my breath. Smiling slightly I stand, pulling you up to me, kissing you deeply I push you down into my chair. I stand before you and take the rubber band out of my hair, letting it loose. I kneel before you and unzip your pants finally getting a look at your gorgeous cock, standing straight and tall, seemingly waiting for my lips. I lean in and lightly breathe on the head of your cock, liking the way it jumps in reaction. Lightly I trace the place between your head and shaft with my tongue before opening my mouth to suck you completely in while cupping your balls. I feel your hand on the back of my hair, gently grabbing a fistful to move me to the pace that you like while fucking my mouth.

Standing up I urge you to bring your hips forward so I can stand over you in my heels. I pull my skirt up around my waist and stepping forward lower myself down on your cock slowly feeling you fill me completely as I ride you up and down. My blouse is still parted and your lips find my Antalya Escort Bayan nipples, biting them gently as I continue to glide up and down. I whisper in your ear “do you like this?” You look at me with lust filled eyes and I know you do. There is a certain feeling of power that I feel knowing I can do this to you, making you feel as good as I did moments ago.

I want to feel you fuck me deep and hard and ask if you wouldn’t mind bending me over my desk so you can enter me from behind…. I breathlessly wait to hear your response……


As Kelley came all over me, uncontrollably shaking and quivering, I couldn’t help but think that she may well be the hottest girl I’ve ever been with. She was hot not only in looks, but the way she carried herself; her sultry way, her sexy silence.

I knew she was into it because as hard as she tried, she couldn’t resist running her hand up my leg to feel my stiff cock waiting for her. She glided her hand along the outside of my jeans and found it. Once she did, the look in her eye told me she had to have it. I was right. She stood up in those sexy heels and smiled as she pushed me into her chair. I was happy to oblige and I felt the blood rush to my already engorged cock.

When she knelt down and unbuttoned my pants, slowly sliding my zipper and looking at me longingly, I thought I might explode right then and there. She slid my pants off just below my ass and quickly discovered my stiff shaft waiting for her. I closed my eyes and tried to think of baseball or the Christmas special I’d just seen before class. I had to last, but she was so fucking hot, I didn’t know how that could happen.

She took my cock in her hand and breathed on it, massaging my balls at the same time. I leaned my head back and breathed heavily as my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I couldn’t wait to feel her sweet lips around me, taking me in her mouth and sucking me hard. My heart raced as she took the head in her mouth, letting her soft tongue glide around it before swallowing the shaft. I was blind with lust. Every chemical in my brain that controlled pleasure had been released in excess and I felt immobilized. I moaned low and slid my hand through her hair as she sucked, trying to slow her down just a bit. I had to last for her. I knew she wanted to feel her pussy around my raging hard cock and I wanted to give it to her – bad.

I pulled her head up as she licked her lips, still craving more; telling me with her eyes that she wasn’t done.

She flashed a crooked smile as she lifted her skirt and straddled me right there on the chair. I wanted to feel her around me so bad. My breathing stammered as she lowered herself on to me. Her pussy was perfect, so wet and ready. I filled her up and felt her contract around me. I had no doubt in my mind that this would be the sweetest pussy I’d ever fuck.

She held my shoulders for balance as she rocked her hips up and down against me. I was in sheer agony. I knew I was close to cumming. I didn’t think a porn star would have lasted with Kelley. She was amazing. I lasted though, but was happy when she whispered in my ear asking me if I liked it. Like it? This was the best fuck of my life. No I didn’t like it – I loved it. I didn’t think I’d ever recover. She said,

“Why don’t you bend me over my desk and fuck me from behind?”

I almost lost it right there. I grabbed her hips and moved her off me, feeling the tiniest drop of cum escape the tip of my still throbbing cock.

I looked at her for a moment as we stood facing each other there in her office. The heat was still palpable and even though she’d just fucked me in her chair, I hadn’t yet fucked her. I reached around her neck and pulled her tight to my face, kissing her hard, feeling her tongue in my mouth and her body pressed against me. I wanted her completely naked and exposed, so I worked her blouse loose and ripped it from her. Her bra unsnapped quickly and I turned her around to face her desk. I slipped the bra straps off her shoulders and I leaned in to kiss a birthmark that revealed itself to me. She hummed as I did. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She stepped out of it leaving her standing naked with the exception of her stockings and heels. Her body was amazing and it was all mine.

I stood behind her, reaching around and cupping her breasts as I kissed her neck. She pressed her back against me and placed both hands on my hips, pressing her ass against my cock. I was in heaven.

Having the short break I needed, I was ready to fuck my hot teacher over her Escort Antalya desk like she asked.

I positioned her toward the desk and watched Kelley as she balanced herself perfectly, offering me her perfect ass. I held my stiff cock against it and glided my hand along her lower back. My cock felt the heat radiating out from her still wet pussy. I slid my cock in slowly and felt her press into me hard. I was inside of her as deep as I could be.

“Oh yes baby!” she whispered as she rocked her hips against my shaft. I stood and looked down, seeing her in those heels and stockings and I couldn’t believe how sexy she was.

I cupped my hand and spanked her ass firmly, but not too hard.

“mmmmm!” She squealed.

I couldn’t hold on any longer. I grabbed her hips hard and pulled her into me forcefully. I started pumping in and out harder and faster. She was moaning wildly and I was ramming her as hard as I could. She was so wet that I wasn’t sure if she had cum again. I wanted her to. I wanted to feel her cum hard all over my cock.


You grabbed my hips and lifted me off your lap and as I turned to you our lips came together, tongues in perfect harmony. I feel my blouse come first off one shoulder and then the other. Sliding me out of my bra and skirt I am completely exposed to you, and I love the feeling; sexy and naughty at the same time. With you behind me reaching around to cup my breast I can feel every inch of you and your breath on my shoulder, kissing it, really makes me want you more.

I feel you gently urge me forward across my desk with your hand on the small of my back and I cannot wait to feel your cock slide in my pussy. God, I am so turned on I cannot wait and have to lean back into you so your cock fills me quicker and deeper. I wish I could see what you do… my legs spread, balanced on heels while your cock goes in and out of my dripping pussy. But I can feel how rock hard you are and I know you are as turned on as I am.

The exquisite feeling of your cock filling me completely and so forcefully turns me on and I know that I am going to cum again and I am so looking forward to it. I feel your hand lightly smack my ass and it only adds to my pleasure. God, I hope you are getting as much from this as I am. In between your thrusts and my moans I manage to tell you that if you keep this up much longer I am going to cum all over your cock and I wonder if you want to cum with me like this, or if there is anything else you desire…..


As I ram Kelley, I can feel myself about to release. I want to hold out a little longer because I just can’t imaging not being inside of her, feeling her completely submit to me.

I slide out of her drenched pussy with ease. I can tell she’s disappointed as I hear her whimper.

“Oh no, baby. I’m not done with you yet!” I say sheepishly.

Kelly glances over her shoulder as I reach down to spin her around. Now facing me once again, our lips lock passionately. I have never been as completely part of a woman as I am with Kelley.

I push her back and sit her on the surface of her desk. She lays back and spreads her legs wide for me. I lift her legs so the back of her knees meet my shoulders. I glide a hand down her stocking and rub her foot, still in the pump from class. Her hot pussy aches for me and my cock finds its home easily. I slide back in and hold both of har ankles just above my shoulders as I work it in and out. I like the control. I like feeling her dripping all over me. I like standing over her, watching her writhe under me. I lift her legs higher and position myself deep inside of her. I squeeze her ass and pump her hard. I feel her pussy contract around my cock as she screams out in ecstasy. I know she’s cumming again. She’s cumming hard all over me.

I can’t last another second. As much as I want to blow my hot load inside of her, letting her feel me drip out of her for hours, I resist and slide my cock out and begin stroking it.

Kelley stops me and takes hold of my stiff shaft in her hand.

“I want to finish you off.” She whispers and begins stroking and sucking me.

I feel my eyes roll in the back of my head and I lose my breath as I explode. My load shoots like lava from an exploding volcano. Kelley devours every drop. She tugs on it, making sure to extract every last drop. I moan out in sheer pleasure as my knees buckle. She pulls me back into position by my cock and only when she is completely satisfied does she let go.

Panting and exhausted, I collapse back into her chair. She smiles as she gathers her clothes and as she buttons the last button of her blouse, she says,

“Well I think that performance deserves an ‘A'”

I smile and pull her in for one last long hot kiss and I whisper,

“That was the most fun I’ve ever had in school!”

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