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JoeBeing single was not so easy, but it had the advantage that I could hang out with my friends whenever I wanted to. Unlike my friend Aaron, who always had to ask his wife Josephine (Joe) if he could do something with us, his friends. It wasn’t like Joe was some kind of goddess that someone else was going to come and snack up if he left her unattended. No, even if Joe was a very nice person, she did not have the looks. She was a plump big woman. OK, I have to admit that she had curves. Her hips and ass was wide, but in sexy kind of way. Her bosom was huge. So I could see why Aroon had married her. Aaron had told me many time to stop dating skinny chicks and go for the ones with meat on their bones. He said to date a big girl that had confidence and liked her looks would bring the best sex. He said that his wife was a perfect example of that.I called Aaron one Saturday to invite him over to watch a football game. But he said that Joe did not want him out getting drunk today since she was making a nice dinner and wanted him home. I said that sucked and we hung up.A few minutes later, Joe called and invited me for dinner and that I could come over to their place to watch the game instead. Not wanting to sit alone and watch the game, I accepted the offer. It would be nice to get a home cooked meal as well. I grabbed my beers that I had bought for the game and went over to Aaron’s place. Joe opened the door with a big smile when I got there and gave me a hug. I loved getting hugs from her, since she always pressed her chest into mine. I really wanted to see those big tits in the free…Aaron was in the living room, watching the pregame show. He did not seem to be in a good mood. I asked what was wrong and if I should leave. He said it was great that I was there, but he was a bit mad at his wife. He said he hate the cycles that women goes through, first the PMS shit and then she turns hornier than hell and gets mad when he did not want to fuck her. He asked me why women couldn’t be more leveled?I laughed and said I would love to have a horny woman in my life. Just as I said that Joe came walking in and looked funny at me. She asked what I just said and I told her I would love to have a horny woman around me that would give me good sex. Joe looked at Aaron and stormed out of the room. There was a lot of tension in this house today. I grabbed a beer to give to Aaron and asked were the opener was. He said it was in the kitchen. I walked out in the kitchen and found Joe standing my the sink looking upset. I asked her if my comment made her upset and she said it wasn’t my comment but she knew what Aaron must have said. She told me that they had a fight earlier because she wanted to have some afternoon sex and he had turned her down. I was surprised when she then proceed to tell me that she had gone back to their bedroom and used the vibrator to bring herself to orgasm. She said that normally Aaron would cum running to join her, but this time he stayed away. After she was done she had gone out to Aaron tuzla escort and asked why he did not join her? He had said that he was tired of having sex with her. It brought on a huge fight. They did not talk for much for a couple of hours. When I called they had just talked and Joe had told Aaron that she was making dinner. So when I called Aaron wanted to leave, but Joe said no.I had walked into a hornet’s nest today. I gave Joe a hug and told her that Aaron was full of shit and that she was very attractive and sexy, I would not have missed the chance to make love to her. She smiled and said I was sweet. Joe gave me the bottle opener and when I turned around to leave the room she slapped my butt in a friendly manor. She commented on how tight my ass and said she had always thought I had a sexy butt.Aaron was pounding the beers I had brought. Pretty soon they were gone and I had only got two while Aaron had drunk six. I thought this was not going to end pretty for him, but I was not going to tell him not to drink so much. He was home after all and could simply go to bed when he got too drunk, it wasn’t like he would get behind the wheel.Dinner was great. Joe had roasted a chicken with vegetables and served it with mashed potatoes and gravy. She opened a bottle of wine for dinner. Aaron started to get very drunk and I thought he wasn’t going to last much longer than dinner. When Joe put cheese on the table, Aaron went into the master bedroom to go to the bathroom. Joe and I talked and forgot how long he was gone. Joe asked me where Aaron had gone and we went to find him. He was passed out on the couch in the living room. He was snoring away and would not wake up when we tried to get him to go to bed. He was out cold. Joe said he would sleep until the morning. At least we turned him over so he did not snore.We grabbed out wine glasses and sat in the living room to watch a movie with Aaron sleeping on the other couch.Joe had rented some movie and asked if I wanted to watch it. It was some kind of romantic chick flick, not my favorite kind of movie. But it was nice to have company on a Saturday night.We sat close together on the small couch and sipped our wine as we watched the movie. It was the normal stuff for a chick flick, but half way into the movie the two main characters were getting into a love scene. It was an R rate movie and lots of nude bodies. I felt the alcohol in my body and the sex on TV started to get me turned on. Joe had her feet against my leg and the hotter the scene got the more I could feel her rubbing her feet against me. I reached down and started to caress her foot. She moaned a little and said it felt great. She shifted so she could put both feet in my lap. As I massage one foot, her other foot came to rest against my cock. She slowly rubbed my cock and I started to grow. I tried to move her foot, but she was persistent. She moaned as I rubbed her foot and opened her legs. I could see her panties and thought I could see a little wet spot forming on them. I let ataşehir escort go of her foot and started massaging her other foot. She moved the free foot to my cock and rubbed it up and down my shaft. She leaned back and said that she loved a good foot massage. It was one of the things that turned her on the most! It was kind of dark with only the TV giving the room light. I don’t know if she thought I couldn’t see or if she did not care, but she reached down and rubbed her finger over the wet spot on her panties. She moaned and told me to keep massaging her foot. I could see how she rubbed her pussy with her index finger and the wet spot grew bigger and bigger. Unexpectedly she put her hand in under her panties and moaned as she masturbated with me massaging her foot at the same time.I was totally speechless sitting there watching her masturbating in front of me. I could feel in her foot that she was getting close to cuming. Her toes curled up as she reached her orgasm and moaned loudly. I was afraid that Aaron was going to wake up and see me sitting between his wife’s legs while she was rubbing her pussy to orgasm. But it also made me extremely turned on and I was rock hard. When Joe’s climax subsided, she reached over with her free foot and rubbed my cock again. She smiled and stated that it seemed that I had been turned on by her orgasm. She lifted her butt and pulled down her panties. She asked if I wanted to see how wet she was. She told me that I had really turned her on by massaging her feet. Joe had a shaved clean pussy. No hair at all, her pussy lips were puffy and swollen. She was also glistening wet. Without a word, I moved her foot away so that I could lean down and kiss her pussy. She moaned but did not say anything. I kissed, nibbled, and then finally ran my tongue up and down her wet slit. She spread her legs wider to give me more access.I loved the feeling of her big thick thighs around my head as she squeezed me tight when she came again. Her pussy was so wet, that my face was getting wet. Joe was really turned on! She relaxed and let her legs fall to the sides. I sat up and looked at her. She had a huge smile on her face and motioned that she wanted me on top of her. I quickly unzipped my pants and let my hard cock spring free. I was hard as steel, Joe really had me going now. I did not care that her hubby was laying on the couch next to us. I crawled up between Joe’s legs, her hand found my cock and gave me a couple of strokes. She told me to go easy on her, she said she was not use to a cock this large. She told me she had never felt anyone so hard and big before, so she did not know if it would fit in her. I told her I was only normal sized and it must be that she made me so excited that I felt bigger. Joe guided me to her wetness and stroke my cock over her pussy a few times as I lowered myself slowly onto her. I found her opening and started to enter her. It was like sliding into a tight, hot, wet, and slippery heaven. Both Joe and I moaned together as my cock maltepe escort penetrated her and sank deep into her. My hands opened her top and I could see her bra, it was the type with a clasp on the front. It made it easy for me to release those big poppies. She had big nipples, that stood straight out and looked like they were very hard. As I pounded away into her pussy, I started to suck on her nipples and they got even harder. I whispered to Joe that I did not think I would last very long, she told me to keep fucking her and not to cum yet. Joe started to breath harder and harder. I thought she was getting closer to cum again. She begged me not to cum yet, as my cock started to swell to proportions I had never felt before. I told her I would not last long now, it simply felt too good. She grunted and grabbed my ass to pull me closer to her. I called out her name and told her I was cuming, she held me closer and started to cum with me. I felt my cock erupt deep in her pussy. Joe thrust her hips into mine and cried out in pleasure. She was not holding back at all. I was afraid that we would wake up Aaron, but he did not even stir. My cock kept pumping sperm into her vagina, while her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock hard. Joe was almost shaking in her orgasm. I don’t think I had ever experienced a woman cuming so strong. Since I had not have sex for a long time, I had built up a huge load. I must have kept cuming for close to a minute, it started to get too intense in the end. My cock was so sensitive that when Joe moved it almost hurt from the pleasure.As I collapse on top of Joe, she thanked me for giving it to her. She said it was too bad for Aaron that he wasn’t the guy to fuck her this good. She actually said, to my surprise that she had never cum so strong before. She continued to say it might had to do with her ovulating today and that she had been so horny all day long. But she added, she had never felt a cock feel so good in her pussy before. She told me to get off her. I got up and sat down on the on the couch. Joe stood up and grabbed my hand, she pulled me up and lead me into the master bedroom. She let go off my hand and started to undress. She told me she wanted to feel that cock inside of her again. Then she climbed up on the bed and got on her knees. With her big ass in my direction, she spread her legs and told me to mount her. I could see my cum still dripping out of her wet pussy. It was a very inviting view and I got hard again without any problem. I got up behind her and fucked her until I could not hold it any longer. I was deep in her, so deep that I kept touching her cervix time after time. She whined a little each time, but told me to keep going. I finally could not hold it and told her I was going to cum. She demanded that I did not pull out. Loudly she announced that she wanted my baby juice in her pussy. I complied and erupted once again inside of her. God, it felt so good.Joe and I are now married since Aaron found out that we fucked and left her. I don’t think Aaron would have stayed around once he found out that Joe was carrying my baby after that awesome night! Sex with a pregnant Joe is just as good as when we had sex the first time. I love this horny big woman and she loves to fuck me too!

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