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Joe’s Driving Lesson Pt. 03



Chapter 7 – The Next Day

Joe awoke the next morning feeling rested. He was aware that he wasn’t lying on the examination table anymore and he couldn’t believe that Tia carried him into the bedroom without waking him! Yet she had already demonstrated her strength and fighting skills yesterday. He reflected that she took it easy on him, until the end of their contest. He thought about her for a second and realized that it was too early to ponder his situation too deeply. He had to admit that he was excited about what she might do today. It was Saturday and he didn’t have to go back to work until Monday.

He was not surprised at his own reaction to Tia. Joe was popular and charismatic, but very passive so he usually just took things in stride and often just let things happen. That’s why he was only a manager at a struggling video store, but had the skills to overhall a car engine.

Soon Joe heard a knock at the door and he felt butterflies in his stomach from excitement. In fact his body was having tremors from anticipation.

When he opened the door, it took a few seconds for him to process what he saw. He realized that it was Tia, but she had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was the spitting image of how he remembered her mother Evelyn, nearly 20 years ago. All her could stutter out was, “HHHHHi Tia.” She was wearing a pink tank top, short enough to reveal her sculptured abs and a pretty ruffled jean skirt. On her feet were a pair of very tall white buffalo boots, with a chunky 5+” heels and rounded by the toes. They were high enough to disappear under her the hem of her short skirt. Joe could see that Tia made the effort to resemble her mother, in earlier years, because she knew about the crush he had on her, from the beginning. He was transfixed, but embarrassed. She knew how to play with his mind!

She gave him her tentative smile, which also resembled one her mother’s expressions. Tia handed him a massive shopping bag and said, “Please wear this! I’ll be waiting for you.” She observed Joe for a few seconds and left wearing a familiar smirk. Joe recalled that Tia’s mother had Russian ancestors and her father was Dominican. Tia had slightly tanned skin, but had her mother’s facial features, so the new hair and contact lenses transformed her into a tanned California blond. Her slight Hispanic accent was inherited from her father’s parents who helped raise her, after the divorce.

Joe opened up the bag and first noticed a pair of black long underwear. It felt heavier than normal and he hoped that he wouldn’t feel too warm here, in the desert. He put on a pair of tight black jeans in exactly his size and a comfortable flannel shirt. He looked in the mirror and approved of what he saw. Joe reached into the bag Tia gave him and pulled out a large shoe box. After opening it, he found a pair of macho glossy knee length Chippewa biker’s boots. He decided to tuck his pants into the boots.

Joe left the room and Tia was waiting for him by the front door, holding his car keys. She had slipped on a white turtleneck sweater and a pastel scarf, which displayed her assets rather than hid them. She opened up the door to the house and Joe stepped outside. She gave him a quick smile and Joe noticed that her eyes lingered for a moment on his boots. Tia locked her arm in Joe’s as they walked to the car.

Once in the car, Tia reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a gorgeous pair of elbow length bone colored fashion gloves made of fine leather with ornate seams. She took her time putting them on, smoothing out each finger before slipping them under the sleeves of her sweater. Not wasting any more time she pulled out of the driveway and Tia was once again taking him to some unknown destination, as she drove in silence. Joe instantly became transfixed with the exaggerated way that her seemingly endless white boots controlled the pedals. He loved the delicate way that she touched the controls with her gloved hands and that several inches of her long glove would slip out from under the sleeves as she reached for the stick shift. Despite her considerable physical strength, Tia’s hand gestures were extremely feminine. Yet he could tell that she was in one of her bluer moods.

Joe remembered from years ago that Tia could be very quiet, especially when she was uncomfortable. They had a lot to talk about, but it wasn’t time yet. You couldn’t force her to speak when she was like this, especially because she was used to being the initiator of conversations. He just looked at her and smiled. Tia glanced back at him with an unreadable smooth face and rested her white glove on his thigh for about 30 seconds and then focused on her driving. It was her way of showing that they were connected even though her thoughts were far away.

Chapter 8- Tia Takes Joe to New Heights

It must have been close to 80 degrees already and Joe couldn’t figure out where they were both going, dressed as they were. Soon the road began to climb, when he saw the sign to the Aerial konyaaltı üniversiteli escort Tramway.

Tia spoke for the first time in a while, “I dressed us warmly because we’re going up to 8500 feet. Her voice was distant and purely informational.”

She parked the car and the temperature already felt a bit cooler at the 2500 feet elevation, where the tram began. They walked to the tram and the facility was nearly empty at 8 AM on a Saturday. Tia produced 2 tickets from her hand bag and they stepped onto the large tram, which was empty. She glided over to one of the large windows and Joe followed. When the tram was about to leave, an older couple got on. The man had to be 80 and the woman was about 60.

As the tram began its 15 minute ascent Joe stepped closer to Tia as she continued to stare out the window quietly. The view was gorgeous as they rose above the desert floor, toward the alpine forest. The tram rotated, so you could see the views, from all sides. Joe took some initiative and put his arms around Tia’s waist and felt her lean back on him. First he could hear a relieved sigh and then she began to sob. Joe nuzzled her neck and Tia clutched his arm affectionately. After a minute or so she faced Joe and they kissed passionately, as time stood still.

When their lips separated and they each took a breath, both of them noticed the hunched old man standing right in front of them. He spoke to them is a thick NY accent, “Sometimes making up is worth the fight. Isn’t it? If you don’t mind me saying, you’re about the most attractive couple I’ve ever seen next to the Mrs. and me, of course.” He smiled at Tia and had a twinkle in his eye.

Tia flashed him her special smile and gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. When she was done she realized that she had picked the small man off the ground, but by his shocked and extremely pleased expression, it had to be the ride of his life!

Tia faced the man’s wife, who had a scowl on her face. She had her auburn hair pinned up and wore and glasses, she resembled a librarian, but she was very attractive and quite fit. The woman was at least 6 inches taller than her diminutive husband and looked quite fetching in her jeans, sweater and knee height white cowboy boots.

The eighteen year old held out her arms and said, “Does momma want a hug too?”

The attractive older woman surprised Tia by stepping right into her body space and wrapped her arms tightly around the young girl while speaking in a whisper into her ear, “Honey, as for Hank he’s going to be chasing me around all night because of what you’ve done. Believe me, I don’t mind giving him a little exercise and he won’t need too much Viagra tonight. As for me, if you came around 40 years ago and put those pillows of yours in my face, I might be playing for the girl’s team now, if you know what I mean! But since you didn’t, it was little Hank here that got me out of that darned strip club! By the way, I can see you’re a boot girl too! I love your boots!” As the older lady said this, she tongue kissed Tia in the ear, which made her turn 20 shades of crimson. After the shock, Tia just laughed hysterically and walked back to Joe, who looked confused.

Tia looked over at the other side of the tram car and noticed the old man hugging his wife, with his face resting on her still attractive bosom. The auburn haired woman also looked totally blissful. Tia also saw the wife trap one of the older gentleman’s legs between both her tall western boots. This only made him sigh and clutch her harder as he rested his groin against her. Despite their unequal statures, they fit together perfectly.

The tram reached its final destination at 8500 feet. Joe and Tia said their goodbyes to the older couple, as Tia hooked her arm under Joe’s and found a familiar hiking trail through the San Jacinto state park. A thermometer read 54 degrees and Joe saw a sign that said, “San Jacinto peak 5 1/2 miles 10834 feet”. Joe hesitated, but Tia just pulled him along as the path started to slant up, after only a few minutes. She pointed out the different flowers and plants along the trail and Joe got see more of her beautiful smiles. He always liked her company, even when she was small, but as a young woman now, he had romantic feelings being in her company. Joe’s feelings where much stronger for Tia than for the other women, which he had dated. This was the first time he was infatuated.

The tram station was now hidden behind hills and they were alone and isolated. Joe realized he did not have his usual stamina, due to the altitude and he indicated to Tia that he wanted to sit down on a large boulder to catch his breath. She did not appear to be affected and continued to stand, before she changed her mind and sat down next to him.

Tia began speaking immediately, “I know you like to cuddle and humor me, but what are your intentions?

Joe was taken off guard and began to breath deeper to maintain his composure, kurtköy escort “I thought we were on an extended date?”

“Joe, you’ve been my best friend for my whole life, whether you realize it or not. I have decided that I want more. I’ve taken a lot of risks to get you here and I won’t share you with other girls!”

For all of Tia’s assertiveness, she still did one thing that Joe remembered from her childhood. She bit her lip, when she was unsure of herself. Joe could see that she was putting it all out there and desperately needed more assurances. Joe knew too well how to keep women guessing with his silence. This was definitely not the time for that ploy.

“Tia, looking back there was never anyone who I enjoyed doing more things or who I had more in common with. But you’re not that small girl anymore. I love who you’ve become!”

Joe in reflection realized he said the wrong thing, being too indirect, because Tia remained silent and looked hurt.

“Tia, what I mean to say is, I love you, well not just love, and I am also infatuated with you! You really get me. You have been my only sole mate!”

Joe realized that he was getting sappy and he hoped he didn’t overdo it, but he was being honest. Tia remained quiet, but as was clearly overwhelmed by her emotions. Joe felt vulnerable himself now with Tia’s silence. Tia stood and faced Joe with her white gloved hands on her hips and rocked one of her long white boots on its heel in a flirting gesture. She then began to roll up the sleeves of her white sweater, which enabled him to see more of her elbow length white leather gloves. He couldn’t figure out why she needed her phone as she pulled it out of her tight jean skirt and touched the icon for a phone application.

Things suddenly began to get strange! Joe felt a scratching sensation on his right rib. He put his left hand there and realized that fibers from within his undershirt were brushing delicately against his sensitive skin. He looked at Tia, who smiled at him innocently as her white glove furtively poked another button on her touch screen. Now the fibers began to lightly touch his skin with greater intensity as she continued to press down on the button. This caused Joe to laugh uncontrollably!

He realized that his unusually heavy underwear was a receiver being controlled by Tia’s phone application. He was wearing a controllable tactile suit. His underwear probably even had its own phone number!

The next thing he felt were the tiny fibers from his socks, as they tickled him between the toes. Joe decided first to try to pull his top off, but he was interrupted when a firm sack closed around his testicles and began to get uncomfortable. Joe knew he needed to do something and sat down and tried to pull of one of his boots. He saw the motion with his own eyes, as the strap at the top of his boot tightened by a remote signal, when he went to pull it out of the buckle; the buckle became too hot to touch! When he tried to pull off his top he saw her index finger deftly touch a small button which forced his wrists to bind together, causing him to lose the use of his hands as one of her pinkies tapped another small control, which dispensed overwhelming belly tickles. Her other index finger touched another part of the screen, which sent a disarming tickle down the whole length of his cock!

Tia’s hands looked so pretty and innocent adorned in her long white fashion gloves as she operated the bondage phone app. But she was always a step ahead of him and her lamb skin covered fingers allowed Joe no relief as they continually manipulated the app, teasing and over stimulating him mercilessly, while operating in unison with machine like efficiency. Tia rendered Joe helpless as his bound hands were pinned to his chest, by large magnets in his shirt and his boots were stuck together up their whole length, by other magnets, she then took her phone and placed it in her skirt again. The phone still continued to send signals to bond him, but Tia had reached her objective.

Joe felt his anxiety begin to melt away as he watched Tia remove her turtleneck sweater. She was bra-less and her large nipples began to poke straight through the thin material of her tank top, which was chilled by the cool mountain air and stimulated by the kink she was performing on Joe.

She stood over Joe and said, “I hope you like my little surprise! It was a gift to my family from a very wealthy friend of Evelyn’s (her mother). It’s never been used before today. Joe, I’ve been teasing you silly for two days and you stayed with me. You also never vented any anger or resentment at me for the twisted things I’ve done. When I was upset you comforted me. It’s obvious that you’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve thrown at you. I understand now how to indulge you observing how you react to my teasing!”

Joe was about to say something, but Tia gave him a gesture to stay quiet. She took one of her catlike steps and placed her white ankara kurtuluş escort boot over Joe’s groin and stepped down lightly enough only to cause pleasure. Her long boot pumped him lightly as she continued to tell her story.

“I had no interest in boots and other leather clothing until several years ago, before I noticed what some of your “friends” were wearing. I started to like boots, because you did and I thought that someday I could wear them for you. I began to understand them as symbols of authority and I liked being amazon height. I also admit that I self-stimulate watching my own boots, especially when they are controlling pedals, during a drive. A tight pair of long gloves just adds to the eroticism. They are boots for my hands.”

“I found out about your bondage interests in the most innocent way. My English instructor in college was shown your favorite clips, from U-Tube, as part of a creative writing assignment.

She said to me, “Are you into bondage?”

“Joe, I’ve noticed lately that you’ve dated more aggressive girls, who would wear leathers by choice, as opposed to your “converts” in the past. I had the impression that they might be satisfying these S&M needs.

When Tia finished speaking, Joe responded, “I didn’t have the nerve to initiate bondage, with any of the other girls. You are my first, only because you tried it. None of the girls you saw were kinky.”

Tia continued,” I don’t consider myself a sadist, but I get extremely aroused when I tease you for long periods. I like the concept of reversal, that you are completely addicted to watching the movements of my boots and gloves as they perform their diabolical acts, it is ironic that you diapered me long ago. Someday I must return that favor!

She paused while she collected her thoughts again, “Joe you may say you love me now and tell me that I’m special, but where does this leave us? You are used to having a harem of girls!”

Joe listened to her and did not hesitate, “I don’t have the same feelings for them, Tia!!! Please marry me! I’ll get down on one knee when you decide to unbind me.”

Tia actually felt dizzy for a second and said, “Joe, I’ve been planning to marry you since as long as I can remember, but you have to do something for me first.”

Joe didn’t think he could do much for her in his current position, but Tia placed her boots on either side of Joe’s head. He felt the tension in her powerful legs flex against his face, as she came to rest in a low crouching position. Tia did not want to put her weight on Joe’s face.

There was no question what Tia needed. Joe also had no obstacles because she was wearing no panties under her jean skirt! Joe gave Tia’s vagina slow soft licks up and down to stimulate her whole genital area. He breathed hard into Tia’s pussy and felt her legs tense in response. Joe increased his intensity slightly and then hesitated for a moment before he sucked on her sensitive skin to give Tia another sensation. Now he felt the pressure of her hands grasp his thighs, indicating “giddy up!”

Tia’s lock on Joe’s thighs began to intensify; when he stuck his tongue in as far as it would go and pushed in further with his nose, as his licking focused on her clitoris with an intense rhythm. Tia began to rock and scream, with her boots shafts shaking against his face as she rapidly had several powerful orgasms!

Tia turned around and faced Joe, while kneeling above him, “There’s something I’ve been imagining doing to you for years now. I hope you don’t mind!”

Tia’s white glove stroked Joe’s cock, slowly and repeatedly through his jeans, causing a serious bulge. Her other glove joined in massaging his balls. When he looked up her she mouthed to him, “I love you too!”, as she turned off the phone app freeing Joe.

She slipped off Joe’s jeans and teased his cock and balls through his briefs before she removed them. Tia moved forward for a moment, with one hand still resting on Joe’s package and tongue kissed him passionately. As she removed his briefs and observed his reaction, her blue eyes were filled with heat. Joe saw how easy it was to get lost in the addictive intensity of Tia’s gaze.

Tia gently grasped Joe’s cock, using her thumb to tease the head. She leaned forward to just lick the tip and observed Joe’s reaction again. She let go of his tool for a moment in a teasing gesture and put her hands on his thighs and rubbed his balls with her thumbs as his cock stood at full attention again. She then licked the head of Joe’s cock, while alternately licking his balls, purposely changing the sensations.

Her skilled fingers began to tickle and squeeze his balls sensually as she softly wrapped her lips around Joe’s tool and just sucked the end. She heard him sigh as she gave him another torrid stare. She wanted him to anticipate her going down on him the whole way.

With Joe’s hands freed, he softly stroked Tia’s face and put his fingers through her long hair, then rubbed her neck. She really liked this and he heard a sound of pleasure escape her lips, but Tia took control again as her head plunged all the way down and her mouth took Joe to somewhere he’d never quite been. Both of Tia’s gloves gave Joe’s balls a slight tug to make sure he didn’t cum, but thankfully he wasn’t ready yet. She was enjoying being in control again, by giving Joe extreme pleasure.

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