15 Mayıs 2023

John and Mays outdoor adventure


Another mundaneday at college. John had maths followed by double science and ending with media studies, this was his favourite lesson of the day because he sat opposite a stunning red head called May. She always wore nicely fitting clothes showing off her curves and figure which was one of pure delight, she also spotted a few tattoos which were only ever partially visible but John was none the less very fond of what he could see. He got to the lesson just in time but to notice there was only about six of the class of twenty there! He looked around to see May was one of them and she was the only one sat on their table, she wore a sensuous summer looking white dress with a red and purple flowers pattern on, very flowing but still showing off all of her shape. John stammered in feel extremely uncomfortable for putting her in this position where he would sit on her table. Still he went to his place and threw down his bag trying to look cool, which he hadn’t shut Çekmeköy escort bayan in his rush from lunch. Stationary and books flew out everywhere. He quickly clambered under the table trying to clutch at his loose belongings but accidentally grabbing Mays silky soft ankle. He looked up embarrassed at her pale flesh baring ankles leading up to her uncrossed thighs and finally noticing her delicate flower almost right in his face. John had dreamed of just being able to see this sight since he first met May and yet now he had all he could do was panic. He quickly let go of her ankle and collected his stuff in a mess and returned to the surface, his checks bright red, and May was acting as if the minor grope had never happened. He’d been in lesson for 20 minutes with a constant hard on from what he had previously seen with questions running through his mind like, ‘did she know he saw?’ ‘Was she wet down there?’ ‘Why Escort Gebze didn’t he take a quick picture?’ Next thing John knew May was standing next to him. “Do you mind if I work with you only everyone else is paired up and I know you have a car so we could get some really good shots.” A quick glance down at the sheet he’d been handed gave him the information that they were to be filming an interview at a supposedly haunted location of their choice. Stumbling over his words he muttered, “Uhh uh ye yeah sure, err why not?” “Great so I’ll come round by yours at about half nine tonight.” May smiled. “Perfect.” John had been getting ready for quite some time, he knew that if he wanted to make a lasting impression on May it would have to be tonight. Maybe offer her a coat drenched in his expensive aftershave or maybe even an arm to hold. The doorbell rang at nearly spot on half nine which triggered John very first thought. He had Şerifali escort never told May his address, not even the street he lived down and as far as he had known she didn’t live close by. Nether the less this thought soon went out of his mind when he opened the door to see her standing in the porch with a grey jumper style dress with three black silhouetted wild horses running in the middle. Her lengthy golden red locks looked perfect pinned back on one side and hanging down her face on the other. They headed out to the car and planned on going to some old mansion ruins just outside of the town, the place was deserted most days so should be perfect for night vision filming and the spooky ambience. They arrived, parked about 2 minutes away and walked down with their recording equipment. John set up the camera on a tripod and hung the boom mic just out of shot above Mays head. “Oh my,” she said “I’ve never had one that close to my face before,” letting out a giggle as she said it. There was a small torch on the camera to give the area some light and so the two of them could see what they were recording. Just over half hour later they decided they had all the footage they would need to get a really good grade and John went to the camera to pack it up.

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