2 Ağustos 2021

John’s Diary


John’s DiarySynopsis: A young boy’s diary reveals a sexual relationship that grows between him and his stepsister. 7/4/16I hate having Stephanie as a stepsister. Since she’s older she won’t let me hang out with her or her friends. They go to the mall and the park all the time but never take me. It’s not fair! Mom and Dave don’t care either. They tell me I should just give her space. We learned in school that teenagers act different when they hit puberty because of all the hormones. So that’s probably what’s wrong with her. 7/6/16Finally! Mom and Dave are making Stephanie take me to the mall. Steph is pissed off but I don’t care. I can finally check out that new game at the arcade all my friends have been talking about! I’m back from the mall. It totally sucked! Steph and her friends didn’t go anywhere near the arcade. They shopped for clothes the whole time and said I had to stay with them or else they would tell on me. They even made me go into the girl section with all the bras and underwear. Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at that stuff but it was weird with them around. I couldn’t help my dick from getting hard so it really sucked. The only way I can make it stop is by playing with it but I couldn’t do that there! It hurt the whole time. I think Stephanie knew because she would pick up bras and put them in my face. She’s so stupid! 7/7/16I’m really confused. Stephanie was actually being nice to me today. She offered to take me to the arcade after school today to make up for yesterday. Her friends aren’t even going so it’s just me and her. I hope this isn’t some stupid trick of hers.The arcade was amazballs! Death Destroyer 5 is totally kick ass! Lots of blood and guts like Joey said! Steph still made me go to the bra store with her though. She said she had to return something but all she did was try on more bras. Since her friends weren’t there she wanted me to tell her if they looked good or not. She actually had me look at her in just a bra! Her tits are huge! I don’t remember how many she tried on but it seemed like a lot. My dick got hard and tingly the first time she came out of the dressing room in one. After a while it hurt so bad I had to rub it to make it feel better. But I did it only when Steph was in the dressing room so she wouldn’t see me. I sort of wish I could have done it while looking at her. I know it’s weird but they’re real live tits! What’s a guy supposed to do!?7/10/16I’ve been feeling really weird lately. I keep having dreams about the time Stephanie tried on bras with me. When I wake up my pants are all wet. And it’s not pee, if you know what I mean. What’s even worse is that I think about it when I’m awake and my dick gets hard every time. I have to pretend to go to the bathroom all the time so I can rub it and make it go away. Stephanie hasn’t said or done anything since. I want to see her in a bra again but when I ask to go to the mall she says she doesn’t feel like it. I don’t know what to do. 7/11/16I’m totally freaking out! Stephanie saw me watching her get dressed this morning! I got up early so I could peak through her door. Mom and Dave always sleep in so I knew it would be safe. I opened her door just a crack and saw her taking off her pajamas. She had NO BRA ON! I was already hard so I started to rub it while she got naked. I guess I was too loud or something because she looked directly at me and waved. I got scared and ran in my bedroom and started writing this. What if she tells her Dad or my Mom? I’m so going to be grounded! OMG. I think I hear her in the hallway!Stephanie just left for school. She came in my room while I was writing in here and asked if I liked looking at her without clothes on. I lied of course but she said she knew I liked it. And guess what, she says it’s ok! But I can’t let Mom and Dave catch me. She said they would ground me from ever leaving my room. I’m glad she’s not mad. I wonder if she will let me watch her get undressed tonight. 7/12/16Boobs are the best! After school yesterday I asked Stephanie if I samsun escort could watch her get her pjs on and she said yes! She had me sneak into her room and closed the door. She took her pants off first and had weird underwear on that showed her butt. Then she took off her shirt and her bra. Her boobs are really big and jiggly. My dick got really hard but I was too nervous to touch it in front of her so I just watched. She sat on the bed with me and asked if I wanted to touch her boobs before she put her night shirt on. They were really warm and squishy. She said she liked it when I touched her nipples so I touched those a lot. They even got hard like my dick, which was weird. I got to play with her boobs for a long time before we heard Mom calling for lights out. Then I had to go back to my room. My dick keeps getting hard thinking about touching her boobs. I’m all out of tissues so I’ve been taking toilet paper from out of the bathroom to clean up my messes. I hope I can touch them tomorrow too!7/16/10Tonight is Mom and Dave’s date night and Stephanie is supposed to babysit me. Normally I would have been annoyed because I’m obviously old enough to take care of myself but maybe this will give me more time to play with her boobs. I can’t stop thinking about it! Guess what! I got to suck on Steph’s nipples! Right after Mom and Dave left Stephanie took me into her room and she got naked even though it wasn’t bedtime. She said she wanted me to touch her boobs again. She WANTED me to touch them! She must really like the way it feels. Anyway, she had me lay on the bed and she got on top of me. Her huge tits were hanging right over my face! My dick had already been hard but with her sitting on top of me like that, it kind of felt good. I played with her boobs a bit and then she asked me to put them in my mouth. I opened my mouth as she lowered them on my face. Her nipples were hard again so I started sucking on them. I guess I did it too hard or something because Steph told me to be softer and to use my tongue, so I did. She closed her eyes and started breathing heavy. I guess that means she liked it. She even started rubbing her butt into me really hard which kind of felt good even though I was wearing pants. I wished I could have taken them off, I bet it would have felt even better. It seemed like we did that for hours till Mom and Dave got home. Then we had to hurry and pretend we were watching tv. I rubbed my dick a lot after that night. I hope we can do it again.7/17/10Dave has to go on a weekend business trip. Stephanie says we will have a lot of time this weekend to do our secret stuff. She calls it that now. She says Mom always gets drunk on the weekends Dave has to leave and passes out on the couch just after dinner time. He will be leaving soon so I hope Steph is right and mom will stay on the couch.It’s really late but I couldn’t wait to write down what happened. Steph was right! Mom passed out cold right after dinner. We went into Stephanie’s room again but this time she said I had to get naked too. We both took our clothes off and she kept staring at my dick but I didn’t care. As soon as I saw her naked tits I just went straight for them. I couldn’t hold myself back! I sucked on her nipples right away before getting on the bed. She said I was a quick learner and started breathing heavy again. Then she started to touch her pussy. She told me that’s what it was called and said it felt really really good when it was touched. I asked if I could touch it and she said yes! It was all wet and slimy but warm too. My dick got really hard when I was touching her. She started touching my dick too. It felt different than when I touch it. She asked if I touched my dick a lot. I was a little shy to tell her so I didn’t say anything. Steph pulled away from me and said I had to tell her or I couldn’t touch her anymore. So I told her that I touch it a lot after our secret stuff. She wanted to see how I did it so I showed her. It felt weird at first antalya escort but then again I had always wanted to rub my dick while looking at her naked. She asked me if I ever make stuff come out when I rub my dick. I said yes and she said she wanted me to show her. I was worried it would get everywhere so I laid on the bed. She laid down next to me and watched. It felt really good to be so close to her boobs while rubbing my dick. I made the stuff come out quicker than when I just think about her boobs. Stephanie started playing with the stuff that came out and even tasted some of it! She said it was called cum and that my cum tasted really good. She asked if she could try to make me cum and I told her yes. It felt soooooooo gooooooood! Way better than when I do it. She wrapped her whole hand around my dick and rubbed the whole thing up and down. She even touched my balls. I had never done that but it felt really good too. It took a little longer for me to cum a second time but it felt crazy good so I didn’t mind. She said she liked making me cum so I’m really happy about that! She made me cum a few more times while I sucked on her boobs and touched her pussy until I couldn’t cum anymore and my dick got soft. I asked her to see how she cums but it was getting really late and we were both really tired. She promised to show me tomorrow. I can’t wait!7/18/10Mom’s friends are over and they are all drinking wine. It’s only noon but I think this will give me and Stephanie enough time for our secret stuff. I’ll go ask her, she’s in her room listening to music. Ok, so I went into Stephanie’s room and asked her to show me how she cums. She got naked and laid on the bed and told me to sit at the end of her bed. She spread her legs so I could see her whole pussy. It was kind of hairy and pink. She started rubbing on the outside with her fingers. She showed me her hole and said it feels really good when she puts her fingers in there. She shoved her fingers in and out of the hole while rubbing on the top part that looked like a button. Her body started to move all funny and she was making weird noises. She got kind of loud when she moved her hands really fast on her pussy. But then she stopped. I was confused because no cum came out. Stephanie said that girls don’t cum like boys do. Sometimes stuff comes out but it’s not like the boy’s stuff. She wanted me to try and make her cum so I touched her pussy like she did. It was really slimy and hot. She told me to put more fingers in her hole but it was so tight I didn’t think I could. I put in three of my fingers while I rubbed her button. She made funny noises and got all squirmy again. My dick was so hard it was hurting really bad. I told her about it and she had me get closer to her. She undid my pants and spit on her hand and started rubbing my dick with it. I thought it was gross at first but it felt even better than before. We touched each other for a while before she started getting loud again. She rubbed my dick really fast which made me cum right away. I got some on her but she didn’t care. When I pulled my fingers out of her hole they were covered in slime. I tasted it like she tasted mine. It tasted really weird but also kind of sweet. Then we heard Mom calling for Stephanie so we had to rush to get dressed again. I like making Stephanie cum. I wonder if she will let me do it to her more. 7/18/10Dave came home today. Mom said we had to go to bed early tonight so we can be well rested for school tomorrow. I was really pissed about an early bedtime but Stephanie stopped me in the hallway and said it was because Mom and Dave want to have sex all night. She said they will be distracted so me and her can do our secret stuff. Then she pulled down her shorts a bit and put my hand on her pussy. It was all wet and slimy again. Touching her there makes my dick hard. I really want to rub it right now but I like it better when Stephanie does it. I can’t wait till night time. 7/19/10Last night was so ankara escort awesome. So I went to bed but didn’t fall asleep. I waited for like an hour until Stephanie came into my room. She had me come into the hallway and said to be really quiet. We snuck over to Mom and Dave’s bedroom door and could hear them making weird noises. Stephanie said you could see through the keyhole so I put my eye to it and could kind of see inside. It was dark but I could see Dave laying on top of my Mom. She was laying on her back with her legs up in the air and almost falling off the bed. Dave was moving his butt up and down on top of her really fast. Mom was making the same funny noises as Stephanie had when I was making her pussy feel good. My dick started to get all tingly and hard while watching them. I looked at Stephanie after a while and asked if that’s what sex was like. She said she guessed so since she had never done it herself. We went back to her room and she said she wanted to try what Mom and Dave were doing. I said okay and we got naked. She wanted me to lay down on the bed but I told her Dave was on top of Mom so I should be on top of her. But for some dumb reason she wanted to pretend to be her Dad and I had to be my Mom. She said I had to since she was older. So I laid down and she got on top of me. She put her pussy right on my hard dick! It felt so good. She was wet and slimy so it made my dick slippery too. She rubbed her pussy on my dick for a while then told me to suck on her nipples like before, so I did. She started breathing really heavy again and moved faster on my dick. It felt so good that I made a bunch of cum all over myself. Stephanie kept rubbing on me so my cum got all over her too. She would get really tense and move really fast and make weird noises then stop and go slow again. She said that she was cuming each time she did that. I cumed again while she was doing it once. It felt really good. My cum made us really slippery and while she was rubbing really fast on me my dick slid up into her hole. Stephanie gasped really loud and started moving up and down on it slowly. I cumed right away when she did that. It felt way better than what she was doing before. It was tight but soft. It made my dick feel so good it wanted to explode! After that Stephanie kept moving so that my dick went in and out of her hole. She said it felt better than anything she has ever felt before. She cumed a few more times like that then told me she wanted to lay down and I could pretend to be her Dad. I got up and stood on my knees between her legs like Dave had done but I didn’t really know what to do. I laid on top of her and rubbed my dick on her pussy but she said I had to put it in her hole. So I sat up and had to poke my dick at her pussy until it went into the hole. I moved like Dave did on top of Mom but I kept coming out of her hole and had to sit back up to put it in again. Stephanie told me to stay up on my knees so I can watch my dick and make sure it didn’t come out. I really liked watching my dick go in and out of Stephanie’s pussy hole. Watching it made me cum a bunch more times. Stephanie said it made her cum a bunch too, especially when she rubbed her button. After a while I couldn’t cum anymore and my dick went soft. Stephanie said we could do it some more another time I can’t wait till we can do that again. Putting my dick in her pussy hole is the best thing I have ever felt in my life! 8/02/10Sorry I haven’t been writing in here as much anymore. Stephanie and I have been doing a lot of secret stuff lately and I don’t have time. She has me put my dick in her pussy hole every night now. I really like it. Sometimes she comes in when I’m taking a shower and puts my dick in her mouth till it gets hard then she has me put it in her hole. One time she even pulled me into the bathrooms at school and we did it in one of the stalls. It was scary because we almost got caught but that made it much more fun. Ever since then she has been touching my dick to try and make it hard in weird places. Like one time she did it when we were all driving home from family dinner one night. Another time she did it while we were all sitting on the couch watching tv. Sometimes she has me do it to her at the same time too. It’s a lot of fun. I love having Stephanie as a stepsister!

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