16 Mart 2023

John’s Riding Lesson


I was round at my girlfriend Rachel’s place one day, helping her to clean a few years accumulated clutter out of a closet. One of the items she brought out intrigued me.

“Riding boots?” I said quizzically.

“Oh yes, I used to ride once, not done it for a while now.” She answered.

She bent to rummage on the closet floor and I watched her shapely ass wiggle in the tight skirt she was wearing. “I bet you had a good seat.” I said

“Yes, not bad.”

“Maybe I should just check your fetlocks! “I said, sliding my hand up her inner thigh.

She jumped and gasped, then laughed. She straightened and turned.

“Did you ever go riding John?” she asked

“Me? No, I’m a city boy.”

“Hmmmm…..well maybe it’s time you had your first riding lesson!” she said.

“Me? Where? When? “

“Right here and now.” she answered.

I looked at her puzzled, and she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. We stood beside the bed and she stepped close to me and put her face up to mine.

“Now,” she said “the first thing you have to do is to make friends with your steed. Pet and fondle it before you even take it out of its stall.” and I felt her hand begin to fondle me through my clothes, stroking my balls. I gasped and felt myself beginning to swell and harden, my cock pushing against the cloth.

“When you feel the mount is ready….,” her hand moved up and began to feel my thickening cock “then you can open the stable door….,” I felt her slide my zipper down “and let him out for a little exercise.” Her hand slipped inside, popped the buttons on my boxers and she gently took my cock out and began to tease it with her fingers. It grew rock hard in her hand and Antalya Escort I felt her fingers caress the shaft and stroke the hot throbbing purple tip.

“Oh jeez Rachel.” I gasped, putting my arms round her and fondling her pert ass.

“Now” she said “There are several ways to ride. Today I’m going to ride bareback. ” and she stepped back and undressed quickly as I did the same at her bidding.

She told me to lie on my back on the bed and she kneeled beside me, naked and as lovely and sexy as always.

“Once your steed is out of the stable,” she said “the next thing is to check the tackle.” Her hand stroked my cock again, slowly and deliciously “Paying particular attention to the saddle horn, as it is your main anchor point. This is a very fine horn, thick and strong,” she stroked my ball sack with her other hand “and the support tackle is good and tight too”

I gasped and moaned softly and reached for her, but she pushed my hand down “Never let the steed take over. ” she said “But before mounting, prepare your own tackle and make sure it’s ready.” and still stroking my cock with one hand she slipped the other down between her legs and began to finger her womanhood, sliding a finger deep into the fragrant slit and teasing her clitoris as I lay groaning and wriggling under her foreplay. She teased herself as she stroked me with the other hand, throwing her head back and breathing fast. Then she drew her finger out of her wet slit and stroked it over my top lip so I could smell her pussy on it, then running it over my lips so I tasted her salty sweet juices.

“When you are ready, then you may mount. ” she said, and throwing one leg over me she straddled my hips and Antalya Escort Bayan holding my cock in both hands she gently lowered herself onto it and eased it deep inside her warm cunt, nestling herself down onto me and just sitting there without moving.

“There are four paces to master.” She said “The first is the walk.”

She began to slowly raise and lower herself in a gentle rhythm, her pussy sliding up and down my rigid dick. I put my hands on her hips and groaned softly as I felt her caressing and sucking me with her love tunnel. She leaned forward slightly and putting her hands on my chest she began to make circling motions with her thumbs on my nipples. I moaned again and cupped her tits in my hands, caressing her nipples between thumb and finger. She kept this slow rise and fall up for a few minutes, her head back and her eyes closed, breathing softly.

She sat upright and put her hands on her thighs.

“The next pace is the trot.” she said, and she began to bounce on me with short quick movements, her tits jiggling and her hair tossing. I grasped her hips and bucked my own hips in time, watching my cock pump in and out of her pussy lips. She put her hands up in front of her and we locked fingers so she could balance better, and we trotted in time, feeling the thrill and loving every moment. My breathing quickened as I tightened my pelvic muscles and fought against cumming too soon.

“Now the canter!” she said, and putting her hands on my shoulders she leaned forward, her nipples dangling almost to my chest, and began long graceful strokes, rising and falling in a steady rhythm, her eyes closed and her hair falling into my face. I looked down my body and Escort Antalya watched my cock sliding in and out of her like a piston, slick with her pussy juices and stiff as a ramrod, opening her cunt wide.

Her breathing grew faster and deeper, and she said breathily “now the last pace, the gallop” and she began to bounce her hips up and down faster and faster. I wrapped my arms around her and bucked my hips up to meet hers, both of us gasping and grunting with each frantic thrust, until I groaned “I cant hold on much longer Rachel!”

“Then don’t” she panted ” Just cum, oh please John, just fuck me…Oooooh!” I felt her cunt begin to tighten round my throbbing cock “Oh yes John, yes, yes, fuckmefuckmefuckme… AH…AHHHH….AHHHH…OOOOOOH …..YES..YES…YEEEESSSSS”

As she climaxed my own orgasm crashed over me and I moaned as my balls emptied their load of hot spunk into her, fountaining up in waves of ecstasy as our bodies slapped together, her juices running down my cock like water. I clutched her tight and felt her shudder and stiffen as the pleasure pulsed through her, then relax and slump over me, breathing hard, flushed, glowing.

I stroked her back and whispered to her and as her breathing slowed she rolled off me and we held each other, lying side by side, silent and tender, her face pressed into my chest.

“That was one hell of a riding lesson Rachel” I said

“You’re one hell of a ride” she answered.

“Have to do it again sometime” I said

“Definitely, got to keep my stallion well exercised”

I laughed “Never been called that before, but thanks.” I kissed her gently “Now let’s see what else is in that closet”

“Think I’ve got a tennis racket somewhere” she said “I always did like ball games”

“Yep, me too” I answered “how about nipping out for lunch, then maybe we can find some golf balls too.”

“Why do you want golf balls?” she asked

“So we can play a round of course!” I answered, winking.

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