13 Mayıs 2023

Journey into Cuckoldry – Fantastic Fourteen


It was Saturday morning three weeks after the New Year ball. I had already taken our two kids to their regular sporting activities – in this case soccer training for both of them – while my lovely, unfaithful wife Alice was still sleeping the sleep of the not-very-innocent. The day was beautiful; cold and bright. I had just changed into my running kit for a half hour’s chilly trip down the local canal towpath and was looking for my muddy ‘outdoor’ training shoes when I became aware of a presence in a long, pale gown drifting silently into the room behind me. I turned to confront the apparition which of course was Alice in her winter bathrobe. She looked pale and very tired but there was a contented glow about her that I recognised only too well. “M’ng,” she mumbled as she crossed the room and flopped onto a hard-backed chair. “Good morning. How’s my Hotwife today?” I smiled back, leaving my shoes for a moment and pouring her a large mug of strong coffee. “Tired and battered but otherwise okay, CB.” “How’s the itch?” I asked. “Pretty well scratched – for a little while anyway,” she replied with a wink, then took a long sip of her hot drink. After the New Year ball and the public groping she had received at the hands of rather more men than I was quite comfortable with, my wife’s sexual frustration had continued to grow despite my own best efforts with my fingers and latex-covered cock. Even my much-vaunted cunnilingual skills had failed to put anything more than a dent in her overwhelming need for hard, satisfying sex so we had been forced to go back to basics. And basics meant talking to Carmen. The She-Devil had responded by arranging emergency therapy with her own husband Steve, the man who had first fingered, fucked and inseminated my wife in our car as I watched in the rear view mirror, thus setting us on the slippery slope into degradation and cuckoldry that seemed to suit us so well. As a result, Alice had spent the previous evening and half the night with her first and most frequent lover and was feeling, as expected, a little fragile. Problems with babysitters had meant that, contrary to normal arrangements, the six-month-pregnant Carmen and I had spent the evening together in our house looking after our two kids. Our unfaithful spouses had met for dinner in Alice and my favourite Italian restaurant before going back to Steve and Carmen’s house for an evening of undisturbed and uninhibited sex. As we knew only too well, Alice can get very noisy when climaxing so having any children in the house would have invited trouble. The unfortunate consequence of this was that to my great disappointment, I had not been able to watch or even listen to the two of them as they fucked. In a more balanced world, Carmen and I would have fucked each other in our house as our spouses fucked in theirs but that was not the world in which Cuckolds and She-Devils live. We had therefore spent the evening eating Chinese food and watching movies on TV. It had also given Carmen an unmissable opportunity to taunt me playfully over my sexual prowess – or supposed lack of it – and my wife’s increasing need to fuck other men while I watched. As that night had proved, although Alice was very happy to be fucked in front of me for my sake, she wasn’t averse to surrendering her body without me as an audience too. Thankfully the presence of our two kids upstairs kept the amount of unseemly conversation to a minimum and in the end it was as pleasant an evening as I could have had, knowing that ten minutes’ drive away, my sweet, lovely wife was being fucked half senseless by my friend’s husband. Steve had eventually brought Alice back just before two o’clock and taken Carmen home, presumably for her usual post-cuckolding fuck. My wife had looked tired and dishevelled as so often after her dates with smudged make-up, tousled hair and with a pink-flushed face and chest. As usual, on her return home I had been allowed full access to the slightly stale creampie between her thighs. Normally this would have resulted in her having at least a small extra orgasm against my face but this time she had been too exhausted to do anything but lie back and let me have my own way with her. Fortunately, the usual cleaning of Steve’s semen from her vulva with my tongue followed by a brief, violent penetration of her loose, well-used vagina had gone some way towards remedying my disappointment at being unable to watch. The amount of semen still remaining inside her had been surprisingly large and, as I drew the stale, gooey residues into my mouth, the aroma and flavour had been almost narcotic. The heady sensation had still been in my mouth and on my sticky face when I had woken that morning and, as my wife entered the kitchen, its effect remained powerful. As I kissed her good morning I could immediately tell that, even this long after her date, Alice still smelled strongly of sex. I suspected my breath did too. It was an aroma I knew too well and loved too much, a fact that the state of my bulging running shorts made only too obvious. Alice had noticed this and was looking straight at my hardening cock with an indulgent smile. “Like what you see?” she asked ironically, knowing how dishevelled she looked. “I always do,” I told her truthfully, smiling at the woman I adored. “I don’t know why,” she grumbled. “My skin’s gone terrible.” She sighed. “Maybe it’s a hormonal thing.” She sighed again and touched her cheeks with the tip of her long, slender fingers. All I could see was a familiar, beautiful face but I knew better than to argue with a woman about her Escort izmir looks. “Your hormones were working alright last night,” I smiled jokingly, completely unable to see any problem with the soft skin of my wife’s lovely face. Alice smiled bashfully. “That’s true. I’m sorry you didn’t get to watch,” she said sympathetically. “I wish you could have been there but…” “It’s okay,” I assured her. “As long as you got what you needed.” She gave me a strange look. “You DID get what you needed, didn’t you?” I pressed her. “I had a really good evening. Thank you for letting me go.” “I wasn’t asking for your thanks,” I told her, smiling. “You just seem a bit… well, not as content as you usually are after a good fucking.” By now of course we were using the ‘f’ word between us without embarrassment – when the children weren’t there of course. It was after all, what both of us wanted. Alice sighed. “It was really lovely and yes, I did cum more than once but…” She sounded almost wistful. “I thought there was something wrong,” I told her. “What’s the matter?” She looked at me, shrugged and sighed before continuing. “I know it’s selfish; you do so much for me but… well if I’m totally honest, it’s all become a bit routine. Oh, Steve’s lovely, don’t get me wrong and he did a really thorough job but…” “But…” I prompted. “But I think I need something new. Something a bit… I don’t know, edgier. Something a bit more risky; or at least for it to feel more risky.” “That New Year dress-up really got to you didn’t it?” I said, amused. Alice paused, no doubt full of vivid memories of the recent ‘Tarts and Vicars’ fancy dress party where we and our newly-cuckolding friends Julie and Gary had joined a large table for the night. Julie and Alice had dressed as LA street hookers like the girls in the film Pretty Woman and had looked sexier than I had imagined possible. The two had actually been mistaken for real prostitutes in a bar before the ball had started which had started the evening with great amusement and a strong sexual frisson. Both girls had been openly groped by strangers on the dance floor too; Alice had really enjoyed the whole experience and had been a little dissatisfied ever since. My wife was not yet aware that her friend Julie had also been brutally fucked against the wall of an unused dining room after midnight by Peter, a powerfully built, rugby-playing colleague of mine from work; a man she had met only hours before. The cheeky sod had also fingered Alice briefly under the table but had then abandoned her for richer pickings with Julie – a tactic that had paid off big-time as I had seen with my own eyes. “Do I need to talk to the She-Devil again?” I asked, raising an amused eyebrow. “Maybe,” she replied. “It seems a bit greedy having just been…” “Been fucked half senseless last night?” I filled in the words for her. “Yes,” she confessed. “Leave it with me. I’ll give her a call.” *** In the end it wasn’t necessary; Carmen herself called us that very afternoon. Alice had gone to the gym so she and I had a brief chat in private. “Hi Mister Cuckold. How was Little Alice this morning?” she asked, as usual trying to tease me. “Still glowing from her fucking?” “She enjoyed herself very much, thank you,” I answered with a mock formality Carmen ignored. “Steve tells me she’s really getting into this anal thing. I’ve never really enjoyed it – Steve’s cock is a bit too big for me. Maybe your little Alice just has a bigger arse than mine!” Knowing the difference in size between my wife’s skinny, gym-trained, near-androgynous body and Carmen’s full, pregnant curves, this could only be a joke so I chuckled. “You might be right. If you show me your arse again I’ll know better.” “You never know your luck, Mister C,” she replied, teasing me even more. We were of course, alluding to the one occasion since our first seduction that I had been given access to Carmen’s body. It had been in Spain; while my wife was being fucked noisily by a young Olympic-trained swimmer called Mitch, I had been allowed to give Carmen the benefit of my skills as a cunnilinguist in the room next door. Although as a cocksman I’m very much in the lower divisions, when it comes to oral sex and fingering I’m Premier League standard – though I say it myself. It’s a bit conceited I know but after being rampantly cuckolded for so long, surely I can allow myself one sexual activity to be proud of? I’m pleased to say that my oral abilities had taken Carmen rather by surprise and she had reached a loud and rather messy orgasm on my face quite quickly. In fact she had been so impressed that she had later insisted I initiated our friend Julie into the delights of oral sex while her husband Gary watched. This I had done with similarly pleasing results. I remembered vividly how very different from each other the three women had looked, smelled and tasted. “Anyway I’m glad you called,” I said, moving the conversation on. I checked that the kids were nowhere near then briefly and with as few incriminating words as possible, explained about Alice’s recent dissatisfaction with ‘routine’ sex; even sex with Steve. I also told her what I had seen Julie and my colleague Peter doing against the wall at New Year. When I had finished, Carmen seemed to think things over for a long while before replying. “Wow! Well, I suppose did wonder,” she eventually said. “About Alice and Steve?” I asked anxiously, hoping I hadn’t offended her over her husband’s prowess in bed. “That’s not what I meant, no,” she replied pensively. “It is quite a surprise izmir escort bayan though, I must confess. I don’t think I’ll tell Steve what she said; you know how sensitive men can be about their performance in bed. Oops! Sorry. For a moment I forgot…” “Forgot you turned my wife into a slut and me into a helpless cuckold?” “You’re far from helpless Mister C; you’re as much into the lifestyle as your pushover of a wife, right?” As always, she was quite right and I admitted it. “Anyway, it’s Julie I was wondering about, I’ve had my suspicions about her for a while,” she carried on. “Really?” “I’ve thought for some time that our Yummy Mummy Hot Wife was finding life with just a husband and an occasional lover a bit too dull.” “What made you think that?” I asked, though I knew very well how true it was. “Just a few things she’s said. And that look she gets on her face. Your Alice gets it too when it’s time for a date – you must have seen that, Mister C.” I knew that look well. In my wife’s case it was always accompanied by other physical and psychological signs which told me it was time to arrange another fucking. I had seen a lot of ‘that look’ recently. “But I’m not sure her husband’s as keen after all,” she added. From my conversations with Gary and from watching him I knew this to be true. Whereas I had surged happily alongside my wife on our Journey into Cuckoldry, Gary was travelling down that road much more slowly; he still seemed unsure where the road would lead and indeed whether he wanted to be on it at all. One thing was certain though; his wife Julie was not only determinedly on the road to cuckoldry, she was far ahead of her husband and accelerating away from him all the time. As I had seen with my own eyes at the New Year Ball, she was even becoming independent of the She-Devil whose scheming had started the whole descent in the first place. “That New Year Ball really seems to have put the cat among the pigeons,” Carmen continued after a pause. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, it’s unsettled your slut of a wife so much that even my husband can’t satisfy her; it made sweet, innocent Julie fuck a complete stranger almost in public within hours of meeting him; and now a certain older lady wants to know if the man she sat next to all evening is up for a little bedroom fun on the side!” “What?” Carmen’s words stopped me in my tracks. There was a low chuckle down the phone. “It appears your dinner companion was rather smitten with you and, after seeing the way in which you allowed Peter to grope your wife, she wondered whether you were swingers and would like to sample a little of the older generation?” “You’re kidding!” I gasped. “Nope! Hilary asked Peter, Peter told Elaine and Elaine asked me. Maybe she’s heard about that tongue of yours!” “Does that mean…” I began. “That Peter and Elaine are swingers too? Of course! Elaine was hot stuff when we were all in Islington.” “Wow! I’d never have guessed. I mean the way she looks and dresses…” I protested. “She’s a bit older now and has put on a few pounds but she’s still the same girl underneath. Why else would she put up with Peter’s antics?” I must have sounded as baffled as I felt because Carmen carried on. “I don’t know why you’re so surprised. Of course she looks respectable; what would you expect her to look like? Look at Julie, look at Alice! Look at yourself, Mister Cuckold! Who would guess all the naughty stuff that goes on behind your closed doors?” She was right once again. “So what shall I tell Elaine? What should she say to Hilary?” Carmen asked in a mock-casual voice. “Um… err…” I stammered awkwardly, demonstrating why I was a cuckold not a stud. “That you’d love to give her the fuck of a lifetime? Really clear out her passages for her?” “Um…” “Or that you’re not swingers and that only Alice ever gets fucked?” “Um… Err” “Maybe that you’d rather watch other men fucking your wife than fuck theirs?” “Carmen…” “I’ll say you’ll talk to your lovely wife about it, shall I?” Carmen said smugly. *** The next few days passed entirely normally – at least normally for us. The kids went to their Sunday sporting activities, Alice and I had lunch with friends and the afternoon was spent on our bikes in the country park. It was late on Sunday night when I finally plucked up the courage to tell Alice about Hilary’s approach and I have to say I was a little disappointed by her initial response. “You? A Bull?” The tone of astonishment in her voice was genuine and as such, a bit hurtful. She must have sensed my upset because she immediately continued. “I’m sorry; that was unfair of me. You’re a very good looking man and great company. You’re not bad in bed too but you have to admit, the irony is pretty strong. You are Cucky-Boy after all.” The irony was extraordinary, I had to agree. “I was pleased to be asked,” I confessed. “It’s quite a compliment in a way but I’m not sure I’d have the confidence to try and fuck another woman.” “You’re much better at it than you think,” my wife immediately said. “It’s me that’s changed; I’m spoilt; I’m much harder to satisfy these days. You’ll see if you get the chance to fuck someone else.” “I’m not sure I want to take the risk,” I pondered uncertainly then felt angry for sounding so pathetic. “Maybe if we were together I’d feel a bit more confident.” Alice seemed to think for a moment then said. “Well I’m afraid swinging’s out; I don’t fancy her husband at all. But if you want to go solo and spend some private time with Hilary I’m in no position to object, am I?” “You mean it?” “Come izmir escort on CB. Fair’s fair. You’re an amazing man to let me have what I need. The least I can do is let you do the same once in a while. Besides I don’t think Hilary would be a serious threat to our marriage, do you? ” We left it at that, though when we made love later that night – itself an unusual event – she paid a lot more attention to my needs than was normal. Although we still used her favourite ribbed and studded condoms, Alice seemed to put a great deal more effort into giving me pleasure than I had come to expect. When I finally filled the latex sleeve inside her with my spermless semen, she was closer to orgasm with me than she had been in a long time. Her over-used vagina was clamped as tightly around my shaft as tightly as I could remember and I enjoyed a toe-curling, back-jarring climax of my own which remained in my memory for several days. Could my sweet, unfaithful slut of a wife perhaps have been the tiniest bit jealous? *** Monday saw us all back to school and to work. It was a busy day, too busy for any thoughts of cuckoldry to interfere and the rest of the week passed uneventfully until Thursday at around eleven-thirty in the morning when my mobile phone rang. Half an hour later I was in a secluded corner of a coffee shop in town having been summoned from work by Carmen so that she and I could ‘talk over an important issue that I wouldn’t want to discuss in the office’. “I’ve had a great idea,” the She-Devil announced triumphantly as she pressed the disconnect button on her mobile phone. I had just returned from the counter with two large black coffees and was manoeuvring myself past her baby-bump and into a chair as this important announcement was made. Knowing my history with Carmen, this could only mean one thing; adulterous sex for my wife and humiliation for me. Thanks to the perverted state Carmen had brought us to, I was interested in both of these. “What great idea have you had this time?” I asked, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. “Little Alice’s next adventure, of course,” she smiled back at me. “You told me she was getting a bit stale. I’ve had an idea how we can put a bit of edge back into your lives.” I leaned back in my chair unconvinced. In the past, Carmen’s great ideas hadn’t always been to my advantage, though I had to admit in the end I had thoroughly enjoyed whatever schemes she had set up for Alice and me. “You’re incorrigible,” I said with a disbelieving look. “Go on then, impress me!” Carmen looked left, right, up and down in exaggerated gestures making sure she couldn’t be overheard then leaned close towards me and whispered. “Okay Mister Cuckold, how would you like to become a pimp?” “A what?” “A pimp; a procurer; a liver off immoral earnings?” “You mean a pimp?” I asked stupidly. Carmen snorted and grinned. “Yes, a pimp!” “What on earth do you mean?” I asked, understanding why she hadn’t wanted to tell me at my desk. Carmen leaned even closer towards me and spoke quietly but clearly. “Two businessman friends of mine are coming up from London for a meeting. They’re staying at a big hotel in town.” She named the hotel in which Alice and Julie had been propositioned the night of the New Year Ball while dressed as hookers for the ‘Tarts and Vicars’ fancy dress party we had all enjoyed so much but which she and Steve had missed. “These two friends of mine are married but like to play around when they’re out of town. They’ll be looking for two prostitutes to spend an hour or two with that night.” I still didn’t see how this affected me and said so. “Listen, Mister Slow-on-the-uptake Cuckold, my two friends have different tastes. One prefers skinny blonde married mothers who like red dresses and anal sex. Remind you of anyone?” I looked puzzled. Carmen sighed in exasperation. “My other friend prefers married brunettes with a little more meat on their bones and who ideally have given birth to their second child within the last few months.” The penny dropped. “You want Alice and Julie to pretend to be prostitutes?” “Of course; it’s a great idea!” She was right. My first reaction was the same. “The girls would certainly love it but would your friends be fooled that easily?” Carmen pulled a face at me. “They won’t need to be fooled, Mister C; it’s all an act. Everyone will know exactly what’s happening right from the beginning and will go along with the fun. Your wife gets to play the hooker again only in a much more realistic scenario. Julie gets to do the same – she’ll love that! The boys will treat them as whores and will pay them for services rendered.” I didn’t know what to say so just stared. Carmen went on: “It’s only make-believe but I think it would be fun – and as you told me, Little Alice needs a refreshing change! “She does indeed,” I agreed. “Then it’s perfect. The girls get to dress up again which will turn them on from the start. Then they’ll have act like real whores and put the customer first. The boys will be paying top-dollar so the girls will have to do whatever they’re asked to do, like it or not. Gary and you get to watch – or at least listen. Everybody wins.” I sat back in amazement. “Did you spend all week thinking this up?” I asked, amazed. “It just seemed obvious,” she said, clearly pleased with my response. “It’ll seem much more real to the girls because their ‘clients’ will be complete strangers. They’ll have to do a bit of acting but I’m sure they’re up to it. They’ll get paid for real too which I’m sure will give them a buzz.” I nodded my agreement. “Plus of course they’ll get fucked for real this time too. From what I hear, Little Alice had to make do with you after the ball.” I began to remind Carmen about what Julie and Peter had got up to but she stopped me. “Trust me; the boys I have in mind will deliver much more than just a knee trembler against the wall.

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