28 Mart 2022


Big Dicks

JoyceAt the age of twelve Joyce had C tits. When she was f******n she was already a D cup. At sixteen she was DD cup and every one was wondering how big her tits would get. She was a tiny girl with huge tits. She had a brother that was really taking a notice of the tits on his sister. One day they were alone in the house and when she stepped out of the shower he was standing there waiting for her. She yelled at him “What are you doing here? Can’t you see I am naked?” He told her as he grabbed her arm “That is exactly why I am here. I just want to see your huge tits. Now show off those big knockers for me.” He then pushed her up against the wall and grabbed one of her tits. She tried to push him away but he was too strong. He kept rubbing and playing with her tits making the nipples hard and then he bent down and began to suck one of the nipples. Joyce knew it was wrong but it felt real good. He sucked one tit then the other grabbing a nipple with his teeth. He said to her “You like that don’t you? You like those big melons sucked like I was a baby. I think about your big tits day and night and how they would feel in my mouth.”He then pulled her by her arm to his bed and shoved her on it. He laid on top of her and started sucking on her nipples again. As he sucked each tit his hand went between her legs and found her clit and began to rub it. He moaned to her “That’s it. Let me show you how good I can make you can feel. I want to eat your cunt and fuck you so bad. Big tits make great sex.” He then pulled his shirt off and then his pants so he too was naked laying half on top of her. He pushed his hips tight to her leg as he sucked a nipple deep in his mouth and fingered her pussy. He then pushed a finger inside her cunt and finger fucked her as he sucked each nipple. He rubbed his cock against her leg and told her “Feel how hard you make my cock? I am going to give you that cock deep in your fuck hole. I know how good your cunt is going to feel and I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. Now spread those legs wide and let my hard cock fuck you till you scream.” As she spread her legs he mounted her and began to shove his cock into her tight cunt. He had a man size cock and she was tight so he went slow pushing türbanlı yalova escort more cock into her. She had never been fucked before and he pierced her as his cock went all the way inside her. He then began to fuck her easy first then harder. It did not take long before he felt her cum and scream as he rammed her tight hole. He said to her “That’s it baby. Scream for this hard cock. It feels so good in your tight hole doesn’t it. I knew you would love me fucking you.” He then filled her cunt with his cum.He stayed on her and began sucking her tits again. He pulled on the nipples with his teeth and bit each one. He rubbed his face all over her monster tits. She was so small with the big set of jugs. He was kissing and sucking her tits when the phone rang. It was his mom letting him know his dad’s business was taking longer and they would not be home till tomorrow night. He told Joyce “Mom and dad won’t be home tonight so you are going to sleep in my bed and we can play all night” He then went down and spread her legs and began to lick her pussy. He licked the clit and down to her hole. Then he sucked her clit and made her cum. “That’s it baby. Cum for me. Show me how you like your pussy licked and sucked. Let me tongue fuck that tight cunt. Keep those legs spread wide for me.” He then went to her fuck hole and licked it then pushed his tongue in her and began to tongue fuck her as he heard her scream. The more she screamed the harder he fucked her hole. He was fucking and sucking her cum out of her as fast as she would cum for him. He pulled his tongue out of her hole and sucked on her clit as she was twisting and moving her hips as he sucked her. He could feel her cum as he sucked on her clit and ran his tongue over it. He pushed two fingers in her cunt as he sucked the clit and now she was screaming and thrashing and covering his fingers with cum. He left his fingers in her cunt and went to suck on her huge tits. He told her “You like my tongue and fingers in that sweet cunt don’t You? Now you get to do me a big favor and suck my cock then I will fuck you again. I haven’t had a good cock sucking for a while and I also need more pussy. I am going to fuck türbanlı yalova escort bayan you and eat you all night long. Now get down here and suck my big cock. I will tell you what to do. I know you will be a great cock sucker for me. Just open wide and suck like a champ.” He pushed her face to his cock and told her “Lick my big rod. Run your tongue over it and taste your juice with my juice on it.” As she licked on his cock he grabbed her head and moved her to where he liked her to lick the most. The he told her “Suck the tip and run your tongue over it. I like that. Yes lick the tip. Now take me in your mouth and suck. Suck me hard and I will push more cock in you as you get used to my size. You are doing so good. Now grip me with your lips and suck hard. I am going to push in deeper.” As she sucked on his cock he kept pushing more in her mouth and sometimes making her gag. But she was doing a good job and sucking him deep and hard. He told her “Grab my balls and squeeze and rub them as you suck me. Yes, that feels so good. Suck me hard. I need it sucked hard. Grab my balls and pull them. Feel how hard and full they are. Milk them and suck me and make me cum. Make me cum for you.” She was sucking him hard and pulling on his balls as he let out a loud scream and filled her mouth with cum. He grabbed her by the hair and told her “Keep sucking and swallow all my cum. Let it go down your throat. You are a great cock sucker. Now lay across my lap and let me play with that sexy ass.” As she laid across his lap he rubbed her ass cheeks and then spread her wide open. He ran a finger down her crack till he found her asshole and ran his finger around it. Then he licked his finger and pushed it into her ass. “Relax. You will like this. First I will use my finger then I will use my cock. I love ass fucking and you will get to love it too. You have a perfect ass to fuck baby.” He pushed a finger in her ass as she squirmed not sure if she liked it or not but he had a tight hold on her and she just laid still. He shoved his finger in all the way and fucked her ass as he watched his finger stretch her hole. Then he pulled it out of her ass and shoved it in her cunt and türbanlı escort yalova fucked her cunt before he went back to her ass. He did this three or four times and had her wet with cum before he added the second finger to her ass. He had both fingers all the way in her ass before he then went to her cunt and finger fucked it more. He fucked both holes then added a third finger to her tight ass.He watched as her ass stretched open for the three fingers. He pushed them all the way in and fucked her with them. He fucked her hard then added the fourth finger and now was really ass fucking her with his fingers. He loved seeing her ass stretched with his fingers ramming in her. Now his cock was rock hard so he told her “Get on your hands and knees. I am going to shove my cock in your ass and fuck you. I love the feel of my cock in a tight ass and you are going to feel the best. Now ass in the air sweet girl.” As he got her in position he pushed his cock to the opening of her ass. Slowly he entered her. Inch by inch he got in deeper and she felt amazing. “I love fucking your ass. You are so tight and feel so good. Now relax and let me just fuck that nice ass hole till I can cum again. Look how your tits swing as I ram that ass. Nice tight ass and big swinging tits. You make a guy’s cock stay hard for hours. You are a fucking dream come true. Now reach down through your legs and grab my balls and squeeze them as I fuck your ass.” She grabbed his balls and pulled and squeezed them as he ass fucked her and watched his cock go in and out of her tight ass. It was a big turn on for the horny youth. He knew his s*s was going to be a steady fuck for him in the days to come. She had those huge tits and tight ass and pussy. He just wanted to fuck her again and again. He was going to fix a place out in the shed way back in their property and take her there when the parents were home and fuck her every day.He fucked Joyce all night or ate her pussy as she sucked his cock. He fucked her ass again and sucked her tits then tit fucked her. They fell asleep for a short while as he laid on her with his cock deep in her cunt. She would suck his balls before she sucked his cock and he loved how she would pull and squeezed his big balls. She even got good fucking his ass with her fingers or tongue. He would suck and bite her nipples as he either fingered her cunt or ass. After the parents got home they would go out to the shed and fuck. Sometimes he would sneak in her room at night and fuck her too or just suck on her tits as she jerked his cock or sucked him till he came down her throat.

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