12 Mayıs 2023

Julie’s Baby

Big Tits

Julie was pulling into her driveway with a car full of groceries. It was pouring down rain and she needed help getting the bags from the car to the kitchen. She was going to be drenched either way but she knew that her sixteen year old stepson, Kevin, was likely playing video games in his room so she intended to put him to work cutting down on the number of drenching trips between house and car.At five foot four and one hundred and thirty pounds, Julie was a trim, young looking forty-five-year-old redhead. She had very small boobs but had KILLER nipples that got hard as little pebbles when she was sexually excited. Her hips and ass were curvy in all the right places, augmented by a small waist and flat belly. Her husband, Kevin’s Dad, was not keeping up with Julie’s insatiable libido and she had more than once had her eye on her stepson.He was a well developed young man for a sixteen year old. He played tight end for his high school football team, was six foot two inches and was just plain buff. Like most young athletes, he spends a lot of time in the gym toning his body. He was all muscle. The girls all liked but Julie was very protective of her baby. But she realized that he was developing into quite the sexy hunk. Just a few weeks before, Julie walked into the bathroom, not knowing that was just stepping out of the shower. They were both startled when she appeared but she was the most surprised. Her “baby” had pubic hair and a very well developed dick. PUBIC HAIR, for gawd’s sake! She knew that she should have expected her step son to have hair on his balls since he’d been shaving his face for a couple Akbatı escort bayan of years but this was the first time she had seen totally nude since he was about nine years old when Kevin’s father and mother divorced. Julie excused herself, backed out of the bathroom and shut the door. But she never took her eyes off of ’s pubic area. Julie was mortified… she had some thoughts going through her head that were just simply not proper.And on this rainy day, Julie carried the first two bags of groceries from her car, through the back door and into the kitchen. She wiped the rain from her face and called upstairs for Kevin to come down to help her. When she got no response, she figured that he was in his room listening to his i-Pod while playing video games. She took off her boots and climbed the stairs to Kevin’s room.When she opened the door, she got the surprise of her life. Kevin was lying on his side on the bed, nude from the waist down. He had a “Penthouse” magazine open on the bed next to him and was jacking off! Her baby’s dick was in full erection as he furiously stroked it while looking at the nudie pictures in the mag.Kevin was just as surprised as his step mother. He slammed the magazine shut, jumped up and tried desperately to find his under shorts, the whole time coughing out, “I’m so SORRY, Mom… I’m so embarrassed!!”He was trying to pull his briefs on but kept stumbling as he was missing the leg openings. Jumping up and down on one leg and then the other, Kevin’s once rock hard dick quickly lost its blood supply and began to flop around in a flaccid Escort Aksaray state. Think about it… you’re whacking off to porn and your step mother walks in on you. What could be worse?In addition to being surprised, Julie was amazingly turned on by seeing her Kevin’s erection. She quickly approached Kevin and grabbed his wrists so that he couldn’t pull his pants up past his knees.She said, “Sit down, Honey. We need to talk.” Kevin sat on the edge of the bed, face red and dick soft. He was wearing only a t-shirt. He drew his knees together and put his hands over his dick in an effort to cover himself. Julie kissed him on the cheek and gently moved one of his hands away from his groin.As she stared at his obviously adult manhood, she said calmly, “Kevin, you’re a man now. Sex is a normal and natural part of adult life. And you don’t need to be embarrassed to be naked in front of your step mother, even if I’m not your birth mother. Remember, I’ve seen every part of your body.”Then she reached down between Kevin’s legs and gently took his now hardening tool in her hand. “Including your penis!”Julie continued, “There’s nothing wrong with masturbation. I masturbate myself.”Kevin looked Julie straight in her eyes and said, “MOM… you MASTURBATE?”Julie told him that she keeps a dildo in her bedstand and uses it on a regular basis.She said, “I’m an adult woman, Kevin. I need sex too… but your father is not as interested as I am. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t need sexual relief. Now that you’re a man, you also need that relief. I’d much rather have you masturbating than Ankara escort see you experiment with some girl at school and take a chance on getting her pregnant. I want you to graduate and go on to college A pregnant girl friend would change all of that.”Julie stood up and dropped her wet raincoat to the floor. Then she stood in front of her step son and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Julie was braless, which is not unusual for her. Her small but firm tits stood up straight and her nipples were like little bullets. She could feel herself getting wet as she stripped in front of her semi-nude step son. Kevin’s dick began to harden at the sight of his step mother’s naked breasts. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor. Julie stood in front of Kevin wearing nothing but a pair of blue bikini panties that already had a very visible wet stain in the crotch.“Does the sight of Mommy’s half-naked body excite you, Sweetie?” Julie asked softly. Kevin’s cock was almost at full attention by this time as he nodded yes.Julie knew that she was sexy, even to teenage boys, and took great pleasure in exciting Kevin’s friends when they visited the house. If she knew that one of his pals was coming over to the house, she’d purposely dress for the occasion.One day, when his football teammate Mike was due to arrive to pick Kevin up for a late summer scrimmage, she donned her shortest cutoff jeans, with no panties, and a tube top. She was bent over her flower bed in front of her porch when Mike pulled up and got out of his car.Mike stopped to stare at Julie’s ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts and then spoke up. “Hi, Mrs. Robinson… is Kevin ready to leave?”Kevin called from his upstairs bedroom window that he’d be right down so Julie sat on the porch step to “talk” with Mike. She spread her legs a bit knowing that one of her pussy lips was visible from the front of the shorts.

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