12 Mayıs 2023

Julie’s Turn


I laid on the bed naked, with my wrists and ankles firmly tied to the four wooden bedposts with rope. I tugged at my restraints, admiring how well my sweet little girl could tie a knot. I was incapable of breaking free and was completely at her mercy. Today was her turn to dominate me. I’d been thinking about it all day long and I think she had too. We both usually got home from work around the same time but today she got there before me. She probably ran home in excitement. I walked into our apartment and saw her standing in front of the bathroom mirror putting lipstick on. The second she saw me she ran up and pounced on me and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Hey, baby. I’ve been waiting for you and trying on some new lipstick. Oops, it’s all over your face,” she said cheerfully, licking her fingers and trying to rub it off. “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” I said, and we stood there making out for a solid ten minutes, until she pulled away and said, “Strip!” She didn’t have to tell me twice. First came off my shirt, Karaköy escort bayan then my shoes, and then my pants until all that was left were my boxer briefs, which could barely contain my bulging erection. I slipped them off too and stood before her, naked, with my cock happily bouncing up and down. She remained fully clothed, wearing her work outfit; a shirt, suit pants and high heels. She walked up to me smiling seductively and, whilst looking me directly in the eye, she wrapped her hand around my boner and squeezed it tight. “Kneel!” she ordered. “Yes, mistress,” the words just slipped out of my mouth. I dropped down to my knees and looked up at my gorgeous, blistering hot, dirty-blonde Goddess. She extended her right foot toward me, “Kiss.” We both looked into each other’s eyes for a second, sensing each other’s excitement, arousal and utter bliss from being able to satisfy each other’s deepest sexual fantasies. “Now!” she said sternly but with the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. I Escort Kayaşehir bent down onto all fours, slowly kissing Julie’s foot enveloped in her sexy, leathery high heel shoe. I’ve always worshiped her body, but never like this, and I liked it. When she was satisfied with my work on her right foot she extended her left. She must have enjoyed this as much as I did because she let it go on for a while. I would have been happy to kiss her feet for the rest of the day, but she said “Good boy” and pulled her foot away. “Now follow me,” she said, and when she caught me standing up she shouted “No! Crawl.” “Yes, mistress,” I said, and crawled behind her. Admiring her perfect, shapely ass swaying from side to side as I followed her into our bedroom. “Jump up on the bed, baby. Lie on your back and spread your arms and legs out.” I did as I was told. She then got out some rope, and got to work on me. First, she tied my wrists up, then my ankles. She took her time, making sure she got the knots right. Küçükçekmece escort When she was done, she sat up next to me on the bed and caressed my abs. “How do you feel?” she asked. “So horny,” I said. “Mmm, I can see that!” she said, pointing to my throbbing dick. She flicked her finger along it, making it jump with excitement. “One more thing!” she said, jumping off the bed. She returned with a bright red ball gag in her hand, and then straddled me. “Open.” I opened my mouth and she but the rubber ball in, securing the leather straps behind my head. “And what do you say, slave?” she giggled. “Fank you, mifweff,” I mumbled. She gave me a big wet kiss on the forehead. “I’ll be back. When I finish doing my make-up,” she said playfully. And then she left me there. It never ceased to amaze me how she always found new ways to turn me on. I felt like I’d been lying there for half an hour, but I had a rock-solid hard on the entire time. Something about the way she just left me there, naked, restrained and unable to talk, like some kind of sex toy she can use whenever she pleases. It drove me totally wild. Then suddenly, I saw her standing by the door looking at me. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was as turned on as I. She looked and smelled phenomenal, and was now naked too. My cock almost exploded when I saw her.

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