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Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 04


“Look how big her tits are! Can you believe she managed to squeeze them through those tiny holes at seat 32?”

“Seat 32? That’s the smallest one, right?”

“Yeah, it’s right up here. Next to those larger ones. Look!”

“Ouch! Damn, that girl is dedicated. And she’s without the shirt, too!”

“Yep. Unbelievable. She has to be in terrible pain!”

“Stupid bitch! Deserves her right! She should have paid attention!”

“Maybe it’s her first trip?”

“Wonder how she will ever get into those holes again. Shhh, she’s coming!”

Lily strolled towards the group of girls. Maybe they could help her? Maybe some of them had done the trip before and knew how to make the fitting easier?

“Hey, I really envy you, you know?” she started, “Really should have bought that shirt! Look at those nasty marks the metal rim left on me!”

She showed off her marked melons.

“Cheapskate, hu? Nice rack though. But why did you end up with those small openings? You are way too big for those!”

“Tell me about it! But truth is, I asked for it.”

“You… what?”

“That girl over there… Erin… She told me that smaller holes are better because you don’t skid around and stuff. So I asked for a smaller one. And got this!”

“No shit? Tough luck, girl! How did you get into those? Must have been a hell of a stretch!”

“Well, guess I have a dedicated customer. The fitters didn’t manage to pull my boobs through completely, so the first few minutes were an utter nightmare. But then that guy helped me out. Still don’t know how he managed it though.”

“Wow. That’s awesome!”

“So any tips on how to get in there again?” Lily asked, massaging her sore twins in earnest.

“With a rack like yours? No idea. Maybe get some lube?”

“Something to pull you through? Some handle you can attach, so your customer has a better grip?”

“Can’t you just reuse that bandage again?”

“I would go to that small shop over there and look if they have something.”

The shop. Lily saw the neon sign flicker in the darkness. Would they have anything of value? And more importantly, would they understand her? If May would come with her to translate…

Lily walked over to the calm girl. May stood there, in her pink shirt, caressing a swollen, clamp-adorned breast. Lily could clearly make out that one of her breasts was bigger than the other.

“Hey May, how are you? Your boobs look painful!”

“Only one…” she smiled, “Other empty!”

Lily patted her shoulder, “So he only milked you on one side?”

The girl nodded.

“What an ass. Hope it doesn’t hurt too much. Aehm… Say, would you do me a favor?” she asked casually.

The beautiful native looked straight into her eyes, then at Lily’s bloated boobs, and said “Small holes for big girl… Ouch!”

“Yes, ouch!” nodded Lily, “You see, I have my own problems. That’s why I need your help. I need lube, handles, anything to help me get in again. Can you join me for a trip to that shop and see if we find anything of help?”

May nodded.


Both girls dashed off to the small, neon-lit building, Lily naked, except her flimsy panties, her large breasts swaying to and fro, May clothed in her pink shirt, her engorged boobs peeking through the sleeved openings, clamps tugging at her dark nipples.

May quickly opened the door of the small, run-down hut and pushed Lily inside. An old, grey-haired man openly goggled at them. He shouted something Lily couldn’t understand.

Maya blushed in an instant and tried to cover her prominent breasts. She laughed nervously and then, with a lot of gesturing, drowned the man with words Lily couldn’t understand a thing and watched curiously as the scene unfolded in front of her. The man pointed to an empty coke can, laughed, shook his head. May nodded with vigor, pointed to Lily, pointed to the bus outside and gestured wildly. Suddenly, the girl turned around and asked Lily, “How much money do you have?”

Lily peeked into her small pouch and replied, “About 10 bucks. Will this be enough? I also need some food and drinks…”

“Only 10 dollars?” May looked sceptical, “Try to do best, but maybe not enough…” she muttered and started talking to the man again.

Lily let her eyes wander around. What kind of shop was this anyway? She saw a small fridge with some cans of coke, a bucket full of roasted chickens, some rice balls and fruits. But the majority of the shop looked more like a workshop. Some tools suggested that they could sharpen your knives and do some small repairs. There was odd tubing, electrical kütahya escort wire and other stuff lying around.

The elderly owner frowned and yelled, but May didn’t give in. She talked and talked until, finally, the man hustled off into the back of the building. A few moments later, he returned with a large bucket full of what looked like oil, a bunch of empty coke cans and a handful of nylon straps like the ones used to zip up backpacks. He vanished again while May tried to explain his proposal.

“This… only oil he has. But it’s … special… for back pain… Massage… hot oil… I… I can’t explain…”

Lily looked at the canister. It had a green cross on it and the only english words she could make out were ‘therapeutic heat’, ’24h+’ and ‘back pain’. So this was supposed to make her boobs squishy?

“And what’s the other stuff?”

“Say… opening in bus small like coke… He say use can to make small… with belt… and then ring. Belt too expensive…”

“I… I’m not sure if I understand…”

May grabbed pen and paper and quickly drew some scribbles. Lily could make out her boobs; there was something metallic that got pushed around them; and the belts.

Suddenly she understood. He wanted to cut the cans open and use the metal to squeeze her tits in shape! With the belts! Lily was amazed. So simple, yet so effective! She nodded vigorously, “Good plan, I think it can work!”

May smiled happily. The old man returned and put a handful of large, sturdy brass rings and two rusty, old handles on the counter. The handles looked like those used by standing passengers in busses or trams to prevent falling over. The man grabbed one of the empty cans and put it on top of one of the brass rings, showing that the ring was slightly smaller than the bottom of the can. He looked at May expectantly. The girl smiled and nodded.

The clerk grinned at her, looked at Lily, grinned again and nodded happily. He heaved the heavy bucket on the counter, said something to May and gestured towards Lily.

“Please… boobs in oil… now!” the girl explained. Lily stepped closer, reluctantly bowed in front of the counter, and let her heavy breasts slip into the dark, oily mess.

“It tingles!” was her first thought. The owner suddenly had his hands covered in rubber gloves and started to apply oil to the parts of her chest that were not covered yet. He carefully checked if her whole breast was treated well before he started to talk with May again.

“Remove now, please?” said May and Lily heaved her large assets out of the bucket again. Oil was dripping from her bare melons as she looked at her new friend questionably.

“Please, wait a moment!” the girl said while the owner grabbed an empty coke can and cut it open with a few skillful moves. He removed the top and bottom and cut through the length of the can’s body. Then, he quickly bent the remaining metal sheath open and proceeded with the next can. Once he completed the process with six of them, he grabbed the two handles and motioned Lily to step closer.

The frightened girl presented her oily, tingly breasts and wondered what would happen next. Suddenly, the old man grabbed one of her nipples and painfully twisted it until it was hard as rock. He then took some brass rings, pushed them over the small metal cylinders attached to the handles, and jammed the end of one cylinder onto the hard nub, quickly turning a hidden screw. This closed a pair of serrated toothy clamps inside and locked it tight around her budding nipple. Lily squeaked surprised.

Grinning with joy, the man let the handle go and watched it dangle from Lily’s glistening breast, rings clinking against each other.

The girl nearly doubled over as the pain hit her with a bang. Her tits were on fire! Or so it felt. Like being roasted alive, her large breasts burned as if they would sizzle on a grill. Lily couldn’t put any sense into it. Was it the oil? Was that the ‘therapeutic effect’? If so, she was in deep trouble.

But before Lily could even mention in how much distress she was, the old man simply continued with the other side. Soon, Lily found herself adorned with two very practical, large handles that just waited to be pulled, but the awful heat occupied her so thoroughly that she didn’t even register what was happening around her.

The old man jiggled the rusty metal and laughed. Then, he turned to May and explained what she had to do.

May said, “Please go down… knees… there?” and pointed to a work bench. Lily didn’t react.

The calm girl repeated “Please go down there?” lara escort and slapped her breast lightly.

Finally, Lily complied and kneeled down, her red, hot breasts sitting on top of the rough, wooden bench. The owner quickly presented some steel wire which he guided through each handle and fastened them on a hook hanging from the ceiling. Grinning from one ear to the other, he grabbed dirty, yellow box hanging from a thick cable and pressed a button on it.

A large motor sprang to life and the hook was pulled upwards with might. Lily screamed surprised as her tits were suddenly pulled forward and up, the force of the powerful motor ripping her nipples away from her body. May covered her mouth in fear as she watched mesmerized, while the old man giggled with joy.

Within seconds, Lily’s breasts were transformed into two, long sausages pointing skywards. Lily panted heavily, watching in panic as her breasts got longer and thinner while the work bench in front of her creaked from the pressure of her body.

“Ugh…stop it, please?” she wailed, scared that something might break any moment.

The owner slowly approached her, tested the diameter of her breasts and chuckled as he turned the machine off. He motioned towards May who grabbed the bent metal pieces and put them on the table next to Lily’s horribly deformed twins.

The man then took one of the sheaths and placed it around Lily’s stretched flesh. It almost fitted already, just a bit of squeezing with the belts and it would be perfect! He gestured towards May and asked her to help with the next steps.

Both, May and the owner, took one of the nylon belts and wound it around the half-open body of the can. They quickly pulled the straps tight and made the thin metal sheet squeeze the base of her left breast. The clerk carefully checked if the old coke can was tight enough before they proceeded with the next piece.

Soon, Lily’s breasts were wrapped in metal, the remains of three coke cans covering each side. No part of her breast was spared and the girl’s assets were covered in their entirety. Lily complained vocally about the pain, the heat and everything, but May knew she had a mission to fulfil. And the shop owner enjoyed this unusal job tremendously.

After checking that the metal cylinder was thin enough, the man started to push the solid brass rings over the cans and carefully removed the nylon straps as soon as the rings held everything together. One ring went to the very end, to the base of each breast. Another one covered the middle of the first can on each side. The fifth and sixth ring covered the middle of the second can. And the final two rings made sure the last two cans stayed in place, too.

Now it was time to release the handles. Everything was ready. May glanced at the watch. Only five more minutes until the bus departed. The hook relaxed its pull and descended. Finally! Lily groaned happily as the strain on her tender nipples lessened. Was she done? It sure looked so!

The elderly man carefully checked if the rings indeed held everything in place. He then opened the screws on the handles and removed them from Lily’s hurting, deformed breasts. The shop owner smirked happily as he delivered the final touch – the lids. With quick hands, he pushed the lids over the ends of the contraption so that their rim locked into the end of the cans and sealed the containers off. He then stuck his fingers into the small opening through which usually the drink is poured out and searched for her hard nipples. Once he found them, he pulled the little pebbles through and asked May to hold them in place.

With an evil grin, the old man reached for a pair of clothespins and snapped them shut around the base of each nipple. He laughed heartily and exchanged a few words with May.

“Finish!” the girl declared happily, “Coke-bra!”

Lily smirked. Yes, coke-bra indeed. She looked down at herself, examined the odd device that squeezed her scaldingly hot tits. Well, it looked like everything worked out in the end except hat her tits got squeezed like sardines in a tin can!

Lily blinked away the tears, nodded politely towards too old man and asked, “Food, drinks?”

“Yes, yes, 10 dollars please?”

Lily dumped all her money on the counter and received two bananas and two cold cans of coke in exchange.

Lily handed one coke and one of the fruits over to May, “Here, for you!”

“Thank you!”

“Listen, May. One more thing. Our customer wants to hire us after the trip. New job, understand?”

“New job? Same-same?”

“Yes, same-same, lara eve gelen escort but a bit different. 200 bucks, maybe more. OK?”

“OK, OK!” nodded May vigorously, “Good job, good job”

Lily smiled happily. At least that one worked out. She heard the bus honking outside, “We need to go!”

The old man yelled something and pushed the two rusty handles into her face.

“Present!” explained May, “For you!”

Lily looked at him, puzzled, grabbed the two objects and bowed, “Thank you, Mister!”

She didn’t know what to do with them, so she gave them to May who was equally puzzled but accepted the objects.

“Let’s run!”

Both girls ran back to the bus, stuffing the bananas into their faces on the way. Lily’s new bra jumped around so wildly that the panting girl feared she would knock herself out with it. They arrived in front of the bus, panting from the sprint, Lily’s strange metal contraption jiggling around frantically, with still almost full coke cans clutched in their hands.

The grumpy driver laughed amused at the sight and slapped Lily’s weird breasts so hard that the metal clanked together. But at least he allowed them to empty their drinks before he hustled them back into their compartment.

Richie already missed his toys and was happy when he saw something moving above the holes upstairs.

“Hey, big tits! Are you back? Remember our deal?”

“Yes, I’m back!” huffed Lily, squirming in pain as she tried to get into position.

“Here, take my card before we seal the holes again with your juicy balls!” Richie pushed two of his business cards through one of the holes, “One for you, one for the milky beauty. Just call me after the trip and I’ll arrange everything else!”

Lily grabbed the cards, gave one to May and explained, “Next job, OK?”

They stashed the cards in their pouches and got to work on their boob-challenge. The P.A. crackled and one of the lucky passengers gleefully announced, “Time to get fitted, ladies! This time your personal customer will do all the work! Squeeze those melons through! Departing in 10 minutes!”

The room was thick with moaning and groaning as everyone tried to get their tits properly fitted again. Lily lowered her coke cans carefully onto the openings. They fitted perfectly! The lids already passed through when she heard the man below her joking, “Can’t remember that I ordered coke! What the hell did you do, girl?”

Lily smirked, “Being creative! Just as you said, Mister.”

“Mister?” shouted May in her mother tongue, “A present for you! Please use these to pull my breasts through?” She dumped the two handles through a hole and then pushed her ripe melons against the openings.

Richie caught the two rusty objects surprised, wondering what the hell he should use them for.

“There are screws inside the clamps to fasten them on my nipples!” the lactating lady explained. Richie finally understood. The handles sported a clamping mechanism at one end, making them perfect for attaching them to some small, stubby objects. He smiled and searched for his trusty screwdriver.

Meanwhile, Lily pushed her canned breasts further down into the openings. She was ecstatic that everything worked out so well! Until when suddenly progress was halted and the first pair of rings got jammed against the rim of the metal floor.

Richie cheered for her from below, encouraged her to push harder while he affixed the handles to May’s leaking pair.

“Come on, girl! You can make it! Push!”

So Lily pushed. And it worked. But instead of forcing the brass ring through, she merely pushed it back towards the base of her breast. Soon, the first can had passed through the tight opening and the second can was about to follow, when suddenly the front part disintegrated.

Without the ring holding everything together, the tightly packed tit forced the thin metal apart and bloomed from within the tin cage. Lids hung from the clamp-adorned nipples while the bodies of two cans rattled down and the trapped tits rapidly expanded into two pink balls.

“Here we go again,” laughed Richie, “I know those two squishy things!”

Lily sighed relieved as her body was able to claim back some space and pushed harder. Soon, more metal rattled down, and more of her warm breast flesh expanded into sight. Richie, giggling happily, opened the clamps and removed the two lids.

The only metal left were the two final cans on each side which now blossomed into some strange metal flower with a huge, bulbous pink pistil. Richie grabbed the remaining metal sheaths that seemed to be stuck and yanked them away with force, making her two bulging melons completely can-free.


“Wow, nice trick, sweety! Are those through yet?” he grabbed the two fat balls and pulled them down hard.

“Ouch… no…the… rings?!”

“The rings? Which rings?”

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