16 Mart 2023

June and John and their Priest


June and John West had been married for over 20 years. He had cared and provided for her over all these years. In his mind it was a very good marriage, she had a slightly different opinion. As far as she was concerned he was a wimp and definitely not very well endowed. Although he was delighted with their sex life she was less so and had to resort to other methods for the sexual pleasure she needed.

She knew he had a feminine side to him and she often found that he had taken a pair of her worn panties and wore them. She also realised he enjoyed wanking and she would often tease him by leaving a heavily soiled pair of panties at the top of the washing basket. When she then checked later she would find that there was a very wet patch of his cum in them.

She, in the meantime had a selection of toys which she used very often. Over the years she had always found someone to give her what she needed. One day in confession she confided in the priest in her church who offered to help her out and they became regular fuck buddies. On Sundays she would attend the 11am church service while she left John at home to prepare lunch and told him she would be bringing Father George with her as she felt he might be able to give them some advice about their dwindling sex life.

She would leave home at 9 in the morning and told John that she would be helping Father George to prepare for the service and giving out the hymn sheets. In reality what actually happened was that after putting out the hymn sheets she would take her panties off and Father George would fuck her and make her cum. She would then take her seat at the front of the church and as she hadn’t put her panties back on she loved the feel as the Fathers cum trickled out of her cunt and down her thighs.

After the service they headed back home where John had lunch prepare d. They chatted while they ate lunch and then went into the lounge. The Father said, ‘right now tell me more about your sexual problems.’

June replied, ‘well to tell you the truth it’s a combination of things. First, John is not very well endowed and struggles to make me cum when we fuck. He has also got a very feminine side and likes to wear my underwear. He gets very turned on my smelling my soiled panties and masturbating into them.’

‘Would you agree with that John?’ Father George asked.

Blushing, John replied, ‘yes I suppose so.’

‘I have a suggestion,’ the Father replied.

‘I am rather well-endowed and would be happy to taken care of June’s needs and maybe John would be happy smelling June’s soiled panties and masturbating while he watches his wife cumming. What we could do is try it now and if it works I could then go to the Bishop and get confirmation Antalya Escort that it will be allowed. The Bishop will probably need to meet you both and ask some very personal questions.’

‘That sounds good,’ said June.

‘John go upstairs and in the washing basket will be a pair of soiled black silk panties of mine, bring them down and let’s give it a go.’

John came back down and June said, ‘turn them inside out, there’s a thick white stain which is liquid leaking from my cunt, smell it and lick it while Father fucks me.’

June started undressing and was soon naked, her slightly overweight body and droopy tits not bothering her in the least. The Father was soon undressed too, his erection standing out in front of him. Although June had experienced it several times before just the sight of it aroused her. John, after inhaling the wonderful aroma of his wife’s cunt was getting hard. He too stripped off and felt quite embarrassed at the size of his cock compared to the priest’s.

His wife was sitting on the priest’s lap, his hard cock deep inside her cunt. She slowly raised herself up and then plunged down forcing his cock deep inside her. John had his wife’s soiled panties clamped to his nose and inhaling the aroma. His other hand was rubbing his cock. He stood in front of his wife and loved the look of utter pleasure on her face as she fucked herself on the large cock.

Her first climax came very quickly but she knew she could easily cum again and carried on fucking the priest’s large cock that was inside her. John’s climax didn’t take long as he shot his cum into the soiled panties. Father George had now cum and as June raised herself up his cum trickled out of her and onto his lap. They all relaxed and Father George asked if they both enjoyed it. They both agreed they had. He then suggested to John that he felt he would like to be actually wearing more ladies underwear and maybe even some make up and be more like a sissy. John admitted he liked the thought of that and June said that she would love to take him underwear shopping.

Father George said, ‘the first thing I need to do is to make an appointment with the Bishop and get his permission for this to continue.’

They both agreed with him and left him to arrange it. Father George made an appointment to meet Bishop Joseph. He was younger than most Bishops and probably in his late 40s. George explained the problems that June and John were having in the sexual side of the marriage relating to the lack of size in John’s manhood. He also confessed that although he knew what he did with her was not right he said that he only did it to save her sanity, which in reality he knew was a load of nonsense. Antalya Escort Bayan

Father George then asked for the Bishop’s permission to continue helping the family out sexually. The Bishop was completely shocked by this request and his immediate reaction was to refuse it but gave it some thought and said, ‘I think the best thing to do is to meet this couple, can you arrange it and make an appointment with my secretary.’

The Father went back to June and John and explained things to them. It was decided that nothing should be mentioned about John’s cross-dressing or masturbation and that he just liked to watch June being satisfied. It was also mentioned that she and Father George had only had sex the once but they all knew that was nonsense.

An appointment was made and they all turned up at the Bishops office one evening. Father George introduced them to each other. June was rather surprised to see that the Bishop was much younger than she expected him to be.

The Bishop said to June, ‘now explain everything to me please, this is a very unusual request and I need to fully understand what I am agreeing to, if I agree to it.’

June replied, ‘well sir we have been married for over 20 years and love each other dearly, however I am a very sexual person and need sexual satisfaction regularly. However John is not very well endowed and although he does satisfy me I really need more than he has. On one occasion I was explaining this to Father George and he offered to help me out and although we both knew this was wrong I was in such a bad way that I insisted he did it to me. He is so much bigger than my husband and I managed to climax twice which was something that hadn’t happened before.’

June could see that the Bishop was getting red in the face, she wondered whether he was getting aroused

.’What about your husband, whatever does he think when he sees you behaving like this,’ the Bishop asked.

John replied, ‘I get aroused, I love the look on her face as someone else makes her climax.’

The Bishop was clearly getting quite aroused as he had to adjust his clothing.

He said, ‘is it hot in here or is it me?’

Father George replied, ‘ I think maybe we are all getting a little hot!’

‘Can I ask a very personal question,’ the Bishop asked.

‘How big is John compared to the Father?’ he asked.

June replied, ‘Tiny compared to Father George. I have to have my legs wide apart to accommodate him and also be very wet down there.’

Clearly the Bishop was getting aroused and said, ‘I really can’t get my head round this and I know it’s a strange request but I think I really need to see this in action. If John Escort Antalya has sex with his wife and I watch and see how she enjoys it and then Father George does the same and I will be able to decide whether it’s something I could agree to.’

June and John undressed and although this was a very strange situation they were both fairly horny and aroused. But more interesting was the fact that the Bishop was getting aroused too. It had been several years since he had seen a naked female and he was very hard under his robes. He couldn’t take his eyes off her aroused nipples and her moist vagina. He and the Father watched intently as John slipped easily inside his wife. They were both aroused now as they watched them fucking. Clearly John was enjoying it more than his wife and it was him who climaxed leaving his wife more than a little frustrated.

Both the Bishop and the Father were very aroused and the Bishop was concerned he was going to cum just looking at her. The Father was ready to replace John and June parted her legs for him. The Bishop was amazed at the size of his erection as he slowly eased it inside her. She struggled at first but finally it was embedded deep inside her. John was avidly watching his wife being fucked and was already hard again and playing with his cock.

The Bishop was mesmerised as he watched June being fucked. He had his hand inside his robes and was rubbing himself.

June saw him and said, ‘show me your cock, play with my nipples.’

The Bishop did as she said and loved the feel of her aroused nipples. June loved the size of his erection and soon had her hand wrapped round it. It soon started dripping precum and June quickly licked her fingers clean and smeared it over her lips.

June was getting more and more aroused as Father’s large cock fucked in and out of her wet cunt. Unsurprisingly her climax happened very quickly. As usual one orgasm wasn’t enough for her and she was delighted when Father carried on his frantic fucking. Unfortunately he shot his cum deep inside her before she had cum again. There was only one thing for her. It had to be the Bishop.

She only had to mention it and he was in between her legs and easily sliding into her very wet, lubricated cunt. All June was bothered about was whether she would get the orgasm she needed before he did. She needn’t have worried as she quickly had the climax she needed followed very quickly by the Bishop.

As the Bishop went off to shower she told John to lick her clean. He buried his head in her cunt and loved the taste as her two lover’s spunk trickled out his wife’s cunt.

The Bishop returned and said, ‘I’m more than happy for Father George to help you with your needs and if it’s alright with you I think it will be a good idea for me to visit the three of you every couple of weeks to see if everything is still working out okay.’

June and John looked at each other and both agreed with him. They dressed and made their way home.

Part 2 to follow.

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