12 Mayıs 2023

June’s Journey – Chapter 1, The Plan


Email from Robert to June – Robert’s MCD Fantasy  Dear June, the log/story you asked for: June, I tried to write this like a log, but since I knew you were going to be reading it, it just became a letter to you. Hope that is good enough. I’m trying. I think I captured the essence of our adventure. You and I had tried chastity games before, you even bought a few chastity belts for me. It always seemed like it would be fun to me to get really horny wearing an MCD and after an unbearable period of time be freed and allowed to make passionate love with the one holding the key to the belt. Only trouble was, after a day or two, I only wanted out. The first couple of times I got an “attempted” erection it was okay, but after a few of them I started crawling the wall, and then, June, you would sit there with that smirk look on your face doing something to get me turned on and I would lose it. I was horny and frustrated and you were in control, and happy about it. My perspective changed and I just wanted out, forgetting I thought it was going to be fun just a few hours or a day before. So, I would get grumpy and angry and demand to be freed. And after I was freed, the sex was good, but not fabulous like I imagined. But, for you, I could see it was not so much fun to see me get horny then grumpy, then almost angry to be freed. I understand that you were not in a great mood to make love after I demanded my freedom. After the fact, I would realize that at most I had only gone two days without sex, although it does seem much longer when you CAN’T do anything. Going to bed with you nude, or in a skimpy/sexy nightgown, and me not being able to do anything, usually turned out to be more than I could handle, I admit it. I imagined if the game went longer, the sex after being freed would be incredible. And, I also thought it would be a big turn-on to be controlled by a woman, even more being her/your sex slave. So, the concept was/is still alive. It still seems like a game with some potential even though our small amount of experience says otherwise. I seemed to forget how hard it was to be imprisoned especially when I am horny. I know, not logical, Şişli escort bayan but true. I hope this is making some sense. The opportunity to explore this fantasy again, started on a Friday morning, a vacation day I took to get some work done around the house. It is strange on how it all seemed to just come together. I woke about 8 am, got up, brushed my teeth and made a cup of coffee. I poured a glass of OJ for you. I returned to bed to find you moving around but in no hurry to get up. I started thinking about sex, perverted sex you might add. As I sat there next to you sipping my coffee, I started up the small talk. “I like your night gown.” The nightgown was a semi-see-through, red, off-the shoulders short nightie that you had bought just to please me. Your large breasts just barely fit into the the skimpy top. You lay on her back looking up over her shoulder at me. The sheets on the warm spring day was pulled up to your waist. I noticed the shape of your legs stretching out under the cool sheets. “Do you want a quickie?” you asked smiling as you noticed my eyes looking at your body. “Yeah, that would be nice. Give me a few minutes to finish my coffee.” You sat up and took your OJ from the night stand. “Thanks for the juice. What do you have in mind today.” You know that I get turned on thinking about sex and planning different role playing and other nonsense. “Actually, I was thinking about just jumping your bones and then getting over to Home Depot,” I said half joking, half not. “So, a kind of slam, bam, thank you, mam, kind of screw,” you added. “So, why don’t you just hold off today and I will schedule you in a full ten minutes on Sunday morning,” you mocked. And before I could respond, you added, “Or do you need to be locked up in an MCD to make it to Sunday?” “I could make it to next Friday with the right motivation,” I answered. Confused you asked, “A week from today?” You didn’t need to ask if I was still on the same subject, knowing with me that was not necessary. “Just imagine if I didn’t have sex until next Friday, or Saturday. Imagine how horny I would be. You wouldn’t be able to handle this man after a week.” Escort Sultangazi “You are lucky to go a day, there is no way you could wait a week.” “I could if I had to.” “You aren’t thinking about those belts again, that chastity thing are you?” “You don’t have to sound so negative.” “Well, it hasn’t been that much fun for me in the past.” “I thought you like to see me get all horny, climbing the wall horny.” “If I make you wait at extra five minutes this morning, I will see that.” “Yeah, but just imagine how I would be after a week.” “Duh, you become a very unpleasant psycho long before that.” “What do you mean psycho?” “I mean you become belligerent, demanding, a little mean and definitely not the kind of man I want to go to bed with.” “No, I don’t.” “Well, you do from my viewpoint. I don’t want to go there again, please.” “What if I knew that if I acted up, there were consequences?” I asked. “Who would decide if you were acting up?” June asked. “You would. You would be the judge and jury. Or better, you are the customer, Miss June.” YeaH, I know I was using a pet name for you to get you to see it my way. “Terribly romantic, so far,” you scoffed. “No, I have to please you.” “Or what?” “Or, I don’t get free.” “For how long.” “You decide that.” “What keeps you from just getting mad and intimidating me to give you the key like you always do?” “I won’t do that this time, I promise,” I added. “But, if you do?” “I keep my promises,” I added sounding insulted. “But, if you do?” “If I do, then you never play any of my silly games again.” “Sure, a month from now you will want me to forget that promise, not to play games.” “Well then, you could do something with the key where you can’t get it right away,” I said in a moment of brilliance. “You can keep the key off-site so that I can’t just intimidate you. And you just have to take charge and make me believe you mean business. If I try to intimidate you, you can just increase my sentence.” “That doesn’t keep you from trying to intimate me and making me feel guilty,” June responded. “Ok, June, promise me this. You will not release me for at least 24 hours if I try to intimidate you Taksim escort or make you feel guilty or bad in any way. Say it, please.” “Ok I, I will not release you for at least 24 hours if you try to intimidate me or make me feel bad in any way to get free. Satisfied?” “Yeah, all solved. Do you know where we put the MCD?” “Okay, another question first, where’s the fun and even the sex in all this?” you asked. “Well, let’s say I have to find the fun, the enjoyment, no let’s say you have to be completely satisfied before you free me.” We both glanced at the erection in my shorts. “Ok June, promise me you won’t release me until it becomes fun for you, okay?” “I don’t know about that. I might be willing to do it because it is one of your fantasies, but really having fun watching you suffer, I don’t know if that is possible. “It’s not just any kind of suffering, it is being turned on out of your mind suffering. And you enjoying my suffering just makes me more turned on.” “You’re sick,” you added as you reached over and pushed against my erection with the flat of your hand. “Why does that turn you on?” you asked incredulously. “I don’t know exactly, but I feel like I am about to come just thinking about it.” My penis jerked on cue and I felt a surge of pressure just contemplating such a challenging game. “So, my controlling when you get hard, when you get to come, makes you want to come?” you said as you were studying the wet spot in my underwear trying not to miss me coming if it actually happened. “So, let me get this clear, if I keep you from coming and take control of the situation you will get really turned on. Don’t you see you lose either way. Either you are free and not turned on, or imprisoned, unable to get a hard-on or come, and you are turned on out of your mind wanting to get off. That’s either funny or sick, I don’t know which. So the more I take control and don’t let you come the more out of your mind turned on you get?” I nodded. My thoughts were becoming unclear. “I can’t really use the word, me. It doesn’t feel to me like I am causing this. It feels to me like you, or you would be, the one that would, that is causing this. I am having problem thinking right now.” “You are having problems talking right now. I have to admit that you are getting me wet, just watching you. So you would be like this or even worse as long as I kept you, your penis, a prisoner.

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