16 Mart 2023

Just Another John Ch. 02


Also in the Just Another John series:

Ch. 01 – Tanya

In case you missed chapter one let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Mark, and I’m a 24 year old IT monkey from the UK. Every now and then I go out and fuck a whore, prostitute, working girl; whatever you want to call them. This is my little secret diary for these types of occasions.

I was in the city on business. It was boring, inter-departmental relations work that I hated so much. It wasn’t one of those fancy over-nighters either when the company puts you up in a hotel; this was a there-and-back-in-one-day kinda deal, with lots of driving and sitting around wasting time before the big meeting. The meeting was at 1pm, and I figured I could fit some fun in before I came home, so I booked a local escort.

Her name was Nikola. I looked her up online. She had an apartment not too far from the soul-less venue my company had hired for us IT folk from around the country to meet up, so I decided to give her a call. I have never telephoned an escort before. It was a very surreal experience. She was very kind and sweet, but I noticed due to her accent that she was not British. I began to get feelings of forced working girls again, but I figured that this girl was in her own apartment, in an up-scale part of town, so she was more than likely doing ok.

The meeting was on for 3pm. I received a text about half hour beforehand, with more detailed instructions on how to get to her apartment. I fired her post code into my sat nav and within minutes I was at the right place. Nikola’s directions had brought me to a huge development complex on the city’s waterfront. I was silently impressed. I text her knowing that I had arrived at the designated post code, and again I had another text in return, telling me the exact block and flat number to go to.

The stroll through the apartment complex was really nice, with the ocean wind blowing in my face. It was about this time that the nerves kicked in again, and the full realization of what I was doing dawned on me. I reached a small glass door with a call panel next to it, made from brushed aluminium. I took a deep breath and keyed in the apartment number she had instructed: 515. The device on the wall rang for a few seconds, then the door clicked. I took this to assume the lock had been released, and I was correct. Inside the clinically clean building, I took the elevator to the fifth floor. I thought how comical yet disastrous it would be if I ended up stuck in this lift; I was on limited time.

The doors opened on floor five with the standard clunking sound and revealed a long white corridor with a red carpet. I wandered straight ahead of me, although the corridor forked in two directions, and began counting the room numbers to make sure I was going in the right direction. 511. 512. Looks good to me. By the time I had reached 513 I heard a door ahead of me open up. 514. I keep walking…515. An empty, open door way. She was holding open the door.

I enter her small, but cosy and modern-looking apartment, and the door closes behind me. I turn around, and Antalya Escort there she is; Nikola, in all her glory. My first surprise was at how short she was, but that said, I am very tall. Her bleach blonde hair and artificially tanned skin matched her online profile photos exactly. As did the enormous, but apparently natural breasts protruding through her pink dressing gown. This kind of girl wasn’t really my type, but sometimes you want something you’ve never had.

“Hello, Mark,” she said sweetly, in a heavy foreign accent.

“Hi there,” I said in reply, “it’s nice to meet you.”

I handed her a small brown envelope. She put it in her dressing gown pocket, and quickly moved on.

“I am Nikola,” she informed me, seductively. I get a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Would you like to take a shower before we begin?”

I agree, and I am led to the bathroom and left in peace. She shut the door behind me so I started up the shower and got undressed. I looked at myself in her bathroom mirror. I didn’t feel anxious or nervous anymore. I smiled at myself at the situation I’d gotten myself into. Was I really doing this, again? After a quick shower I dry off, and wrap the towel around my waist, before heading back out into the apartment.

Nikola is no longer in the hallway, but in the bedroom instead. She called me through and I walked in to find her spread across the bed of red silk, her dressing gown a heap on the floor. She is wearing a corset, suspenders and sheer stockings. Her breasts are completely exposed, and hang heavily from her chest, the dark, fat nipples pointing at me, alert and erect.

“Would you like to come on the bed?” She asked me, waving a finger at me.

“Of course,” I said in return, smiling back at her.

“Take off the towel,” she said calmly.

I stand there in silence for a few moments, and then drop the towel around my ankles. Her eyes drop to my manhood, I guess she is sizing me up. My cock is heavy and fat with the early stages of arousal, but isn’t yet erect.

“Lie on your front, first I will give you massage,” I am informed.

She wriggled over a little towards the edge of the bed to give me room to lie down. The silky bed sheets feel fantastic on my hot skin. I can feel her moving about on the bed, and then I hear a bottle top being flicked open, and then closed.

She treated me to a deep but sensual massage on my shoulders, whilst talking the usual chitter chatter shit that people exchange when they don’t really know each other. I could have fallen asleep there, face down on her silky bed, as she worked my back. Her wet fingers teasing and easing up my tense muscles, I could feel myself gradually drifting off. I almost went, but then she asked me to turn over, and I did so sleepily, as she repeated the service on my chest.

After a few minutes I sat up next to her, pushing myself up on the bed. We looked at each other for a few moments until I moved my hands to her. One on her right leg, and the other on her curvy hip. She moved in to kiss me, something which I did Antalya Escort Bayan not anticipate. First the kisses were soft and sweet, but then grew with passion, evidently fake but enough to get me going. My cock was ever stiffening by the second, and it took all of my willpower not to try and French kiss her.

My hands eventually wandered to her massive tits. I relished every second of them, squeezing, caressing, running my thumbs across her thick nipples. As I greedily manhandled her chest, Nikola ran a hand seductively down across my stomach, stroking me with her artificial nails, before finally coming to rest on my almost erect manhood.

“Oh, you have gotten big for me,” she whispered naughtily.

“Uh-huh,” was all I could manage in return, quickly shutting her up before I returned to kissing her as she gently stroked my cock.

Her light touch sent shivers of electricity through my body with every stroke, but this wasn’t to last long. She pulled away from me, pushed back her blonde hair over her shoulders, and fondled her tits for a bit. Giving me a cheeky smile, she headed south to my now rock-hard cock and without warning, took me deep in her hot mouth. I could feel her tongue running all over the underside of me, caressing my head before plunging down on my length and sucking me like only a professional can.

“Oh, fuck, Nikki…” I moaned, letting my head fall back onto the pillow.

She giggled without taking my dick out of her mouth.

Her sensual mouth fucking got slipperier and faster, and my moaning got louder. She withdrew me from her mouth, and used her mouth juices to jack me off.

“You want to cum on my fucking tits, baby?” She spat, almost in a demanding tone.

“Not yet,” I replied between gasps, “I want to fuck you.”

Like a shot she was off me, pulling condoms from the bedside cabinet. After I clumsily rolled one down my 7″ shaft, I asked her to bend over. I was missing those fantastic fat titties, but she had an ass and thighs to match, and so far I’d been missing out on those. I clambered behind her and lined myself up with her hole. She helped guide me to the sweet spot, and slowly but surely, I sank my length into her hot guts. I grabbed her meaty hips and she arched her back out, pressing her titties and her face into the pillow and pushing her fat arse up into the air for me.

“Fuck my pussy, baby,” she ordered sluttily, not that I needed telling.

I built myself up to a decent pace and give her ass a few smacks as I slid in and out of her. Her fake moans egging me on, I caught site of myself in her bedroom mirror, which encouraged me to throw myself into her even harder. Soon, I was pounding the cunt out of her, really getting my money’s worth. She was howling now, so I had to keep slowing down otherwise I would have cum inside her. I wasn’t ready to cum yet, although it was proving difficult.

The third time I slowed my pace up to save from busting inside her pussy, she slid off me and turned over, spreading her legs wide, showing me first time properly her Escort Antalya bald, plump pussy, gaping slightly where I’d been performing on her.

“Kiss me when you fuck me, baby” she said, “spread my legs and fuck my pussy.”

Again, I needed no encouragement really, and I went for it, but as I was about to slide into her sex, she instead pushed me off her. She had apparently, rather randomly, changed her mind about things. She pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me.

“Maybe I ride you for a bit,” she explained, flicking her hair out of her face, “now I show you how to fuck.”

“I’m good with that,” I said with a smile, “show me what you got, honey.”

She quickly sat on my length and I watched with ecstasy as her greedy pussy swallowed the entirety of my package. But, instead of bouncing up and down, she started sliding back and forth, grinding on me with her hips, massaging my already-at-bursting-point cock with her dripping pussy. It felt insane. There was no way I could keep this up.

“Nikki baby, that feels fucking incredible,” I told her.

“I know,” she replied simply, almost coldly, before continuing: “you want to cum on my tits, don’t you, Mark? But, this feels so good, no? Maybe you can’t decide if you want to cum for me in the pussy, or over my titties?”

I was so close to the edge. I grabbed onto her hips and ground her into me.

“Fucking ride my dick, that’s right…” I spat in throes of pleasure.

“But you are not going to cum on my titties?” she asked, with a sad expression and a tilt of her head. She started fondling her enormous tits, jiggling them about and rubbing them together.

“You want my cum on your tits?” I asked her.

“Oh, fuck yes baby, I want to feel your hot spunk all over my fat fucking titties, baby,”

I almost laughed at her attempts to talk dirty, the foul language she used almost seemed forced, but it was kinda cute. Either way, it worked, and if she didn’t stop grinding her pussy on me right now, I was gonna be filling the condom with my ejaculate. With a rack like that, that was definitely not happening.

“Quickly, I’m going to cum!” I shouted, on the verge of losing it.

She was off me and down at my member in a flash, whipping off the condom and jerking my bursting cock in between her hanging tits. She looked up at me and that did it, looking into her eyes I unloaded thread after thread of piping hot cum over her hand, chin and tits.

Spent, my head fell back to the bed and I gazed up at the ceiling with a feeling of epic contentment.

“Fuck, baby,” I sighed.

“You cum a lot for me, Mark,” Nikola pointed out, “I like it when men cum a lot for me. It means I have done a good job.”

“Oh, you did a good job alright,” I told her, laughing.

“I would say you can cum again, we still have time left, but I think maybe you have already given my titties all of your cum,”

“You’ve got every last drop out of me, baby, I don’t think I have anymore in there,”

And then we sat there chatting, my load of sperm drying slowly on her chest as we talked more small talk. Those spunk-covered tits remained burned into an image in my mind for the entire drive home. In fact, I’m not entirely how I safely made it back with such a distraction. I kept my session with Nikola in my head for a long time. She was one hot lady.

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