16 Mart 2023

Just Once


Hi, I’m Kell. I’m 32 and I’m married. My husband is at home with our kids so I can have a long-over-due night out. I go out with some friends at 7pm and while talking and playing darts, we get overly drunk pretty quick. Somehow I end up at Jake’s house just before 11pm. His wife is gone, so we’re alone. There’s an autumn storm brewing outside, and the rain is falling hard. I should go, but I can’t. I’m drawn to stay, drawn to him. We’re in the kitchen, standing by the “island”. We share a few more drinks, some laughs and flirting, and talk. Normal, everyday talk.

As lightning flashes, Jake leans in and kisses me. Tentative, as if judging my reaction. As drunk as I am, my reaction is shock. That shock opens my mouth just enough for his tongue to enter. Hot, thick & wet, his tongue dances around my mouth, teasing mine. As the thunder rolls across the sky, I’m frozen. Scared. Drunk enough that I kiss back. Damn, he can kiss! Suddenly, I’m up against a wall, Jake’s body pressed against mine! We kiss for what feels like hours. Our arms twist around each other’s body, our hands are all over each other. I’m breathless as we finally part.

Only to take a deep breath and find myself going under again. Drowning in those kisses. His big, warm hands on my body, calming, caressing, convincing. His lips so giving, so demanding. As my mind begins to betray me, my body already has. The joy, the absolute pleasure! Oh Yes! … NO! I have to stop!

“Jake,” I say breathlessly into his mouth. “Stop, we can’t.”

“Yes, we can.” He’s breathing hard too. “Dee’s gone, we’re here alone. I know you want me Kell. I’ve seen it.” As he puts my hand on his chest, I feel the rapid beating of his heart beneath my fingers. It beats in time with my own. I look into his eyes.

“Jake, Charles will never understand. He’d leave me. I may be drunk, but I’m not that drunk! Charles would kill us both!”

Jake’s hands are on my waist, slowly sliding up into my sweater. I feel his skin on mine. I jump from the “zap” of heat.

“You feel that too Kell, I know you do. You want me just as much as I want you. No one will ever know, I swear!” His hands move to my breasts, his thumbs sliding over my now hard nipples.

Oh god, it feels so good! I’ve always been attracted to him. Dee knew, and she encouraged me. She knew he wanted me. She and I often spoke of “swapping” husbands, jokingly of course. But she had mentioned wanting to watch me with Jake. They had done “swinging” before. So I knew she wouldn’t mind. But Charles would! He’d hate me!

My mind is racing…Jake’s hands feel SO good, but I can’t! I have to leave! Charles. Charles…Charles is not here, he’ll never know! My treacherous mind is giving in, just like my body did long minutes ago. Jake’s lips are on my neck, kissing, sucking; his thumbs on my bra-covered nipples, rubbing. I moan softly. Oh god, I’m only human!

“Ja-ke,” I moan, “Mmm, that feels soo good! Jake we can’t. Mmmm, oooooJake.” My moans become pleading. My hands are in his hair.

“You like that Kell, I know you do.” He reaches the clasp between my breasts and adeptly “snaps” it open with one hand. My 40C breasts are now free. Jake lifts my sweater and suckles my nipples.

Unable to stop, I moan softly, “Hhmmmm, yeah. More.” As I lift my arms, Jake removes my sweater completely. It falls softly to the floor. Bringing my arms down, he slides off the bra. As it lands on my sweater, he pulls off his own shirt. Then he returns to my nipples. His chest is bare, just how I like it. I run my hands on his chest, toying with his nipples as he sucks mine. I hear him gasp. I flick his nipples with my long nails; he groans against my nipples, nipping at them with his teeth. I gasp!

“Jake, Antalya Escort you’re getting me wet! Stop!”

“Kell, you’ve got me rock hard! No way!”

Sliding his hands down to my belt, Jake unbuckles it, then unzips and removes my tight, white mini-skirt. He grins at what he sees. Thigh-hi nylons with a black lace garter belt, and a snug black silk thong. I was “dressed to impress”, and he was impressed!

“Oh Kell, what have we here?” As he spreads my legs, Jake slides a hand over my silk covered puss. “Kell, you weren’t lying, you Are wet,” he groans into my neck. He leans back, watching me.

As I moan he rubs his hand over the silk again and again. My hands pressed against the wall, my hips are pumping into him.

“Jake, ohhh, please!” I’m begging, not sure what for. More? Stop?

Jake stops, and takes my hand. Grabbing our clothes he leads me to his room. His huge bed is in the center. Closing and locking the door, Jake drops the clothes and begins kissing me again. He takes my hands and wraps them around his neck. He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me into him.

With one hand, I sink my fingers in his hair, with the other, I run my long nails up and down his back. As I hear him hiss an intake of air, I know he’s sensitive. I do it again. Moans.

“Kell, that’s NOT a way to convince me to stop!” he groans.

“It’s not?” I ask demurely, huskily. “What’s it doing to you Jake?” I’m moaning into his mouth with each kiss. Lost in pleasure.

“You know damn well what it’s doing to me Kell! I’m trying to take it slow. Keep that up and I’ll ravage you!” As if to teach me a lesson, he steals a rough kiss, bruising my lips.

I’m gasping as he breaks the kiss. Not done, he leans down and grabs my nipple in his teeth, I arch my back and push my breasts closer to him, moaning. We’re breathing heavy.

A hand slides down and rubs the very damp silk that lies between my legs. “Jake, ooohhhh”

Slowly guiding us towards the bed, Jake keeps rubbing me, kissing me again, sweetly this time. I’m so wet. As he sits me on the bed, he pulls away. Gently laying me back, Jake gets on his knees in front of me. He places my feet up on the edge of the bed. I feel the silk slide away. I feel Jake’s hot breath on my just-shaved lips. I feel him spread my lips and blow lightly onto my clit, his hot breath exciting me. I sink my fingers into his hair as I grab his head, pumping my hips closer to him. He reaches his free hand up and pinches my nipple!

“OOH, YES!”, I’m moaning, “Hho-oohhJa-ake, hhmmmmmm.” I’m loving it. I feel his tongue on my clit, hot and heavy. “Oooyeah. oohh, oh!” Oh god it feels so good, more!

Jake’s tongue is working my clit, I’m so hot, so wet, oh god! He slides a finger into my box and starts pumping me. “Yeah, just like that! Mmmmm Jake. Yeah, more, please. Oh god! I’m sooo close, please!”

Knowing I can’t stop, seeing me about to orgasm, Jake keeps going, licking my clit, fingering my pussy. “OH oh ye-ah, Jake, now, oh go-o-od, NOW!” I’m cumming.

Jake stops licking me, “Cum Kell, cum for me.”

I feel him take out his finger and dip his tongue into my box, lapping up my juices, sucking them out. “OH JAKE, oh god, YES!”

As lightning flashes across the sky, I cum hard! I feel my clit throbbing, I know Jake can see it. He licks it; I yelp! Panting, breathing hard, I’m drifting. WOW, what an orgasm! Jake gets up and strips off the rest of his clothes while I drift down from the cloud he took me to. I hear the thunder roll outside as he sits on the edge of the bed. As the storm rages, you can smell sex in the room.

“Kell, I want you to suck my dick. I need you to. Antalya Escort Bayan Dee told me you two were talking and you mentioned you love to swallow. Just hearing her say it made me hard! Please, Kell?”

Still feeling the high of that orgasm, I can’t resist. Jake is right, Dee and I had talked. I love to suck a guy til he cums, I love to swallow and keep sucking him till he’s empty. Just the thought of doing it to Jake got me hot and wet!

I get on my knees on the floor in front of Jake, my eyes never leaving his, and slowly take him in my hands. I close my eyes and moan as I lick his precum off the head. He tastes so good! I lick up and down his shaft. Opening my mouth, I put in the head and suck it, moaning onto it, vibrating it. I relax and kiss it, tonguing it. Placing my hand at the base and pulling the skin down firm and tight, I start sucking up and down his long shaft. I take it all the way down deep into my throat, then bring it back out to the head. Keeping the suction tight. Slow, sucking all the time, swallowing, squeezing his dick in my mouth.

“Oh Kell, yeah, suck it, suck my dick, Kell.” His hands are on my head, in my hair, he’s pumping into me. I stop. Feeling me tense, he stops. I start again.

I keep my pace slow but steady, using my free hand to play with Jake’s balls. He shaves them, and the rough-smooth feel is amazing. I feel his balls getting full of cum. I can feel his dick getting stiffer, filling with cum. I look up at him and suck him harder. I taste the precum drip on my tongue. I swallow. He groans again.

“Kell! Stop, Kell, I’m so close,” he tries to pull my head away. Lightning strikes again. I keep sucking. Then I feel it, the pulse as he gets bigger, then explods cum deep into the back of my throat. I swallow, suck, and swallow more. I feel him shoot at least 3 times. I keep sucking. I hear the thunder roll.

“Kell, oh yeah, RRAAhhgghh…yeah,(pause,gasp) Kell…stop, oh shit, stop.” I feel him pulsing, he is laying back on the bed, near to convulsing in pleasure. I suck out every last drop, licking the head. He is empty. Slowing down, I stop. I stand up and look at him. He smiles and reaches for me. I move away and turn so he gets a nice view of my ass.

“Do you want me to leave on the nylons and garter belt?” I ask huskily.

Practically growling at me, he sits up, grabs me, pulls me onto the bed and begins kissing me, my neck, my nipples. My hand is on his dick. His hand is on my puss, slipping fingers into it. “Jake, please, mmmmmmmm, yeah, ooo yeah” I moan softly. He’s rough, he wants me hot, he wants me wet; he wants me!

“You’re mine Kell!” he growls at me as he fingers my box harder. I’m getting wetter, I feel another orgasm coming.

“Oh god, Jake, I’m gonna cum again,” I moan. I feel him stop…”NOO, I’m SO close, Please!”

He grins, teasing me.

Slowly, tortuously, he pumps me. I feel it, the wave begining, the heat rising. “OH YES!”

“I’m yours, Jake, Oh my god yeah, hhuuuhhh!” I’m moaning. As soon as I said I was his he started pumping me faster and harder. That wave crested, my orgasm peaked and I rode it into heaven!

He’s getting hard again, getting ready to fill me up with his 9 inch dick. I’m so wet, so ready. We play a while more, he grows in my hand. Now he gets up. He slides his dick into my tight, wet pussy, groaning in pleasure.

“Yeah. Kell you are SO tight!”

He fucks me with my legs over his shoulders. He’s holding my thighs, he lets go to put my hands on my nipples.

“Pinch them for me Kell, let me watch.”

I pinch my nipples, my eyes on his, his eyes on my nipples. They go from pink, to red with the pinching and pulling. Escort Antalya He’s fucking me slowly, deep strokes. Minutes go by. I’m getting close. Moaning, I ask for more. He stops.

“Turn over Kell, I want you on your knees!”

I turn over after he pulls out. On my knees I’m tighter, he’s bigger, he gets in deeper. Slow, deep strokes soon become faster, deeper.

“Jake, right there, yeah, oh god Jake, I’m so close, oh, oh.” I’m moaning, louder, panting.

“Good, I’m not! Cum for me Kell, squeeze my cock in your pussy Kell, cum…cum!” He’s talking, panting, feeling so good. My pussy’s so tight, he loves it.

“Oh god, Jake!” I shudder and can’t keep in time with him. The storm is louder! He grabs my hips and keeps pumping, slower, deeper, as I moan and cum. I feel it, wetter, hotter.

“Yeah Kell cum, cum for me, Kell!” He wants me, he knows I’ve wanted to him. I can’t stop cumming, the orgasms are coming in waves as he keeps fucking me.

“Jake, I can’t stop!”

“Yeah! Keep cumming Kell. I’m not ready to cum yet. I have to keep fucking you.”

“Jake, please, uuhh, ooh go-o-od, Jake!”

“Yeah, cum Kell, cum on my cock!” I feel my pussy getting swollen. I feel Jake pumping hard and fast again. Oh god, it feels SO good.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Kell! You know you want it! Cum for me Kell! Cum again.”

I’m feeling wave after wave of orgasm hit and wash away, I’m moaning Jake’s name, begging him to fuck me, begging him to stop. Finally I feel his dick get bigger, ready to explode.

“Oh yeah, yeah, I’m gon-na, C-U-M HHOOh-ooh!” Jake all but shouts as he explodes a huge load of hot, sticky cum deep into my pussy. I feel it shoot, 2 times, 3 times, 4 times! He slows down, still pulsing in me. Still fucking me. Finally, he stops. We’re both shaking. He pulls out slowly. I move to get off the bed. He pulls me close. I lay next to him, kissing him on his neck.

Pulling down the covers, we get into the bed. The rain is beating on the windows. The clock says 1am. We’ve been at each other for nearly 2 hours!

“Jake,” I whisper, “I can’t stay. I have to go home.”

“Relax Kell, it’s not that late. Charles won’t know. You’re fine. Stay with me, just for a little while.” He’s speaking softly, dropping soft kisses on my brow, caressing me, loving me.

I can’t resist. I can’t stop touching him. I feel so good. Lost in paradise with Jake. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had, and it’s with my friend’s husband!


“Jake, we didn’t use a condom!” I panick!

“SHhh, Don’t worry!” Jake assures me.

“Jake! I’m serious! What if…” He kisses me, quieting my panick instantly. I melt, return his kiss. It deepens, lasts for what feels like forever. Breaking the kiss, he tells me,

“Kell, Don’t Worry! We’ll be fine. You’ll see. Now sleep. I’ll wake you in an hour or so.” With that, he kisses my forehead and snuggles me into him. I feel lethargic. Listening to the storm fade away, hearing the rain, feeling warm and protected, I fall asleep.

At Home

**Two hours later I’m at home. I shower, completely washing Jake from my body, and get ready for bed. Charles asks how my night was.

I say, “It was fun, but I am SO drunk, I NEED some meds for this headache!” Charles goes and gets me water and my headache meds. When I finish taking them, we get into bed and snuggle. Immediately his hands go to my breasts.

“Charles, not tonight please,”I cajole, “I’d hate to tell you to stop because I’m gonna be sick.”

“Don’t worry Kell, I’m not starting something, just holding my beautiful wife.” He whispers.

I feel a twinge as he holds my breasts. Guilt? Pleasure? I’m still floating from my time with Jake. Smiling, glowing, I speak.

“I love you baby.” I say softly, dreamily as I drift away into sleep. Well fucked, well sated, smiling, inside and out.

Kissing my neck, Charles tells me he loves me. Holding me close, his hands still on my breasts, we fall asleep.

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