13 Ocak 2023

Justice and Audrey: The After Party Surprise


The night had been so incredible for the young couple. All the awards and attention had them high on excitement and their own press. It didn’t even matter what the media was saying about them; good or bad, they were the hottest twenty-somethings in the world and they knew it. For six hours they smiled and waved and shmoozed and pretended to care about the millions of dollars in chaos swirling wildly around them. Without a word, they both trembled in anticipation of the moments when they could finally be free of all these people and be alone. They shared the most intimate of secrets and it took all of their combined effort not to throw up middle fingers, jump in any one of the many waiting limos and just get the fuck out of there. However, they played along, as all beautiful teen celebrities kocaeli escort must if they want to remain celebrities. It was after 3am when they were finally able to close the door to the hotel suite and leave the world outside. Audrey didn’t waste time with her usual post-award show routine, boxing shoes and carefully hanging the borrowed dress inside its garment bag then spend twenty minutes taking off her makeup. No, tonight she was going to let Justice know her completely, to explore every inch of her and to discover that she was truly “more than a woman”. Justice wasn’t completely ignorant of what Audrey had successfully kept under wraps for so long, because he was a teenage boy and she was fucking hot. Kissing her, rubbing and sucking on her breasts, the incredible blowjobs kocaeli escort bayan she’d given him, all the above-the-waist fumbling. For weeks he’d tried to resist going there, but his hands were victims of his hormones and once he’d just gone for it, reaching down and feeling something thick, something hard and unexpected. He jerked his hand away, but the thought of what he had actually touched stayed with him. Then last night he had just asked Audrey outright if he could suck her cock. They were texting their usual goodnights and before he could stop himself he was sending the message. She replied four minutes later with a single word, PLEASE! Now the time had come and Justice was dying to taste her. She knew it and took her time crossing the room to him, her eyes locked izmit escort to his while her fingers slowly pulled her long gown up, first to her knees then higher to reveal her smooth tan thighs. Audrey had been with straight boys in high school and three years later, knew there was a certain kind that wanted nothing more than to know what it felt like to take a big fat dick down their throats. She knew from the first moment she saw Justice that he was a cocksucker. He couldn’t believe how sexy this was, her shimmery elegant dress climbing slowly up her body as if she was unwrapping a present for him. The dress was soon off completely and there his beauty stood in her fine lingerie. The pale pink lace of the matching bra and panties complemented her golden skin perfectly and Audrey worked the lighting to enhance every curve and luscious inch of her young tight body. She knew she was the fantasy for many a young man, her Twitter full of fans that had no shame in detailing how well they could eat her pussy or fuck her until she came buckets.

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