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Kaitlyn college cumslut


Kaitlyn college cumslutWhen Kaitlyn left for college she was fairly shy, very religious, and a virgin. It wasn’t for lack of interested men. She constantly had guys asking her out, and many trying to take her virginity from her. She was 5’8” with long blonde hair and 32b’s. She could be very hot if she wanted to, but she often covered it all up with pony tails and loose fitting clothing. Kaitlyn’s life pretty much revolved around her church group activities. But, something changed while she was at college. I was always the slutty friend, sleeping with many different guys from a fairly young age, but to find out my bff had become just as much of a slut, if not more than I was, was very shocking to me. What follows is the story of how she went from the churchy goody-two shoes, to becoming one of the most popular party girls in her school. It was two-thirds through Kaitlyn second term at college. She had been dating Wesley for about 2 months. Wesley was about 6’2”, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He wasn’t the buffest guy, and could probably be described as a little geeky, but she liked him and often would make out with him between classes. He had often tried to get her to go farther, but she refused, saying how she was waiting till she was married. As always, he pouted a bit, but didn’t push the matter. A couple of nights later, there was a party in her dorm, and a couple of guys convinced her to have a couple of drinks. One of these guys was a hottie named Greg that she had liked since she first came to the college. He was a soccer player, so he wasn’t extremely buff, but he was very finely toned. Kaitlyn had admired him playing soccer many times over the last few months. He asked where Wes was, it didn’t take her very long to get extremely drunk as she had never really drank much alcohol before. She had no idea what it was they were giving her, but she was quickly becoming more and more friendly with Greg the drunker she got. Soon, Kaitlyn realized she had to go to the bathroom. She tried to get up and walk, but quickly fell over. She was laughing as she tried to get up, and Greg came over and picked her up, helping her to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, she said in a quiet and embarrassed voice, “I don’t think I can get my panties off without falling over…can you help me?” Greg chuckled and assured her he would be more than happy to help. Once her panties were down, he helped her sit back on the toilet. As she sat there, she was about eye level with his crotch, and couldn’t help but see that it was straining against his shorts. She bit her lip as she tried to make her brain work out if she should follow her impulses or not. Finally the alcohol won out and she looked up at Greg. “You should be rewarded for your help,” she said. He smiled and assured her that it was fine, and he was more than happy to help. She looked at the bulge in his shorts again, and said, “no, you really need to be rewarded for being such a nice guy,” she slurred. She reached out and grabbed him by the shorts, pulling him closer. She had never done this, and didn’t know if she would do it right, but he had been helpful when he really didn’t have to be. Plus, she was feeling things she had not ever felt before. Once he was close enough, she undid his shorts and pulled out his nine inch cock. It was very thick, and very hard. Kaytlyn was starting to doubt herself until she wrapped her hand around it, feeling its warmth and hardness. She slowly started stroking it, watching in amazement as the tip twitched slightly. It was then that she noticed Greg holding her head and moving her towards his cock. Rather than listening to her inner voices telling her this was a bad thing, she let him guide her until her mouth was sliding over the tip of his cock. He slowly started to slide in and out of her mouth, moving a little farther in each time. She didn’t know what to do, but he encouraged her….”yes baby…suck on my big cock…” She gagged a bit a few times, but soon she was hungrily sucking Gregs cock. Soon he was moaning loudly and telling her he was going to cum. Not long after he pushed into her mouth and came hard telling her to swallow his cum. She did so, trying to swallow it all. After ward he thanked her, and he helped her back to her room. She soon fell asleep, even with all the noise of the party going on. Wes arrived a couple hours later, after most of the party had died down. He slipped into her room, and woke her up to let her know he was there. He told her he couldn’t believe she was sleeping with all that noise. She admitted that she had had a couple of drinks, and apparently it was bebek escort too much for her, so she had lain down and went to sleep. She refrained from telling him about her little adventure with Greg. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Kaitlyn and Wes did their normal make out session, but she was a bit more eager this time around. Wes didn’t seem to mind much though. At one point she stopped and looked at Wes very seriously. “I’d like to try something, if you are interested…” she said. “Sure,” Wes replied somewhat questioningly. At that she smiled and began kissing him again. Her hands moved down to his crotch, and she started rubbing as they kissed. Soon she was undoing his pants, and had pulled out his very hard cock. It was longer than Greg’s, but not nearly as thick. She pulled away from their kiss, smiled at him, brushing her hair up over her right ear and around to her left shoulder. She knelt down and smiled up at him as she slowly slid her lips over his cock. He laid back, moaning as she sucked on his hard cock. Soon, she was hungrily sucking him, his hands on her head, slightly pulling her hair as she sucked. It wasn’t too much longer before he cried out that he was cumming. She sucked harder, trying to make sure she swallowed all his cum. Once he was done coming, she slid up onto the bed next to him and kissed him hard. His hands started roaming her body, and it wasn’t long before he had made his way under her skirt. For the first time, she did nothing to stop him. She cried out as she felt a mans fingers for the first time. He began rubbing her clit, and it wasn’t long till she came for the first time. She was laying there, with her skirt up around her waist, and her soaking wet pussy, when Wes moved over her. He kissed her deeply, and she could feel his cock near her pussy. She reached down, finding his cock was hard again, and smiled up at him before slowly guiding his cock to her pussy. He pushed into her slowly, then with a hard push, taking her virginity after so long. At first he pain was excruciating, and she almost made him stop then, but it wasn’t long before it started feeling very good to her. Wes slowly made love to her, kissing her as he slid in and out of her. She didn’t cum again, but after a bit, she felt Wes tense and pull his cock out of her pussy. She then felt the warm drops of cum hitting her stomach as Wes came. He collapsed next to her, thanking her and telling her how wonderful it was. She was barely listening. She had not cum when he fucked her, and she didn’t think she was done yet. But, no matter how hard she tried, she could not get Wes hard again after cumming twice. Wes soon fell asleep, and she laid there feeling restless for about another 30 minutes. Finally, Kaitlyn got up, adjusting her skirt, and headed out into the hallway. There were still a few people wandering around with drinks in their hands. There were also a few partially opened doorways, where she could see people in different states of sexual fun. She was getting wetter from every scene she saw. She stopped at one door and watched what was happening inside. There was a large crowd stuffed into the room, with two girls and a guy on the bed. The girls were in a 69 position with the guy behind the one on top, sliding in and out of her as everyone cheered him on. As I watched, I felt someone come up close behind me and whisper in my ear, “you like what you see?”. “Yes I do….” she replied. She looked back to see Greg, just as he was taking ahold of her hips. “I always heard you were a prude,” he said as he pulled her back against himself. “I have been,” she replied. “but not anymore.” She could feel his hard cock pushing against her from behind. Something about that really turned her on, and made her very wet. At that, he quickly moved her into a nearby room that was empty, closing the door behind him. He didn’t say anything as he began to strip. She watched his fabulous toned body moving towards her. He stood in front of her, stroking his cock. He took ahold of her hair, and pulled her down on his cock for the second time that night. Kaitlyn hungrily sucked him for several minutes until he pulled her off his cock by her hair. He pulled her to her feet, and then turned her around, telling her to bend over. She put her hands on the bed in front of her and soon felt his fingers rubbing her very wet pussy. “Wow, you are so fucking wet!” Greg said. Kaitlyn just moaned in reply. As she seemed like she was not going to object, he spread her legs a bit and pushed his cock against her pussy. Part of her was screaming levent escort at herself to stop, she had already broken her own vow of waiting till she was married, but it was even worse that she was about to let a second man fuck her in the same night she lost her virginity. But, between the alcohol, the sexual euphoria she was in, and the forcefulness of Greg, she just couldn’t get the words or the feelings to make their way to the surface. And all hope was lost on that as soon as Greg slid into her. He pushed in slowly until he was all the way in, then pushed in and out fairly slowly, but increasing his speed a bit with each thrust. Soon he was pushing in and out with long and hard thrusts. She couldn’t believe the amazing feelings she was having as Greg moved in and out of her. She finally lost it when he grabbed a hold of a handful of her hair, and began thrusting harder and faster. She couldn’t take it any longer and started crying out in pleasure as she headed towards a climax. She was barely able to get out a quick no when he asked if she was on birth control as she came. Then, he was no longer inside of her, and she could feel his warm cum hitting her back and her ass. He collapsed on the bed and thanked her. She thanked him in return, and cleaned herself up, heading back to her room where Wes was still sleeping. She laid down next to him and was quickly asleep.Part IIIt had been about three weeks since the night Kaytlyn had lost her virginity. She had been taking every chance she could to have sex with Wes. She had not told him about Greg at all, and she had hardly seen Greg since that night either. She really wanted Wes to take her like Greg had, but he was just into missionary, saying he wanted to be able to look into her eyes and kiss her as they made love. Wes had gotten condoms, and used them everytime since that first night. He was very worried about getting her pregnant. Kaitlyn came out of one of her Finals, and there was Greg waiting for her. She smiled when she saw him and he smiled back. She felt different in Gregs presence. With Wes, she felt comfortable. They had many of the same interests, and they could easily talk to each other. But with Greg she felt something totally different. She felt sexual, and much more primal. She wanted nothing more than for him to take her right then and there. As she stepped close to him he said, “hey, what are you doing tomorrow night?” “I don’t think anything…maybe starting to pack to go home for spring break.” “Well, now that finals are over, we are having a big party at Jared’s house. He lives just a couple blocks off campus, and his family is gone for the week. So, do you think you could make it?” She didn’t know what to say. She wanted to go very bad, and she would give anything to be alone with Greg again. But Wes wouldn’t want that, and Wes would be at work. “I’ll see,” she said. “My boyfriend will be at work, so I don’t know if I should.” Greg smiled slyly. “Well, he can come later when he is off work if he wants.” She could tell that Greg would prefer she come to the party without Wes. “I’ll think about it.” She said with a naughty smile. Greg gave her the address and the time, and went off with his buddies, and she headed to her last final.All that night Kaitlyn couldn’t get thoughts of Greg and the party out of her head. She spent the night at Wes’s dorm, making love twice that night before Wes finally collapsed for the night. She went to sleep dreaming of Greg and his nice hard cock.The next evening she arrived at Jared’s house about an hour late. She had gotten stuck on the phone with our mom, talking about plans for coming to get her for spring break. She also talked to mom a bit about possibly going somewhere with friends for spring break. When mom questioned her about it, she told her she had found a youth church group at the school and they were having a retreat she would like to go to. They agreed to talk about it again the next day, and she finally got off the phone and went to the party.When Kaitlyn got there she looked around for Greg, but couldn’t find him. She had a couple of drinks as she looked around for him, and finally asked someone about him. “I think he is with is girlfriend on the top floor,” the guy said. ‘Girlfriend!’ she thought to herself. ‘he never told me he had a girlfriend.’ At first she was angry that he would do what he did when he had a girlfriend. But as she thought about it, she realized she was doing the same thing. She finally found the room he was supposed to be in, and slipped inside. There was a crowd of people halkalı escort cheering and making all kinds of comments. As she made her way to the front of the crowd, she could see Greg standing there naked, and a blond kneeling in front of him with his cock in her mouth. She was about to leave when Greg noticed her and called her name. He motioned for her to come over to him. As she stepped out of the crowd, many people cheered. She wasn’t sure what was going on, or what to do, but she kept walking until she was next to Greg. He smiled at her and introduced her to his girlfriend, Amber. She smiled up at Kaitlyn, said hi, then went back to work on Greg’s cock. “There, now that that is out of the way, would you like to join her?” he asked. Kaitlyn looked at him in shock and looked around at all the guys and girls watching. “I couldn’t…not with all these people around.” “Well, if that’s how you feel…I have other girls wanting to join Amber…but I would really like it best if it was you.” Kaitlyn didn’t know what to do. She really wanted to have sex with Greg, but in front of all these people…she didn’t think she could do that. She declined, he said maybe later with a sly smile, and she sadly left the room. She went back downstairs and got a drink, then headed down to the basement where some guys were playing a video game, and a few other people were sitting around the room. She sat on the couch on one of the few spaces left to sit. She noticed the guy she sat next to was smoking something. She asked him what it was, and he told her it was weed. Feeling dejected and depressed about Greg, she asked if she could have some. He gladly shared with her, and it wasn’t long before she had quite the buzz from the pot and the alcohol. Something came over her as they talked. She moved closer and closer to him with each drag, until the were very close and he had his arm around her very casually. After talking about things for a bit, she blurted out how wet she was. He said he didn’t believe her, and she took his hand, sat up a bit, spread her legs, and pushed his hand up to her pussy. He agreed that she was very wet as he began to rub her clit and slide his fingers in and out of her pussy. She was in ecstasy as they kissed and he fingered her. She didn’t notice the guys stop playing their game to watch what was going on. After a couple minutes he told her to suck him. She immediately started undoing his pants, and leaned over him taking his cock into her mouth. She had become totally oblivious to everything else around her as she started sucking this strange guys cock. She soon vaguely heard someone say something about kneeling in front of him as she sucked him, and she obliged whoever it was. She then felt hands on her breasts, ass, and pussy, but by now she was so high on pot, alcohol, and sex that she didn’t really pay attention. There was a semi-circle of guys standing around them now watching and feeling her up. Then she heard Gregs voice say something about knowing his little slut would perform at some point. Kaitlyn didn’t look up but continued to suck the guy on the couch. She felt Gregs hands on her ass and pussy, and soon he slid his cock into her from behind. He took hold of her hips and drove deep and hard into her. She couldn’t believe the feelings she was having as Greg drove into her from behind. She sucked harder on the guy in front of her. Both guys were moaning loudly and she heard one of them say they were cumming, but she was so far gone she wasn’t sure which one it was. Then she felt Greg push hard and deep and at the same she felt a warm sensation deep in her pussy. She didn’t think much of it at the time, partly due to the guy she was sucking starting to cum at just about the same time. She felt Greg pull out, and almost immediately another cock had taken his place. It was probably a mixture of the alcohol and everything else going on, but as he came hard into her, Kaitlyn orgasmed and then passed out. She was later told that three more guys fucked her from behind as she was passed out on the floor. She later woke up with a girl, who she later discovered was Amber, licking the cum from her pussy. Once Amber was done, Kaitlyn slowly got up off the floor, very dazed and confused, and slowly made her way back to her dorm. The next morning she woke up sore and sticky. She took a very long shower and called our mom. After a little convincing, mom finally decided to let Kaitlyn go on the trip with her ‘church group’ over spring break instead of coming home. She didn’t hear from Wes all that day. Finally, the next day he called her and told her they could not see each other any more. She asked why, crying as he told her that she knew why, and he hung up. After she had gotten off the phone with Wes and recovered, she picked up the phone again. It rang a couple of times, and someone on the other side picked up. “Yeah, Greg?” Kaitlyn asked. “so, where are you all going for spring break?”

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