15 Mayıs 2023

Karma Has Its Way:Part II


Once in the couch room, Seema found a darkened corner and had Ron sit on the couch. She had him lean back and slide down until his hips were on the edge. Ron was practically lying on the couch. This was how she had seen Jenny position her earlier customers. Seema then nervously slipped her thin robe off her shoulders. She draped it over the end of the small couch. She sat next to Ron, who put his arm around her waist. Seema was shaking with nervousness and Ron could feel her shaking. She wanted to please her customer but didn’t know how to begin. “Can we please wait until the next song to get started? I am so nervous. The extra time won’t cost you any more.” “That’ll be fine. Why don’t you just relax a little? I’m in no hurry. Sitting here with such a beautiful young girl is a pleasure in itself.” Ron then pulled a blushing Seema close and began gently stroking her back. Occasionally, he would let his hand drift down to Seema’s little butt and gave it a squeeze. Seema rolled onto her side and laid her head on Ron’s shoulder. The next time he squeezed her butt, she moaned softly and pushed her hip out to meet his hand. She gasped when he slid his hand under her sheer black panties and held her bare cheek. “That’s a real nice ass, Seema.” “Oh thank you, Sir, er, I mean, Ron.” Slowly, Seema began rubbing her body against Ron’s. When the next song began, she removed her bra and opened Ron’s shirt. She rolled on top of him, straddled his hips, and rubbed her bare tits over his chest. Her nipples stood erect and pressed into his chest. He cupped her tits in his hands and gently massaged them. Seema groaned when he tweaked her hard nipples. Again her pussy became wet. Almost involuntarily, she pressed her crotch onto the lump in Ron’s pants. Ron reached down and took a butt cheek in each hand. He squeezed her ass and pulled Seema up until they were eye to eye. They softly kissed as Ron slipped a hand around her hip and petted her drenched pussy. Seema gasped loudly and tensed. She suddenly regained her senses and remembered Jenny’s warning about not becoming attached to her customers. She broke their kiss and kissed her way down Ron’s body. She nibbled and kissed the hard lump through his pants. During the rest of the current song and through the next one, Seema stayed busy erotically rubbing her body all over Ron. She nearly had an orgasm while sliding her overheated pussy on the hard lump in Ron’s pants. Though she had gotten extremely aroused, Seema refused to allow her excited state effect the service she provided Acıbadem escort to her customer. As the second song ended, Seema practically collapsed on top of Ron. Ron smiled at the petite girl as she lay on his chest catching her breath. She smiled back with a dreamy look in her eyes. When Seema had recovered enough, she stood and rearranged her lingerie. She put the thin robe back on and looked at Ron. She stammered and didn’t seem to know what to say. “Seema, that was fantastic, especially since it was your first time without your trainer,” Ron said as he reached into his pocket. “Let see, that was twenty-five dollars, right?” Shyly, Seema stammered in reply, “Y-Y-Yes Sir, er Ron.” “Well, I’m afraid I don’t have that exact amount. I only have twenties. Will you settle for forty dollars?” Ron asked with a grin. Seema’s mouth fell open in disbelief. “Oh yes, Ron. That will be wonderful. I can get some change from the bar if you’ll wait just a few minutes.” “That won’t be necessary, honey. Keep the extra as a tip for doing such an excellent job. If it is possible, I’d sure like to see you the next time I come in here. I have a business that brings me to Mumbai about once every two weeks or so.” Ron smiled broadly at Seema as he handed her two twenty-dollar bills.”Oh Ron, that would be wonderful. I will look forward to seeing you again. If you would like, I can stay with you at your table for a while longer. Will that be alright?” “Seema, that would be wonderful. How can I not enjoy the company of such a beautiful young lady?” When Ron and Seema returned to their table, Jenny and her friend got up and headed toward the couch room. Seema cuddled close to her new friend and put her head on his shoulder. Ron put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. They chatted until the waitress came around. With Seema’s permission, Ron ordered her another glass of wine along with his drink. She didn’t know if Ron was just being polite, but he seemed very interested in her. He asked about her education and brief work history at the accounting firm. He especially liked the fact that Seema had been sending her mother part of her pay since coming to Mumbai. Jenny and her friend soon returned from the couch room. Jenny smiled at Seema and sat on her friend’s lap and cuddled. After a couple more drinks, the men said they needed to leave. They both kissed the girls sitting with them before leaving. “Seema, let’s go get freshened up. I don’t know about you, but I need a shower. Besides, it’s Kaynarca escort bayan getting late and I need to rest.” Seema giggled. “A shower will be good. After that couch dance for Ron, I really need a shower.” Jenny and Seema showered in the dancer’s dressing room. When they had finished, Jenny suggested they quit for the night. Seema quickly agreed. They then dressed in standard clothing. They went to the club’s office to settle up for the night. The club manager was surprised and pleased with Seema’s earnings for her first night. As Jenny had told her, the club manager kept ten percent of the money Seema had earned. “Where are you staying Seema?” the manager asked. “She’ll be staying with me,” Jenny offered. Seema silently nodded her agreement. “Very well. We’ll see you both tomorrow night.” The manager then stared at Seema. “Don’t you even think of running away. We will find you, and I guarantee you will not like the treatment you get when you return. Understand?” “Yes, ma’am. I understand.” Seema knew better than to question the manager. As the girls left The Wild West, Seema asked Jenny, “Why did you so quickly tell the club manager I would be staying with you?” “It’s simple,” Jenny replied. “I have an extra bedroom, and you would not like staying at the club. Any girl that stays at the club ends up being used as a prostitute whether she likes it or not. I felt you needed a place you could relax and feel safe. Now, come on. It’s only a few blocks to my apartment.” The girls continued chatting as they walked to Jenny’s apartment. “Thank you, Jenny. I am happy you are my trainer at The Wild West. You have been nice to me. How much will you charge me to stay with you?” Seema asked. “Oh I don’t know. We’ll come to an agreement once we see how you do at the club. All right?” Jenny replied. Once they arrived at Jenny’s apartment, it was a tired Seema that showered and soon headed off to bed. She quickly fell asleep and slept soundly until the next morning. The girls slept late the next day. After eating and before going to The Wild West, Seema practiced her dancing. Jenny had a pole in an area where she practiced in her apartment. Seema was soon dancing smoothly and provocatively. Jenny was impressed with the rapid progress her young trainee was making. Seema then took a hot shower and used Jenny’s razor to shave her pubic bush and under her arms. As she dressed, she found her panties seemed to be rubbing her in a totally new way. She enjoyed the erotic sensations she Escort Aydınlı was getting from her freshly shaved pussy. “This evening you will get your chance to dance on stage. I hope you do well. Mr. Tamraj will probably be watching. I think he will be pleased. If he is, you will have a much easier time working at The Wild West, and you can make a lot of money.” The girls relaxed until later that evening when it was time to go to The Wild West. Seema picked out her own costume for the evening from the club’s dressing room. She selected a pale green lingerie set. The bikini type of bra and panties left little to the imagination. The set came with a matching nearly floor length robe that was made of only slightly heavier material than the rest of the outfit. When Seema followed Jenny out onto the club’s main floor, she found the lighting made her gown glow like a pale green apparition. She seemed to have become a beautiful ghost floating across the floor. Almost every man in the place turned to look at her as she followed Jenny to the side of the stage. Seema was getting nervous again. She knew her turn on the stage was coming soon. As she waited her turn, the nervous girl sipped a glass of wine. She had found that a little wine helped calm her nerves. Finally, Jenny leaned over and whispered in Seema’s ear. “It’s your turn on stage. Just do your best. You’re a lovely young girl and the men will love you.” With her legs shaking, Seema climbed the steps to the stage. As the music began, she handed Jenny her robe and began her dance. She strutted and swayed around the elevated platform. Even though she was frightened and shaking like a leaf in a gale, she didn’t let anyone else know it. Seema appeared confident to the men around the stage. Those closest to the stage, could see her hands shaking as she removed her top and tossed it to Jenny between her two-song set. Jenny had been right. The men around the stage seemed to love Seema. Her young fresh good looks and her obvious nervousness had them hooting and hollering in appreciation of her efforts. Many of them threw money onto the stage floor. Several men approached the edge of the stage with money in their hands and beckoned Seema to come to them. Swallowing her nerves, Seema approached the men one at a time and bent over. Thus, she allowed them to touch her. With broad smiles on their faces, the men stuffed money into her thin panties. As they did so, they were allowed to pat her ass or tits. It was a grateful Seema that heard the end of her second dance song, meaning her first time on stage was complete. She smiled at her appreciative audience as she gathered the money they had thrown onto the stage for her. When she returned to the table next to the stage, she sat with the other girls waiting their turn to dance. Seema found she had made almost twenty dollars.

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