16 Mart 2023

Kate Darling – The Buxom Buccaneer


Author’s note – I have been unable to find a way to format text so that italics and bold print may be seen after the story is posted here. Also, my keyboard will not allow me the use of em-dashes anymore. I apologize for these distractions and hope they do not cause much confusion.


The hatch was thrown open and sunlight streamed down into the fetid cargo hold. Kate Darling, lying in a heap atop a bale of soft trade goods raise her head and squinted into the dazzling light.

“Fetch the wench up out of there, Mr. Smithers,” she heard the captain say. “And be quick about it.”

Kate arranged herself into a sitting positing, and shielding her eyes with her hand, watched Emmet Smithers, first mate of the galleon, Willow, descend into the belly of the merchant ship. He turned to her with a rueful smile and wiped the palms of his hands on his trousers.

“Sorry to disturb ye, Miss,” he said. “Cap’n wants ye up top.”

“Again? He’s a persistent little fellow isn’t he?”

Smithers smile faded. He took her gently under he arms and lifted her down from her perch. “Don’t make a fuss now, girl. It’ll do ye no good.”


“No buts this time, Miss, “Smithers said softly. “‘E means to ‘ave ye and it won’t do to cross ‘im.

Dark ringlets bounced when Kate tossed her head, and fire flashed in her deep blue eyes. “We’ll just see about that!”

“Smithers!” the captain bawled from above.

“Coming, Cap’n.” Smithers pointed to the narrow ladder. “Please, Miss.”

“All right, Mr. Smithers, I’ll go quietly,” said Kate. “And I do thank you for you many kindnesses.” She shook some of the dust and bits of filth from her skirt and adjusted the bodice of her frock to better accommodate her pendulous breasts before pulling herself onto the first steps of the ladder.

As Kate neared the lip of the open hatchway, rough hands reached down and hoisted her up onto the gun deck where she found herself face to face with the ship’s master, Captain Nigel Terwilliger.

“Now then, my pretty,” Terwilliger said with a leer. “Has a week with the rats and spiders softened your resolve?”

She smiled at the bandy legged captain and stroked his pock-marked cheek. “If you mean will I sleep with you now, dear Nigel,” she cooed. “The answer is…still no!”

Kate drew herself up to her full height and thrust her magnificent bosom defiantly to the fore, expecting the captain’s wrath to explode once again. But Nigel Terwilliger merely rocked back on his heels and opened his lips in a dark toothed smile.

“Forgive me, m’lady, I seem to have forgotten my manners,” he said with a syrupy voice. “I’ll wager you’re absolutely ravenous. There’s a fine supper laid out for you in my cabin.”

He nodded to the pair of deckhands who had lifted her from the hold. “Show Miss Darling to my quarters, men. And lock her in!”

The sailors dragged Kate toward the ship’s stern. Terwilliger cabin was a wooden, box-like structure built between decks so its crown extended into the open air above the main deck. With a few coarse remarks and a good slap on her bottom, the two seamen sent her sprawling on the rough floor planks before slamming the heavy oaken door.

Kate waited until she heard the key turn in its lock, then sprang to her feet. She leapt onto the captain’s bunk, thrust her lovely face through the porthole and hungrily gulped in her first breaths of fresh air in many days. “God, but that’s good,” she murmured as the sea breeze wafted through her air and cooled her skin.

“What I’d give to climb the mast,” she whispered. “Naked as a babe I’d climb like a monkey to the highest point and I’d not come down until the stink of this filthy scow was blown off me for good. I’d…What’s this, then?”

Kate squinted at the horizon trying to bring into focus the tiny speck that had caught her eye. “Is it…No! Could it be? Yes, by glory…it’s…Bless my soul, it’s another ship!”

She clapped her hands and laughed aloud at her good fortune. Then remembering her situation, she plopped dejectedly down on Terwilliger’s bed.

“Don’t be a fool,” she told herself. “Wouldn’t matter if there were a hundred ships out there or a thousand. There’s none can help Kate Darling now.”

But two ships meeting on the open ocean was a rare occurrence she knew, and this chance encounter might just postpone her ravishment. In the meantime there was little she could do but quiet the grumblings of her empty stomach.

The ‘fine supper’ turned out to be a small dish of boiled beef, a stale biscuit and a flagon of tepid water left for her on the captain’s table. Humble fare to be sure, but a feast compared to the scraps she’d been tossed while imprisoned below decks. Kate polished off the tiny meal in a trice and celebrated its demise with grateful, yet dainty burp. Her contentment was short-lived. With a sinking heart, she heard Nigel Terwilliger’s key rattling in the door lock.

“Ah, you’ve eaten,” he said, striding into the room. “No need to thank Antalya Escort me, girl.”

“You needn’t worry yourself on that account.”

“Saucy bitch, aren’t you?” The captain glared at her a moment as he fingered an ugly boil on his neck, then he moved behind the small table and seated himself on an upturned cask.

“I have in my possession something that’s sure to still your wagging tongue.” He reached inside his coat. “Can you guess what this is, you dirty little magpie?” he asked, waving a leather packet at her. “Don’t bother…I’ll tell you.” He opened the pouch and removed some folded sheets of foolscap. “These are your papers, Miss Darling. Your traveling orders, if you will.”

Kate gasped in surprise, but quickly collected herself. “Those papers were sealed by the court,” she said evenly.

“Well, maybe they were and maybe they weren’t,” said the captain, pretending to examine the leather packet. “Perhaps the seal fell off.”

“You bastard,” Kate hissed. “You’re not allowed to read those papers. The magistrate…”

“Damn your eyes and damn any fool magistrate who tries to ship secrets with me!” Terwilliger’s fist slammed down onto the table with a loud bang. “I’m master of this vessel! Between ports I command this ship and everything on it and that includes your pretty little pussy! Do we understand each other, Miss?”

Kate crossed her arms on her heaving bosom and bit her lip to keep from spitting in his ugly face. After a few moments, Terwilliger affected a serene look and opened the folded sheets.

“Let’s just have a look then, shall we? Let’s see…name, Katherine Darling, age given as nineteen years. Mother deceased, father unknown…No surprise there, eh?” He traced the next lines with a grimy fingernail, his lips forming the words as he read silently.

“Um, yes,” he said. “Here ’tis. You were sentenced to the Heathrow debtor’s prison for failure to make good on a note held by a gentleman named Charles Hyde and…Oh my, it seems Mr. Hyde loaned you quite a substantial sum of money, young lady. A good friend was he? Or perhaps you were to provide some service in exchange…”

“It was for a shop,” Kate blurted out in spite of herself.

“A shop you say? What sort of shop? Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” Terwilliger dismissed Kate’s shop with a wave of his hand. “So the shop failed and you couldn’t repay the loan and your Mr. Hyde sent your lovely arse off to debtor’s prison.”

No, Kate thought. Not quite so fast as that. First he stripped me naked and bent me over the desk in his counting house. Then he took everything I owned and gave me to a madam in Whitechapel to work off my debt. And when I ran away he found me and he beat me but I ran away again and again until finally he had me thrown in prison. But I’ll burn before I tell this to you, Terwilliger, you slimy pustule!

“And now,” the captain continued, “let me see…ah, here we are. It seems your Mr. Hyde has a friend in the colonies who has assumed your debt. Now why would he do that, I wonder? Could it be that you are to be indentured to this American chap? This…what’s his name? Mr. Randolph Shelton of Carolina? Is that the case, my dear?”

The slump of her shoulders said it was.

“Well, I don’t envy you your future, dear Kate. No, not one little bit.” He shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “Still it can’t be worse than whoring in Whitechapel, eh?”

Terwilliger rose and stepped close to her. “We’ll be docking in Charleston inside the week. In the meantime…” He squeezed her left breast and winked. “You and I will have a bit of sport on the high seas eh, Kate?”

“I’m not be abused,” she said, fighting to keep a level voice. “Mr. Shelton insisted on it. It’s written there in the magistrate’s order.”

“Cunt!” Terwilliger slapped her hard and sent Kate spinning against the wall. “You dare put on airs with me, you whore?” He grabbed her arms and shook her viciously. “You’re a cheap slut, a woman of the streets who’s been sold into slavery. And now that I know your true station, I’ll have you as I please.”

“I’d rather mate with a poxed hyena!”

“You’ll do as you’re told or I’ll hoist you up the mast by your tits! I’ll bugger you six ways from Sunday and when I’m through you’ll suck my cock if I say so!”

He reached for her, intent on making good his threat but a loud knock at the door stilled his hand. “Cap’n”, Smithers voice called from beyond the door. “Sir, that schooner we spied off the starboard bow is comin’ ’round.”

“Damnation!” Terwilliger glared at Kate but his hands dropped to his sides. He called to the mate. “Are they within hailing distance?”

“They will be in a few minutes, Cap’n.”

“Very well. Carry on, Smithers.”

As the first mate’s footsteps clumped away, Kate finally let out her breath in a long sigh.

“Well then,” the captain said to her. “I must go and welcome our visitors. But I’ll be back directly and we’ll have our time together then. In there,” he said Antalya Escort Bayan pointing to a small cupboard, “is a bucket of water and soap. Wash yourself, girl. And don’t forget the ticklish parts…fore and aft.”

Alone once more, Kate’s agile mind began to churn as she paced the tiny cabin. What to do? She supposed she might simply surrender to the inevitable and lay with the captain of the Willow. After all, her days as a maid were far behind her. But when she’d escaped from Charles Hyde and the whorehouse, Kate Darling had vowed to reserve the pleasures of her body for those who could give her pleasure in return. Nigel Terwilliger would be a tortuous ritual, at best. Kate shuddered at the thought and determined to thwart the captain’s designs for as long as possible.

She searched the cabin for a weapon. Something heavy or sharp or explosive…anything that might keep Terwilliger’s pike in his pantaloons. Her search revealed nothing of value, but in the captain’s cupboard she found, as promised, an wooden bucket filled with reasonably clean water and a large cake of soap.

The water looked cool and refreshing. Tempted, Kate sniffed first the soap which she found to be unscented and then her underarms which she found to be most disagreeably scented. Dare she bathe herself? Had she time?

She crawled up onto the bunk and peered out through the porthole. Two seamen leaned against the starboard rail, waving and calling to their counterparts on the approaching ship. At the port railing stood one shirtless sailor happily pissing into the ocean. Above and all around was a general hubbub of hurried footsteps and loud voices as the Willow prepared to receive her visitors.

“Surely they’ll be busy for a bit,” Kate reckoned aloud as her fingers sought out the buttons of her frock.

She doffed the stained and fraying garment along with her pettiskirt and tossed them onto the bed. Her drawers and stockings lay torn and hopelessly soiled in a corner of the ship’s hold, so the removal of her shift produced the ‘naked as a babe’ condition she’d wished for earlier.

She swung the heavy water bucket out onto the floor and then knelt before it. With cupped hands she bathed her face and then splashed some water on her neck and torso. She rubbed the soap around her firm, young breasts, her arms and belly. Standing, she washed her ticklish parts, both fore and aft. “Fat lot of good it will do you, Nigel you damnable turd.”

With no sponge or even a scrap of rag to aid her, Kate, managed to clean her legs and buttocks admirably well. She shampooed the luxuriant thatch of her mons so vigorously, a small cloud of foamy lather was produced as well as some wickedly delicious sensations. Her pink nipples stiffened in anticipation. She briefly considered treating herself to a quick finger diddle but good sense and caution trumped that notion.

With no small effort, Kate raised the bucket above her head and poured the water over her body, rinsing the residue suds and soil from her flawless skin. Wet and slippery as a porpoise, she dove into Terwilliger’s bed and rolled around until the stale smelling bedclothes had blotted her dry.

She dressed quickly and was feeling quite pleased with herself when a terror-stricken voice trumpeted just outside the porthole, “Jesus fooking Christ! They’re pirates!”

This blood curdling announcement was followed by the roar of a cannon and the clatter of small arms fire. Outside the captain’s quarters, a general cacophony of shouts and curses erupted from every corner of the ship. Kate crouched against the wall and envisioned the confusion and panic on the deck. There seemed to be no pattern to the racing footsteps, no organized response to the surprise attack, only chaos and hysteria.

In a matter of moments, the Willow had surrendered and Kate heard the jubilant pirates board the merchant ship.

What now? she wondered. Had she been dumped from the pan into the fire? Nigel Terwilliger was a scabrous dog, but the freebooters who roamed the Atlantic were known to be blood thirsty ogres. Whose rough hands had she fallen into? Stede Bonney? Captain Kidd? The dreaded Blackbeard? Heavy footsteps outside the door signaled a forthcoming answer.

“Open it,” a rich baritone commanded.

The door was unlocked and thrown open. Nigel Terwilliger stood on the threshold looking sallow and unsteady. He was accompanied by a tall, black haired fellow with chiseled features and flashing dark eyes. The man wore high, soft boots, fitted breeches and a white silk shirt, open to reveal much of his manly torso.

Ooh, thought Kate. Aren’t you the pretty one?

The pretty one smiled and said, “Well, what have we here?”

“She’s my niece,” Terwilliger said quickly. “Her name is Kate. I’m taking her to the America.”

“Liar!” Kate shot the captain a hateful look before tuning her gaze to the handsome buccaneer. “I’m his prisoner,” she said. “This odious toad was going to rape me. Bugger me six ways Escort Antalya from Sunday, he said.” Kate gave a little shudder to make her bosom tremble, then fluttered her long eyelashes at the pirate. “Only your timely arrival kind sir, has saved me from rape and degradation.”

He took her hand and brought it to his lips. “Jack Ballantine, at your service, milady.”

“Handsome Jack Ballantine?”

“I’ve been called that by some,” he said modestly.

Kate fairly tingled at her good fortune. To be plucked from Terwilliger’s clutches by the most dashing freebooter ever to sail the seven seas…Impulsively, she stretched up on her toes and kissed Jack Ballantine on the lips.

“You’ve delivered me from a fate worse than death, Captain Ballantine. How will I ever repay you?”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something,” said Handsome Jack. “Sipes?”

A one-eyed man dressed in colorful silks appeared at Ballantine’s shoulder. “Aye, Cap’n?”

“Take this worthless shit heel below. I’ll deal with him later.”

Sipes took the deposed captain of the Willow by the scruff of the neck and led him noisily away. Ballantine closed the door with a bang and said, “Now where were we, darling Kate?”

With a smile, Kate threw herself into the pirate’s arms and locked her lips to his in a passionate kiss. Handsome Jack cupped the taut cheeks of her behind in his palms and pulled her close.

“Oh, Kate,” he breathed into her ear.

She reached down to the stiff flesh bulging in his breeches. “Oh, Jack!” she squealed.

Without further adieu, they tore off their clothing, tossing their garments willy-nilly about the cabin.

“Let me look at you, dear Kate.” said Jack.

Obligingly she performed a slow pirouette to give him a good view of her proud breasts, her dainty waist and graceful hips. She wiggled her sweet, dimpled bum in his direction and teasingly plucked at the lush curls of her mons.

“Exquisite!” He reached for her but Kate caught his hand and led him to the bunk, and with a gentle nudge she bade him to lie on the rumpled bed. She leaned down and whispered, “I give to you gladly what others would take by force.”

Kate pressed her soft lips to his while her clever fingers caressed his chest and belly. She stroked his stiffened manhood and gently squeezed his balls. Then she followed the path of her hand with her mouth, bestowing little kisses all along the way from his chin to his cock. She teased with her tongue and nuzzled her face against his loins; he sighed a murmured a long “Mmmnn” and buried his fingers in her dark hair.

Kate kissed his bollocks and licked the shaft of his prick from stem to tip and back again before closing her mouth over its swollen crown. Captain Jack moaned his pleasure as her head began to bob, taking him deeper and deeper. Her hands were everywhere…gliding, fondling, kneading.

Then she reversed her actions. She took his cock from her mouth and bedeviled it with her tongue, then kissed and nibbled her way across his belly and chest. Her lips and tongue danced over his chin, his cheeks, his eyelids.

He whispered, “My beautiful Kate,” and tried to pull her close.

“Be still,” she said softly.

She climbed up onto the bed and facing the footboard, planted a knee on either side of his head. For a moment she was still as a stone, allowing him a good look at her succulent, pink blossom. The she lowered herself slowly until the lustrous black curls around her pussy tickled the corners of his mouth. The pirate breathed deeply and touched the tip of his tongue to her pouting slit.

Oh, you’ll have to do better than that, Jack dear, she thought.

Kate settled a bit more, firmly seating her eager cunny against his lips and grinding ever so slightly.

Jack took the point and applied himself to her beckoning entrance with vigor. His tongue ventured between her lips and cavorted among the tender contours of her pussy, flicking and spearing. Like most men, Handsome Jack Ballantine was not fully schooled in the wondrous mysteries of a woman’s body, so it was only by chance that he came upon the tiny button that ignited her desire. Kate leaned forward, grasped his thighs with both hands and rocked back and forth with urgency.

“There, Jack,” she urged with a whisper. “Right there.”

He sucked and nibbled at her burning nubbin. Her silky thighs tightened about his head and her breath quickened into anxious huffs.

“Ahhh,” she moaned as her back straitened and her clawing fingers reached for the low ceiling. “Yes! Oh yes, by God…Yes!”

With a pounding heart, Kate perched like a happy bird on Ballantine’s face, savoring the tingle of orgasm. “Oh, I do so love a man with a clever tongue.”

“Mnnf?” said Captain Jack.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” Kate raised up on her knees and peered down between her thighs. “Not to fret, Jack dear. I haven’t forgotten you.” She bounced off the bed and leaned over him. “And I’ve saved the best for last.”

She kissed his shiny cheek and finding the taste and smell of her own essence titillating, kissed him several more times before leaping astride his hips. Taking his cock in hand, Kate guided it’s velvety head to her anxious cunt and then slowly, blissfully eased her self down over it.

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