26 Mart 2022

Katies Awakening 2


Katies Awakening 2How was school today? Katie’s mom asked. Just a regular day. I am glad tomorrow is Saturday. Are you going to see any of your friends this weekend? I don’t know maybe. If you don’t maybe we all can do something. Ok I am up for whatever. Katies mom Sandy was happy that she hadn’t grown up so much but she knew it was going to change real soon. She was a freshman; just starting high school had just started being interested in boys. She was developing nicely, not to fast or to slow but her looks went from c***dish to very cute teen over the summer. She had reddish brown hair with hazel eyes. Her skin was almond white and tanned nicely in the summer she was averaged height and weight and her curves and breasts were developing nicely. Sandy always the noticed the boys looking at Katie went to the mall. Katie never seemed pay attention but that too she knew would change. After dinner the three of them watched some Netflix and went to bed. Katie went to her room thinking about her afternoon but soon fell asleep. Katie awoke from a bad dream and then went out into the living a saw that the dining room light was on. She didn’t hear anything but she could tell someone was sitting at the table. As she came out of the darkness and into the light she squinted but could tell that Tom, her mom’s boyfriend was sitting there. As she got closer she saw that his shirt was open and then saw his arm moving fast in his lap. As she got closer Tom had seen her and stopped moving his hand. Why is your shirt open? She asked. And then came closer and saw that Tom was looking at naked girls on his laptop. Then she looked down and saw that his pajama pants were down around his ankles and that he was covering his lap. She turned around and tried to leave but Tom said wait don’t go. She wasn’t sure what to do but she stopped and turned back around. Tom asked, how long have you been standing there. Not long I just had a bad dream and came out because I saw you sitting here. What did you see? I just saw your hand moving in your lap. What were you doing? Why are you looking at naked girls? Tom said come and sit down and I will see if I can explain it to you. Katie sat down and looked at the screen. Tom was watching movies on two different viewers. On one screen Tom was watching deep throat compilations and on the other viewer the same girl was doing solo masturbation. Katie watched and realized she saw what Sheri was talking about, they were having sex. Katie said I heard you and mommy make those same noises but I didn’t know what you were doing. I even asked mommy and she said she would talk to me about it but now I see what you guys were doing. Katie looked at Tom and then asked, what are doing now. Tom said, you see how the girl is alone in that movie? Katie replied, “yah.” Well sometimes when people are alone they massage their private parts because it feels good. You see people have sex with each other because they love each other and it is a special way to show each other. Plus it feels really good so sometimes people have sex for fun. But sometimes when people are alone and they want to feel good they touch themselves. So is that türbanlı antalya escort what you were doing Tom, touching yourself? Yes I was Katie. Have you rubbed or touched yourself down there? Not really I let the shower hit me down there and it felt good but mom started yelling because I was in the shower a long time so I stopped. Do you feel comfortable sitting here with me now talking about it? Yes I do, I like you Tom. Well I like you too Katie, you are a very sweet girl and I don’t want to make you feel bad or uncomfortable. Do you want to keep watching these movies with me? Umm yes, but I would also like to see what you doing. Hmm Ok but I also want you to watch the girl by herself to see what she does because it will feel good and you are about the same age I was when I started touching myself. I will start touching myself and you can watch me, then you can try touching yourself too. Umm ok Tom but my body is not as nice as the girl in the movie she has bigger titties then me. Its ok hun just relax, watch what she does and then try it. Katie watched as the girl in the movie rubbed her body. She watched how the girl squeezed her tits then pinched her nipples. The girl then moved her hands down her tummy and over her clit. Meanwhile Tom had found a solo male masturbation movie. Katie then watched as the guy in the movie stroked his long hard shaft. Tom sat back and relaxed and put his hands on Katies thigh. Katie turn to see Toms hard cock. Tom asked, Have you ever seen a penis before? No said Katie. Why don’t you just watch what I do for now. Ok said Katie. Tom began to stroke his cock. Katie noticed that it got bigger and bigger. Tom began to moan and Katie asked, does that feel good ? Tom said Yes , you should try rubbing yourself like the girl in the movie. Katie said I am not sure what to do. Tom said can I touch you down there and rub you there to show how it feels. Katie said umm ok. Tom began to run Katie’s pussy lightly. He made small light circles then made small more intense circles over her clit. Then he said see just move your hand over it like that and right there at the top is the area that is the most sensitive, you try. Katie slid her hand down her pajama bottoms and over her pussy. Tom placed his hand over Katies and guided her. Tom said first make circles over it then press harder right there. Katie liked the feel of Toms strong hand on her pussy and the feel of his muscles against her tummy and titties. She started to feel a sensation she had never felt before and then looked over and saw that Tom was rubbing his cock with his free hand. Katie said this feels good. Tom removed his hand and said, That’s good hun just keep going and you will feel better and better then soon you will have a nice surprise. Katie watched the movies and watched Tom. She saw the girl in the movie began to sigh louder then start to cum. Katie stopped rubbing her pussy and asked, what’s happening. That’s the surprise I told you about it’s called an orgasm. It is a sexual release and it feels really good. Katie started to rub her pussy then watched as the guy in the movie türbanlı antalya escort bayan began to moan then shoot his load. Katie asked, what’s that white stuff? Tom said, that is semen. Guys squirt that when they orgasm. Is that what you are going to do? Yes just keep watching I am going to shoot my white stuff real soon. Tom began to squeeze his cock harder and stroke faster. Keep rubbing yourself Katie you look so hot and you are making me so excited I am going to shoot my load! Katie watched as Tom pumped and pumped his cock. Im cuming. Katie saw Toms cum shoot out of his cock. She heard Tom moaning, it was the same moan she heard the other night when she was standing outside her mom’s bedroom. Tom relaxed sat back and sighed, that felt real good, what did you think. Katie said that looked real neat. How do you feel down there he asked. Katie said it felt real good when I was rubbing but I stopped because I wanted to see what you were doing. I want to try to have an orgasm it looks like it feels good. I heard you make that same noise the other night, now I understand why. It is also called cuming hun, people say I want to cum, make me cum or I am cuming. Yes I heard you say that the other night too, now I understand. You heard your mom and I moan the other night? Yes, I never heard it before and I wasn’t sure what happening but now I understand. Hmmm, does your mom know this? Yeah she said she was going to talk to me about it. Well let me tell her about this first ok, then maybe we can ask her to help you learn how to cum. Thanks Tom I like you, you the best boyfriend my mom has had since my dad left. Thanks Katie, I think you are real sweet, very pretty and I like you too. Well, I am not popular with the boys at school. Ha, the boys your age are stupid right now, be patient they will like real soon. I think you should go to bed now it is late and you have school in the morning. Ok Tom, when are you going to teach me to cum? I will see what your mom says first but you can practice by yourself, that is the best way to learn so you do it whenever you want. Just remember, Tom put his hand over Katie’s pussy and rubbed it, first small circles like that then press hard right there. Katie grabbed Toms arm and hugged it tightly against her body. Mmm it feels good when you do it Tom don’t stop please, I want to cum please make me cum. Toms got so excited that he rubbed Katie’s pussy furiously. Katie grabbed Toms arm and pushed her crotch against Toms hand. Tom said, Yes that’s it push against my hand. Katie soon felt a wave come over her and said Oh Tom it feels so good I think… oh my gawd Tom Im cuming. Tom slowed his movement down and watched as Katie came. She was breathing hard and grinding her hand against Toms hand. Her whole body shook and convulsed and she dug her nails into Toms forearm. Katie let out a big sigh and moaned loudly, oh my gawd you made me cum so good, I understand now it feels so good. As Katie’s orgasm subsided she relaxed her grip on Toms arm and breathed deep. Tom put his arm around Katie and looked down at her young body. He was hard türbanlı escort antalya again but he knew he needed to exercise control here, he knew he would be her first but he wanted to keep a good thing going. Katie saw Toms cock and reached over and ran her fingers over the shaft. Are you going to teach me how to make you come too? Yes just take the shaft of my cock and rub it and down. Katie grabbed Toms cock and did as instructed. Tom said make sure you go over the head like this. Tom stroked his cock and showed Katie what he meant. The top is the most sensitive just like your pussy. It is the area where you focus on to make a guy cum. Katie grabbed Toms cock again and began to stroke up and down and then over the head with her palm. Tom said, now try this. He grabbed Katies forearm and squeezed and with his free hand he stroked up and down. Again Katie did as instructed, she grabbed the base of his cock and stroked up and down the shaft of his cock. Like that she asked. Yes said Tom, It will be easier if you kneel down in front of me. Katie kneeled down in front of Tom and was looking right at Toms cock. She liked how it looked in her hand. Yes that good hunny, now go stroke it faster. Katie stroked his cock faster and felt his thighs clench. Tom said faster hunny faster. Katie stroked faster and saw Tom breathe faster. Now slow down a little, Tom said. Katie slowed down and felt the shaft of Toms cock throb. Slower Katie, go slower and squeeze it hard too. Katie slowed down and saw a clear fluid seep out of the hole. That’s real good Katie. That clear liquid is called pre-cum. That means you’re doing a great job and that I will cum soon. That’s good Tom I want to make you feel good. Ok hunny you ready, you really want to make me cum? Yes Tom yes I really do. Ok hunny just do the same thing, start going a little faster. Go faster and faster and squeeze harder. When you see the white stuff come out then slow down and squeeze, the white stuff needs to be squeezed out at the end ok. Ok Tom. Katie started to pump Toms cock nice and slow. Ummm yes Katie that’s good. Katie then started to go a little faster and she felt Toms cock throb. She slowed down and rubbed the head with her palm. Oh yeah that’s a good girl. Katie started to go faster and saw Tom lean back against the chair and then grip the arm rest tightly. Katie then went faster. Yes that’s it good girl. Katie went even faster and then squeezed the shaft harder. Yes Katie make me cum! Katie stroked his cock as fast as she could and Tom moaned out loud AGH I cumming baby Im cumming. Katie saw Toms load shoot straight up in the air and some landed on cheek and on her chest. It felt warm and then she slowed down and squeezed the shaft and she saw cum ooze out of the hole and cover her hand. Wow it is so warm. She saw Toms body jerk and shake as she squeeze the cum out. Tom said that’s good baby just go slow now and stop when it stops coming out. Katie watched as the warm sticky cum seeped to out. She looked up and Tom and asked, did I do it right? Yes you did. It felt great. I came good. Katie stood up a hugged Tom. I am so happy I did it right. I hope we can do it again. We will Katie and make sure you try on your own to make yourself cum. It will be fun and exciting you will see. I will. Its very late hunny you better go to bed now. Ok Tom good night. Good night hunny. Katie went to her room and laid down and smiled. She felt like she learned so much she couldn’t wait to tell Sheri. She fell asleep shortly after thinking that.

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