4 Ağustos 2022

Katie’s Bathroom Experience Ch. 02


This is a story written at the request of several people. It contains water sports (peeing) and scat. If you don’t like those you will not like this story so don’t read it. If you like these I hope you like my story. If you would like me to try other things just say so and I will try.


Installing the hidden cameras in my house was one of the best things I ever did. Now I am able to spy on Katie whenever I want. I have learned much about her sexual desires. I found out about her and Pat and just how much Katie likes bathroom play.

The last time Pat was over and used out bathroom we had apparently run out of toilet paper now I discovered that wasn’t true, it was just a little game Katie was playing.

I am at work now watching Katie and Pat on my spy camera. They are in the living room chatting and having a couple of drinks. Pat had returned the dress and the underwear she borrowed from Kate. Pat said she was sorry but she had cleaned the dress but forgot to wash the panties Katie said that was ok and picked up the panties. She asks what the white stain in the front was. Pat blushed and said it might be Bob’s cum. We got so turned on that he just pushed the panties said and fucked her. Then Katie said what this brown stain might be as she brought the panties to her nose. Pat said you know dam well what it is.

Katie stuck out her tongue to get a little taste. She said tastes pretty good but I like it fresher. Pat stood up and said that might be arranged. Pat turned her back to Katie and lara kendi evi olan escort lowered her panties and handed them to Katie. Katie said these are a little to clean. With that Pat took them back and wiped her ass. Handing them back Katie said now that’s a little more like it. I could see a little brown stain on her panties.

Katie said that’s a little better but I think we can do much better. Katie took Pats hand and said let’s go to the bathroom. I lost sight of them as they went upstairs. It took over 10 minutes for them to get to the bathroom. When they entered the bathroom they were both naked.

Katie told Pat to lean over the sink as she dropped between Pat’s legs. Katie played with Pats pussy along time before spreading her ass cheeks. Katie licked Pats asshole and I could see it was spotless. Then I heard Katie to tell her to shit. Pat tried; I could see her ass pucker. Pat said she couldn’t shit this way. Katie lay on the floor and Pat squatted above her. I couldn’t see Pats ass anymore but by the expression on her face I knew she was trying to shit.

Katie kept telling her to shit but still nothing. Katie called her a worthless bitch and a shitless whore. Still nothing then Katie told her to lie on the floor. Katie got over Pat and said “you worthless piece of shit whore I don’t know what fucking good you are”. “Her bitch watch me ass shit on you “. Katie lowered her ass over Pat and rubbed her asshole on Pat’s hard nipple.

I lara otele gelen escort could see Pat’s nipple and breast turn brown as Katie shit on her. Pat’s face showed she loved having Katie shit on her. Katie then moved over and shit on her other breast. Katie stood up and asks Pat “now you bitch how does it feel having a real woman shit on you”

Pat said “I love having a real woman shit on me. I am just a fuckin whore to be shit on”.

Katie spread her pussy lips and began to pee on Pat’s breasts. Pat rubbed the pee into her breasts smearing the shit all over. Katie lay on top of Pat and mashed their breasts together covering both their breasts in shit and piss.

Katie slid up and rubbed her shitty breast in Pats face. Pat turned her face trying to avoid her tits. Katie said “lick my breast; I want your tongue on my shitty breast”. Pat kept turning her head away. Katie Lightly slapped her and said “I told you to lick my shitty breast you worthless piece of shit, you’re worse than my sack of shit husband, he won’t even lick my shitty asshole: This excited Pat and she began licking Katie’s breast. Pat’s lips soon turned brown with Katie’s shit. I could see Katie fingering her pussy as Pat licked her breast. It appeared that she was also fingering Pat’s cunt.

After a few minutes Pat screamed “finger my cunt harder bitch” Pat’s body as shook as her orgasm started. Katie set up and used both hands on Pat’s cunt. She had several fingers in Pat’s cunt. lara rus escort I thought she was going to stick her whole hand in her cunt. Pat bucked against her fingers as she came.

Kate took her fingers and sucked Pat’s pussy juice off them. Kate still hadn’t cum; she stood up and got one of her dildos from the drawer. She then set down placing her ass over Pat’s mouth. Katie wiggled her ass on Pats tongue as she slid the dildo deep into her cunt. Katie feverously fucked her cunt with the dildo. Katy was humping Pats mouth now as her orgasm started. Katie pulled the dildo from her cunt and tossed it on the floor.

She collapsed beside Pat. Katie rested her head on Pats breast. It didn’t seem to matter that they were still covered with shit. Pat stroked her hair as they both recovered from their orgasms. Katie turned her head and started licking Pats breasts. Katie responded by running her fingers through Pat’s thick bush.

I could barley hear what they were saying but I did hear Katie ask her if Bob and she ever played like this. She said they did a lot. It seems that Bob particularly liked to lick her ass clean after she had shit. Pat asks about us and she replied that I had never expressed much interest in it. Well little did she know I would love to do it with her? Starting over the next few days I would be working my way up to it.

Pat said she needed to clean up and go home. They both got in the shower and started to wash each other. When they finished they went to find their clothes and dress. Katie went to the living room and picked up Pat’s panties. Before heading back upstairs I saw Katie take the panties and wipe her ass with them. A little gift I thought.

Pat left and Katie went about straightening the house. I still had a few more hours work and I closed out the camera site. Soon I was hoping to be licking Katie’s dirty asshole.

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