1 Mayıs 2023

Katie’s Favorite Son – Part 2


Katie looked at her watch. What the hell was taking Chad so long? Chad was her twenty-one-year-old younger son, and they only had an hour, maybe less, before the rest of the family returned. He was worse than her college students. She decided to text him.“If you aren’t here in ten minutes, we aren’t doing it.”Before she could send the text, she heard a car pull up onto the driveway. Katie opened the door with her hands on her hips.“You’re late,” she said, putting on her “teacher” mode.“You know that doesn’t work on me,” Chad said.“Just get inside, it’s raining,” she said while grabbing his shirt. She looked him up and down.Chad stood at six foot three, towering over his five-foot-four mother. His dark, buzz-cut hair glistened from the rain. His shirt was soaked, revealing his muscles and chain necklace underneath.Chad eyed his mother as well. Her medium-length, brown hair was tied in a ponytail, D-cup breasts protruding through her t-shirt.“You’re drenched, young man. Take that shirt off,” Katie said, still with her hands on her hips.He peeled his shirt off, his eight-pack body stretching in front of his mother. Katie bit her lower lip.Chad turned on some romantic music and moved towards Katie, wrapping his arms around her.“So, you Girne Escort ready, mom?” Chad asked.Katie backed away slightly.“We’ve talked about this, Chad. When we’re alone you call me ‘Katie’, not ‘Mom’,” she said.“Ok, Katie,” Chad said with a grin.Katie returned a grin and kissed Chad on the lips. The couple swayed to the music. Katie turned around so Chad could lift her shirt and place his hands on her breasts, as well as feel his hard muscles on her back. She watched herself in the mirror, admiring her still-youthful image at age forty-three, with a hot, muscular stud behind her. Chad placed his hand down her jeans and gently caressed her vagina bush.“Mmmm,” Katie purred.“Shall we, um, take this upstairs?” Chad asked, still swaying to the music.Katie let out a giggle and nodded.Chad held his mother’s hand and made their way to the staircase. Her shirt fell back over her breasts as she walked. Not that it mattered; it wouldn’t stay on for long.The front door suddenly opened. Her older son Luke had opened the door. “Oh, hey, Luke,” Katie breathed. “What are you doing home early?”“Uh, yeah, hey, bro,” Chad said nervously.Katie was just thankful her shirt had fallen, or else it would’ve been Magosa Escort an awkward situation.“I always leave early on Friday,” Luke said.“Oh,” She said rather flatly.She looked at Chad’s bare, muscular chest. Unfortunately for Luke, he didn’t have the looks or confidence that his brother had.Luke eyed Chad, and then his mother. Katie knew he was sussing the two of them out.“Chad’s about to go in the shower,” Katie said. “You should as well.”“Yeah, why don’t you go first? You look soaked,” Chad asked.Luke agreed and went upstairs, leaving Katie and Chad alone again. They waited in silence until they heard the shower.“I told you, you were late!”, Katie hissed, gently poking Chad in the chest. “Next, your dad will come, and we won’t be able to have sex for God knows how long!”“Can’t get enough of me, can ya,” Chad smirked.Katie crossed her arms in frustration.“You owe me, big time,” she said.”I got it covered,” Chad replied and tapped his mom on the ass as she stormed away. Katie’s husband, John, joined her and her two sons for their usual evening meal. She was still annoyed with Chad’s tardiness, yet couldn’t deny what a hunk he was. Seeing his muscles underneath his vest made her squirm in Lefkoşa Escort her seat! She looked over at her husband. She couldn’t fathom how such an average-looking man could father a son like Chad.Her oldest son, Luke, was twenty-five and still looked like a teenager, and many people often mistook Chad as the older sibling, despite being four years younger. No wonder he had trouble with getting women. “Dad, you like rock music, yeah?” Chad spoke.”Um, yes. Why do you ask?” John replied.”Guy at work gave me a ticket to see some band tomorrow, out of town. Don’t wanna go, what about you?” Chad suggested.He handed John the ticket.”Aw, Maiden! Hell yeah,” John exclaimed. “But just one ticket? Sure you don’t want to go?””Nah, I hate rock, but you like ‘Iron Man’ or whatever don’t you? You should go,” Chad said.”Maiden,” Luke sighed, rolling his eyes.”It’s Iron Maiden, Chad. But thank you,” John replied.He looked at his wife.”Anyway, your mom’s in charge. What do you say, dear,” John asked.”Oh, go and enjoy yourself!” Katie said cheerfully. “Up the irons and all that!””It’s a long drive so I’ll be staying overnight afterward, is that ok with you all?” John asked.Katie and Chad glanced at each other with knowing looks.”We’ll be fine, dad!” Luke interrupted.Katie smiled to herself. Chad had it all planned. She just had to do something about Luke. *** Luke spent the rest of the day in his room listening to music and browsing the internet. The next day couldn’t have come sooner. His father said his goodbyes and left for the concert.

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