16 Mart 2023

KattieLynn , Tucker: An Evening at Home


We had been married for about a year. Tucker and I work at the same location, but he goes in about an hour after I do and gets home usually well after me. I start dinner and we eat after he gets home and has a chance to unwind. Pretty usual, I would say, for a young couple. It was a Friday evening, about 7:00 when I got in. My period had just ended and as we always do, we abstain from sex during that time. I wear a tampon during the day and a pad at night, so instead of sleeping nude, I wear panties. All we do during that time is cuddle (which is hard on him and equally hard on me and no pun intended!). After 5 days, I was just as horny as he was and was looking forward to the evening.

I was in the kitchen when he got home, working at the sink. I heard the door open and called out, “I’m in here, Tuck.”

I heard him drop his stuff by the door and his footsteps coming into the room, but I didn’t turn around. “How was your day?”

“Not bad,” he said, coming up behind me. I felt his arms come around me under my arms, his hands sliding under my top and cupping my breasts. “Hmm. Something smells awfully good.” I turned, in his arms, wet hands and all, and kissed him. Not your usual ‘peck on the lips, welcome home’, but a deep “Hey! I’m here!” kind of kiss, the kind I know he’ll respond to in the way I was looking for!

“When I said ‘something smells good’, I wasn’t necessarily referring to what was on the stove” he laughed. Not that my cooking is all that bad; it just isn’t all that good! But a girl has other ways to make up for a lack of cooking skills and I think I had those skills pretty well mastered. “What’s on the stove?” he asked.

“Nothing that won’t keep” I replied, a twinkle in my eye (actually, nothing was on the stove since all the action I hoped for tonight had little, is anything to do with the kitchen!). His reaction was just what I hoped it would be! He kissed me again, his hands moving down to cup the cheeks of my ass, pulling my hips forward, grinding my pubic mound against the growing hardness in his pants. “My, someone sure is hungry” I said, laughing in his ear. “Unless I’m seriously mistaken, there’s another person in this room with the same degree of hunger and, I might observe, hungry for the same meal!” he responded, returning my jest.

We kissed again, deeply. My hands were tangled in his hair, as I rubbed my breasts against his chest. His hands moved to zipper of my jeans, swiftly pulling it down and trying to slip his hand inside. “Wait” I said, undoing the snap at the waist. These jeans were pretty tight and there was barely enough room for me in them, let alone his big hand! It didn’t take him long to get his fingers working at the top of my pussy, lightly rubbing the mound through the silky material and trying to get to the groove of my sex.

I was feeling particularly playful, so I reached behind me and scooped up a handful of water from the sink. I splashed the water at him, ducked under his arms, and ran to the doorway to the living room, turning and sticking my tongue out at him, laughing as he sputtered with water running into his eyes and nose. “You little devil! Wait till I catch you!” and the chase was on! Since my jeans had started to slip over my hips, I couldn’t have run fast if I tried, not that I was trying too hard! He took three steps and caught me by the couch. He sat down, pulling me forward Antalya Escort and over his lap (YES, a playful spanking to start things off!). I landed face down (a bit of artful turning involved here) and, in a flash, he had my jeans down to my knees, with my panty covered ass under his hand. Tucker knows to not spank too hard – it’s all play for us. He whacked me several times but, since his hand was cupped, it made lots of noise, but didn’t hurt. Next he peeled my panties down, exposing my cheeks. He whacked those a few times, a lot softer now, with a quite a bit of caressing the cheeks and into the crack, between these playful swats. I was busy grinding my mound against his thighs, kicking off my sneakers. I was really getting turned on by this point! One of his fingers found the bud of my anus, probing and pressuring it, while his other fingers were busy traveling downward to my very wet sex.

Since he wasn’t holding me, I wiggled off his lap, landing on my feet. I was holding my jeans up with one hand, laughing and trying to get away (actually, I wanted to head for the bedroom, but he had other ideas!). “Oh, no you don’t! You started this and I know just how to finish it!” he said, making a grab for my arm. I avoided his grab and scooted down the hall, headed towards the bedroom. He caught me just outside the bathroom.

“So, you want to play, do you?” he muttered. “Well, we’ll just see about that!” He started to tickle me as we stood in the hallway. Now, I’m VERY ticklish! He knows that and he also knows that when he tickles me, I have to pee!

“Tucker, if you don’t stop that, I’ll pee right here in the hall!” I’m laughing, he’s laughing, and I’m still holding my jeans up and wiggling around as he keeps it up. I slip away from him, dodge into the bathroom, skin down my jeans and panties to my ankles, and just make it to the toilet before I start to pee. He follows me in and, as I finish and wipe myself, he grabs me and picks me off the pot. My jeans and panties are still around my feet as he throws me over his shoulder and carries me into the bedroom. I’m laughing so hard the tears are running down my cheeks. He’s busy slapping playfully at my upturned ass since I’m upside down over his shoulder and naked from the waist down and; by the way, he’s copping a MAJOR feel of my ass, my pussy, whatever he can reach.

He flips me right side up and onto the bed, grabs my jeans and panties, and finishes pulling them off. I sit up, resting on my elbows as he quickly strips off his pants, shorts, and shirt, kicking off his shoes and his socks. His wonderful cock is sticking straight out in front of him. “Oh my, what have we here?” I ask, coyly looking up at him. He flops down on the bed next to me. By this point, I want nothing more than for him to fuck me! I’m so wet I can feel the juices gathering in my pussy, the smell of my own sex strong in the room. He reaches over and pulls at my sweat top, helping me lift it over my head. I’m not wearing anything under it, so he’s now got total access to my breasts. The only thing I’m wearing is my sweat socks!

“Not yet, baby! You teased me, now it’s my turn!” He grabs my arm and pulls me towards him, turning me and moving me so I’m kneeling with my legs on either side of his head, my face towards his feet. I know just what he wants as I lower my hips to bring my pussy to his mouth. I shudder Antalya Escort Bayan as his tongue makes contact with my clit, his hands reaching around my hips to grasp the cheeks of my ass, pulling them apart and, at the same time, separating the lips of my pussy, exposing even more of my clit to his very talented tongue. I lower my face to his erect cock, gripping the base with one hand, resting my forearm on the mattress and licking the glistening drops of his pre-cum up like a cat at a bowl of cream! My breasts are flattened against his abdomen and I’m dragging the nipples against the hard plane of his muscles.

“God, he tastes good!” I think, as I engulf the plum-like head of his cock in my mouth, his tongue now slipping between the lips of my vagina, licking me from front to back, tweaking my clit with each pass. I grind my hips down, asking by my action for him to fuck me with his tongue. I feel the juices from my pussy smearing his face, making it super slippery. I know neither of us will last very long like this, not after several days of abstinence. My hips are positively dancing now, his tongue busy driving in and out of me, the tip of his chin bouncing against my clit, his fingers gripping my spread ass cheeks. I can feel the first climax start to roil through my belly, building like a storm just over the horizon! With a crash, I start to cum, still sucking on his magnificent cock! I rear back, his cock springing out of my mouth, spraying me with a mixture of his pre-cum and my saliva.

I can hear myself grunting out my climax as he continues to drive me higher and higher, his tongue darting in and out of my channel, his chin rubbing my super sensitive clit! I collapse forward, spent, the ripples running up into my belly, my pussy pulsing and wanting his cock. I want him to fuck me! I want him to fuck me NOW!

He grips my hips and turns me, bringing me down on the bed. My legs are open, my knees flexed upward and he moves to kneel between them. The head of his cock is resting right at the lower opening into my body, his face inches from mine as he leans forward. “Well, what does this bad girl want?” he asks, a smile on his face. He knows damn well what I want! He bobs his hips, letting just the head pop in and out of the opening between the lips. Tell me what you want” he says, still smiling down at me.

“You cruel bastard! You know just what I want!” I whisper.

“Yes, but you have to ask for it, and please, do it nicely!”

“Oh, Tucker, please fuck me” I murmur.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t quite hear you” he says, still bobbing his hips, driving the head of his cock in and out, slipping it up to bang against my clit from time to time.

“Tucker, PLEASE FUCK ME” I shout.

“Sorry, I don’t speak that language. Try telling me what ‘FUCK ME NOW’ means.”

“Tucker, you know very well what it means! I want you to stick that wonderful cock of yours into my pussy! I want to feel it spread me open, fill me to the fullest! I want to feel your balls bouncing on the cheeks of my ass!”

Nothing turns him on more than when I talk dirty! For some strange reason, my guy loves it! The dirtier, the better, but I’m careful not to do it too often – why wear it out?

“Ah, that’s what I thought you meant. Wasn’t sure, but that’s what I thought” and still he’s bobbing his hips, his cock popping in Escort Antalya and out and, no matter how I try, I can’t catch it to drive it in! By now, my pussy is positively SCREAMING for him. “”Well, if you’re sure, and you know I always aim to please….” and only now does he sink down into me, deeper and deeper, my pussy expanding to accept the length and width of him, the hardness opening me, stretching me, that wonderful familiar feel of him inside me. I smile up at him, positively purring like a cat – knowing I have him now!

My legs are locked around his waist, his hands are flat on the bed next to my head and his arms are extended, holding his torso away from me, the only point of contact his cock buried deep inside me. My arms are clasped around his neck as I feel his balls slap into the cheeks of my ass. “Now for some serious fucking!” I think to myself, my eyes screwed tightly shut, his cock moving in and out, driving me wild as the topside scraps along the tip of my clit, the head slipping in and sliding over the G-spot. He starts pounding into me, pounding harder and harder. His balls are slapping my ass, his hips driving him forward as we do the age-old dance of mating couples. My hips are rising to meet his downward thrusts, meeting him halfway, and retreating to fall back to the bed as he withdraws.

Again and again, he fucks into me. The feelings are building very quickly, and I can feel my channel start to contract on his hard length. I know I’m just a few strokes away from coming. He changes the angle just a little, scooting forward so his cock is now hitting squarely on the G-spot with every stroke. That’s all I need! The climax starts deep in my abdomen, radiating out and upward, spreading through my belly and racing up my spine. I see fireworks! Shooting lights go off inside my head, behind my eyes! And on and on he pounds.

I grunt out my climax, my eyes still tightly screwed shut. He’s getting close; I know he has to be! Still he’s fucking into me, my pussy clamping down, milking his cock, wanting him to cum, but not wanting him to stop! My climax passes, he’s still rock hard and going at it. He lowers his torso to my chest, flatting my breasts, his hands moving to cup the cheeks of my ass as he lifts my hips to drive as deep as he can into me, his face buried in the crook of my neck, my arms and legs locked around him, the feeling of being open, invaded, and stretched by him an overwhelming presence in my mind. The only part of my body in contact with the bed is my upper back, as he lifts my hips even higher, grinding his pubic bone against my pussy mound.

He thrusts into me with short rapid strokes, now holding me clamped to him, as his climax starts, a stream of his cum positively slamming into my channel, filling me!

It feels so hot! He keeps pumping, stream after stream of his cum deep inside of me, his cock pulsating with each ejaculation! I’m in heaven! The feelings is so good, to be filled by him, the man I love!

At last, his climax passes and he collapses to the side, our bodies still joined, his cock still embedded in me. His eyes are shut and I gaze into his face, sweat trickling off his brow. I’ve never loved him more than I do at that moment, my very own Tucker; his hair tussled, his arms still holding me. He opens his eyes and looks deep into mine.

“What’s for dinner?” he asks, completely ruining the moment!

“You big lug!” I tell him. “Is that all you can think about?”

“Well, my beloved wife, I happen to be hungry. Let’s clean up, get dressed, and I’ll treat you to dinner out tonight. Then, who knows – maybe a repeat engagement?” He sure knows how to entice a girl!

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