16 Mart 2023

Kelsey’s Bucket List Ch. 02

Big Tits

Chapter Two


After the lovely romp with my week long fuck buddy, Max, in the cab, I returned to the back seat of the cab and we drove to the hotel. Basically, what was going to happen was a simple hotel stay…But with some surprises thrown in! And I couldn’t wait. Of course though, since he worked for the hotel, Max knew everything.

“Are we there yet?!” I asked him.

“See the building on the left?” He said, “That’s it!”

We walked in and went to the counter.

“Checking in for Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, please.” Max said to the registrar.

“Ahhh, I see you have booked zee suite on the third floor…” The guy said, “May I please have your password or pass phrase?”

I walked up to him and whispered, “Mile High Club is such a confine.

Checking the computer he confirmed the reservation, gave us our room keys, and said, “Head to Elevator 3, the rest are undergoing some maintenance.”

Thankful for the warning we made our way into the elevator and I couldn’t help but notice a small and sly smile slide across Max’s face as we climbed in the elevator.

“Am I going to be able to cross off another item on the list?” I asked, attaching myself to him, my words purring into his ear as I stroked his chest, sending shivers down his spine.

The elevator then jolted to a stop in between the second and third floor.

And the lights went outs.

Then Max was all over me! He started kissing me, and feeling up my shirt, as then the elevator intercom went Antalya Escort on.

“There is no need to panic, there has just been a temporary glitch in the elevator operating system, and service to them will be restored within the hour.”

“Ohhh Max, are you going to do me again?” How was I still horny, even for me it was unbelievable!

Instead of a verbal reply, he abruptly stopped kissing and touching me. While I wondered, “What gives?” I soon felt his hands on my thighs, and delicately searching and reaching for my skirt to bring it up around my waist. With my little black thong gone on some New York side street, when he finally pushed my skirt up and felt my pussy with his fingers, I was ready to crumble. Face it, I was still sensitive from the cab romp.

“Yes, standing and up against the wall, while in an elevator.”

“There goes another…” he caught me off guard and suddenly I felt my pussy being filled again with his hardness.

I had never done it standing up, I had never done it in an elevator, and I wasn’t ready for him to stop.

“You know that there’s only about 5 minutes left in the hour.” He said

“Then we both have our job cut out for us.”

I whipped my shirt off, nearly ripping off all of the buttons, and started fondling my breasts as Max watched and pumped his dick into my increasingly tight and hot pussy.

I felt him go harder into me, and go faster. I begged for it, the cab romp was just the appetizer and I needed an entree. Damn, I needed the Antalya Escort Bayan full nine course meal with the salads, soups, and the dessert buffet. And that’s why I signed up for this vacation.

I felt him go rigid one second and I knew he was pumping his load, just knowing that sent me over the edge into an orgasm. Not a “Oh My Gosh!” orgasm or an “Ehhh” one, just one that was enough to leave me dazzled as the elevator started moving and my skirt got pulled down and Max’s pants went back up. The almost stark naked dash to the hotel room that would serve as my home away from home this week, just livened us up even more.

By the time we were done fumbling with the key and safely inside, I went straight for the bed, taking off my clothes bit by bit along the way.

“You may want to change that,” I said nodding towards his still rock hard and condom covered cock,”but don’t worry, I’ll be here waiting”.

I winked at him and slowly slipped under the duvet and satin covers that made my skin tingle with anticipation.

I saw him walk out of the bathroom, still semi-clothed, and what he said surprised me.

“I’m going to give you a strip tease and I want you to bring your hot and juicy pussy to the edge of the bed while I do it.”

He handed me a seven inch long dildo and once I took my seat and slowly started impaling myself with the toy, he started stripping.

I had never seen a male strip, at least well and seductively, until now. He made fierce eye contact that sent Escort Antalya electrifying shivers down your spine, and took his sweet old time taking his clothes off. By the time he had taken off his shirt and his belt, his hard-on was as noticeable as a forest fire. While it looked like it would take some time to get him off, I wasn’t too far behind.

He started to take off his pant, leaving just his boxers on and already I could see a wet spot forming on them. Mmmmh! Light dominance, toys, strip tease, and blow jobs!? Where does he keep getting all these miraculous ideas!

I was pumping my toy into my pussy when I beckoned him to come closer to me, so I could whisper in his ear,

“Max, I’m so close! Its rubbing right against my spot and it feels so good! Please, Max! let me touch your cock? Please? I want to jerk you off and taste your cum!”

“I’ll do one better this time. Let’s 69.”

I moaned as I started to feel my orgasm well up deep inside me, not yet ready to squirt, but getting closer with each passing thrust of my dildo.

Max pushed me on to the bed, and gently grabbed my waist and sat my pussy straight onto his face. He licked my clit, and every other sensitive place on my pussy, and even some I didn’t know I had! He was holding me up and keeping me away from his cock, but that couldn’t stop my orgasm from hitting full force.

“Max, I’m gonna cum! I squirt but I neeedd to cum! Please eat me out!”

He played with my clit with his tongue and slipped two fingers inside me to rub my g-spot and I was cumming in record time. And he kept going! One just soon blended into another until, they were all cumming together at once. The squeezing of my pussy muscles, and my sweet juices flowing into Max’s mouth, kept me going… That and the best blow job and hand job of my life!

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