16 Mart 2023

Kim and Me Ch. 01


This story is basically true. The names have been changed but the rest is about like I remember it. It may start a bit slowly but life is like that. Particularly when you’re slow about picking up your cues.

I’ve been friends with Kim since the early 80s, when she and I both worked at the same company. Kim was delightfully packed and muscular woman with curly light brown hair. She always had a few extra pounds (which I love!) and incredibly firm large tits (ditto!). And she always kept her toenails painted bright red, which was very attractive and charmingly idiosyncratic. Kim and I shared a sense of humor, food interests, politics, and interests. We became fast friends.

And nothing happened. We were very good friends. After a couple years, she and I both left the company, went elsewhere, and kept in close touch. We continued to share jokes, news, and interest, and saw each other for lunch periodically. I was married, Kim was single, and while I certainly found her very attractive, we never even flirted.

And nothing happened. For years. We both ended up working at the same company again, a rather bizarre place that was fascinating and challenging and rather fun in a strange way. We continued to be good friends, doing lunch and talking about the office politics (which were incredibly thick). We both left after a few years and went our separate ways.

And still nothing happened. I realized that I was long overdue for getting a divorce and proceeded to move out. I started seeing Hope, a woman I’d known for about a decade. Kim and I were still good friends, still saw each other, still talked about things. After all this time, Kim was still single, unfortunately. I couldn’t figure out why, as I’d always figured she was quite a catch.

And STILL nothing happened. After about 5 years, things with Hope were beginning to get a little strained. We both wanted wildly different things in a relationship and ended up splitting up, about which I didn’t feel too bad. I figured it was time to stay single for a while and just relax. Which I did.

One evening about a month after my breakup, I was talking to Kim on the phone around 10:30pm. It was a cold night and I’d already curled up in bed; I rather assumed that she had done the same. We were just talking, so it didn’t make a difference – shoot, we couldn’t see each other. I was talking about my just-ended relationship with Hope. I didn’t feel bad about it having ended, but it was a bit of a shame, I said. In retrospect, the best thing about the relationship, I said, had been the sex: Hope had been simply great in bed. Admittedly, this was a bit of oversharing, but I’d known Kim for the best part of a couple decades and there wasn’t a lot we didn’t talk about. We just never flirted.

Kim asked what had made Hope good in bed. “Oh, several things,” I said. “I loved eating her. She was multi-orgasmic and I could keep her going for a long time before she was finally begging for me to finish her.”

“Oh, my!” Kim said. “That sounds like great fun.”

“She sure seemed to like it,” I said, grinning.

“But you said ‘Several things’. What else did you like?” Kim said.

“I loved her body.” (Hope was a big woman with big, soft boobs, and very strong legs… rather like a taller version of Kim, actually, except that Kim was more muscular and her boobs looked like they were firmer.) “And I was able to make her squirt on a number of occasions, something she hadn’t done before.”

Kim said “Really?!?”

“Yup,” I replied. “The first time it happened was about 3 months after we started having sex. We were going at it one night and, all of a sudden, we were both drenched to our knees. We stopped cold and the realization of what had happened hit both of us at the same time and we cracked up for about a minute. After we stopped laughing, we agreed that we’d finish up and go take a shower and change the sheets.” Kim laughed at this, too. “We had this happen a number of times afterwards, though rarely as dramatically as the first time. We got to the point that we’d just put a towel down on the bed underneath us before we even started so we didn’t have to change the sheets afterwards. A couple of times, it was so impressive, we even had to change the bed pad, which is a nuisance late at night.” Kim laughed again and said “Anything else?”

“Oh…” and here I paused, thinking that this was definitely getting more intimate than I was feeling comfortable with. I didn’t mind talking about it, it’s just that I was talking about it with Kim and we’d never talked about this kind of thing with anything approaching this level of detail. “Yes, something else I really loved was that Hope loved sucking me off almost as much as I loved eating her. Most guys would put a good BJ on the top of their sexual hit parade,” I said, “but that’s actually second place for me. I just love eating someone out and feeling her tremble while I’m holding on to her. And there’s Antalya Escort just something about the way women taste that turns me on”

“Oh?” Kim said.

“Oh, yeah, definitely. Something I got to do with Hope was her kneeling over my face while I held on to her waist so I could lick her nice and deep. I always had wanted to try playing with her in a hammock, but we never got the chance.”

“Ohhhhhh….” Kim said. There was a brief pause and she said, fairly casually, “You know, I’ve always loved getting eaten and I give incredible head.”

I was struck dumb. I finally said, “Oh,” in a small voice, not quite knowing where to go. I followed this with “We’ve never talked like this before,” and Kim replied “Yes, but I thought it was time.” “Oh,” I said again.

An intelligent man, a man who could pick up his damn cues, a man who knew an opportunity when it was beating him over the head and shoulders, would have said “It’s only 10:30; can I come over to your place and talk about this with you?” I have no doubt that Kim would have said “Yes,” and even added something about what she might be wearing, or not, and we would’ve had one of the wettest evenings in my life. But as you might imagine, I was not able to pick up a cue and the opportunity was wasted. And nothing happened, still. (Idiot! Idiot!)

Nothing happened, that is, until Kim and I went to Gold’s Gym together a month later. There’s a Gold’s not far from her place and I needed to work out to keep to my exercise schedule. Since solo exercise is a real bore, I invited her along and she was glad to do this.

We hadn’t really talked further about our late-night conversation. We’d still talk on the phone and managed to have one sushi dinner together (another shared interest) and nothing was different… except that I couldn’t stop thinking about Kim in sexual terms. When I looked at her, I’d linger on her ample curves, I’d want to stare at her great chest (and wouldn’t if I thought she’d notice), and when I stared into her eyes when we talked—really pretty blue eyes—I’d also notice her very full lips, which I’d never once kissed and now wanted to, very much. And when I jerked off, I kept thinking about how pretty her feet were (they really were) and how I’d love to kiss each one of her painted toes and then up her calves until I was holding those strong thighs and eating her for hours. I imagined what she tasted like. It was hot stuff and I’d cum hard thinking about her.

For Kim’s part, I hadn’t noticed any difference in her behavior towards me: she was just as cheerful as ever when we talked and we both made moaning noises of foodgasmic pleasure when eating sushi (which we’d always done). I did find occasion to touch her just a little more when we interacted, which she didn’t mind.

We arrived at the gym in separate cars. It was lovely spring weather and Kim was wearing an attractive cotton summer dress with a white pullover spaghetti strap top that showed off her shoulders and arms very nicely. We hugged hello, then went in to the locker rooms to get changed. I came out in my usual gym wear, workout shorts, sneakers, and a loose t-shirt. Kim came out a couple minutes later in a brown lycra leotards with white tights on her legs. Everything clung to her. I looked her up and down once and smiled broadly at her. She smiled back.

We did warm-up stretches and then hit the weights. I had a free-weight program that was building up my arms (which take forever to build up). Kim said she didn’t do too many arm exercises, so she just stood back and watched. I noticed that she always stood at just the right angle so she could look up my shorts whenever I was lying on a bench. Hmmmm….

I decided to test this out and asked her to spot for me on free bench presses. I selected a bar, racked it, and laid down on the bench with my head slightly above the top of the bench. I positioned my hands on the bar and Kim moved in so she could put her hands on the bar… right next to mine. (Good positioning for a spotter, definitely. Sure.) She moved her legs up so her knees were slightly to either side of my head, leaning against the top of the bench. The net effect was that I was looking straight up at her leotard-covered pussy. Kim flexed her knees slightly as if to center herself, although the effect was to wiggle her pussy around about 10 inches from my face and I could make out a crease of a slight camel toe from this angle. Oh, my!

Thinking that I really needed a tongue that was a lot longer, I took a deep breath and pushed the bar up. Kim had spotted before and kept her hands loosely on the bar on the inside of my hands, but she was always sure to touch my hands slightly. As the bar went down to my chest the first time, Kim “body-englished” it down a little… and bent her knees and sat down just a couple inches while she followed the bar down. REALLY wishing I had a longer tongue, I pushed it back up and she straightened Antalya Escort Bayan up. Hell, if exercise was always this enticing, you’d NEVER get me out of the gym!

I did a standard set of 10 and racked the bar. Kim was about to move away, but I reached up and touched her right thigh with a finger and said “Hang on, I want to do at another set.” “No problem,” she replied, and settled back into her chosen spotting position. I did a second set of 10 and racked it and breathed for a moment. Kim didn’t move away this time but she looked at me quizzically. “Let me see if I can make it through a third set—it’s been a while” I lied. (Actually, I was thinking that I was already doing better than usual, but with all the extra hormones that had to be pumping through my system at this point, I was ready for anything.)

I made it through 7 more reps. I lost it on the push-up for the 7th press and said “Take it, please.” Kim immediately reached over me a little and pulled up on the bar and we racked it together. I stayed there gripping the bar for a moment and she smiled at me, then moved her left hand over mine and patted it. I pulled myself off the bench and smiled back, thinking all the while “Oh, my pecs are going to hurt tomorrow!”

We worked our way around the gym. We did the same exercises only about a third of the time; the rest of the time one of us watched as the other sweated. Nothing else needed spotting (darnit!) as it was all machine work at this point. I did get to admire the way her legs flexed on the leg press and she admired the ripple in my legs and calves on the standing calf raise (my arms and chest may take a while to develop, but my legs stay in stunningly good shape if just I wash them regularly it seems).

After about 2 hours (we took our time), we got to the mats. I would usually end with 50 crunches. Kim liked that idea so we both did situps together, facing each other side by side. I so loved watching her tits coming up and jiggling slightly. At the end of this we sat up and panted a little and looked at each other, then Kim said “I like to end with a back stretch on one of those” and pointed to the big inflatable balls.

“I’ve never tried those out,” I said. “How do you use them?”

“There are a couple different ways to use them, but I just lie on it and keep my balance and stretch my back out. It’s good for the low back after a day of sitting staring at a computer. Watch.” Kim stood up and moved one of the balls to the center of the mat and carefully laid down on it with her low back centered on the ball. When she was in position, she slowly spread her legs, which were facing off in another direction, and spread her arms out wide so they almost touched the floor. She looked over at me for a second and smiled, then looked back at the ceiling and kind of bounced and squooged around slightly using her legs to move the ball back and forth a couple inches.

It actually ~did~ look like it was a good back stretch that I thought I’d have to try sometime. Of greater interest was the fact that I was watching Kim lying spread-eagled with her legs spread. What I couldn’t see from where I was sitting I realized I could see most of in the mirrors on the wall… and that’s where I watched her.

Kim did this for a minute or so, then rolled off and asked if I wanted to try. “No, not this time, I think. I’d like to get in and grab a hot shower.” Well, that and I didn’t feel like lying spread-eagled in front of everyone so the huge lump in my shorts was sticking out like a handle. “Okay,” she said, “that sounds like a good idea to me, too.”

We headed into the locker room. I stripped (careful to hide my hard-on from the two other guys in the changing area), pulled my towel and shampoo out of my locker, and walked towards the showers, casually keeping the towel directly in front of me at all times. I scrubbed heavily and shampooed with vigor. I gave my cock a half dozen jerks, but it was just a “Hi, how are yuh” sort of action. I didn’t want to leave Kim wondering where I was.

I toweled off (again, facing away from the other guys in the locker room), and got dressed. I left the tie off and just rolled it up in a corner of the gym bag. The shirt was unbuttoned a couple buttons (well, it was after hours, after all).

Kim came out just a few seconds after I did. She came up to me and I said “Really good workout.” “Yes,” she replied. We walked out to the parking area and up to her car. She turned to face me and we just stood there looking at each other for a moment. I took her hands in mine and thought “Damn, I should’ve done this long ago.”

I said, “I’ve been wanting to kiss you all day. May I?”

Kim said, “I’ve been wanting to kiss you for years,” and moved in and kissed me hard. We stood there in the parking lot with our arms wrapped tightly around each other, kissing hot and wet. If the tongue action I was getting when we kissed was any indication, Escort Antalya she wasn’t kidding about the quality of head she gave! We broke our kiss and looked at each other for a moment, then kissed again, hotter.

We probably would’ve kept this up for who knows how long, but we heard a couple guys walking towards their car in the parking lot make an amused comment about the two of us and we pulled apart. “Do you know where my apartment is?” Kim said. “I know the address, but I’ve never been there,” I replied, “but I can follow you easily enough.” “Sounds good. It’s only about 3 minutes from here and I’ll take you the back way so we don’t get separated by traffic lights.” I reached out and held her hand for a moment and she said, “Let’s go. I don’t want to stop, either.” We smiled at each other and I ran for my car, a couple rows over.

I chucked my gym bag into the passenger seat, started up, and pulled out. Kim was waiting near the entrance of the parking lot. I pulled up behind her. She was watching me in her rear-view mirror. I could see her wink at me and then she touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip for a second and smiled. Kim pulled forward slowly.

I honestly don’t recall anything about where we were driving. I noticed there weren’t any traffic lights and there wasn’t much traffic, but mostly I was watching the back of Kim’s car and focusing intently on not losing her. No chance of that, though, as Kim was looking in her rear-view mirror about half the time to make sure I was still there.

We got to the entrance of her apartment complex and pulled in. She motioned me around to the passenger side and the window rolled down. “Visitor parking is over there,” she said, pointing at a few empty parking spaces. “Come back here and we’ll go in through the garage.” I parked my car and ran back to Kim’s car. I got in and leaned over and kissed her. She said “Hang on; I can’t drive when you kiss me,” but she did put her right hand on my left thigh and gave it a good squeeze for a moment.

We pulled around to the side of the complex and Kim used a garage opener to get into an underground parking area. We parked in her spot and walked over to the elevator, holding hands. In the elevator, still holding hands, Kim made a mock serious face and motioned with her eyes at the security camera. I made a mock serious face back at her.

We got out of the elevator and walked through a small enclosed courtyard to a stair case. I said “After you,” with a bow. Kim said “Why, thank you, sir!” and walked up, swinging her butt with a considerable flair. I followed, admiringly. She glanced back at me once, saw to her satisfaction that I was watching, and smiled broadly.

At the top of the stairs, we walked past a couple doors. Kim unlocked to door to her place and said “Welcome!” I walked in first and looked around. Nice two-bedroom place, very tastefully done in a combination of IKEA and modern art. I poked my head into the kitchen and Kim’s office, saw the door to Kim’s bedroom open and a queen bed with a thick duvet on it, and came back to Kim who was standing in the living room next to the couch. She’d stepped out of her sandals. “Very nice,” I said.

“I like it,” Kim replied. “You should have come over to see it sooner,” and with that, she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me again.

I responded in kind and we stood there thrashing our tongues together and running our hands all over each other. We half-sat, half-fell on the couch and we stretched out a bit, kissing hard all the while. I was alternating between pulling her closer to me and running my hands up and down the backs of her thighs while Kim, after a moment, started pulling my shirt out of my slacks and then unbuttoning my shirt. I could feel that the shirt buttons were proving difficult for her and I broke away for a second, wiped my chin with my sleeve, and said “Give me a second.” The buttons came open and I pulled the shirt tails up so the shirt was wide open and then I moved back to kissing Kim. I felt her hands running all over my torso for a moment, then they slid up to my nipples and started squeezing them.

Squeezing my nipples has always been a major distraction for me. I have very big nipples and I adore having them played with. I pulled away and lay back, and I moaned. Kim’s eyes sparkled at this and she squeezed almost too hard. I moaned again. Kim moved in towards me and started kissing my chest up and down while rolling my nipples and then she started licking one of them while squeezing the other. Oh, heavenly!

I regained my senses enough to reach around with my left arm up between her legs. Cupping her ass, I pulled Kim in towards me. She moved her face up to mine and we started kissing again. She kept pulling at one of my nipples, while I ran my unoccupied hand over her fabulous breasts. I could feel a sports bra but I could also feel how very firm her breasts were.

I slipped my hand underneath Kim’s top and slid it around to her back while we kissed. I’d succeeded in getting her left nipple to stand out a little through the sports bra and I was flicking it with my fingers. It looked like this was doing something fun, because Kim would react every second or third time.

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