28 Nisan 2023

Kim Ch. 04



Chapter four

The renovation was in full swing last month, and Kim and I were busy as she was doing something in town she wanted to surprise me with and I was pouring all my time into getting the Mustang “Betty” finished up for her. The bodywork was all done with the chrome accents and bumpers sent to be redone in a deep bronze rather than chrome. The interior was all completed and sitting in the garage awaiting me to install the parts. The engine I had changed out to a high-performance 302-cubic V-8 with all racing parts and the three-speed transmission I had swapped out for a four-speed one. It had dual exhaust, and I knew that “Betty” would turn heads on and off the track when I finished it up. I even swapped out the rims and had them redone like the rest of the accent parts. The car just needed to be painted and it was going to be the factory brass color. I wanted the paint shop to do nine layers of lacquer metal flake to give it the depth I wanted and finish it with five coats of clear lacquer to protect the paint job. Kim had no idea of the changes. I would test drive it in a couple of more weeks and then have the speed shop do a final tune-up for me before giving her the title and keys back.

Kim was driving the truck that was dad’s that I had rebuilt and I was using my bike to get around as it also had a small trailer I could pull behind it. We did not spend much time with each other and many nights I slept on the sofa as I was too tired and she was going to sleep early as her project was keeping her busy. Neither of us wanted to look at the renovation of the house, but I was itching to see what was being done.

The packing and removing all the items just took a day and the demolition was fast as it was just three days before we saw all the building materials being delivered and the tradespeople were coming and going all day every day. Framers, Plumbers, Electricians were always working and now there were cabinets, fixtures, and tile going into the house. The renovation was going much faster than I had inspected and I was surprised. I went to use the pool and only glanced into the kitchen area and saw the floors were in and the tile on the wall. The cabinets were in place, but not secured yet.

All the workers were gone for the day so I locked the front gate via my phone and undressed and dove into the warm water after all this time. The power to the sauna and steam room was still tied to the house and unable to use them. I swam for a bit and Kim walked to the pool in all her nude glory. She now had a full body tan without any tan lines and she was more muscular. There was also something subtle I was missing, but could not put my finger on what the difference was at the moment. I laid on the lounger under the evening sun as it slowly lowered toward the horizon as Kim dove into the water with hardly a splash. She climbed out of the pool and the water did not stick to her but beaded off like on a dolphin.

I asked her,” Sis what have you been doing? I have been so busy I have neglected you and have not spent as much time with you?” I asked.

“I have joined a gym in town and started running again and I forgot how it felt to be alone on a run and letting my thoughts flow as I relax. The last several years have all been nothing but stress and exercise is helping me find myself again” she informed me as she sat down opposite me.

“You are looking amazing and are you waxing everywhere?” I inquired.

“I hope you do not mind, but I have been going to the Dermatologist in town as I had a few skin issues and she has been working on the old tattoo removals as the ones I had from my ex had to go and she is almost done with the laser hair removal process. Pretty soon I will never have to put a razor on my skin as she suggested if I want to be smooth it is the best long-term solution. I hope you do not mind” Kim added.

My jaw must have hit the cement when she said it and she lifted her arms and spread her legs to show me how it looked.” Imagine going down on my pussy and no hair or razor stubble. Just smooth skin awaiting your mouth and tongue.” she said as she seductively ran her fingers on the area above her vagina.” I wonder what you would look like without all your body hair and back into the shape you were when we were younger.” she mentioned as she stood up and I watched her walk away and her ass looked amazing as the muscles were tighter.

I thought to myself we could add a gym with all the equipment such as weight machines, a bench press, and squat rack a couple of treadmills with stationary bikes as a separate building. Think of a one-hundred by one-hundred well-insulated building for the Summer and Winter times as we could use two hours a day working out and with a nice kitchen start cooking and eating more healthy as well. Looks like the next time I see the Contractor it is time to talk about the new gym. I got up off the lounger and went to the apartment and put on a jockstrap, shorts, and a t-shirt, and pulled on a pair of well-used walking shoes. Kim nodded to me as I set my MP3 player with GPS and thought Kıbrıs Escort five miles would be a good walk for the start. I watched her step into the bathroom and I was out the door.

The sun had not gone down yet and Kim was right as just keeping time walking I let my mind wander back to the stuff we did in our childhood. We were seldom inside and always seemed to be running or playing outside. Inside time was after dark or on days with bad weather. I was covering ground quickly and I would check the distance as two and a half miles out and the two and a half miles back went quickly. My breathing and heart rate were high, but I felt pretty good other than my legs were tightening up, but other than the muscles getting tight I felt pretty good. When I made it home I did some stretches to keep from getting tight and then a nice long hot shower. Dinner was leftover grilled chicken and rice that Kim had made earlier. I went out to the car barn and started getting all the interior parts in order as tomorrow the paint and body shop in town was coming to pick it up and in a week the paint and accent parts would be completed. Then just put the interior in and then it would be running.

It was after midnight when I finished and I crashed on a cot I kept in the garage as it was warm and I slept well that night. I heard my phone ring and it was the paint and body, guys, at the gate so I opened the gate with my phone and stepped out and waited for them to get to the garage. They quickly winched the car onto the trailer and we went over all the details. I even gave them a computer mockup of the paint and accent parts just to be sure everything was what I wanted and let them know I would stop in the next day and go over the details one last time. I checked my watch and it was after nine in the morning and I saw Kim pull out and head into town in the truck.

I went to the apartment and had a morning shower and had a couple of toasted bagels and cream cheese for breakfast and laid down on the bed and crashed out until I felt Kim wake me up. It was well after lunch and as she leaned over her right breast was in my face, I felt pretty good and reached up with my mouth and kissed her nipple. Kim moaned as it had been quite a while since we had sex, but she pulled away.

“The next time we make love it will be in our bed in the Primary Suite in our house.” she said as she turned and walked out of the bed area and pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top.” Get something on as I want to go look around the house as it is almost done. Not going in, but looking in the windows for now. The workers are still there, but it looks like all they have left is the flooring and touchup paint.”

I sat up with an erection and pulled on a jockstrap and shorts, a t-shirt, and my walking shoes as once we were done looking around I would go for a long walk. It did not take us long and I noticed the workers packing up for the afternoon. I stopped one of them and asked,” How much more work is there until it is completed?” I asked the worker.

“We just completed all the painting and all the flooring. The designer will be in tomorrow and start the load-in. You should be moved in within the next two days.” he said as he was pulling his gloves off his hands.

I smiled and told him,” I will lock the gate up after you leave if you are the last one here.”

He shook his head before saying,” Better not as there is a woman down in the basement doing some design work and she seems serious about the work we put in down there. As I was getting ready to leave she told me if I saw you for me to let you know not to come down as she wants everything to be finished before you see the space.” and then turned to walk away.

I looked around and saw a sleek black car I did not recognize on the far side of the house where there was an exit from the basement. Kim came up and was about to strip, but I held up a hand and said,” There is still someone here and if I am right she is way ahead of schedule. I planned on contacting her after we moved in, but it seems that the Contractor jumped the gun and had her working on the basement the whole time. I am going back to the barn and cleaning up as the Mustang is at the car shop getting painted and I have space to clean everything up. What were you thinking about tonight?” I added.

“Since the power is back on for the pool and all the saunas I was going for a nice run and then sit in the steam room and catch a good buzz. Who knows you might even get lucky tonight.” Kim said with a smile.

I laughed before saying.” I need to get a walk or run in and then after I get everything done in the barn if you are still in the steam room or pool I might join you.” as I turned and hit my stopwatch and GPS and started my exercise routine for the afternoon. I left Kim standing near the pool as I took off. The afternoon was warm, but not too hot and the shade from the mesquite trees that lined the roads in the surrounding area helped keep it a little cooler. I got back and stopped in the barn, took a water bottle out of the Lefkoşa Escort fridge, and started putting all the interior parts of her car on the shelves. It took me a few hours to clear out the barn and sweep the floors. I stripped down to just my shorts, hosed the floor, scrubbed it with a good degreaser, and then brushed out all the water. I turned the fans on to dry the floor and sat down and smoked a few bowls of some weed. I was getting stoned and as I walked out of the barn the sun had set and the lights were on inside the house and the car was gone. I saw Kim lounging at the pool and walked over to her.” Hey sis.” I said as she looked up at me. I am going to hit the steam room if you want to join me.”

“No I am good for a while if we get too close we end up fucking our brains out and I want that just like you, but in a few days when we move into the house and make love in our bedroom and our bed I will be ready for you,” she said as she sat up with her legs spread. Besides tomorrow is the last hair removal session and I will be as smooth as possible. I have set up appointments for you as well. I can not wait to see you like this,” as she rubbed her fingers over her pubic mound.

I started getting erect thinking about being bare like her and bent over and kissed her,” I better sit in the steam room for a while. Do you have dinner plans?” I asked her.

I was going to call in pizza and hope the girl will deliver it. I know you need to fuck someone and I will be glad to sit and watch. Maybe when you are finished with her I will play with her. Just remember you do not enter any of my openings until the house is ready. Do you understand?” she said.

I nodded my head and went to the steam room and undressed and turned it on so I could relax. I opened the mini-fridge, pulled out a bottle of ice water, laid on the wooden upper bench, and closed my eyes.

I had no idea how long it had been until Kim walked in and poured some water over the heating element and turned the steam back on.” You may want to get a shower as the pizza girl is on the way and we are her last delivery.” Then she tossed a towel at me and walked out the door.

I sat up and wiped the sweat off my body and the bottle of water was now warm so I took it with me and I used the outdoor shower and washed my body under the stars. As I was drying off I noticed her car pull through the gate and it stopped. I saw the girl get out of the car and undress and put her clothes in the back seat before getting back into the car and driving up to the main house front entrance. As Kim took the pizza to the apartment I told the girl to kneel at my feet. I stepped forward and reached down and pulled her mouth to my cock. She did not hesitate as she opened her mouth and started sucking on my now erect cock as if she was starved. She did not say a word as she gripped my hips and started to face fuck herself with my cock. Kim came back and motioned for us to move into the apartment where we could be more comfortable the girl stood up and Kim kissed her and slipped her right hand between the girls’ legs and fingered her pussy. The girls’ legs seemed to falter for a moment as the three of us walked to the apartment and once inside Kim sat down in the club chair and pulled the girls’ mouth to her groin. I knelt behind the girl and rolled on a lubed condom before entering her.

“How would you like to have her anytime?” Kim asked as she had her right ring finger rubbing her clitoris.

The girl moaned when she heard Kim say this and she was swallowing my cock as deep as possible into her mouth.

I leaned my head back as the girl and pressed forward slowly pressing my erection into her body. Like the previous time, she was tight and I would withdraw some and then press forward until I was fully into her. Kim had moved to where she had her legs spread and had the girl’s mouth busy on her smooth mound. I pleasured the girl and reached around and rubbed her clitoris with my fingers as she drove herself back against me. We stayed coupled for some time as she had a long orgasm. Kim and I were still a long way from being ready.

“Sir please finish as I have not done my duty until you orgasm.” the girl said.

Kim spoke to her in a quiet relaxed tone, “He is a long way from being finished and it is all in his own time. Just relax and enjoy his body and he will continue to reward you. Now let’s show him how much you want to please me. Climb over and lay across my lap so I can spank you with my bare hands.”

The girl did as she was asked without any hesitation and Kim looked over at me with an evil smile as with one hand she would finger the girls’ vulva making her squirm and with the other hand spank her ass leaving a bright red handprint. The girl squealed out and again Kim would toy with her vulva for a few moments before smacking her ass again. I could smell the girls’ arousal and watched her try and grind herself against Kims’ thighs.

I watched and as the girl was about to orgasm while Kim started to finger her Kim nodded to me and with my big hands Girne Escort I swung as hard as possible and started to spank her all the while Kim had her fingers in the girls’ vagina. She screamed out from shock, pleasure, and pain as I rapid-fire spanked her until her pale white cheeks were now deep red and starting to bruise. “Girl come here and lay across my lap and spread your legs wide so Kim can do what she wants to your body,” I commanded her in a firm tone of voice.

The girl complied without hesitation and I spread her legs with them on either side of my hips and my erection almost rubbing against her wetness. Kim moved over and spread her legs wide with her left leg over the back of the sofa and her right foot on the ground showing her perfectly hairless groin. Hell, I was getting harder as Kim pulled herself against the girl’s mouth. I spanked the girl as she went down on Kim and suddenly she ejaculated all over my groin as she had an orgasm as I continued to spank her now red and bruising cheeks. Kim screamed out in pleasure and rolled away from the girl and I then pulled her back and slipped my erect cock into her dripping opening. Once I was fully into her she orgasmed again and I was already close to reaching my orgasm I pumped my load deep into her as her vagina spasmed around my shaft. The three of us ended up on the floor to catch our breath.

The girl was almost glowing in pleasure as she lay on the floor and Kim and I sat on the bed. “Master and Mistress thank you so much for the pleasure and I hope I pleased you well tonight,” she said as she knelt at our feet.”I have things to finish tonight at home and I hope you call me soon as I am yours and only yours to serve.”

Kim told her,” Go and get dressed, and in three days we will need to have a long conversation. Do not touch yourself other than to keep yourself clean and ready as I should have a surprise for you the next time we talk. No go home and rest well until I call you.” Kim waved her hands to nonverbally tell the girl to go away.

Once the girl had gone to her car and we saw her stop at the gate and she dressed there I opened the pizza box and divided it up as Kim got us a bottle of white wine to drink. We did not bother with glasses and soon we were full and relaxed.

“I was thinking once the house was completed we could use a house girl to do the cleaning and shopping as both of us will be busy with our personal lives. She is a nice little slut and I like her. What do you think about having her around?” Kim asked.

I nodded my head in approval before saying,” It will be nice to have someone clean up and if she is interested it would be nice. House rules apply to her as well?” I asked Kim.

Kim said,” She will never wear clothing and be nude all the time and be ready to service either of us whenever we desire. She will live in the extra room off of the kitchen that is designed for a servant. The gym and basement are almost completed. Oh, and you have a Dermatologist appointment tomorrow morning to start your body hair removal. I hope you do not have anything planned for the morning.” Kim added.

I told Kim,” I had planned to have a tractor brought in from Clay’s Farm for a full engine teardown and rebuild, but I can move that to the afternoon. Let me make a call real fast.”

Kim took the pizza box and empty bottle to the small kitchen and I texted the owner of the tractor I would be over after lunch instead of the morning and he replied it was good as his morning was also booked. Kim came back and laid down on the bed and I joined her and just cuddled her after setting the alarm and we went to sleep for the night.

“Wake up sleepy head!” Kim said as I heard the shower in the background,” I need to have you use my shower scrub and have breakfast before your doctors’ appointment.”

I got up and she followed me into the shower and turned the water to hotter than normal and she scrubbed my entire body with what felt like sandpaper. The exfoliating body wash scrubbed my skin until I was clean and she dried me off before pointing to the kitchen where I smelled fresh coffee. I poured us each a big cup as she showered and came out with her hair wrapped in a towel.” Let me get dressed and I will head out. Is there anything I need to know before I go?” I asked.

“The doctor will do a full skin survey for any anomalies like errant moles, skin tags, or blemishes. She will map them out all over your body and then make a plan to get your skin cleared up. She is good and will take care of you and I will see you after lunch as she will take a few hours to complete the appointment.” she said as I took my coffee into the bedroom and got dressed.

The drive into town was quick and when I arrived at the dermatologist I was a little early and was seated in an exam room and was told to undress and put on a paper gown and wait. The doctor came in and she did a full-body survey. There were a few spots she marked and photographed and did a biopsy on the spot on the top of my left ear. She removed a mole on my back and was not concerned as it had a normal border and was just a mole. The doctor explained the laser treatment process to me and I changed clothing and was out of the exam in under an hour. I called Kim and gave her the news before heading to go get the tractor I was planning on doing in the afternoon as it was still early.

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