26 Mart 2022

Kimberly’s first time

Big Tits

Kimberly’s first timeFirst I am a closet cd and had never let anyone know who my guy self was. ( I guess in some way I needed to tell someone.)OkayI had been talking to two gay guys on the net on and off for about a year. And they tried to get me to meet them for months just to hang out. Bryan was 6’6” and about 200lbs and the John was 6’0” and much thinner about 180lbs. Oh I am 5’5” and about 118 lbs at that time. Well one Thursday night I was chatting with John he was an EMT, He wanted me to meet them at their house Friday evening and hang out for a while. And I told them I would have to think about it. I am very shy when it come to meeting people as Niki. But as the night went on and he said a few hints through out the night so I said what the hell if I didn’t like being then I could leave. So I told him I would come by about 6:30 on Friday. He gave me directions and told me not to worry they would do anything that I didn’t want to do. So I thought about backing out all day long but I told myself I am just going to hang out with a few guys and shoot the shit. I got off work and went home took a shower. They didn’t want me to dress because they were not in to that so I didn’t take any clothes with me. ( wouldn’t have needed them anyway) I went to there house and it was a nice house John came to the door and he looked like a mans man. Bryan wasn’t home from work he was a fireman. John and I bullshitted a while and Bryan got there about an hour later. We all talked for a while and looked at some porn pic on the computer. They asked me what I like and what I would like to try and me being shy about this I said well I will try anything once and maybe twice. They both just smiled at each other and we kept talking. John went and got use all a glass of türbanlı eskişehir escort wine it was good ice cold went down so smooth and fast. (which was not a good thing) Well John pour me another and we talked some more. They wanted use to go to the bedroom and lay across the bed and just shoot the shit. We went to the bed room and they have a HUGE double king size bed so I thought cool we can all stretch out and talk well we were there about 20 mins. And 2 glasses of wine I felt really funny and John started to get kind of touchy with me and told me to just roll with it so I kind of loosed up and John started kissing me. Bryan was bigger but more submissive to John and I would soon find out why. They both started to undress me John on top and Bryan on bottom. I found myself lying there naked and wondering what the hell I was doing. Well John started rubbing my cock and Bryan started sucking it the next thing I knew I what in my knees on the bed with Bryan sucking my cock like no tomorrow and John standing in front telling me to open wide. (I played around as a k** but nothing it this and I was no sure if I wanted to it or not) I slowly open my mouth, he began to shove his cock into my mouth and I kind of liked it. Didn’t know why but I did. After about 10 mins. Of slow cock sucking he would grab my head and face fuck me for a while. Then he told Bryan to get under me. Bryan came and stuck his head between my legs from behind. He started sucking my balls and licking my asshole and John pushed me down on all fours and knelt in front of me and said, “well go on and start sucking” I didn’t know what to do I didn’t want to suck any more, my mouth hurt but Bryan was driving me crazy sucking türbanlı eskişehir escort bayan and licking me so I began to suck again and after a while he was fucking my face and chocking me with his cock it was large about 11” and about 2” around it was LARGE. Bryan was about half that size both ways. In all the sucking I was doing I failed to realize Bryan was not between my legs anymore. About that time John pulls his cock out of my mouth and with one twist I was facing to other way and Bryan’s Cock was right in my face, John says it is his turn now as good as he made you feel. And I was just happy he was smaller. I was sucking him and John got up and turned the music on and kind of loud. He had been poring wine down me all night. Said to help loosen me up. Little did I realize what he really got. I was sucking a way and my ass was really wet, John started play with my ass and then started fingering me with one finger. It felt good then 2 fingers, Bryan is now fucking my face hard. Then 3 oh I started squaring and moving, Bryan is holding my head tight. John started moving 3 fingers in and out then grabs a butt plug and lubes it up and shoves it in. Takes it and pulls it in and out a few times. My ass was hurting. Bryan is about to blow and starts to slow down. I can feel the head of John’s cock entering my ass and I really didn’t want this to happen this way but I had let it go this far. The next thing I know Bryan cums all in my mouth and on my face. John is fucking me and he tells me to get Bryan hard again, I started playing and sucking with his cock before long it was hard again. John tells Bryan to Swap places with him so Bryan starts fucking me and John said I had to taste and türbanlı escort eskişehir wear his cum. He told me to open up and about the time my mouth opened I had cum all over my face and in my mouth on the bed. He told Bryan to keep fucking and John left for a few. He returned with another bottle of wine and he drank a glass while watching Bryan fuck me. John ask me if I was thursty? And boy was it I was hot and sweaty and had did things I never thought I would do, and two straingers. Bryan blew another load in my ass and it felt kind of good. We all talk for a few and then John said ready? Ready for what? One more time before we call it a night. I didn’t know what to say. I say okay but you have to be easy with me my ass hurts. He said he would. But I had to pee and when I came back there was this little table on the bed and John said lay down on the so your arms won’t get as tired. I did it felt nice not to have hold myself up John got in front and shoved his cock in my mouth with out a word and Bryan begain to just fuck me hard after a while Bryan stoped for a minute and then right back in, but something was different but I was still suck and hurting bad. After another minute the fucking stop and John moved to my rear and begain to fuck me I had my eyes closed. I felt something on my mouth and I just opened it and begain sucking. But something was different I opened my eyes to find I was sucking someone else’s cock. They Had let a friend have some too. I don’t remember much else until the next moring I woke up to John pulling me to the shower, still drunk from the night before he gives me a small glass of water and shoves me in the shower on your knees I want a bj in the shower. I sucked him off in the shower then did Bryan and the NEW guy. This was Saturday morning and I barely remember the rest of the day but they had fun with me all day and most of Sunday. I do believe on Saturday they let a few more people use me. I was kind of mad for a while but mostly because They took no pics. That was 12 years ago and I haven’t been with a guy since. I did meet one guy and I just sucked him off never to hear from him again.

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