16 Mayıs 2023

Kissing Cathy Ch. 11


Mike sat naked on the bed as he looked back and forth from the laptop screen on his lap to the big screen TV on the wall. He thought how great it was that he had digital movie cameras, video editing software and that he could plug the computer into the TV and see the same images on both screens. He also realized how lucky he was to have Cathy as a girlfriend and Carl as a best friend as he watched the image of Cathy stroking Carl’s cock. Mike stroked his own hard dick and watched a stream of cum shoot from Carl’s cock in slow motion and land on Cathy’s left tit. Two more pumps of Cathy’s hand and another stream of cum landed next to the first glob. Cathy aimed the hard dick at her right tit, pumped again and another jet of cum erupted onto her. Two more strokes and more cum leapt from Carl’s shaft to Cathy’s tit. Cathy kept sliding her hand up and down Carl’s cock and he kept cumming. It was truly amazing how much sperm he produced, especially when watched in slow motion. The spurts finally changed to drops and eventually there was one last strand of sperm hanging from his dick. Cathy pointed it at her face, made a big O with her lips, lowered her head and filled her mouth with the cum covered cock. The hanging strand of cum wound up on her chin.

Mike had to stop stroking his own dick to keep from erupting all over himself. That really was a top notch cum shot and he knew he would jerk off to completion many times while watching it in the future but Cathy would be home soon and he was going to save this load for her.

The movie then switched from slow motion to regular speed as Cathy bobbed her head up and down on Carl’s cock, sucking the last drops of sperm from his balls and making him scream with almost unbearable pleasure. Carl backed off and Cathy allowed his dick to leave her mouth. She looked up at him as he leaned down and they were face to face, smiling at each other. Carl stuck out his tongue, lapped up the cum from her chin, kissed her and told her how good she tasted. He then lowered himself a bit more to get a close up look at her cum covered chest. A strand of sperm dangled from each nipple, large globs of cum were spattered across her chest and a few streams of the pearly white fluid flowed down to her stomach. He licked up a flow of cum from her stomach to her neck, slurped up a large glob of his cum from her chest and then raised himself above her as she tilted her head back and opened her mouth to receive the load that Carl dripped from his lips. They kissed passionately, their tongues moving his essence back and forth between them.

Cathy gently pushed Carl away and he laid down on his back as she positioned a cum covered tit above his face. A strand of sperm dangled from her nipple, just inches above Carl’s waiting mouth. Cathy asked him if he wanted to suck his cum from her tit, he said yes, please. Cathy slowly lowered her nipple to his mouth and gave him what he wanted. She held herself above him with one arm and masturbated with the other hand as Carl greedily sucked her slick tit. She encouraged him on, telling him to lick up all your cum that you shot on me and taste how good your cum is, as she brought herself to a screaming orgasm.

Yeah, that’s good thought Mike, very good. He was glad he suggested the idea of making home porn movies and not at all surprised that Cathy and Carl quickly agreed to it. His mind drifted back to the conversation they had this morning.

Cathy had smiled at Mike and asked, “Do you think you’d be able to hold the camera steady?”

“I won’t be jerking off while I’m filming, if that’s what you mean.” Mike said with a grin. “I want to do these movies right. Between us we have three cameras, I’ll put two on tripods and hold the third. It’ll take some self control to keep my hands off my dick but I’ll just keep in mind how much fun it is to masturbate to a well made movie. And besides, I know you’ll take care of me when you’re done with Carl.”

“It sounds like you’ve thought about this,” said Cathy. “What do you have in mind?”

“I thought that the opening scene would be you go to Carl, pull down his pants, take his soft dick in your mouth and make him hard. Then you’d spend a lot of time with your hands and lips around his dick before you fuck in various positions. The money shot will have to be on your tits, of course. And anything else that either of you would like to do.”

“I’d like to watch Carl eat me out.” She turned to Carl, “Will you make me cum in your mouth?”

Carl smiled and replied, “I’d love to.”

“Will you do it before and after fucking me?”

“You know I will.”

“Oh yeah, this will be fun. How about you, Carl, anything in particular that you’d like to do?”

“Besides having my dick sucked, eating you out after fucking you and cumming on your tits?” He paused as he looked into Cathy’s eyes. “Would it be okay with you if I lick my cum off your tits?”

Cathy giggled, her men know what she wants. “Only if you kiss me afterwards. I want to taste you, too.”

“It’s a deal. And I’ve got an idea for another movie. You know I was going to jerk off in the shower after watching you two Sefaköy escort bayan at the lake, right? Well, how about if you walk into the bathroom and catch me whacking off and then you have your way with me?”

“Oh, yeah, I like that idea,” Cathy purred. “And another scene where I catch you masturbating in bed. I’d love a scene where you jerk off and cum all over yourself, with my help, of course.” She turned to Mike and added, “And then I want to do the same thing with you, too. You guys know how much I love watching you make yourself cum and this way I can watch you jerk off even when I’m home alone.” She couldn’t help but give an excited giggle at the thought of running the camera while Mike and Carl masturbated together. She closed her eyes for a second and pictured them next to each other on the bed, their hands sliding up and down their big hard cocks until they screamed and pumped loads of cum all over themselves. She wasn’t going to mention that idea now but she would keep it in mind for when the opportunity arose. “We are going to do a lot of cum shots, right?”

“We have digital cameras, we can record as much as we want,” said Mike. “What do you think, Carl? You up for it?”

Carl’s smile got even bigger. Things just kept getting better. Not only was he going to have as much sex with Cathy as he could handle but he was going to have high quality video recordings of it to take home. “Heck yeah.”

Cathy almost squealed with delight. “We can put all the cameras on tripods to get the three of us together and, Carl, could you run the camera to get some scenes of Mike and I?”

“Of course I can,” Carl replied. Then hesitantly he added, “Since we’re going to do a bunch of scenes, how about one with Cathy taking me with her strap on?”

Cathy’s eyes lit up at that. “I love that idea.”

“So do I,” said Mike. “That was so hot to watch. That’ll make a great video.”

“Yeah, but,” Carl said and paused for a moment. “I hope you guys understand that I’d like to have the only copies of any scenes with Cathy’s big hard dick fucking me in the ass.”

Mike and Cathy chuckled. “Since you put it like that,” said Mike, “Yeah, I understand and agree to it.”

Cathy added, “I agree, too, but I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to watch that movie next week.”

“So am I,” said Mike.

Cathy turned to Mike and gave him a questioning look. “Were you planning on jerking off while watching my big hard dick slide in and out of Carl’s ass?” she asked in a sensuous tone.

Mike shrugged and said, “Well, yeah. What? You saw me masturbating while watching you two do it yesterday. That was really hot. I even had to stop stroking my dick or I would have cum all over myself.”

Cathy giggled. “Mike, I guess if you want a video of my dick in a guy’s ass, you’re going to have to be that guy.” She hoped that this would be one more step towards Mike wanting, and asking for, her cock in his backdoor.

“Yeah, Mike, you should try it. It really is amazing,” said Carl. He thought, but didn’t say, that he’d love to watch Mike take Cathy’s dick in his ass. He turned to Cathy and asked, “And speaking of your strap-on, do you have any vibrators that will fit onto your harness? I’m wondering because I’ve heard that a vibrator on the prostate is even more intense than the regular dildo we used yesterday.”

“No, I don’t have a vibrator,” said Cathy. She loved where this was going and where she could take it. “But we can go down to the porn shop and get one for you. And, Mike, we can get a prostate stimulator for you, too. Something not too big and with those round knobs on it so you can squeeze your ass around it and keep in inside you.”

“We’ll see,” replied Mike.

Mike came out of his thoughts and back to the present. Cathy and Carl should be back from the porn store soon but he thought he had time to edit the next scene they had shot. That had started when Cathy and Carl were done and Mike desperately needed relief, his cock was as hard as ever from filming those two stroke, suck and fuck each other. He handed the camera to Carl and asked Cathy where she would like his dick. She smiled at him and told him to lay down on the bed, which he promptly did. She then turned to Carl and asked him if he could run the camera and get the shots she wanted. He said yes.

Cathy liked being in charge and she was good at it. She told Mike that he should start stroking his dick as she repositioned the two cameras on tripods to get the angles she wanted. Mike wrapped his fingers around his cock and enjoyed the sensations his hand sent throughout his body as he watched Cathy set things up. She then sat on the bed next to Mike’s knees and told Carl to get his camera running and have both her and Mike in frame. He immediately did and gave Cathy the thumbs up sign to let her know he was ready.

“Okay, let’s get started,” she said. “Mike, point your dick straight up while stroking it for me, okay?”

Mike smiled at her and did as she asked. “That is so hot.” Cathy glanced down at her chest and said, “Carl, when I say action, zoom in on my chest Yenibosna escort so we’ll get a good look at the cum on me that your lips missed, then go back to the angle you have now until I mount Mike. The one camera will get a good shot of the full length of his dick sliding in and out of me and the other one will get Mike sucking my tits. I want you to get close ups of those, too, and any other angles you think look good, okay?”

“Will do,” Carl replied.

“Good,” Cathy said. “I want these movies to come out just right because this isn’t masturbation material for just you two. My dildo and I plan on spending some quality time watching this.”

“That would make a great movie, too,” said Carl.

Cathy smiled at him and said, “I think that can be arranged but let’s finish this one first.” She turned to Mike, “Mike, I want you to slowly fuck me with long deep strokes, all the way in and almost all the way out. When you’re ready to cum, I want you to stay still and I’m just going to ride the head of your dick. This way, when you cum, the camera will catch some sperm flowing down your shaft and when I crawl up your body and have my pussy a few inches above your face, there should be a nice glob of cum ready to drip into your open mouth. Carl, make sure you get a good shot of that. Are you guys ready?”

Both guys said yes and Cathy said action.

As Mike watched the movie, he saw that it turned out just the way Cathy had planned it. There were excellent shots of his dick slowly sliding in and out of Cathy’s pussy, his lips and tongue slurping her cum glazed tits, a stream of sperm flowing down his shaft while just the head was inside her, a large glob of cum dripping from her pussy into his waiting mouth and Cathy writhing in ecstasy and screaming as she had an orgasm while his mouth performed its magic on her cum filled pussy. He edited the shots from the three cameras into one very good sex scene that he was sure that all three of them would enjoy masturbating to.

He looked at the clock as he idly stroked his cock and thought about calling Cathy to find out how long before she returned but quickly decided against it. He knew that if he did talk to her that she would know he was masturbating and would encourage him on. She would probably ask about the movies, ask him to play one and not only describe what he was seeing on the screen but she would also want to hear how he was stroking his dick. Cathy not only loved watching Mike masturbate in person, she also enjoyed listening to him getting himself off while they were on the phone. In the state he was in, it wouldn’t take much encouragement from her before he came all over himself and he was determined to save this load for her.

Mike figured that he may as well keep working on the movies until Cathy and Carl returned and decided to make some two or three minute long scenes. Cathy played very well for the camera, usually ignoring it and giving all her attention to Carl and his cock, but when she did talk to the camera she made it so personal and so hot. He’d edited out all the parts where Cathy talked to the camera for the long versions but her words were perfect for shorter scenes. He scrolled through the movies to find the scenes he wanted.

Cathy was on her hands and knees with her head down. Carl was behind her, only visible from below the waist, he would slowly withdraw his cock almost completely from Cathy’s pussy and then thrust it deeply inside her. His body would slap against Cathy’s fine ass, Cathy would let out a slight moan and her tits would jiggle so sweetly. After many such thrusts, Cathy raised her head, turned towards the camera with a look of pure pleasure on her face. “Carl’s cock feels so good inside me,” she said. Carl thrust inside her again, her tits jiggled. “It’s so much like your dick, Mike.” Another thrust, her tits bounced again. “The next time Carl fucks me like this.” Her words were again interrupted by Carl’s body slapping against her ass. “I want you underneath me.” Thrust and jiggle. “I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.” Her breathing was getting heavier. Thrust and jiggle again. “So I can cum in your mouth and on Carl’s cock at the same time.”

Mike was mesmerized by Cathy’s swaying tits and her words. He watched as Carl thrust into Cathy, her beautiful tits bounced back and forth and she screamed as an orgasm overtook her. Carl withdrew one more time and gave his cock a final thrust deep into Cathy, making her tits sway and peaking her orgasm. He grabbed her hips and held himself tightly against her. If Mike hadn’t been there to see this happen, he would think that Carl’s cock was shooting spurt after spurt of sperm inside Cathy. Cathy wriggled her ass against the dick that was deeply imbedded in her as she rode out her orgasm, her scream finally becoming a low moan. She fell forward, lying flat on the bed, causing Carl’s cock to leave her pussy and spring up to a 45 degree angle. Carl was breathing heavily and softly said, “If you moved much more, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from cumming inside you.”

Cathy rolled over and looked up at Escort Halkalı him. “I’m glad you have so much control but next time you fuck me like this I don’t want you to hold back.” She then turned to the camera, smiled and winked.

That woman is amazing thought Mike as he saved the edited scene. She has the ability to make him want to do things that he’d never thought of doing before.

He scrolled through the scenes until he found another good one.

Carl was lying on his back and Cathy was across his stomach with her fingers wrapped around his big hard dick. Her hand was moving slowly up and down his shaft as she looked into the camera and said, “I know what you’ll be doing when you watch this movie. You’re going to be masturbating and thinking about me, aren’t you? I think that is so hot.” She gave a little giggle and continued. “I know you don’t need instructions on how to jerk off, you’re already an expert, but when you watch this I want you to stroke your dick the same way I’m stroking this dick.” Cathy went on to vary her stroking pattern and talk about how much she liked the fact that when either of her men was watching this movie they would be masturbating to her orders and thinking of her.

Just as the scene was saved Mike heard Cathy and Carl come in the front door. “I’m back here,” he shouted. As he heard them approach the bedroom he put the laptop on the nightstand and clicked play on her jerk off instruction scene. He was proudly stroking his dick as Cathy and Carl entered the room. Cathy had walked in on Mike to find him masturbating many times but this was a first for Carl. He was initially caught by surprise but quickly realized he shouldn’t have been. Considering what they’d all been doing together the past few days, he knew that within a few minutes he would be naked in bed with his fingers wrapped around his hard dick, too.

Cathy giggled and asked, “What cha doing?”

Mike smiled back at her, pointed at the TV and replied, “Just doing what you’re telling me to.”

Cathy looked back and forth from the TV to Mike and said, “It looks like you’re having fun following my instructions.”

“I am,” said Mike as he changed his stroking to match Cathy’s on the TV. “You give excellent directions.”

Cathy turned to Carl who was watching the action on the TV and gently rubbing his obvious hard on through his pants. “Carl, one reason we made this movie was to enhance your masturbation experience. Wouldn’t you rather be naked in bed next to Mike with your dick out in the open so you can have more fun playing with it? Don’t you like our movie? You’re not shy about jerking off in front of us are you?” she coyly asked him.

Carl smiled at Cathy and said, “I like the movie a lot and you know I’ll jerk off for you any time you want.” Her sensuality never ceased to amaze him, she constantly brought masturbation to a higher level of enjoyment. The thought entered his mind that if Cathy said he couldn’t touch her anymore, that he could only jerk off in front of her for the rest of the week, it would still make for some of the best sex he’d ever had. In a flash he was naked in bed and masturbating to Cathy’s instructions.

Cathy loved the sight of both of her men stroking their dicks in unison. Just as she was thinking what a great movie this would make, she noticed one of the cameras on the dresser and quickly turned it on. She put it back on the dresser, under the TV, making sure that the bed was in full frame. Cathy was smiling, knowing how much she would enjoy watching this, over and over again. In her mind she was picturing both of them cumming all over themselves at the same time just as the scene on the TV ended. “Why did that end so soon?” she asked.

“That was just a short scene I edited,” Mike replied. “Don’t worry. I put together the full version of you and Carl and then the movie of you and I after that. They both turned out fantastic. I just made a few short scenes while waiting for you two to get back.”

“Oh, good. I can’t wait to watch them but,” she paused and gave her men a big smile. “Could you play this scene over again so I can get the full effect of both of you following my instructions?”

Mike chuckled and turned to Carl. “Do you mind masturbating a bit more for Cathy and showing her how well we do what she tells us to?”

Carl was all smiles. “Play it again, Mike.” He turned to Cathy and added, “I think I’ve told you before and I know I’ll tell you again, I love jerking off for you,” as he moved his hand up and down his hard shaft.

Mike reached over to click play and Cathy sighed with delight as she again watched her men masturbate in unison. She was mesmerized, it was the most erotic thing she’d never seen, her two men in bed together, stroking their big hard dicks, giving themselves pleasure in a way that guys usually did alone behind closed doors. It was like they were exposing their innermost secrets to her. Her eyes devoured the scene in front of her. Her mind wandered to other scenes her men would do at her request. Her pussy was dripping with excitement but her body remained motionless as if any movement from her would break the magic of the moment. Just as the scene on the TV ended, the memory of walking into the kitchen that morning and seeing both her men with prominent erections and their robes open popped into her mind. Were they masturbating together without her? She would have to ask them about that later.

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