13 Mayıs 2023

L017:Lizzy’s story:Lizzy’s vacation 6


My Daddy and Maggie, Timmy’s Mommy, arrange for us to go to Babyland’s amusement park tomorrow before we leave the pool.  Timmy and I are so excited to hear this and jump and hug and squeal, then my arms are around your neck kissing you so hard.  My Daddy is so good to me.(Timmy and Maggie, his Mommy, are a caretaker/adult baby couple we had met and are getting to know).The Babyland’s amusement park is based on the children’s area of regular amusement parks but scaled to be the right size for adult babies and their parents.  Some rides, like the airplane ride and junior dodgem, but others Daddy can ride with me, like the twirl-a-cup, merry-go-round, and the junior coaster.  There are so many rides of both types at the park.There is one point during the afternoon at the pool when you both hold us on your laps.  Timmy with a blanket over his head as his Mommy nurses him, and you rocking me as you feed me my bottle – umm, it is wine.Timmy and I got to play together on the towels for a bit as you murmured between yourselves over our heads.We say goodbye to them until tomorrow, and you hurry us home.  You know my diaper is soaked, both from leakage from the pool and me not being changed all afternoon.  You just put a towel under me and we are home before you know it.You undress me and bath me to get all the pool chlorine off me, then do your wonders applying lotion all over my beginning to tan body.  Seeing my pale breasts in contrast to my tanned shoulders entices you.  Side escort bayan You lean and suck one then the other, as you work lotion up and down my wet slit.I’m going to have to add one more for me today to my daily chart.After you have me diapered and in a onesie, you take me to the kitchen where you feed me my dinner.  Three new jars of baby food which I tolerate a little better.  Then on to the rocking chair where you feed me my second wine baby bottle. It is only as I finish this that we begin to talk about what was offered to us, though suggested for in the future.  We need to start to decide whether this is a direction we would someday want to go.I tell you that I would so like to be nursed by Maggie, or someone, I think.  You nod your head in total understanding.  It is not something you can offer me, but my sucking more and more at your nipples, you can see this might be something I would desire to do, and you do not want to deprive me of anything.I am frank with you that I do not want ANYONE else with my Daddy, you are only for me.  But at the same time, I am sort of curious about what it would be like with Timmy, rubbing our diapers together, exploring each other, and yes perhaps, even more, play with each other.  I know it is not fair if I don’t want you too.You just hug me and tell me it is not anything we have to decide for a while, but it did open both our eyes to other possibilities.I love you so much when you Escort manavgat are this understanding and sweet to me.  I rub against your crotch as I kiss and lick your face until I feel that Little Danny has grown up.  I then slide to the floor between your legs and bring him out for a play date with him.Little Danny is the best pacifier I could ever have, and I do so like to suck on him, lick him, finger him until I can drink all the cream from him.  Tonight is no different.  Well, maybe a little.As I lick and stroke you, after pressing on your taint to bring you more pleasure my fingers move back farther and begin to circle your anus.  I lick my fingers to help make you wet there, and I begin to press into you.  You groan with pleasure.  I have not done this to you before and it feels so good.I know you are enjoying this a lot from the redness of your face and your moans.  I press into you a little more as I take more of your prick into my mouth to suck.  Feeling me over your cock and up your ass makes you ecstatic, and a moment later I get my cream dessert.After I clean you some, you lift me on your lap and kiss me, tasting the last of your cum on my tongue.“Baby, where did you learn to do that?  It made Daddy very happy,” you murmur in my ear.Softly and shyly I reply, “Timmy said his Mommy does that to him sometimes and I just wondered if you would like it too.”“Well, perhaps we have a lot to learn from Timmy and his Mommy.  alanya escort It did feel so good that you did that for me.  But tell me, would you like me to do it to you too?”I ponder for only a few seconds and tell you I would like to know what it feels like, and if I do like it, then yes, I would.We go to bed early to be rested for our big day ahead.  In bed, I face you, my head on your chest.  You reach down and unsnap my onesie and move your hand in to fondle my pussy and clit as I fall asleep.  My hand is holding Little Danny, gently squeezing as I begin to slumber.  There is a pacifier in my mouth which I just suck and suck.In the morning we are up at eight o’clock.  Cleaned, diapered, dressed, breakfast and a bottle, we are ready to go.  I am in a romper again so I can get more sun while at the park, but you do put sunscreen on me.  My stroller is in the back, I am buckled into my car seat and we drive to pick-up Timmy and his Mommy.At their house, his diaper bag and stroller are stored with mine, and you help put a second car seat in for him.  Timmy and I are in the back seat, and Maggie is upfront with you driving.  We look like a happy ABDL family on holiday.  I scowl a little at that idea as my Daddy and I are all the family we need. I am rather spoiled I know.You can see my scowl, and wink at me in the rear-view mirror.  I giggle and smile.It is about a forty-five-minute drive to the park.  Babyland did not have enough room at the resort or town, so they build it out in the country with tall fences all around so no one could see in.  The fences even enclose the parking lot for total privacy.  Once there you and Maggie place us in our strollers, diaper bags at the back, and push us to the entrance.  Our day pass comes with our resort stay.

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