16 Mart 2023

Last Ride

Big Balls

Her listless hands reached for the plastic packet. Somehow, the movement seemed at once lithe and desperate. As she held it in her hands, the reflection of the tentative yet eager expression in her green eyes and the shadow of her tongue behind her lips stared back through the boldly emblazoned letters “CORNFLAKE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES”. It was a ritual she engaged in often, yet each time she tasted one she felt as if it were, at once, her first and last.

She carefully opened the packet, trying to make as little noise as possible, and slowly slid the plastic wrapping from the tray beneath. In an equally slow and steady movement, she picked up one of the cookies, consciously feeling its coarse texture in her hand, then on her lips as she bit into it. She made as if to go back to her bedroom, then turned, and with a quiet chuckle, picked up the whole packet, and sauntered back to her bedroom with a big smile on her face.

As she sat down at her computer, she brushed her long black hair away from her face, allowing it to flow again over her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes twinkled green in the reflection of the monitor, part of the mischievous smile that had spread infectiously over her face. In front of her was the familiar social networking system and a web browser with a search box. She clicked on the browser, licked her lips, and sucking her lower lip into her mouth for a moment, and entered “cowgirl fucking”.

“Safe Search is enabled and has blocked all of your search results due to explicit content. To override Safe Search, click here.”

She let out a short giggle and then clicked on the hyper-link. Her computer accepted the search without any further protest, and with a few more clicks, began playing a grainy black and white video. Ruby smiled as she plucked her headset from its place behind the keyboard and began to watch.


Bryan sat down at his computer next to his bed, brushing back his hair. Since his hair was only an inch long, this served no practical purpose, but it was a habit that was difficult to break. He looked at the monitor and saw Ruby’s familiar profile displayed on the chat system. It read as follows:

“Ruby; 18/f. I am new here so please be gentle, but would really like to get into all of the erotic chats. Message me if you want 😉 ^_^ xx”

Below this description was an icon-sized face portrait, evidently professionally taken, of a pale-skinned, slender-faced girl with long dark hair and a slightly vacant but inviting smile on her face.

Almost as if on cue, Ruby’s chat window appeared.

“I’m horny, help me?”

Ruby was a welcome change to anything in his experience. Instead of the careful reserve he was used to and frustrated by, no topic of discussion, particularly anything to do with sex, was off limits. She was not his ideal of a romantic partner, but over time, had convinced him that his desires for her were enough to compensate for the diversion from his ideal. Despite her lack of years, and, as she claimed, lack of experience, she was uninhibited enough to alternately send his mind flying into pleasurable fantasy and crashing to the ground in shock. Bryan had spent many late nights talking to her, but was reluctant to meet her for fear of attracting a real version of the barely believable stories of her mother’s vengeance on her ex-boyfriends.

The seemingly artificial distance between them weighed upon Ruby more heavily each time they talked. She wanted to escape from her house of horrors, touch him, and feel him, and let the realisation of her fantasies that he seemed to accept so readily envelope her, comfort her. She wanted to shatter the elusive barrier between them, touch him, and make him her own. Their discussions were like the videos she watched when her desires speared through her like primal screams, threatening to burn her alive from the inside out. Sometimes, this would boil over and manifest itself physically, making her flush and shiver as she would feel the familiar wetness between her legs and let her hand stray downwards as the other typed frantically at the keyboard.

As the night wore on, the lights in Bryan’s bedroom seemed to grow in brightness. He switched them off and allowed the monitor to provide the only light in the room; the screen seemed to fluoresce in surreal swirls of colour. His eyes were glued to it against the silent backdrop of his sleeping surrounds as the clock in his status bar ticked over: “03:00 AM”. After having tempted him into touching himself again, she began to beg him and finally insist in a way to which he was not accustomed that they should meet. Not just any time, but that night. She could not wait any longer, she said; it had to be then. Her parents were away for the night and she could leave without being noticed, and she would not wait for the next time she was alone. If he refused to comply, she would talk to someone more deserving, she declared.

The thought of losing her, however porno it could be possible to lose someone he had not yet met, was finally the catalyst that allowed him to overcome his fear of the situation. Not long afterwards, he was throwing on the closest nondescript shirt and pair of jeans to his hands as he opened the wardrobe, shaking just a little, paused to take a deep breath before bolting for the front door. He could barely believe that he was going to meet her, not just any time, but in the middle of the night, and in his haste forgot anything but the vaguest hint of self-presentation.

His mind raced; he had to force himself to slow down and take several deep breaths as he sat in the driver’s seat of his old sedan. He paused and wondered for a moment what would happen. The situation was so strange that he could barely breathe, let alone think. Gradually, he managed to gather himself together and relax. At last, he turned the key in the ignition, flicked the switch on his electronic navigator and entered Ruby’s address, which he remembered easily without having written it down.

The grand, double-storey whitewashed mansion to which the navigator led Bryan was almost completely in darkness except for the pale beams from his car’s crooked headlights; the ornate pillars on the front porch cast long and ominously irregular shadows that alternated with the reflection of the beams on the door. Bryan pulled his phone from his pocket and typed a message to Ruby of only two words, “I’m here,” as he turned off the engine and began to wait. After a delay of what seemed like hours, but his phone told him was only minutes, the front door opened and Ruby glided gracefully from the entrance. Her eyes twinkled and seemed to flash from green to red in the beams as she slinked through the shadows toward Bryan’s car, as a playful, girlish smile spread across her face. He nervously took a deep breath and tried to pretend that what was happening was perfectly normal, however peculiar it felt.

Ruby opened the door and sprung into the seat next to Bryan, then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. He hesitated a split second, then kissed back, rather startled by her approach. “Herro,” pealed the musical tones of her girlish voice, “not so scary after all, huh?”

“Guess not,” breathed Bryan.

Ruby giggled, reached over and ran her hands through his hair, then ruffled it, and poked the tip of his nose gently with a forefinger, smiling sweetly. In the dim lighting Bryan could see she was wearing a tight-fitting red top with a plunging neckline that sparkled slightly, leaving little of her breasts to the imagination, and a short red skirt. Her lips matched the colour of her clothes, and her face was perfectly clear but a little pale; of the elements of her that Bryan felt, only her sweet-smelling perfume seemed to sit somehow at odds with the rest of her, for reasons he could not explain to himself. After a moment, Ruby turned the electronic navigator toward her and began selecting a destination for them.

“A big empty block?”, enquired Bryan, looking at the map, still feeling slightly nervous.

“There’s a theme park there.”

“A theme park?”

“It’s where they keep all the rides from the show when it’s not on. And it’s fun. I wanna go there.”

Bryan shrugged and started the engine. There didn’t seem much difference between taking a girl out in the middle of the night and taking a girl to a deserted theme park, also in the middle of the night; they would both carry with them an element of danger, but one not necessarily more than the other. As Bryan backed his car out of the driveway of Ruby’s now deserted home, she slid a hand over and placed it on his inner thigh, squeezing a little, then turned to him and smiled.

“Don’t take too long. You know what I wanna do”, she intoned, with special emphasis on the “you” and “I”.

Bryan exhaled sharply, turned and kissed Ruby on the lips, sucking her lower lip a little and enjoying the feel of her soft supple skin against his. As he tasted her lips and felt a soft whisper of her breath on his face, his whole body seemed to shudder inwardly with desire. The feeling overpowered his fears with pure and intense longing not to pull away. Some minutes of kissing must have passed when Ruby slowly pulled back, then placed her forefinger across his lips.

“I wanna do it there, not here. More fun.”

Ruby slid her hand downwards and spread her fingers, running them down his chest and gently pushing him back into his seat at the same time.

Bryan took a deep breath and sighed; Ruby giggled. He made an effort not to sound upset, as he asked, “What are you giggling about?”

“It’s you. You want me. But I wanna do this my way.”

She took each of his hands and placed them on the steering wheel, then smiled sweetly.

“Go on then.”

He took another deep breath, trying to relax and ignore the knot in his stomach, and porno izle turned the key in the ignition. The familiar sounds of the car starting and backing away from her house calmed him somewhat, and as the interior light dimmed and went out, the remaining silhouette of Ruby distracted him less.

As he and Ruby left her suburb behind, vast plains of nothingness followed, and a whiff of cold air squeezed its way through the closed ventilation system. The engine roared as Bryan accelerated through the empty wide streets, with only the harsh yellow street lights from above to fill the emptiness; it was four o’clock in the morning, and these roads would have been quiet in daylight. The silence in the cabin should have screamed louder than the roar of the engine, but somehow felt comfortable to both of them–Ruby, because she knew that Bryan would do anything she asked, and Bryan, through the comforting noises from his car.

At length, some bright arc lights and jagged edges from which the light reflected became visible in the distance. The occasional bursts of cold air from the outside seemed to grow colder and harsher along with the tall scythe-like broken pillars of the dumping ground they approached. Bryan slowed, looking for a suitable place to stop; Ruby reached across and took his hand as he pulled to the side of the road. As the car engine stopped, an eerie silence surrounded them. The block was an island in the middle of a sea of nothingness; there were no houses, no cars, and the tall grass at the side of the road had been left undisturbed even by tyre tracks for a long time.

“How did you know about this place?”, asked Bryan incredulously, unthinkingly breaking the now actually screaming silence.

Ruby smiled at him. “Do you really wanna know that, or isn’t there something else you’d rather be doing?”

Bryan, realising that his question sprang partly from nervousness, let out a quiet chuckle, and gathering himself together, pulled his expression into that of a smile for Ruby.

“It’s okay. Nothing’s going to happen to us here,” she attempted to reassure him, stroking his hair slowly backward, and sliding her hands across his neck. She massaged his shoulders briefly with her fingertips, and Bryan took a breath as he felt his body relaxing, as if acting outside his will. He smiled a more natural smile back at Ruby.

“That’s better,” she murmured with a self-satisfied glint in her eye.

“Come on baby,” was her encouragement as she opened the car door and stepped out into the grass. He followed, and before long, took her hand as they approached a small gap in the low wire fence that demarcated the border between it and nothingness. At that moment, the wind blew a bitterly cold gust that swirled around the scene as it opened before them.

Scraps of paper, cellophane and other light shrapnel from times past rustled lifelessly as they swirled within the scene of lifeless rides, sideshow booths, signs and relics. Only four cold white overhead lights lit the block, which was at least a few hundred square metres, casting long shadows of unearthly-looking distorted forms from angular metal frames. The lights were barely bright enough to illuminate the block, let alone to show colour, and left many areas in darkness. A few dewdrops reflected the dim light with an unexpected glint and an occasional burst of prismatic colour.

Ruby took Bryan by the hand, as if acting out a well-rehearsed role, and led him slowly through the scene, her own movements remaining as graceful as ever. The pale lights made her skin flash a pearly, almost unearthly white, her hair flicker as if to herald some greater darkness, and the red from her lips shine out in defiance. Bryan followed, wondering what exactly her plans were and how she had managed to form them. Meanwhile, every hair on his body seemed to stand on end from a mixture of excitement and desire, as gradually, he felt himself lose both the ability and the will to reason or deduce anything.

Ruby stopped in front of a panel of switches and flicked a few of them. Suddenly, a huge ferris wheel only a few metres from them was lit with brightly coloured red and green lights that stood out eerily from the intricate metal latticework. She took Bryan’s hand, and without hesitation, stepped onto one of the platforms.

“Is this safe?”, asked Bryan, looking worried, a step from the platform.

“Yessss”, smiled Ruby, patiently.

He wanted to make sense of what was happening, but could not. Her eyes beckoned him, and the outline of her body against the multicoloured lights was a temptation he could not resist. He stepped onto the platform and wrapped his arms around her waist, feeling her breasts pressed up against him through the thin layers that separated them. She smiled at him, then sucked her lower lip into her mouth again briefly, and he kissed her again, passionately, allowing her to feel the lust he could not help but feel for her. She returned sex izle his kisses and slid her hands down his back, digging her fingers and nails into him, yearning for more.

Meanwhile, the ferris wheel motors, lost in the howling of the wind, powered up with a quiet hum and a slight whirr. Then, with a sudden jolt, the wheel began to turn, and they were lifted from the ground. The wind that had just moments ago been swirling and howling seemed to slow and hold its breath.

Bryan’s shock briefly overcame his desires; he froze, then drew back slightly.

“Oh,” sighed Ruby wistfully, tilting her head to one side and a little backwards, then looking back at Bryan and smiling. After a short pause, she volunteered, in an exaggerated mock-reassuring yet little-girlish tone, “It’s oh-kay. It’s *meant* to do that. It’ll come back down later.”

As Bryan looked at her, at first doubtfully, he could already feel his worries melting away from him under Ruby’s bewitching gaze. The doubt lasted seconds before he kissed her hard on the lips, which she returned with a longing murmur. As the wheel creaked and turned, just a little unevenly, power lines sprang up in the distance like giant metal scorpions, strung together haphazardly as if each connection were just an afterthought. The monochromatic piles of other disused rides faded into the distance below, and the tiny lights inside the distant pillars of the city twinkled through the air as if with the memory of candlelight.

Ruby took Bryan’s hands from behind her and gently placed each one of them on her still-covered breasts, squeezing his hands under hers as direction. She exhaled a little, suddenly, then moaned softly as he took her direction as she unbuckled his belt, then slid her fingertips over the growing bulge behind the zipper below. She looked him right in the eye and licked her lips, slowly, as she slid the zipper downwards, and unbuttoning the remaining button, moved one hand to each of his hips. His mouth dropped slightly open as he failed to find the words to express the mixture of lust, incredulity and shock he felt.

This could not be, and yet it was; the innocent but alluring aspect of her that still captivated him was a facade for a seductress who had trapped him in the most unlikely of situations. Just as this thought passed through his mind, the ferris wheel creaked again and stopped with the two of them in the topmost position, as if to reaffirm his entrapment. Ruby smiled and tugged at his jeans, pulling them and his briefs to the floor in a swift, smooth motion. She wrapped one hand gently around his cock and stroked from the base toward the tip. With the other, she took his hand again, reaching with it under her skirt, and gasped slightly as she felt his touch, tentative and guided as it was. She wore nothing underneath the skirt, and the thrill of standing in the open on the platform and touching him had made her more than wet enough for his touch. She licked her lips and smiled at him. “Just… there. In circles… like that. Mmm..” She breathed a little harder as she let him continue without her guidance, and moved her hand to gently run her fingertips across his balls.

His cock pulsed at each stroke and became harder until it was uncomfortably engorged in a way that he himself had never seen or felt it before. Ruby grinned and said, once again in her girlish voice, “I think you want me.” She withdrew her hands from him and guided his from her, then turned and slid her skirt to the ground, bent forward and wiggled her butt in the air. Bryan paused for a second, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by this, but Ruby was not going to allow the moment to pass. She reached backward and pulled him a couple of steps forward by the hips until he was up against her, then guided his cock to her pussy.

“Fuck me”, she said, slowly and softly. “I want to feel you.”

She took hold of the top of the bench seat in front of her with both hands, and pushed backward insistently. Equally insistently, yet without aggression, she repeated, “Fuck me.” He took a deep breath and obliged, thrusting in and moaning in spite of his own former hesitation. Ruby pushed back against Bryan and moaned back. She was getting what she wanted, but his movements were too slow, too tentative; it was as if he was teasing her. She could only let it continue long enough to be sure he wanted her and wouldn’t stop.

After long enough for her to be sure of this, she pulled away and stood, turned, and commanded him, still softly, “Sit down.” He seemed startled but obeyed without further thought. Driven by her own lust, Ruby turned from him and lowered herself onto his cock, and exhaled sharply, as if with relief. She paid little attention to his moans as she began her rhythmic movement up and down, feeling only his hardness inside her, and smiling to herself fleetingly once or twice. As she gradually moved faster on him, she could feel his breath quickening, and squeezed her pussy tightly on his cock. Losing control over the intense sensation, he let out a long, almost despairing moan as his cock pulsed hard and he came deep inside her. Ruby pushed down on him hard, moaning and shuddering slightly.

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