26 Mart 2022

Late Night Movies (chapter 2)


Late Night Movies (chapter 2)I woke up disappointed. Disappointed that I had fallen asleep and failed in my resolve to sneak out of my room and see what happened so late. Daddy had thwarted my attempt last night when my door clacked as I opened it. I was discovered and forced to wait it out all because of that darn door… I noted my failure, swore to myself to not let it happen again and started my day.I was distracted all day at school. All I could think about was how I was going to go about my second attempt. I didn’t know why I was curious but there was a strong drive that I could not explain. The day seemed to drag on at a crawl until dinner was on the table. We all scarfed what mommy had made and made our way to the living room to watch the usual shows before bedtime.then Daddy threw in yet another war movie. Mom and my older brother cleared out as usual, tying loose ends before bed but I remained, determined to stick it out as long as he would let me. He went and grabbed a beer while I read the title and intro to the movie. It turned out to actually be interesting! This caught me by surprise. It was black n white, old as hell and a tale about submarine sailors in one WWI. They were below a large Japanese fleet, having to be silent, stilling even their breaths. The japs were dropping depth charges above them. The captain called to stuff the torpedo bay with oil, clothes and supplies. They shot the debris out and upon seeing it float to the surface the japs cheered and started to head home.I was actually intrigued by the movie when he finally said, “alright Robbie… Time for bed.” I begged to be able to stay up and watch movies with him. My mom and him exchanged a peculiar glance before he responded, “Nope. Its a school night.” and smiling at my mom. She returned the smile and scooted me off to bed. While she was doing that my Dad was taking the cushions off the couch and pulling out the hide-a-bed, laughing as I groaned about the unfairness of it all.The next hour seemed an eternity… Listening to mom cleaning the kitchen, my brother getting türbanlı balıkesir escort yelled at for not turning off his videogame, mom going to bed and Dad settling into his routine. I could hear him opening beers, draining them in the bathroom, lots of lighter clicks and lots of coughs. What caught my attention above all though was how I could hear him opening the cabinet the TV sat on which usually remained locked. I heard him change the tapes in the VCR often and decided to put my plan into action…I opened my door and almost instantly the colorful lights that danced on the walls of the living room down the hall turned that familiar blue. “Robbie? Whatcha doing?” he called out.”Just goin’ to the bathroom Dad.” I responded. A smile took hold of my face.”Ho’kay well hurry up!” he yelled and I replied by going in right away, taking care of it, flushing, turning on the faucet to make it sound like I was washing my hands though I usually didn’t etc. I made my way back to my door and called out good night. “G’night Bud” was his reply and I opened my door, stepped in and clacked the door against the jam like I was closing it. Only I held on to the knob and pushed it back open slightly, making sure the loud noise would not be my downfall yet again.Then I waited… I waited and listened as daddy started his movie, grabbed another beer and continued to laugh, cough and change tapes. I decided to wait until after his next trip to the bathroom to make my move. Daddy went often when he drank and like clockwork he made his way to the bathroom.I was suddenly filled with fear that he would see my door slightly cracked and my whole efforts would be ruined for yet another night. I peered through the crack and watched him walk by, completely naked. He went in and took care of his business and walked out quickly without flushing. The blue light from down the hall shimmered for a moment in the droplets clinging to the end of his penis. He walked past my door and stopped… I held my breath, much like the navy türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan sailors in Daddy’s movie, not wanting to give off a hint of my whereabouts. He reached back and pushed my door and I couldn’t see anything but heard him make his way back out front… My heart sank.Half full of doubt I tried the door minutes later and was elated when I found that the latch hadn’t clicked shut! I slowly pushed my door open and released the knob slowly so as not to make any noise. I stood frozen for moments, watching the colors dance on the wall. I took a deep breath then embarked toward the living room, taking a step every 13 seconds, my gut in a knot.When I was almost there I dropped to all fours. The plan was to crawl around the back of the couch and under the hide-a-bed giving me an optimal view of the tv and keeping me out of Daddy’s view. I held my breath and slowly made my way without a hitch. I smiled looking up and the mattress wire bending down in a mound where my dad sat.Shimmying up on my stomach, careful not to make any noise I made my way down to the foot of the bed to see the screen and got comfortable, my arms crossed under my chin. I was taken by surprise when I saw the scene taking place. It was a couple, likely in their twenties at a river only they were completely naked. They laughed and passed what looked like a cigarette back and forth. The movie looked old judging by the guys long hair and mustache and her long hippy hair. Some goofy music started to play and I was startled by my Dads lighter going off and the coughs that followed. I stared at the bend in the mattress behind me for a moment. When I turned back around the woman was kneeling on the stone earth next to the river while the man stood above her running his hand through her hair.when I focused I couldn’t believe my eyes… She was taking his penis into her mouth and sucking on it! I almost burst out into a giggle but contained myself and continued to watch. The man kept saying the same thing over and türbanlı escort balıkesir over… “yeahhhh… Ohhh ohhhhh yeahhhh…” while she sucked on him. He kept looking at the sky and his groans grew louder. The woman smiled up at him and laughed while she tugged on the guys member. I had seen my dad and brothers penis before but id never seen one like that. It was sticking straight up and way bigger than what I had seen. She kept pulling on it with her hand and looked up at him saying, “I want your cum! I want your nasty cum allover my face!”With that the camera zoomed in on the young woman’s face as she suckled on the edge of his really swollen tool. She kept tuggin and the man started to breath hard and moan like she was hurting him or something. The mattress above me shook a bit and the guy cried out one last, “Ooohhhnnngyeahhhh!” before his penis started shooting thick milky lookin stuff out the end of his peepee! With each groan another stream shot out. The first went across her cheeks and nose, she grabbed the shaft and pointed it at her mouth, successfully catching half of the next stream on her tongue, the rest on her cheek. She gasped and moaned, eagerly trying to catch each drop in her open mouth. She was in ecstasy as if it were the best candy in the world. They both continued to breath heavy while he looked down on her smiling.The man kneeled down on the hard stone with her, his member already having lost half its length. They wrapped each others arms around the other and began to kiss. The camera zoomed in to show the man sucking the thick, creamy frosting from her mouth and spit it back into it. Both smiled and continued to do this and I was distracted by the mattress above bouncing slightly, a squishy sound echoing above me.I remained silent as it carried on for a bit and then stopped when Daddy got off the bed to go to the bathroom. I was suddenly filled with a great for of being discovered. Clearly I was not supposed to be seeing what I saw and I did NOT wanna get in trouble. in a fraction of the time it took me to get out there I made haste to my room. I closed the door behind me and cringed as it clicked, daddy coming out of the bathroom only seconds later. I jumped into bed and threw the covers over me, feigning slumber. Daddy opened my door and peeked in… I could see the light through my closed eyelids. He hesitated then closed the door and I drifted off, enlightened and confused by what I just saw…

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