16 Mart 2023

Late Night Surprise


You come home at 2:30am.

You didn’t get a good sleep last night, and you had a long day at work. You try to ease the stress by going out with a few friends in the evening. Most of them turned out to be total bitches tonight, and you hang around sipping drinks only because Jessica brought a HOT friend tonight. You can’t stop staring at his body in the tight shirt he’s wearing. You try to catch his eye from across the table. He nibbles but he doesn’t bite.

Disappointed, and borderline drunk, you arrive home alone and unfulfilled. It’s been too long since the last time you got laid. Everyone has their needs, but what does a girl have to do to get some in this town? Your apartment’s void is maddening, you do a few things and start to get ready for bed. You change into sweatpants and a loose t-shirt.

A sudden, authoritative knock at the door.

“Who the hell is that at this time?” you think.

Through the door’s peephole, there’s a cop on the other side… uniform, duty belt, and everything. And he doesn’t look like he’s messing around. He knocks again.

“W-what seems to be the matter, officer?”

“Ma’am, if I could speak with you for just one minute. There’s an issue that has come to my attention. Only a second.”

Well, this could be legitimate… maybe the old neighbor lady finally died or something.

You open the door. Officer Johnson introduces himself. You apologize for your attire and you invite him in, asking if he wants coffee. He says he does not, and you turn towards the kitchen to fix yoursel-

A hand comes around your face and covers your mouth. Another arm wraps around you and takes you to the floor. You can’t move and you can’t breathe. The cop must have a hundred pounds on you, and wriggling your way out of this hold proves impossible. What’s going on?? Why are you being treated like this? You’ve done nothing wrong!

The officer keeps holding you until you stop struggling. Escort Esenyurt You stop moving.

“Don’t move. Don’t talk or scream. Don’t think. Just keep still.”

He keeps one hand on your mouth… the other he runs down your back, making it shudder.

Am I going to jail? Am… am I being raped?!

Your body freezes in place and your mind goes numb as the officers hand reaches the waistband of your sweatpants. “I need to check you for weapons, ma’am.” He feels around your waist.

“I saw you from outside, through your window. I saw you take off your shirt… you had a hot little outfit tonight. I’m here to show you what kind of trouble you can get in wearing something like that.”

What! I AM going to get raped! I need to get out of this! But you can’t. He’s still holding you, and your body is frozen.

His hand reaches inside your sweatpants and feels your ass. He brushes his hand against each cheek. You start to consider him a most gentle sexual assaulter until he squeezes the right side of your ass… REALLY hard. You moan against his hand in more surprise than pain.

“Shut up,” he says with a SLAP on your ass. It doesn’t hurt through the sweatpants, but it inspires more fear into you.

He forces your sweatpants off with one hand. Your lower body is now naked, on the floor, with the cop on top of you. He’s feeling you from your inner thighs down to your feet.

“You need to learn to close your shades when you change. Someone might take advantage of the situation if you don’t. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson.”

Unknown to you, the officer has taken his cock out. He brings himself around to the front of you and makes you look at it. It’s about average length, but it is THICK!

“Put your mouth on it and suck.”

You’re shaking in fear as he forces your head near his throbbing hard cock. What should I do?! Maybe I should bite it and run, but then I’ll get Escort Avcılar run down and killed! You decide to do what he says, and you open your mouth.

The big head of his dick is inside you. Surprisingly, he tastes wonderful! The head is soaked with precum, and your tongue involuntarily dances around it, licking it up and feeling the new invader inside your mouth. You start to forget about the hands on the back of your head forcing you to do this act. As the shaft pushes into your mouth, you feel those hands run down your back and to your ass. The officer slaps your ass hard again as you’re sucking half his dick now. He’s starting to thrust in and out of your mouth now. His fingers are playing around your pussy- ohmygod… I’m soaking wet from this!! And he knows!!

“Seems like you’re learning your lesson. Now suck it like you mean it.”

He takes your head and shoves more of his cock into you. It’s so thick, but you manage to relax your mouth and take it in as he moves the big dick in and out. Your tongue moves all around the shaft and head, tasting and licking every delicious inch. You start to move on your own, unfreezing your body and getting into a rhythm with the dick in your mouth. The cop’s fingers are now teasing your soaking pussy. He slips a finger roughly inside, making you squirm reflexively and press your ass against his hand! He adds another finger once he feels your ass fucking his finger.

“That’s good… you’re ready to get dicked, aren’t you?”

You moan mm-hmm around his big dick. “Moan louder for me,” he says. You moan a loud MMMMMMMM while feeling his cock get even harder from the moaning.

“It’s time you learn your lesson for good, dirty girl.”

He moves around you again and holds you down once more. Reality catches up briefly- Wait a minute! How am I letting this happen, I don’t know this man and he’s about to fuck me! I… I love it! Your thoughts are silenced by a loud slap on your naked ass. It stings, but you secretly love being slapped there and you raise your ass up for more. SLAP! Another hand comes down, and your pussy shudders in delight. You raise your ass up for more.

The cop is right over you right now, and jams his dick inside. His fingers have made you loosen up and wet, allowing his THICK cock to reach almost all the way inside of you on the first sudden thrust. You moan roughly in surprise and delight at the invasion of your pussy. He starts slamming away at you… his cock reaches full insertion immediately and his balls slap against your pussy. You’re taking cock to the hilt as he’s bringing himself into you as fast as he can. You’re in a tidal wave of ecstacy at this moment and you scream “YES! Fuck yes!” The cop keeps his cock pumping as he grabs a full head of hair and pulls your head back. How did he know that you love having your hair pulled? His cock feels so great inside you and you wish you could turn around and see it.

He continues jackhammering his cock into you at hyperspeed- so fast that your hips are starting to hurt from taking it so hard. All you’re doing is just lying there and letting this cop use you. You can’t move since he’s pulling your hair, but you don’t want to move either. His grunting gets louder and you know he’s about to cum. You can’t take the thought of that thick cock pumping in you cumming, and you start to cum as well while screaming “Fuck! Fuck me!” Your pussy shudders around his big dick, which spasms inside of you, and you feel his hot cum coat your insides and adding to your own lubrication in your pussy. He’s still pulling your hair as he keeps his cock in you for a while. He pulls out and you feel the cum from both of you spilling out your pussy.

You hear him zip a zipper. “Next time, you’ll be more careful when you undress.” He leaves out the door he came in.

You lie on the floor. Your t-shirt is pulled up to your breasts, and you’re naked the rest down. You’re completely exhausted, and you start to drift off with a smile on your face and the taste of his cock in your mouth.

That was just what I needed…

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