16 Mart 2023

Laura Impaled


I met my wife at home in the early afternoon today. She was waiting for me in the bedroom wearing a black spandex microskirt, black open-toed high heels, a pair of thigh-high black leggings that laced up the back starting at her ankles, and a black leather bustier that laced up the front and barely concealed the erect nipples capping her firm mouthfuls of breast. Her long dark hair hung free to the small of her bare back. A diamond and emerald necklace and earrings, a recent anniversary gift, sparkled against her warm skin. The fabric of her skirt was stretched tautly over the delicious curves of her tight round bottom, the hem clinging to the soft curve of both cheeks high enough to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of firm butt flesh. We stood by the bedside kissing, and soon she was cradled in my arms with her perfect rear pressed against my crotch. The fingers of my left hand caressed the warm skin of her neck and occasionally dipped inside her top to tease a nipple. My right hand lingered on her thighs. Her skirt was now pushed up to expose her bare shaven vagina and my growing erection bulged against the bare cheeks of her ass.

We shared a long, wet kiss, then I slowly licked my way down her bare back and knelt behind her. I paused for a moment to enjoy the sight of her shapely legs encased in the criss-cross laces of the leggings, and to appreciate the way her heels propped up her ass toward me, perfectly aligning her crotch with my mouth. I nuzzled each perfect cheek of her curvy ass and she wiggled her hips, mashing her naked pussy lips against my tongue. I slipped the tip of my tongue between her parted lips testing her wetness and musky flavor, before gently parting her firm cheeks with both hands and swirling my tongue against her tighter hole. I lapped at both of her openings until her spit soaked anus began to relax and open. Then I pressed my tongue slowly into her silky sweet asshole while she moaned and fingered her clit.

“What would you like?” Laura whispered.

“I think I’d like to eat your ass,” I answered.

“Yes!” she sighed as I continued to lick her butthole. “That feels so sexy. Lick me!”

Laura propped her elbows on the end of the bed and wiggled her hips in my face as my tongue alternately probed deeply into her bald slit and quivering rectum. I mashed my face against her butt and she reached back to spread her cheeks apart while my own fingers tweaked her hard nipples. Her sphincter relaxed and her moist hole opened to admit my tongue, and we fell into a gentle rhythm, Laura rocking on her heels to ride my face while I lasciviously tongue-fucked her sultry asshole. I continued my oral assault on her butt, occasionally pausing to slither my tongue into her drooling, slippery pussy and lick up the thickly flowing honey that oozed from her smooth, swollen sex, until I was sure she could take no more of my tongue in her ass without cumming.

I stood up and quickly opened my pants, pushing them, along with Escort Beylikdüzü my shorts, down to my ankles. Laura turned around and sat on the end of the bed, playing with her clit and licking her lips. As I stepped forward she opened her mouth and engulfed the inflated head of my fully erect cock. She cupped a hand around each of her breasts and bobbed her head vigorously up and down, her lips stretched tautly over my bulging shaft. Although she opened her mouth as wide as possible, her teeth still scraped over the top and bottom of my pole as her lips coated my rigid column with slippery spit. She gazed up at me with her large, brown eyes while playing with her pulsating nipples and forced her mouth down over my twitching prick, wedging the flared helmet into her throat. Liquid, squelching smacks gurgled from her as the crown of my cock slipped in and out of her tender throat, until after a dozen breathless strokes she released my steely dick. It wobbled a fraction of an inch from her face, dribbling saliva and precum on her lips, chin and breasts.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned and licked her lips before mouthing the dripping end of my cock again and popping it in and out of her lips with loud slurping sucks. Pausing again she looked up at me and whispered, “I get so hot for your big cock when you eat my ass!” I watched her run her hands down her body and she slowly poked the middle finger of one hand into her moist, hairless slit, while the fingers of her other hand tickled her swollen clit.

“Would you like some more?” I asked her.

She giggled and put her hands flat on the bed behind her and raised both of her long trim legs into an open vee, pointing her slutty high heels at the ceiling.

“Yessss,” she hissed. “Eat my ass!”

I placed my hands on the backs of her thighs and pushed her legs up, rocking her on her back and exposing her puckered hole. I swirled my tongue around her rim and pushed it inside, determinedly tongue-fucking her anus. I lifted my mouth off her butt chute and watched her moistened sphincter lewdly twitch and gape open. I ran my tongue up and down her parted slit and dipped it into her overheated sex before plunging it back into her asshole. After a minute or so during which she ground her furrow against my face and panted rhythmically, Laura held my face away from her and tried to wiggle away from my persistent tongue. I stood up between her spread legs and she sat up to grip my hard shaft with both hands.

“I’m ready for this now'” she moaned and began stroking the length of my cock.

I pushed her gently back down on the bed and raised her legs, holding both ankles together in my left hand, while working the head of my penis up and down her shaven lips that puffed out between her thighs.

I teasingly poked the tip into her pussy and she wiggled even more, pretending to want out of my grasp. I tickled her toes with my tongue and shallowly fucked her slippery vagina, never Escort Bahçeşehir pushing in far enough to slip the flared base of the crown past her clutching lips. Pausing I spread her upraised legs wide apart and we held each others gaze as I slowly inserted the entire thick length of my cock into the tight wetness of her bare pussy. I held it still inside her for several long seconds. Laura moaned and tried to pump her hips but I held her firm with my erection rooted deeply inside her. Then suddenly I withdrew completely, leaving her empty and craving. Laura gasped, feeling the heat radiating off the pulsing end of my cock on the bare skin of her hungry sex.

“Put it in!” she begged.

“Tell me where you want it,” I softly commanded. She closed her eyes and began caressing her breasts and nipples and mumbled something I couldn’t quite hear. “What did you say?” I asked. “Tell me what you want.”

She suddenly became very still and looked up into my eyes. In a shy and innocent whisper she told me “I want it in my ass. Put it in my asshole. Please!”

She spread her legs wide apart and I gripped the base of my erection with my right hand while I continued to hold one ankle in my left. I fitted the glistening snout of my inflated organ into the shallow cup of flesh surrounding her pink bud and worked it against her tender opening. Laura strained forward trying to see as I slipped the flared crown past her twitching, saliva-slickened sphincter, and the helmet rim pressed against her spread anus. I shallowly fucked her anal opening for a minute or two before pushing deeper into her rectum. I pressed down, spreading her hole open, and the bulbous head sunk further into her chute. The dilated rim of her anus tightly gripped the bulging thickness of my stiff rod and she began to wiggle her hips to the rhythm of my thrusts. Laura groaned and squeezed her firm breasts while each stroke of my cock penetrated deeper into her butt. After ten minutes or more of slowly boring into her asshole, I was able to glide easily through the ring of her open rectum to press past the mouth of her colon. I sunk my entire length solidly into her asshole and pulled her hips toward me, rectally impaling her on my hot cock and mashing my balls against her cheeks. Suddenly I pulled free and gathered Laura’s ankles in one hand. I looked down at her gaping anus and rammed my full length back inside. I repeated this motion many times, deeply stroking into her rectal cylinder and popping free. The contrast between the cool air and her superheated asshole was erotically fascinating. When I knew I could not withstand another stroke without shooting inside her, I dropped to my knees and swirled my tongue inside her gaping butthole.

She spread her upraised legs and humped against my face and squealed wickedly, “Yeah! Lick my fucking ass!”

I thrust my tongue into her anus and ran it in and out of her quivering flesh until her muscles began to relax from the dilation inspired by the reaming of my rigid penis. When her asshole began to clutch at my probing tongue I withdrew and stretched out next to her on the bed.

Laura immediately rolled over on top of me and swooped down on my slick cock as it lay heavily against my belly. She sucked it wetly into her mouth and bobbed her head vigorously up and down while fondling her tits with both hands. She forced the fat end of my dick deeply into her throat and then came up for air trailing a long string of slippery spit.

She gasped for air and began to suck my cock back between her lips, but I pulled her face away from my cock, telling her “I’m gonna cum in your mouth if you keep that up.”

She crawled up over my body and positioned her shaved cunt over my face and I spent the next several minutes licking into every fold and crevice of her feminine flesh and swallowing the warm stream of her feminine honey. Suddenly she stiffened and lifted her pussy off my face.

“I don’t wanna cum in your mouth either,” she said. “I want to cum with your cock in my ass!”

Laura crept back down along my body and squatted over my crotch. She reached down and deftly slipped my shiny post into her dirt chute and sat down hard, forcing my entire girth deeply into her anus. She bounced up and down, impaling her asshole on my thick stalk and in less than a minute cried out and trembled through an intense orgasm. A generous puddle of cream oozed out of her bald slit and helped lubricate her final spasmodic strokes as she spasmodically thrust her violated rectum over my twitching shaft. She collapsed against my chest for a few moments, until her breathing quieted. Slowly she sat up and smiled down at me.

“Your turn,” she teased.

She squatted up again with my cock still buried deeply in her colon, and slowly began to fuck me with her asshole. It felt as if my cock was getting bigger and harder with every stroke and Laura felt it too. “God you feel so huge!” she moaned.

She lifted her hole off my cock and leaned back showing me her dilated, gaping butthole. My rigid prick slapped against my belly as it popped free of her ass, but I quickly lifted it up and inserted the head back into her distended hole. She began to stroke down all the way to my balls and grind her hips with my rod buried in her anus. Then she would rise up and the head would pop free. After many agonizingly slow strokes I knew I could take no more. I groaned and she knew I was ready to blast my sperm into her clutching rectum. She rammed her hips forcefully up and down burying my post until I could no longer resist the intense ripples of pleasure her velvety smooth tunnel induced. The first gushing wad flooded her ravaged anal canal; a pulsing burst of superheated semen splattering into her intimate depths. She was bouncing so hard that my spasming dick slipped free and two large bursts of cum launched over her torso, splattering her face, neck and breasts, before she capped my gushing well with her oozing sphincter again. She clenched her muscles rhythmically and milked the ejaculate out of my bulging cock and deep into her anus.


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