16 Mart 2023


Big Dick

My fingers are shaking as I fumbled to get my apartment door open. I feel your heat on my neck as you lean over me to check what’s taking so long.

“You need any help?” you ask as you take the key from me.

I freeze as your arm brushes against mine. I can’t wait to get out of this public place.

You got the door open and I stumble inside, pulling you with me. Your suitcase follows and I lock the door quickly. Finally. I kiss you hard. My cold fingers gripping your face tightly. It’s been too long. I force your mouth open with my tongue and a moan escapes me as I feel your hands under my shirt. I put my arms around your neck, not wanting any space to be between us.

Your hands slide up my back to find me braless. I suck your tongue as hard as I could as your hands make their way to my tits. “Ugh!” I let out an involuntary groan as you pinch my nipples which were already hard from the cold. Goosebumps broke out across my chest as you roll my nipples between your thumb and index fingers.

Panting hard, I remove my sweater first then make for the zipper of your jacket. Not wanting to lose contact Escort Beylikdüzü even for a second, I pull you towards me using your jacket and kiss you as your hands are forced away from me as I remove your jacket.

My sweater and your jacket discarded on the doorway, I kick my shoes off and you follow suit. I walk backwards towards the living room, pulling you along with my kiss. We momentarily break apart as I pull your shirt off – I just need to feel your skin.

I pull my own shirt off and before it even goes off my head, you lean down and bite my nipple. I almost lose my balance from the pain / pleasure, good thing you were clutching my waist. You immediately soothe my nipple with the flat of your tongue and a gentle nibble. Alternating with pinching for the other one.

I go for your belt and, as usual, have a hard time with the stupid buckle. You kissing my neck, making your way up to sucking my earlobes are definitely not helping. *click* I managed to unbuckle your belt and carefully work your zipper over your bulge.

I get down on my knees, pulling your pants down on Escort Bahçeşehir the way. I look up at you and our eyes meet, both burning with desire. I hold your gaze as I slowly pull your boxers down, savoring the moment I am reunited with your cock.

I wrap my right hand on the base while my left grips the head already sticky with pre-cum. I was panting with an open mouth. I feel myself salivating. I can’t take it anymore. I break eye contact and swallow your cock whole, deep-throating you on the first go. Just like riding a bike.

You groan and your hips jerk against me, your hands grip my head tightly. “Oh god! I forgot how good you feel,” you say as you guide me to go faster while also thrusting into me.

I twirl my tongue around your cock on the upward stroke and curl it with the tip against you on the way down. I missed your taste so much, your veins, and the way you get wider towards the base is so familiar. I pinch my own nipples and moan around your cock, the vibrations inducing your own.

“Babe, you have to stop soon if you want to get some too,” you warn me. I suck harder as a response. “I’m serious! I can’t stop you on my own,” you say through gritted teeth, gripping my head even tighter. I just go faster, gripping your butt now as leverage. I need your cum in my mouth.

“Oh fuck,” you say as I feel your legs going rigid. I focus my efforts on the upper half of your shaft, covering your base with my hands. I suck as hard as I can and lap at your head with my tongue as fast as I can. My hands jacking in the opposite direction, meeting my mouth halfway.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” you exclaim as you thrust wildly into my face before exploding in my mouth. I was not prepared for how violent you cumming was and gagged at the first squirt. I held on and swallowed as quickly as I could, my hands waiting by my mouth for any cum that escapes —

“…eth? Beth!”

I sit up straight, disoriented.

“I’ve been calling you for a minute now. It’s time for the daily meeting.”

My co-worker Kent shakes his head at me while walking away. I sigh and get ready to stand up, what a time to interrupt my daydream. I lick my lips and, finding them dry, wonder how long I’ve been staring blankly at my computer with my mouth open.

I heave a deep sigh again, my legs feel like jelly so I’m not getting up anytime soon. It really has been too long since we’ve last been together.

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