16 Mart 2023

Leeds Airport


Hi love, recognising John immediately as he was wearily carrying his case from the baggage check out point at Leeds airport. The last week England had been going through one of those hellish heat waves, was over a hundred degrees down south, and even we had experienced record temperatures over the past few days. Tempers were also at an all time high, trying to look my best for John proved impossible as some idiot had an accident on the motorway making the drive to the airport so hot and sweaty.

Only had a thin white cotton dress on, not to short as the need for underwear in such conditions was stupid and the small breeze that was blowing out of the stinking town was a pleasure to feel. Only had 24 hours with John also, he was on a trip to London with his family and sneaked away to me just for, well, just for.

Being ultra clean, with that sick feeling in my stomach as it seemed to twist and knot up, my hair wet and the £40 hairdo a complete waste of money only hours earlier. I could feel and smell my body perspiring under the bottle and half of perfume I had wasted on it coming to the airport. Plan was for me to go and have a cold shower in the toilets but that blasted accident took care of that.

John looked as pissed off as I felt as we finally looked at each other, his wet shirt, open to the waist, dark body glistening in his sweat as finally he dropped his overnight bag on to the floor and hugging me lifted me off my feet and our first kiss was long and hard draining every drop of air from my lungs. Looking closely in his eyes, a feeling of utter excitement in my body, having never done anything so impulsive before, while wiping a bead of sweat from his brow, my eyes telling him how pleased I was to see him.

With people not disturbing us but walking around us, no words were spoken as we gazed into each others eyes. Don’t know John’s feeling’s at that moment, but mine were nothing more of pure passion and no matter what, I knew that the next 18 or so hours we had together were going to be 18 hours of sheer magic.

My hormones must have been oozing from me telling John how I felt about him as we cuddled together and finally made it to the quietness of the car park. I was on the top deck, open, and what breeze there was seemed to be there as the hot sun blazed down on us but a cooling wind made it feel so nice. Dropping his bag I was pinned up against my car, my arms intertwined around his neck. I felt so good, so submissive, my mind suggesting thing’s that I had only ever fantasised about. Our hot faces crushed together, hungrily we kissed as I felt John’s hand clumsily pulling at the hem of my dress. Suddenly his thick fingers were pawing at my eager thighs. Opening them for him we stopped kissing, but stared at each other as his fingers probed my wetness and gingerly I felt a finger disappear into me. I was soaking in anticipation for him as our eyes never moved from each other. I was going to orgasm, there was no getting away from that, the whole experience alone was enough. Think the whole occasion got the better of me and almost embarrassed I just come and come and come, my legs just buckling underneath my weight, didn’t want to hold back but just staring into his eyes my legs just buckled and . . . I just orgasmed. Was so simple, so easy, could never have happened in a different situation, but think this situation was something else.

I could smell my ‘orgasm’, and almost embarrassed now I pulled John’s finger from me, it was soaked in my juices as almost teasingly John took his finger into his mouth and wiped it clean.

We decided that home was the place to be where we could relax and although it was a furnace, we could enjoy our short time together Escort Esenyurt there. I was horny on the journey home, couldn’t keep my hands off John, and think no hope he was the same. Although I was driving my hand, when ever it wasn’t on the gear stick was resting on John’s ‘gear stick’. Although that blasted accident occurred on the other carriageway, when we approached it I soon had to hit the brake pedal and suddenly the temperature was rising as we were all of a sudden crawling along.

I didn’t care, was a nice time to play with John’s private bits, I was firstly squeezing on him, then the traffic stopped and I had time to unzip his fly and suddenly an arm comes around my neck as my hand engulfs his hardness. I have a second to look at the smile on his face as I toyed with his erection.

Past the congestion now, we suddenly pick up speed, but my thoughts are purely on John as suddenly I am driving along the motorway mastibating him. Not sure where my thoughts were, the sighs and groans I was getting from John were enough and while firmly looking at the road felt John tense up and his hot fluids explode over my hands and no doubt over his stomach and chest. Driving one handed with my hand dripping with John’s come as he wiped himself and my hand dry.

We carried on the short drive to my house, John, no doubt used to the heat more than me. His eyes closing but we were both excited and talking about the evening ahead, as we drove into the city centre and once again the heat of the day had beads of sweat running down my cheeks and my thighs were burning with both desire and heat.

Home, was early evening, air conditioning was something unheard of in Leeds and the only air conditioning I possess is a large ceiling fan and by opening the windows and back porch up sometimes it produces a through breeze.

Pouring out a pot of tea for us and peeling my dress from my sticky body and throwing it straight into the washing machine seemed to perk John up and although we were a wet and sticky mess I had to guide him up to the bathroom. Undoing his shirt on the way up by the time we were at the door it was off and together with his jeans and the rest of his things they soon followed as I turned the shower on a cool setting and the cool water was soon flowing over and cooling both our bodies. Seemed the only thing’s getting soaped were our backs as we were cuddled together with John’s erection sticking firmly into my stomach. Suddenly our lips parted and John pushed me against the cold tiled wall and with water hitting my face and running down my body he gathered some more soap on his sponge and was suddenly giving me a lovely slow gentle wash.

Opening my legs for him and with my arms resting on his shoulders our eyes never left each others as he gradually followed my clean body downwards, kissing and licking every inch of my body, sending tingling sensations throughout me. Knelling now, his unshaved rough skin was kissing my stomach, each peck making muscles in my stomach dance with excitement. Sill his eyes looking up at me as my hands were now firmly clasped around the sides of his head, almost guiding him to the next spot I needed kissing.

Leaning firmly against the wall John suddenly lifted one of my feet up of the floor and while he sponged around my foot I saw his tongue starting to lick around my shaved mound, bringing untold feelings inside me. Asking for the next foot to be cleaned I lifted it up to John’s hands and purposely opened myself wider so he could access between my legs. Knowing this is what I wanted I felt the roughness of his chin fighting to get between my legs and opening myself wider was suddenly locking my fingers together Escort Avcılar behind his head and seemed to be guiding myself onto his eager mouth. Trying to control the situation was proving hard, John’s body was to heavy for me to hold and so lying him down onto the shower cubicle floor I was suddenly knelling either side of his face and I could watch as his mouth and tongue searched for me and feeling in complete control of the situation was able to control the pressure he was putting on me. All of a sudden this was something else, as if I were alone pleasing myself. I would lower myself onto him and feel his tongue exploring into me, licking, kissing me. I could position my clitoris above his eager mouth and let him lick on me until the feelings became so intense that I would pull away.

John was more than willing to stay in this position, think I wouldn’t have minded if he had drowned there, as slowly the feeling’s became more and more intense with each go. The water was now running cold onto my face, think that was the only thing that stopped my head and face over heating as the feelings I was experiencing were truly something else. Like all good things, that had to end, putting my clitoris directly onto John’s mouth I pushed down on him and realising I wasn’t going to move this time John gripped hold of my hips and within seconds I was collapsing on to the floor above him as I screamed out in complete ecstasy.

Lying there, shaking in my orgasm I felt John move and suddenly the cold water stopped running over me. His erection sticking out proud and inviting for me, and thinking it was my turn to please that way, instead he rolled me over onto my back and lifting my legs high into the air felt his manhood slip effortlessly into me. It was strong, hard and powerful, causing me some very pleasant pain as I felt the whole of him inside me and almost disappointed as he slid his long hardness out of me. John seemed to do this a hundred times, slowly, and each time he was fully inside me he seemed to knock the wind out of my lungs, making me gasp for air. Gradually his tempo speeded up, and the intense feeling’s he was producing inside me together with my rhythmic groans were making me feel so out of this world. Unable to speak, I was just muttering his name as I felt his hands holding my feet firmly and pulling me wider apart as my name was suddenly being shouted out by John, louder and louder. Knowing he was going to finish any second I repeated his name over and over again as his body pushed forward as if trying to get more and more of himself inside me. I was with him, intimately, closely as he exploded himself into me and although he had come early on, I was still treated to the feeling of his warm love juice inside me. His body was rigid and trying to rid himself of all his come was pushing deeply still inside me as I felt his hardness quickly recede and very soon the heat we had produced together was leaking from John’s forehead and I could feel each drop splash down onto my stomach.

An exaggerated sigh from him as he gently lowered my feet down onto the now cold floor, leaving me resting there as he stood up and went to get some towels. Taking care to dry me gently and thoroughly we finally agreed that it was time we finished off that cup of tea we made earlier that evening.

Wrapped only in a bath sheet the coolness of the late evening was finally blowing through the open doors as we sat and drank a fresh cup of tea and John, having not eaten for ages nibbled on some sandwiches. The ‘sex thing’ now finished we sat for hours talking about the same things we do over the internet most evenings. I felt so good, so relaxed and so comfortable that it was a shame the clock had whizzed around to four in the morning and John had to be back at the airport for eight. So we decided to call it a night, letting John go up first I locked up and turned out the lights as the dawn chorus was already awake and threatening to prevent John the much deserved sleep he was after.

Hoping, no wishing more like, for something before we go I shower and spend ages making up wanting to look my best for when John wakes up beside me in the morning. Was surprised to see John’s eyes open when I finally came into the bedroom. “Thought you would be asleep love.” I say, but he answered that he has tried, but for some reason his eyes won’t close. Laughing I crawl onto the bed with him, his manly smells sending signals to my over active sex genes and cuddling him and nestling my head into the nape of his neck seems to give John the same feeling’s. A small sigh and he turns his face to mine and I eagerly stretch my neck upwards and as our lips meet my face suddenly heats up to boiling point. Selfishly now I search for his manhood in the semi dark, it was hard and erect as if waiting for me and now I knew I wanted to please him the way I have been fantasising about since we first met in our chat thingy.

John knew it as well, and made no attempt to stop me, wouldn’t have made any difference anyway, as I slowly kissed his proud body and running my tongue over his stomach felt those same feelings that I had felt early that night as his muscles shuddered below me. Lying close to him, but not touching I was soon at his nice hard toy and teasing him was running my tongue up and down the length of it and with no hands on it found it twitching nicely for me. It was still very hot and when John put his hands down around my head I pushed them away, thinking that this was going to be my fun and didn’t want a heavy hand helping me in any way. I was in a playful and happy mood and felt good slowly sucking and licking on John’s erection. Thought he would have been as tired and satisfied as I was and was surprised when my playing with him started to make him moan, groan and twist around on the bed. Soon he was lying back and as the sun started to shine through the curtains I looked up to see the contented look on John’s face. It was to nice to waste this time together and wanted so much to cuddle up again, knowing that time was limited for us together.

Felt so right but the time was shattered by the alarm clock bringing us back into reality and knowing we only had an hour left together. A quick shower by us both, and slipping on just a loose dress again because of the heat we were soon on the road back to the airport. “Slow down Pat.” He shouted, as I try to make up time for the airport. No accidents on the way, and we were up on our roof with lots of time to spare. Although early in the morning it was getting warm already and think John was a little taken aback as I pulled my dress up over my head and threw it onto the back seat. “Well!, what are you waiting for love, we still have 20 minutes.”

With that John started to take off his jeans and tee shirt and once naked we were one once again and with cars coming and going I sat astride him, loving every second of him inside me. Think we wanted this to last forever, and after the previous evening, my soreness and John seemed to go on forever, but with time marching on he suddenly pushed me over onto my back and his pace suddenly increased. With him going at me with all the vigour he could manage he soon had me screaming out yet another orgasm and in doing so pulled himself out of me and emptied himself over my hot stomach and boobs.

Exhausted I feel back onto the seat, my legs spread open wide John’s come all over me. John leaned over, kissed me one more time grabbed his clothes and bag and said as he ran for his plane. “Stay there love, don’t ever move.”

Don’t think I could if I wanted to……

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