16 Mart 2023

Lessons Learned Ch. 02


He sat at the teacher’s desk, his eyes closed as he leaned back in the comfortable office chair. His breath came and went evenly, his chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. No sound filled the room except for his slow breathing and the sound of metrical sucking. The noise was a metronome in a silent symphony.

She had a talented mouth, and once she had gotten over her constant fear, she had become an expert on him. She used her lips and tongue in tandem, coaxing his shaft to grow longer and harder each time. It was a game they played. She would try to make him cum as quickly as possible, but he liked to see her on her knees, underneath her desk. He sat in her seat almost every afternoon, thinking about geometry or Shakespeare or baseball while she worked her magic. The longest he had lasted one afternoon was an hour and five minutes. She had been crying by the time he had exploded in her mouth. He’d left her that way, too.

He’d become increasingly smug over the last month, as he had cemented his control over her sexual addiction. She had been hesitant after their first encounter. He knew her concerns were not unwarranted, but he had worked carefully to convince her that everything would be all right. He knew he had a good thing, so he had no intention of telling anyone. On the upside, his grades in geometry had increased quite a bit, and it wasn’t due to her giving him extra credit because of their affair. She had told him that she wouldn’t. Since he now had a release for the sexual frustration that had plagued him during her class, he was able to better concentrate on his work. He also knew that if he was going to continue to lie about receiving tutoring, he would need proof that he was benefiting from the sessions.

The principal had come into the room one afternoon looking for her. Jon had pushed close to her desk, putting his hand in her hair to keep her from escaping. He had calmly told the principal that he was there for tutoring, and Miss Moyers had received a telephone call. The principal had lingered for a few moments, waiting on her, but when ten minutes had passed, he had given up. The potential of discovery and the element of danger had triggered her body. She had cum while her superior waited.

He glanced at his watch. The baseball game started in thirty minutes. He needed to go warm up. He allowed his body to relax, groaning softly. Her mouth quickened and he shot a long, thin stream into her throat. She swallowed, leaving no evidence of their encounter in the room. When he finished, she pulled off and he rolled the chair backwards, allowing her to stand. He could smell her wet desire but had no time to satisfy her. He reached beneath her short skirt, knowing that she had stopped wearing underwear altogether since their first few encounters. His finger shot straight into her hole, sliding easily. She spread her legs, leaning back against the desk as he pumped her slick pussy.

“Are you coming to my game?” he demanded.

“Yes,” she answered, barely able to form her thoughts into words. His thumb was massaging her clit in a firm circular motion as his finger slid in and out of her. Her hips were now flexing forward, meeting his light thrusts. “Please, Jon,” she moaned.

He pulled out of her, sucking his finger into his mouth and tasting her. She whimpered, her knees weakening. She placed her hands on her desk for support. He could see the outline of her hard nipples against the silk material of her shirt. “Please what?”

“God, Jon, please. Fuck me,” she begged.

He patted her wet pussy with an indulgent grin as he stood up. “After the game,” he promised. He adjusted himself and reached for the baseball cap lying on her desk. He had already changed into his uniform and his cleats clicked on the floor as he walked out of her classroom.

She collapsed into her warm chair, feeling her tight nipples and throbbing insides. She was quivering with need and anticipation, but would not do anything about it. After their first encounter, she had masturbated every night for two weeks while thinking about him. When he had told her to stop, she had not thought of disobeying. Even though he did not always satisfy her in return, she never considered reaching down and rubbing herself until she could walk without that funny hitch to her hips.

She finally gained control of herself enough to rise from her chair and gather her belongings. She locked her classroom behind her and bakırköy escort exited the building, her heels clicking across the parking lot for the baseball field. Her hips rolled easily from side-to-side as she entered the small stadium and found a seat directly across from third base. He would be able to see her during the game without it being obvious that he was looking. She crossed her legs and hoped for a good game. His mood afterward would depend on the success of the team.

They had made a sport of his games. For every out he made, she spent five minutes on her knees in front of him, with her lips wrapped around his hard cock. His rewards came for defense, and hers came for his offensive play. For every single he batted, he spent five minutes massaging her breasts. A second base hit meant his mouth would be at her breasts. She loved for him to get triples. He rarely returned her favor of oral sex, but triples meant his tongue would be inside her. For homeruns, he would slide his hard bat into her aching, empty pussy.

The team ran onto the field and she joined the home fans in standing and cheering. His eyes searched for her and found her as he warmed up with the rest of the infield. She smiled, wetting her lips as she leaned forward at the shoulders. Her blouse fell away, and though he was too far to see any details, she knew he could use his imagination well. She also uncrossed her legs, spreading them as far as her short skirt would allow. She would tease him with silent promises whenever she could, but she would never distract him during play.

He scored a triple at his first at bat. He stopped at third, gave the third base coach a high five, and turned to grin at her smugly. She wet the tip of her finger and slipped it down the top of her blouse, circling her nipple. He raced to home plate as soon as the ball was in the air, his propelled body crashing into the fence directly in front of her. He dropped his eyes down intentionally and she followed his gaze, seeing his erection stretch the material of his pants and push against his protective cup. She grinned, making certain that he could see a flash of her areola and her protruding nipple.

She slipped away to the restroom as he returned to the dugout. The second inning had started when she emerged and he was back in position at third base. He seemed to be back to his normal self. He was in a crouched defensive position, rocking his weight slightly and keeping his eyes focused on the batter. She paused and watched as a low grounder went to third. He scooped it up and sent it sailing to first, who tagged the base before the runner could make it across the bag. Her breath caught, knowing that counted as an out for him.

A small line snaked away from the counter at the concession stand and she joined it, knowing a cold drink of water would cool her until the end of the ninth inning. She was thinking of the future when someone joined the line behind her. She felt warm breath on her neck and ear a moment after hips cradled her buttocks. She could feel something hard press against her and instinctively, she leaned back, pressing into it.

“Well, well, Miss Moyers, I believe you have become the baseball team’s biggest fan,” the voice whispered in her ear. She recognized it as the voice of the third base coach. He thrust his hips forward. “You should let me give you a proper thank you.”

“Perry!” she laughed, a nervous, high-pitched sound. She glanced around to make sure no one was paying attention.

“I saw you in the stands,” he continued. “I saw the invitation in your eyes.”

She stepped away quickly, blushing fiercely. “I’m sorry, Perry. I don’t know what you are talking about.” She stepped out of line and headed back toward the stands. “I want to get back to the game.”

She was breathing hard by the time she settled into her seat, her cheeks flushed and her eyes panicked. Jon took notice of her return, but didn’t seem to perceive her agitation until the first break in the game. He looked to her for some playful teasing, but she was chewing on her lip and staring into space. Her legs were together and she was sitting stiffly on the bleachers. She caught him looking and forced a smile, waving her fingers.

As soon as he got a chance, he slipped close enough to speak to her. “What’s wrong?” he demanded harshly.

“Never mind,” she returned without looking at him. He tapped his bat against the inside of his bakırköy escort bayan sneakers, trying to appear casual. “Coach Perry saw me,” she finally admitted.

“How do you know?” he questioned, swinging the bat several times.

“I saw the look in his eyes,” she lied. She couldn’t trust Jon not to react if he thought that Perry had hit on her. “We have to be more careful.”

He nodded without saying anything and went to bat. He scored a double, and she tried to get excited about the prospect. He had a talented tongue, and she had taught him how to use it in their sessions together. He hadn’t needed much tutoring and had been a quick learner.

When he hit a homerun in the ninth inning, driving in two other runs and sealing the victory for the team, she allowed herself to forget Perry. Jon smiled directly at her as he jogged down the third base line to step on home plate. His teammates were there to congratulate him.

Jon leaned back in the back seat of his car thirty minutes later, receiving his reward for seven outs. He marveled at her talented mouth and her endless willingness to go down on him. Her lips massaged and her tongue danced as her head moved in his lap. Her hands cupped his swollen balls, massaging them as her tongue swirled around his long, hard shaft. She worked quickly at first, her head bobbing as her lips stroked him with sliding ease and a teasing, swirling tongue. He hadn’t mentioned Coach Perry, but she knew that his superior was on his mind. It had taken her a few minutes to get him hard.

Usually after a game, she tried to bring him off quickly, and then work on him slowly to keep him interested. She now worked slowly, the tip of her tongue moving along the underside of his thick cock. The swollen head was in her throat. Each time she swallowed, it clenched the mushroom. His breath was shallow as he enjoyed her hot, wet mouth.

She pulled off a little, her tongue rubbing the head, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. His hips bucked upward, slipping himself deeper. He glided in and out, leveraging himself in order to piston quicker. He was starting to throb in her mouth. She slowed more, working with his jerking hips in an effort to keep as little of him as possible out of her mouth.

He reached down and dug his fingers through her hair, forcing her down hard. His balls hit her chin as he exploded deep in her throat. She closed her eyes, trying not to gag. Her eyes widened and started watering, but she finally swallowed and recovered. She sat back, leaning against the back of the driver’s seat as she caught her breath. He grinned at her, curling his hand around his shaft. He stroked it slowly, watching her as he kept himself hard.

Kneeling in the floorboard of his backseat, she reached up and released the few buttons on her shirt, peeling it back so that he could see her large breasts. Her pink nipples protruded toward him, hard in excitement and anticipation. She crawled onto the seat with him, straddling his hips and rubbing one of her hard nipples against his lips. He took the opening and sucked the bud into his mouth. His tongue brushed the areola and swirled around the tingling button. She pushed into his mouth, filling his cheeks with her soft flesh. He suckled, using his mouth and teeth and tongue on her full breast much the way she had used hers on his long penis. He treated first one and then the other to his ministrations, encouraged by her soft moans of pleasure.

She could feel his cock pressing against her stomach as she pushed into his mouth. She could feel herself flooding a little, her sweet juices preparing her body for his intrusion. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her upward as he slid further down in the back seat. The tip of his tongue danced along her moist slit, dipping deeper each time, scooping more of her moisture into his mouth with every stroke.

He flicked over her clit, and she shuddered, pushing her hips downward in excitement and pleasure. His fat tongue dragged along the swollen nub, sweeping it over and over as she groaned. She threw her head back as his tongue darted into her hole, curling and thrusting. She squirmed on his mouth in pleasure, her hips rocking forward and back. Her pussy tightened as they worked in unison and she began spasming after just a moment.

She groaned as the sweet tremors expanded from his tongue into the rest of her body. Her legs clenched around his head as her escort bayan bakırköy thighs quivered. She placed her hands on the window, bracing herself as her body twitched. She sank heavily onto his face, unable to support herself as the wave of bliss washed over her body.

He easily lifted her and flipped her onto her back, positioning the throbbing, swollen head of his shaft at her slick, exhausted opening. He used his hand to rub her thrumming clit with the tip of his cock, teasing her to open for him. She raised one leg, letting it rest against the back of the seat. Her other dropped off of the seat, spreading her pussy lips enough for him to wedge himself between her thighs. He aimed at her tight hole and thrust hard and fast, driving his long sword to the hilt. His balls slapped her pussy and he grunted, feeling her muscles contract around him.

She tightened her vagina, squeezing him within her walls, sucking him with her body as well as her mouth had treated him. He braced himself on his arms over her, enjoying the still pleasure. He lowered himself to his elbows, feeling the arrows of her breasts against his chest. They burned small circles as he began moving, lightly rotating his hips, twirling his cock inside her tight tunnel.

He began flexing lightly, not pulling completely out, but only moving an inch at a time. His slow, steady, teasing movements served to drive her to mindless whimpering and moaning. She tried to lie still, allowing him to take control and keep the pace, but soon her body demanded to be in charge. Her hips snapped upward, slamming against his. Above her, he grinned, pulling away until he was completely outside of her. Her hips remained raised as her she pleaded with a soft moan for him to fill her.

He thrust forward again, hard and deep, again burying himself completely. This time, he did not linger, but pulled out and repeated the process. Over and over and over he drove himself into her, pushing himself deeper every time. He felt her stretching to accept him and raising herself to meet him. He started rocking forward in addition to his in and out strokes, making certain his long shaft rubbed her clit with every movement. She wrapped her legs around him, linking herself to his body as his movements became quicker and quicker.

As she came for the second time, her world spun in a dizzy circle. Her body clenched for a moment, and she couldn’t breathe, and then she exploded. Her whole body turned to jelly as wetness gushed from her body. She locked her ankles behind him, riding the spasms as he continued pumping. He was now a machine, his hips a mechanical piston locked in the age old programming of fucking.

He was grunting now, no longer focusing on her at all. Instead, he only cared about his own release. He forced himself in and out of her. His shaft stretched her wide as he pumped, his balls slapping against her as he slammed down each time. Every forward movement sent an arrow through her body, sliding her along the vinyl of the car. Somewhere, she had the thought that she would have marks on her back tomorrow, but before the thought could take root, she did what she though impossible. She came a third time. It didn’t build, but exploded immediately. The world again spiraled, and then went black.

He continued pumping for another few minutes into her lifeless body before he released a powerful cry and shot into her warm cavern. He unraveled long strings of semen into her deep recess until he was empty. His shaft shriveled and slipped from her. He sat up, leaving her in her unconscious state as he recovered. She began to rouse herself as he finished buttoning the fly of his pants.

She sat up, but the world spun, and she lay back down with a laugh. “Jon,” she began, but was unable to finish her thought. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to regain her bearings, and then opened them again. She rose slowly to a sitting position, this time able to keep herself steady. She kissed his cheek. He turned to her, cupping her breast in a firm grip as he kissed her roughly on the mouth, thrusting his tongue between her lips. She moaned, sinking into him. He pinched and tugged her nipple, and then released her to get dressed.

When she emerged from his car, she stood there for a moment, letting her legs regain strength. She adjusted her skirt, tugging it downward to make certain all body parts were covered. As she walked toward her own car, she was aware that she walked with the swagger of someone who had been well-fucked. She grinned, knowing she had. She wondered briefly why it had taken her so long to take a student. Perhaps it was just Jon.

Across the parking lot, near the dark entrance to the stadium, Coach Perry watched.

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