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Subject: Liam’s Lustful Valentines Day This is a fanfiction story with the characters Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Dr John “Finn” Finnigan (Tanner Novlan). This story says nothing about the actors’ sexual references; it’s just fiction. Copyrights © CBS BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL ********************************* Liam visits Finn at the hospital. He just knocks on Finn’s office door and walks in when Finn asks who it is. “Hey, Finn. Do you have a minute?” Liam asked. He sees the doctor sitting behind the desk and writing something on a pad of paper. “Sure. What’s up?” Finn asked. He looks up as he recognized the voice of Liam. “I know it’s my day with Kelly, but since it’s Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something special for Hope. So I was wondering if she can stay with you?” “You should be with Steffy for that.” Finn replied. “Yeah I know, but I thought maybe you already had plans for Steffy and I already had to be here in the hospital.” Liam explained. “We do have some plans, but I think Steffy won’t mind.” Finn paused for a second. He noticed something along Liam’s words. “What brings you here? Hope there is nothing wrong.” “No. Nothing wrong.” Liam raised his arms to his chest level, “Just a physical I was coming for.” Liam explained. “Well, if you like I could do that physical on you.” Finn suggested with an eyebrow raised. Liam is quiet. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.” “Do you rather want a stranger to do that to you?” Finn asked. Liam does recognize it might be less uncomfortable when it’s someone he knows. “Why do you think you need to have a physical?” Finn asked. He observes Liam’s body from head to toe. He thought that there seems to be nothing wrong with it. “Just to be sure on the safe side.” Liam replied. “That’s true.” Finn clicks his tongue before continuing, “You can walk over to the exam table and undress yourself till you’re only wearing your underwear please.” Finn instructed. Liam walks to the exam table and starts to undress himself. Meanwhile, Finn puts some gloves on for the exam. He stares for a moment at Liam who strips down. To Finn’s surprise he starts to get excited, seeing Liam taking his pants off. Finn tries to shake the excitement off, but his dick betrays him by being partially hard. “Is everything okay?” Liam asked. Finn looks at Liam and sees the blond stud standing only in his tight black underwear. “Uhm. Yeah of course. Please take a seat on the table.” Finn said as he tried to hide his hardon underneath his doctor’s coat. Liam sits down and Finn walks up closer to Liam. Somehow, Liam starts to get excited as well when Finn feels him up with those rubber gloves. He now starts to realize it might have been better if it was a doctor he didn’t know that should do this physical to him. “Seems you have been working out.” Finn said with a smile. He has never seen Liam without his clothes, at least not that he remembers it. Liam smiles back and explains, “Yeah. I have been toning up my body. I just wanted to be sure I’m in good health with all that training.” Liam tries to extend the conversation to not thinking of the boner he’s feeling rising in his underwear. Unknown to Liam, Finn bursa yabancı escort is struggling with the same. At that moment, both are very close with their heads and they have eye contact. They look at each other’s lips. Both feel the urge to kiss each other and then both lean in for the kiss. The kiss is like fireworks. Explosive. But also very intense and passionate. Then, both men realize what they are doing and they stop. “I’m sorry. This is not professional for me.” Finn accuses himself. The doctor keep his gaze away from Liam. “No it was my fault. I should not have leaned in so much.” Liam says, trying to take the blame. Finn’s coat hangs more open and Liam suddenly sees Finn’s bulge. At that same time, Finn just stood up and can see Liam’s bulge in his underwear. Liam is aware Finn is staring at him. “Uhm. I think we should try to acknowledge what is going on here.” Finn looks down, realizing his coat is hanging open and Liam can see his boner in his pants. “I don’t know what’s going on with me.” Finn explains still not looking at Liam. Liam walks over to Finn. He reaches his hand out and grabs hold of Finn’s boner. Finn steps back, but Liam has a good grip of Finn’s dick and keeps holding it, taking that step with Finn to stay close. “Wh-what are you doing, Liam?” Finn stuttered in shock. “Let’s help each other out with this problem.” Liam explains and leans in to kiss Finn. Finn wants to take another step back, but walks against his desk. Then, Liam locks his lips with Finn and they kiss. Finn first tries to pull back but fastly gives in to it and kisses Liam back. Finn wraps his arms around Liam and they are all against each other. Both their boners beg for release and attention. Liam rubs his hands over Finn’s chest to pull Finn’s doctor’s coat off of him. The coat drops on the floor. “Wait!” Finn suddenly says. Liam thought Finn was finally giving in and he looked with his puppy dog eyes at Finn. “I need to reschedule an appointment.” Finn explains and turns to his desk to make a call. Liam smiles. He can’t believe he and Finn are about to explore what is happening between them. “Please put all my appointments on hold.” Finn says through the phone. Meanwhile, Liam takes action and tries to lift Finn’s shirt. Getting his hands underneath to feel Finn’s v-line and abs up. Liam is getting very horny, feeling Finn up like that and wants that shirt further off. Just when Finn puts the phone down, Liam lifts Finn’s shirt up and Finn lifts his arms to let it be removed. Finn turns to Liam and Liam gets an eyeful of the doctor’s hot ripped body. Liam has seen Finn before in his swimwear, but he sees Finn now completely different. He feels a deep urge to feel Finn up. Wanting to have the sexy doctor all over him. Finn pulls Liam back in a kiss and walks to the exam table without breaking off the kiss. At the exam table, both men stare for one more moment at each other. Finn kicks his shoes off and pulls down his pants and right after his socks. Now, both men are standing in their underwear equally naked. Liam suddenly drops to his knees in front of Finn and gets his fingers around the waist band. bursa sınırsız escort Finn can’t believe Liam is so eager to pull his underwear down. It also excites him to get his hardon being released. While he thinks of the possibilities going to happen, Liam pulls down his underwear and his dick slaps up hard against his abs. “Damn!” Liam says, looking at Finn’s big dick. Finn steps out of his underwear and Liam eagerly gets his mouth around Finn’s dick and starts to suck him off. “Wow! Liam. It’s like you did this more often.” Finn says. Liam looks up at Finn, making eye contact with the hot doctor and winks at him. Finn feels Liam sucking his dick intensely. Liam sucks like a vacuum. Taking that dick deep. Liam lays his hands on Finn’s ass and squeezes those glutes. Finn places his hands on the back of his head, lightly flexing his arms. “Damn you are a pro in this!” Liam stops and smiles at Finn. He grabs hold of Finn’s dick and gives a few strokes. “I want you so badly. Do you want me too?” He asks. Finn looks at Liam. He ogles at how masculine Liam is. “Yeah. I want to fuck you.” Finn admits. Liam smiles and his dick twitches to hear what Finn wants to do to him. Finn has never felt something like this for a man before. He can’t believe it, but he does like it. Liam gets up and kisses Finn while he keeps stroking Finn’s dick. Both men kiss passionately. Liam, meanwhile, gets his dick against Finn’s dick and strokes them against each other with one hand. Shivers go over both men’s spines. Both feeling very horny. Finn suddenly breaks it off and grabs Liam. He places Liam at the exam table and makes him bent over it. Liam is excited by Finn taking the whole situation over. Finn spreads Liam’s ass cheeks and suddenly grabs a bottle from the table. He gets some lube out of it and places it at Liam’s cherry and starts to rub against it. Liam starts breathing heavier and hotter by all this excitement. Finn hangs over Liam’s, rubbing his dick against that ass. “Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” Liam turns his head towards Finn. “Fuck me. Make love to me.” Finn smiles at Liam and kisses him on the lips. Liam feels Finn’s dick rubbing against his ass crack. It makes him so excited and wanting that dick inside him. “Please do it. Get it inside me.” Finn places his dick against Liam’s rosebutt. Liam bends over and puts his ass out for Finn to take. “Ready to be fucked?” Finn questions. Liam looks over his shoulder. “Yeah! Do it!” Finn grabs tight at Liam’s waist and starts to push his dick inside Liam’s hole. Liam feels his hole stretching. Finn is amazed how easy he can go inside first. Liam tenses up the further Finn comes inside and halfway Liam grabs the end of the exam table to hold on. “Are you okay?” Finn asks worried. “Oh yeah. Don’t stop!” Liam instructed under the moaning. Finn keeps on pushing his dick further inside. Liam felt his sphincter stretching further out. Finn pushes the last few inches inside till he hits his v-line against Liam’s ass. Liam can’t believe he now has Finn’s dick all the way inside him. Finn waits for a moment, giving Liam some time to adjust, but by Finn’s görükle escort surprise Liam leans his ass back. Practicly begging for getting fucked. Liam looks over his shoulder again. “Fuck me.” Finn is in awe. He leans forward to kiss Liam and he starts to fuck him right away. Liam moans inside Finn’s mouth. Finn feels waves of Liam’s moaning in his mouth. A surge of pleasure courses through the bodies of both men. With one hand, Finn reaches to touch Liam’s hard body. Feeling those abs up. He moves his hands over Liam’s chest before he circles his fingers around those hard nipples. Finally, the doctor has snaked through those taut biceps of Liam. Those arms have definitely gotten bigger. Liam has reached his arm out to the back of Finn’s head. Not wanting the kiss to stop and still moaning inside Finn’s mouth. Finn has his dick deep inside Liam and pumps him. Liam feels that dick going back and forth inside him. Both men have now fully given in to the passion both are experiencing. Finn breaks off the kiss and takes his dick out of Liam. Liam yelps and is upset, but then gets turned towards Finn and realizes what the sexy doctor wants. Finn lifts Liam up on the exam table. The doctor grunted as he didn’t expect Liam to be heavier from working out. Liam grabs hold of his legs and Finn pushes his dick back inside Liam’s begging hole. Both men moan. Giving in to their sexual desires. Finn hangs over Liam. His dick deep inside the blond stud. Liam wraps his legs around Finn and Finn leans forward to kiss. Both men kiss and Finn starts to make love to Liam. Liam’s body is covered in sweat. Taking the doctor’s pounding. Finn’s body also gets sweaty. His body shines from the reflection of the light on his sweaty body. Liam is in awe of the hot doctor making love to him. Finn keeps kissing Liam intense while he fucks him. Their masculine bodies rub against each other. Liam’s dick is between both of their six packs. The friction keeps that dick hard. The moaning intensifies from both. The exam table squeaks and screeches. Liam wraps his arms tight around Finn. He doesn’t want this amazing feeling to stop. Finn keeps on going faster and wilder. The exam table even moves a little from its place. All of a sudden, Liam unloads from all that friction between their abs. He moans loudly that Finn breaks off the kiss and realizes he just made Liam cum. Liam breathes heavily. Surprised at how it all happened. Finn gives a gentle smile and continues fucking Liam. Liam feels like he just died and has gone to heaven. Finn keeps making love to Liam. Getting the phase back to when they were interrupted. Liam moans loudly and then feels Finn stopping and tensing up. Finn’s whole masculine body is tensed up and he cums inside Liam. Liam feels the warm fluid of the doctor’s hot sperm filling his inside. Finn drops on top of Liam. Both feeling their sweaty bodies and heartbeats going fast. They look at each other and they kiss. “Well I never thought I would celebrate Valentine’s Day like this.” Liam admits. Finn looks at Liam. That sexy body and handsome face made all the trouble of cancelling the appointments worth it. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Liam replies and they kiss passionately while they catch their breaths. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message For more stories from me, ook/groups/480903845719867 Please donate to Nifty for support to let this great site and it’s archive free, fty/

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