5 Mart 2023

Life Ch. 11


It took some explaining, like the rest of Friday night, to tell Joan about our situation. She ended up being uncomfortable with it, but still decided to let us stay. She chose to look at it as having a boyfriend and girlfriend from the same family, not as being the third in an incestuous relationship. Either way, Linzy and I were happy that not only would we get to fuck Joan some more, but each other for the rest of the weekend.

“By the way.” I mentioned the next morning after we woke up in a tangled heap of naked bodies and decided that breakfast was in order. “I bought these for us” I said and pulled out the Harley shirts. Linzy’s was extremely low cut and had a big flaming skull with a Harley Shield stamped into its forehead on the back and a small emblem on her right tit. Joan’s was skin tight and had a dream catcher woven around the shield on the front, and a bike on the bike with a paintjob with an Indian brave and eagles on the back. Mine was simple black shirt with a white emblem on the front, and the location of the shop on the back. “There, now we match.” I joked after we showered and got dressed. I felt a little cheated when I had to go to a different floor to shower, but Linzy and Joan got to share a stall.

Breakfast was had in the back corner of a Waffle House, where conversation flopped back and forth from flirting and sexual remarks, to discussing Linzy’s website idea. Joan told us she could draw up some contracts to make sure the girl’s couldn’t sue us, but she’d need to be paid for them. “And you really should try to keep it as amateur as possible. Don’t pay the girls, make it so it’s only girls that actually want to have sex with you. Give them the contracts later.” She added between mouthfuls of waffle. “Sites like this get so stale and boring when they just start parading pornstars through and calling it amateur. The girls don’t enjoy themselves and that usually means the people paying you aren’t enjoying themselves.” When she notice us both looking at her with some mix of awe and worry painted on our faces Joan shrugged. “I watch a lot of porn.”

“And now you’re starring in one.” Linzy quipped. Reminding her that the previous night was all caught on tape. “What if your dad sees it?” Linzy worried. “I mean you seem pretty intent on pleasing your parents, won’t they freak the hell out if they find out your having threesomes for low-budget internet porn?”

Joan frowned and shrugged. “No more than your parents would, but I guess you’ll be in France, so there’s not much they could do about it.” I looked at Linzy, confused as to what Joan was talking about, who was now hiding her face behind her hand. So I looked back to Joan who was biting her lip. “You um…. You didn’t know she was leaving did you?” she finally asked.

“No, I still don’t.” I half-shouted. “What the fuck is she talking about Linzy?”

“I got accepted to that art school in Paris I was trying to get into.” She answered, not taking her hand away from her face. “I’m sorry, I was going to tell you, I just didn’t know how or want to yet.” Before I could even get “but you told the girl you’ve known for a day” out of my mouth Linzy started speaking again. “Joan asked me yesterday where I was going to college to see if we could get in the same dorm, and I told her.” She finally moved her hand, but it was only to glare at Joan. “I thought she’d keep her mouth shut about it.”

“I- I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” Joan stammered. “I thought your family would know, I thought you’d at least tell your boyfriend.” She said accusingly.

Linzy started to retort, but I put my hand over her mouth. “Drop it.” I said. She started to turn on me. “It doesn’t matter.” I insisted. “You should’ve told me, she should’ve kept it to herself.” I turned back to my breakfast. “Not like it matters now. We’re here now, so let’s just enjoy it.

Joan swallowed a mouthful of egg and added “He’s right, we should just enjoy as much time as we have. Seize the day and all that.” She paused to take a drink of orange juice and continued. “So, I say we all catch a movie. My treat.”

We ended up going to see a slasher flick called “See No Evil” at the begging of Linzy. After getting our drinks and popcorn, we found a seat in the back of the theater, me between the two girls. I was happy to see that even on a Saturday half the theater was empty; we had the entire tops five or so rows to ourselves. The opening credits had barely finished rolling when I felt Linzy’s hand land heavily on my lap. Her fingers traced out and wound around my cock, when I turned to ask what she was doing she just smiled and kissed me quickly. “Pay Joan some attention for me, ok?”

I turned to my right to see my Indian princess engrossed in the movie already, so I leaned closer and started kissing her neck. She giggled and turned her head to return my affection just as Linzy took my zipper down and pushed her hand into my boxers. “Not into the movie much?” Joan whispered before sliding her tongue past my lips. I wrestled it with şişli escort my own as Linzy freed my dick from my pants and started slowly stroking me off.

“What movie?” I moaned between kisses and slid my hand along Joan’s thigh and up the center of her black miniskirt. The next time her mouth was muffled by my tongue I pulled her panties to the side and drove two fingers between her lips. Her back arched and she whimpered and nearly bit my tongue, but made no effort to stop me from pumping my fingers into her snatch.

Linzy quickened her pace on my cock when Joan broke our kiss to breathe. She slunk lower in her chair and grabbed the top of the seat with both hands as I delved deeper into her swollen pussy. I could already feel her insides throbbing on my fingers when she started biting her lip to keep from moaning out loud. Seconds later, as Linzy’s grip on my cock was becoming nearly painful, Joan started bucking her hips up at my hand. She clenched her eyes shut when I pressed down on her clit with my thumb and moaned her way through an orgasm.

I pulled my gooey fingers out of Joan and let her watch as I fed them to Linzy. Joan grinned maliciously and reached for my cock only to find Linzy’s fist still pumping away. “Oh good, it’s already out for me.” She quipped and slid across her seat and into my lap. I held Joan’s panties out of the way while Linzy held my shaft in place and Joan stretched her wet hole over the head of my cock. The poundings Joan had been getting from both of her new lovers had caused her pussy to become swollen, and it squeezed me tighter than any time before as it sunk lower and lower on my pole.

Now it was Linzy’s turn to share saliva with me as her hand left my disappearing dick and made its new home on top of Joan’s clit. Her insides convulsed when the pale girl’s fingers made contact, but Joan showed no signs of slowing or stopping her slow revolutions on my lap. Linzy got on her knees in her seat and stretched her low-cut shirt down over her massive tits and folded her bra out to release them in my face. “Suck my tits?” she pouted and I granted her wish immediately, sucking one pink nipple into my mouth and lashing it with my tongue.

Linzy held on to the back of my head and started kissing Joan to keep her from biting a hole in her lip as she kept grinding her pussy around on my dick. I could feel her wetness leaking down my shaft and wondered just how much was trapped inside her battered cunt if that amount managed to escape. I reached under and between Linzy’s legs with the hand that wasn’t holding Joan in place and squirmed my fingers into her jeans and under her soaked boy-shorts. I squeezed fingers into her equally swollen honeypot and heard her moan into Joan’s mouth.

I could taste and smell the sweat beading up on my cousin’s chest as I switched from pink nipple to the other; hear the girls moaning into each other’s kisses; I could feel Joan’s tunnel convulsing and contracting more as she rode my cock, and Linzy’s tight little cunt trying to suck my fingers deeper and closer to her own climax.

Linzy started to shudder and shake first. She left Joan’s lips to gasp for air, and the hand that was holding Joan’s face in place gently was suddenly clamped on her shoulder and pressing her down even further over my dick. I pumped my fingers faster, drawing more juice out and heard Joan rasp out “Fuck, that’s hot.” Just before her own pussy had a seizure on my cock. It was all too much for me and with a groan too loud for such a public setting I started painting Joan’s cervix with sperm. “Oh, yessss…” Joan hissed. “Your cousin just came in my pussy.” She whispered to Linzy, who was still riding my hand through an orgasm.

She shuddered and moaned again as her pussy gushed even more juice out on my fingers and my Joan milked even more cum out of my cock. We calmed ourselves and sat still for a few long minutes, trading sweaty kisses while out heart rates returned to normal. Joan removed herself from my lap and returned to her seat, and Linzy replaced Joan’s ass with her head and stopped me from tucking my cock back into my pants. As the movie rolled on, Linzy slowly licked and slurped all the mixed fluids off my cock.

She brought it back from the brink of deflation, but made no move to suck it into her mouth. After what had to be the dozenth time she swirled her tongue around the tip I groaned involuntarily and tried to thrust up past her lips. “Settle down.” Linzy scolded and went back to gently lapping along the shaft. It was obvious to me that she had no interest in making me cum, or stopping her slow torture. Finding it next to impossible to concentrate on the movie I instead devised a way to get back at my little cousin, and whispered my idea into Joan’s ear.

“Oh you are just evil.” She responded with a huge grin and started kissing me again. I was tucked in and zipped up just as the credits rolled and we were among the first out of the theater. Linzy once again got in the back seat with Joan, kağıthane escort and this time I had the camera ready as they took advantage of the tinted windows. Linzy did her best to vacuum Joan’s vagina out with her mouth. “She must really like the taste of your cum.” Joan panted out as her head lolled back against the door.

I nearly had to drag them both out of the Jeep after I’d parked “Come on, babe, I got something for you after what you did to me at the movies.” I said finally getting Linzy on her feet. Joan went up ahead of us to bring the elevator down to the bottom floor so we could avoid signing in again, and while we waited Linzy started rubbing my dick through my pants. “You are so mean.” I growled at her and pushed her against the wall next to the exit-only elevator doors. She was sucking my lips and still trying to jerk me off though my jeans when Joan arrived and pulled us inside.

We barely made it inside the room before I was pulling Linzy’s clothes off. Joan was our camera-operator this time, but she was still getting undressed. “God I want you to fuck me.” Linzy laughed out as she stripped her pants off the started on mine while she was bent over. Joan circled around her and smacked her on the ass just before Linzy pulled my boxers down and nearly got smacked in the face with my dick. She stuck her tongue out and started to trace around the head with it and I pulled her back up to face me.

“I think we’ve had enough of that.” I told her and laid myself back on Joan’s bed. “I want you to ride me.” I said and motioned for her to join me in the bed. She pouted that she wanted to get fucked and I pleaded back. “It’s only fair after the way you tortured me.” I grabbed my cock and waved it back and forth at her. “Come on, you know you want to…”

Linzy laughed and climbed on top of me. “You’re damn right I do.” She told me and kissed me while she reached between us and popped my cock into her pussy. She leaned back with a groan, wincing slightly. “God it feels bigger than ever.” She wheezed out as she lowered her ass down on my legs. Her weight pushed down on my hips and seemed to make my dick go deeper into her without me even trying. She winced again when I made contact with the door to her womb.

She braced her hands on my shoulders and start rolling her hips, slowly at first, panting for breath as her pussy engulfed me again and again. Soon she was bouncing her meaty ass on me, the impact of our bodies hitting made wet slapping noises bounce off the walls of the tiny room. It was almost loud enough to drown out the whine in Linzy’s throat building into a scream. She slammed her hips down on me and I felt her cervix open ever so slightly and it was like the dam breaking.

Linzy screamed and her body went crazy. She was bucking and grinding her cunt on my dick, her arms nearly gave out, and I could feel her inner walls squeezing and trying to suck me deeper. She was such a frantic state that she never noticed Joan climbing onto the bed wearing the strap-on that they had so much fun with the day before. I wrapped my arms around Linzy’s shoulders and pulled her to me to kiss her just as Joan started to open my cousin’s back door with the lubed up tip of her bright red dildo.

Linzy’s eyes flew open and I felt more than heard her protest. I released her lips but not her shoulders and she shouted “Oh my god, what are you doing to me?” Joan just laughed maliciously and forced another few inches of rubber up the goth girl’s asshole. Linzy clenched her teeth and groaned but didn’t try to stop us. She had left me just enough room under her to thrust a few inches in and out and I could feel the fake dick in her other hole rubbing me through the thin piece of flesh separating us.

Joan didn’t have the same limitations I did and made use of her freedom by drawing out each stroke of Linzy’s stretched open hole. Joan’s finger dug into Linzy’s hips and she start moving fast, being as rough as she dared. “AAaaah! Fuck ME!” my cousin screamed, and I obliged as much as I could. I was worried about how hard Joan was stuffing her dildo up my cousin’s ass, but the feeling of it ramming past my cock was overpowering my concern. Linzy crying out for more did a lot to assuage my fear as well. “Harder!” she ordered and I felt her pussy quake even more. “Oh! Oh God! Fuck Me! I’m Cumming!” Linzy chanted, nearly squealing after a few seconds “FUCK ME!”

I pushed into her as far as her body would allow and I could still feel Joan pounding away at her ass. She was off rhythm and I could hear her panting and moaning in Linzy’s ear. Linzy’s pussy contracted tightly around my cock and I felt my cum rush up to meet the back wall of her dripping hole. Joan stopped moving soon after and plopped down the bed next to me. “That was great.” She panted and pulled Linzy’s face down to her’s for a kiss.

Linzy took a little longer to join us on the mattress. First saying “You called me mean?” when she caught her breath, then easing her battered box off of me and fatih escort rolling to the opposite side Joan was on.

I just smiled. “You totally deserved it.

The rest of Saturday was spent recovering. Somehow the girls managed to entice me into going at it once more before we fell asleep. Then Sunday afternoon I woke up to the sound of the door latching. I looked up to see Joan wrapped in a towel, hair still wet, trying to be quiet. “Sorry.” She said once she knew I was awake. “I figured after yesterday you could use your sleep, so me and Linzy went to record a little shower scene.” She plopped down on the bed next to me and went on. “Then this freshmen I’ve never even met before comes in and starts making out with your girl, fingering me; she got down on her knees and went back and forth on us.” Joan sighed and laid her head back on my chest. “It was wild, and we got it all on tape.”

Listening to her had gotten my dick stirring, having her on me and smelling so fresh and clean had caused it to make a tent in her sheets. I glanced towards the door expectantly and asked. “So where’s my cousin and my camera?” Sore or not, I was ready to film.

Joan turned her head and kissed me. “They went back to Maggie’s room. That’s the freshmen’s name, Maggie.” she answered slowly and ran her fingers over my tent. She wrapped her hand around me and moved the sheet up and down a few times before scrunching her face up and groaning. “I don’t think I can handle you fucking me again right now.” She laughed and half-hid face in my chest.

I had to laugh too. “I know what you mean, I feel like my dick is just one big bruise.” But that didn’t stop me from flexing shaft against her hand when I turned her face up to kiss me.

We sucked one another’s face for a few minutes before Joan pulled away with a smile. “Maybe what he needs is a kiss on his boo-boo to make it aaaaaall better.” She mock-baby-talked to me and made her way under the covers. Her still-dripping hair dragging across me chest and stomach made me shudder almost as much as her hot breath leading the way to my hard on.

Her healing kisses started just before the base, traveling in lazy circles with her tongue leading her bottom lip and leaving a thin trail of saliva. I was throbbing by the time Joan’s tongue started tracing the underside of my helmet. With her knees together on one side of my head, it was easy to coax her into a position straddling my face. Looking up, I saw her swollen inner lips peaking out from behind her bruised and nearlt purple labia. “Aw, the poor Indian Princess’s pussy is all beat up.” I mimicked her baby-talk before dragging my tongue from her clit to her hole.

Joan shuddered and gasped. Her hips lowered further to give my mouth better access to her battered cunt, and I was treated to her lips passing over the head of cock and dragging wetly back off. I wrapped my arms around her runner’s thighs and held her ass cheeks apart and started planting wet kisses all over her pussy, taking special care to rub my tongue over each spot before placing my lips.

Joan was going lower each time she took my cock in, millimeter by millimeter, and then sliding her mouth back up the shaft and over the head. He tongue flattened itself around the top of my tool, the tip catching slightly on the bottom of the crown before I left her mouth completely. I could feel a low moan in her throat each time I touched near her button, a faint whine when my tongue rasped across her peeking lips.

When I finally felt her throat touch the tip of my stick, I decided to stop teasing her and wrapped my lips around her tumescent clit. Just enough suction to bring it from under it’s hood so I could press it with my tongue. Joan was shaking and now I could hear the moan as well as feel it vibrating down my rod. Her head was bobbing faster then, still wetly pulling her lips along my length; still pressing her tongue across the veins.

I held Joan’s shuddering hips in place and twisted my tongue on her nubbin, pulling a short “Aaah…” from the middle of her full-mouthed moan. My first reward was a small river of sweet juice and watching her puffy opening flex around a cock she wished was inside of her. My second reward was her nimble fingers gently massaging my balls while her fevered mouth continued its slick dance of pleasure.

As continued twisting my tongue back and forth on her clit, I reached farther around her leg with my left arm and gave my fingers to Joan’s gasping pussy. Another small scream wiggled its way around my dick and past her lips, and her shuddering body got harder to control. She slurped her way to the top of my pole and blew her slobber back over the head before starting to pump her free hand up and over the shaft. “I want you to cum for me.” She wheezed out, “I want you to blow it in my mooowwwth…” she managed to say as I squeezed a third finger past her engorged lips.

I doubled my efforts on her cunt as she put her mouth back to work. Flicking and swirling around her slit with tongue made the moans gasps and screams all melt together as Joan sucked and slurped the top of my knob. Her spit slicked fist was pumping away at the rest of my cock, and her other hand was expertly massaging my sack.

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