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Life, Love, Career Ladder Ch. 01


Life, Love, and the Career Ladder – Ch. 1

Learning, Loving, Living

My friend Liz and I would like to share with you a collaborative story we have been working on. Some chapters are longer than others. Some are more sexually explicit than others as well. We are posting this story in Lesbian Sex category but there is more Romance than true erotic sex. We both hope you enjoy.

As I look back on my life and my career I am well aware of the sacrifices it took for me to get here today. As I sit at my desk on the 51st floor of the US Steel Building I admit that I am blessed and fortunate. Not only with the amazing view out my office window, but with those I assisted, interacted with and grew to love as friends and business partners. I have a clear view inside PNCPark as well as a good view of Heinz Field, the Carnegie Science Center, Point State Park, and the ‘Golden Triangle’. Yes, it is a gorgeous view.

It is the last day that I have this view. The choice was wisely made to sell B I lived, laughed and still love. I am well aware my success is mostly because of my amazing partner Kate, and the dedication of our staff.

Kate and the team never doubted me along the way following and assisting me as they lit the challenging paths taken. Kate has always been my guiding light not only in business but in our relationship. Kate is the one, and only, true love in my life. There was a wonderful man, who we cherished, who changed our lives and who we loved like no other man. Gone from us too soon but the memories will last forever. He lives on in our daughter and our son. More about that later but for now, allow me to share with you my journey of life, love, happiness, sadness, and success.

Fall Semester – Junior Year – Undergrad

I am not as popular as my roommate Kate is but I held my own at a party or in a social setting. I don’t find myself very attractive, I see myself as average. I have an average build, an average body, average skin and most definitely an average ass and boobs. My mother shared with me that I was always above average in intelligence and aptitude. Kate and I are both extremely excited about our upcoming third year.

I am not a daring person but am not totally risk averse. I am cautious when making choices. Kate on the other hand is a play girl in every sense of the word. She loved, laughed and partied or at least I think she has loved. Kate is extremely beautiful, naturally beautiful. She is smart as a whip and really has no need to study, which makes me jealous. I loved her spirit and the freedom of how she lives, I was just not so free willed. We are two peas in a pod meeting our freshman year. We ended up in the same dorm, pledged the same sorority, and had a few classes together. We connected on many levels.

I came home from the library one evening to find Kate passed out on my bed and some dude passed out on hers. This was a first but its Kate and some of the little things I love about her. So I made a crazy choice. I stripped down to my panties and found my favorite crop top T-shirt then climbed into bed with my semi-naked roommate. Because of pure exhaustion, I was asleep in minutes. Waking in the morning, alone in my bed.

I recalled the most amazing dream I had ever experienced. It was tender and gentle, filled with passionate touches and kisses like I never imagined let alone experienced. As I was now fully awake, I quickly realized how amazing it felt and how much I wanted that again.

I looked over to the clock and saw it was close to 9:00, then looked over to Kate’s bed only to find it empty as the ‘hunk of the night’ was gone. I had a meeting at Career Services at 11:00 so I gathered my shower caddy and wandered down to take my shower. I found Kate and a few other girls finishing up. Kate smiled, winked and mouthed “Thanks” as she left. I freshened up and made my way back to our room.

As I walked back into our room and closed the door. Kate stood and approached me, stopping less than a foot from me. Swiftly but ever so gently her hands moved to my face, her palms cupping my cheeks she closed her eyes and her lips met mine, kissing me softly. Just as gentle and as loving as my dream. Then in a flash it was over.

She stepped back, winked at me and asked “Can we chat later? I don’t want to be late for class”.

As quickly as she approached me she was out the door. As I was still grasping to understand what just happened. I gently fell to my bed, my fingers now touching my lips, and realized there was a new and growing warmth between my legs.

Reality woke me from my daze and I made my way to the meeting at Career Services. I sat through the meeting with my Career Advisor and listened as Rhonda laid out three companies that were interested in my background and career path as Business Management and Human Resource majors. All we’re offering me an interview for an internship if london escort agency I am interested.

In front of me sat a rather attractive woman with green eyes and light makeup which highlighted her beauty even more. I asked Rhonda “Which would you choose? You are a trusted advisor; help me.”

I then looked deep in her eyes, and slid my hands across the small circular conference table placing them on top of hers and asked, “Please.”

Her skin was warm to the touch and her hands soft. She didn’t react; she looked at me and smiled, “Of course I will Beth, of course I will.”

As she stood, she gently squeezed my hands and told me she would arrange for all three recruiters to visit our tiny liberal arts college campus in Washington, PA. She will have them meet with me and that she would be in touch. I stood, smiled and thanked her and as I prepared to leave, she opened her arms. I am not certain why I made the choice but I was so drawn to her, I stepped into her hug and pulled her tight to me holding her for an extra second when I felt her pull away. I smiled to myself then broke our hug and left her office knowing I could trust her.

For the remainder of the day and through early evening I remained in a daze, classes were classes. The one meal I enjoyed was a blur to me and after my study session at the library, I returned back to my room. I was slightly sad as Kate was nowhere to be found. I wanted to talk with her, I missed her. What was I feeling for her? I have an attraction towards men but what does this make me? What about all of the men she dated? Were we bisexual? Was I a lesbian? Why the recent need to feel for a woman? Why the attraction to an older woman in Rhonda? All of these questions and more were overwhelming.

Somewhere in the solace of a mix music cassette tape playing in the background I fell asleep.

I woke after hearing the sound of our dorm room closing and saw Kate walking in alone. I closed my eyes again, faking my sleep secretly hoping she wouldn’t want to talk tonight. I was afraid, confused but curious. After a few moments, I felt my bed shift and I felt her hands touching my partially exposed shoulder. In the darkness I smiled. The sheet barely covering me lifted, I felt the mattress move again as Kate lay down behind me, wrapping me in her arms. I felt her breath on my neck and her breasts touching my back, her legs touching mine. I exhaled and allowed sleep to overtake me.

I felt my bed move and then suddenly I was cold. The body heat of my roommate was gone. I rolled over, opened my eyes only to see Kate lay down on her bed pulling a sheet over her body. Suddenly I felt empty, rejected, scared and even more confused.

I woke the next morning only to find Kate’s bed empty. I went to shower only to find Kate not there. Sadness overcame me, as I now wanted and needed to have a conversation with her. What mistake had I made? I chose to move forward, frustrated, but focused on my day and classes.

When I stopped for lunch I realized that something was off with Kate’s schedule. She didn’t have a morning class today, where had she gone so early this morning. Suddenly I was sad again. Was I thinking too much? As is typical, I stayed in the library studying until it closed at 10:00 pm.

Entering our room, I thought I heard Kate sobbing. I whispered to her asking if she was alright. She responded with an affirmation; I didn’t believe her. Not wanting to bother her, I quickly changed and climbed into my bed.

I wasn’t certain if it was another dream, and then quickly realized it wasn’t. In the early morning hours, I felt Kate crawl into bed with me. Her chest against my back again which brought me an added comfort. I felt her hand come and rest on top of my bare stomach just below my crop top covered breasts. Decisively, I pressed my bum backwards coming into closer contact with her warmth. All was well in my world.

I was in the midst of a wonderful dream when it turned tragic and scary. I felt the bed shift again as I opened my eyes. I saw Kate crawl into her bed pulling her sheet over her and turning to look the other way. I felt cold, lonely and upset.

It was a decisive choice but in that moment, a scared, barely twenty-one years old, slightly risk averse girl made a choice. I lifted my sheet, stood tall, removed my crop top T-shirt and while wearing only panties, walked to Kate’s bed, pulled the sheet from her body. She gasped and rolled over; I saw her eyes wide open. I heard her breathing, it was ragged, shallow, almost unsteady and she was sobbing. I sat down next to her and lowered my lips to hers softly kissing her.

Breaking the kiss, I lay down in her bed, looking right in her eyes, my hands cupped to her cheeks, I whispered, “Don’t ever leave me afraid, cold and lonely again”. I paused, then with more intensity and with sternness in my voice I said, “Understand?” She nodded.

With escort london another soft kiss, I pulled her close to my bare chest, she curled against me, her head on my upper chest, our breathing calming, her sobbing silenced, quietly, we both drifted off to sleep.

My alarm sounded alerting me to the need to rise for my morning class, I woke refreshed and stressed, confused but confident. There was a strange feeling of comfort yet an added unknown stress which I would need to figure out later. Our bodies were close but not touching; I rolled over and kissed her forehead and lips. Then rolling out of bed, dawned my T-shirt, grabbed my shower caddy and left the room. I returned only to see Kate still sleeping. I dressed, grabbed my bag, paused at the door, retreated back to her bed, I knelt down and kissed her lips telling her I would return later.

As I walked across the quad, I felt a gentle warmth return to my body and good feeling between my legs.

Midway through the day, I retreated to the solace of the library where I was able to study and focus before going back to the dorm room to face Kate. Leaving the library, I went to the student center to check my mailbox. I had several internal campus fliers and two letters that were from “on-campus” senders; one Career Services and the other return address was my dorm room. Other mail was junk, information from my sorority, club and athletic department mail that could wait. The Career Services letter was notifying me of three interviews this coming Thursday. I then opened the letter with a return address of my dorm room. My heart immediately skipped a beat when I opened a handwritten letter from Kate, it was very simple.


I will never leave you alone, cold, or afraid again. You bring me comfort, happiness, and joy. My heart, mind and soul have a new and long lasting purpose.


Your Kate!

My heart ached. Kate wrote me a love letter. She fucking handwrote me a love letter! My brain was screaming. I read the letter over and over. I soon realized my heart was beating faster and faster. I grabbed my stuff, shoving it into my backpack and started back to my dorm. My heart was pounding in my chest; I could feel every beat as if it was trying to escape. My walk became a jog, and then became a run. Suddenly, I felt myself starting to cry.

My heart was breaking, seeking her touch, wanting to feel her warmth, needing her lips on mine. I was an emotional mess. Up the outside three steps, I threw the building door aside. In a very unladylike manner, I took the steps two at a time up to our 2nd floor dorm room. Stopping at our door I hurriedly tried the knob; locked. Struggling to find my key, suddenly the door opened. My eyes gazed upon the beauty of my roommate. Like me, she had been crying, her raven black hair a tangled mess. Her brown eyes, red from her tears, her makeup slightly disheveled.

I stepped into the room, closed the door, grabbed her in my arms, pulled her tight and kissed her softly at first but then deeply. Our bodies melted together as we purred. We explored each other’s mouths. Breaking the kiss, I stepped back and gently placed my hands on her face. I looked deep in her eyes, her fingers moved a lock of my auburn hair from my eyes, I kissed her softly once more then whispered, “I will never let you go. You are mine.”

“Yes Beth, you are all I will ever want.”

For the remainder of the day we laid together, caressing one another, kissing each other, learning our pleasures. Our likes and our desires as we made love for the first time. That afternoon, we became one.

After some time, we showered then dressed and went to dinner. Over dinner we didn’t hold hands but we looked at each other in a different light, I know I did. We chatted endlessly about everything. We learned more about each other than we had the previous two plus years living together. We each made a choice, I know I did. My choice from that night on was to sleep together as one.

Thursday morning I woke in a panic of stress and sweat but Kate was there to comfort me holding me tight until I had to get up. I never realized the depth of this new found love until I came back from my shower, only to find her ironing my blouse and offering to help with my hair and makeup so that it was just right. Thirty minutes before my first interview, Kate kissed my forehead, not wanting to smudge my lipstick, and sent me on my way.

Walking out the door, Kate said “My love, I will try to be here when you return. You are brave, you are strong and you make the right choices. You always do.”

I arrived at the Career Services building ahead of schedule. Rhonda met me and escorted me into her office. As her door closed, she grasped my hands, turned to look me over and gave a nod of approval, “Professional and confident, that is the new you. Remember that this is the new you. Confident, professional london escorts and in charge.”

She gave my hands a squeeze and told me to come see her when I was finished. We walked out of her office to a small conference room for my interviews.

I will say that when the first interview ended, I wasn’t certain that I would be interested; a large national headhunter company was slightly scary. The overweight man interviewing me was harsh toned, with his slicked back hair and while well groomed, spoke extremely high of himself and his accomplishments. He felt I could learn and grow under him and one day be as successful as he was. Doubtful that this is what I was looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be successful, I don’t see myself like that man or following in his footsteps.

The second interview was with an elderly woman and a younger man. They represented an organization focused in the financial sector. I was intrigued but when they shared they expected me to move immediately to Chicago after I graduated, I frowned and politely shared I wasn’t sure I wanted to move that far from my family.

The third interview was with a man and a younger woman. He introduced himself by softly shaking my hand. His name is Ken and he was the owner and operations director for a firm in Pittsburgh. The younger woman introduced herself by shaking my hand. Her name was April and she was a senior at another college in the city and was in her second year as an intern working with Ken.

Ken started off by asking about me, what I did for fun, what vacations I had taken, did I have anything planned in the near future. He inquired about my family, how I liked my Business classes and my HR courses. Finally he thanked me for my time and stood up.

“Why don’t you and April chat a bit? I am going to see Rhonda.” Ken looked at April and said, “How about 15 or 20 minutes?” Then he walked out.

As he left, April smiled and just started chatting. We talked office talk, what the firm did, what type of engineers they hired, how the interview process worked. She told me about the clinical department and how they worked with the local hospitals and helped with their staffing. She told me about the blood bank staffing they did and finally when she seemed out of breath, she smiled and told me about the fun they had when they made money. As an intern this year she was making $23,000 this year.

“$23,000” I almost screamed, “That’s as much as my older sister makes as a substitute teacher for the local school.”

April told me about the free lunches when they make their quotas, the time Ken took them all to a baseball game as a reward. That game Barry Bonds hit two home runs at Three Rivers Stadium a few months back.

“It’s like a family and Monica, who also owns part of the company, Ken’s wife, makes sure we are all home for dinner.”

It sounded too good to be true. Then there was a knock on the door, it opened and there stood Ken and Rhonda. We smiled and apologized for taking so long. I thanked Ken and asked if I could have some time to think and I asked if I could call him or April tomorrow with questions. He shook my hand, nodded his head, gathered up April and surprisingly kissed Rhonda on the cheek and walked away.

“Come to my office, won’t you Beth?” Rhonda said

As we walked to her office, she offered a cup of coffee or tea. I shared with her that my nerves were shaken enough but water would do me good. Rhonda showed me to her office then asked me to take a seat that she would be right back. I sat in Rhonda’s office at that same table. I immediately thought of Kate and how happy or not so happy she would be if this internship took time away from us. I was shaken from my thoughts as Rhonda came back with a bottle of water for me and a cup of tea for her.

She sat and we started discussing the three interviews. I shared with her in honesty the first two just were not for me as I felt semi uncomfortable with the first man and the second, I wasn’t interested in moving just yet, let alone to Chicago.

She placed her hand in mine then asked what I thought about Ken. I went on to give her my thoughts and ideas on the internship but I wanted a little time to think on things.

I could see her smile when I told her I was very interested. There seemed to be a sense of family and success and growth. Rhonda placed her hand on mine and told me I should think about it and come back in the morning to chat some more.

I stood as did Rhonda. She released my hands and opened her arms like the previous visit. I moved in and hugged her. This time she held me slightly tighter than before. She looked into my eyes, I nodded as if I was saying thank you and she moved forward with a soft kiss on my lips.

I stepped back “Rho mmmm” her finger pressed to my lips. Was she trying to seduce me?

“Beth dear, I wanted to do that. Thank you.”

I was stunned, I didn’t know what to say. I do not consider myself attractive. How did she know I would be receptive to another woman’s kiss? Suddenly I heard Rhonda say, “Until tomorrow then Beth?” For which she opened her door and escorted me out.

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