16 Mart 2023

Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 01


Authors note: This is a series I wrote a few years ago, but never posted. It is a bit long, involving a variety of settings and situations, but I hope a very enjoyable read.


You had to really enjoy these early March heat waves. In fact, I was enjoying one now. It was nearly eighty degrees, a far cry from the sub freezing temperatures and ice storm only a few weeks ago. This was unseasonably warm, and there were few leaves on the trees or bushes, but I was still enjoying the Saturday afternoon hike with a female friend of mine. She was actually pretty good looking, nice round ass, nice big tits, good disposition, not bad all around. We’ve been friends for years, and neither of us wanted to mess that up, but I still had the hots for her. While we flirted with each other, sometimes heavily, things had always stopped short of sex.

Today we were busy enjoying the hot sun, hiking a trail in one of the more remote conservation areas. We were a good four miles from the trail head when we noticed the clouds starting to build. We decided that with the unusual heat came the chance for some severe storms, and even though the forecast showed a slight chance for some scattered cells, we better head back.

It was a hot hike, with a light breeze. I had pealed my shirt a long time back and was hiking with my day pack on and shorts and boots, but that was it. Nancy was less lucky in that respect. She was getting quite hot, and even though I had teased about going topless, she resisted. She did however concede to allowing me to turn my back while she stripped her sports bra off, leaving her large tits free to wiggle around under the short t-shirt. I wasn’t complaining, and she wiggled her tits extra for me, just for the reaction she got in my shorts. Like I said, teasing, but it always stopped short of sex.

As we hiked the clouds built and the wind started to blow hard. There was a storm on the way, no doubt about it. I recalled that there was a bluff face a little ways ahead and off the trail. I had used it for rappelling a few times. More importantly it had a small cave in the face.

“I think we better find some shelter.” I said to Nancy as we walked.

“I think your right. According to the GPS we still have over two miles to go.”

“Not going to make that are we?”

“Not at this pace.” She agreed.

“There’s a cave in the bluff just a little ways ahead.” I said.

“Where? I don’t remember passing it on the way in.”

“No. It’s off to the left about a hundred yards or so when we come to the little ravine at the next bend.”

“Is it big enough?”

“If the wind stays the way it is now, I think it will keep us dry.”

“Ok. Lead on.” She said stepping aside for me to pass.

We got to the bend in the trail and just started up the ravine when the rain started. It felt like liquid ice. “DAMN!” I shouted over the downpour, breaking into a run up the ravine. Nancy followed, trying to keep up. The cold rain was good encouragement. I looked up at the wall and saw the cave, slightly up and to the left of where we were. Water was streaming off us and the rock walls, but the cave looked like a good shelter.

I made my way toward it, turning to help Nancy up the slick rocks. The white t-shirt she had on was soaked and clinging to her like a second skin, making it as good as non-existent. She had flashed me her tits once on a bet, but that was the only time I had seen her tits uncovered. This time I had a wonderful view. The view was broken by a loud clap of thunder. I tore my eyes from her tits to make sure of my footing and we made the best time we could to the cave. I crawled in, with Nancy following me. It was large enough for both of us to be well in out of the rain. Nancy dug a small blanket from her pack and tossed it on the dirt floor for us to sit on. We stuffed our packs in the back of the cave and leaned back against them. Within seconds she was shivering from the cold water that we were both soaked with.

“Damn!” she said. “I’m freezing!”

“Yeah, me too.” I said. “I’m going to see if I can find any wood dry enough to burn near the cave.” I said crawling to the opening. There were some branches off to one side of the cave, protected by an overhanging ledge of rock, but I was going to have to get there first. I dashed into the rain and stepped on the slick rocks. It was slow going, but I got the wood and made it back before it got too wet. I was glad I got in, because the hail started a few moments later. Small pees of it at first, but it grew in size to quarter sized quickly. As any good scout, I was always prepared. I dug in my pack and pulled out a lighter and a knife. It didn’t take long and I had a small fire going. I added wood, making it larger. The smoke flowed out of the cave, and the radiant heat felt good, but with the fire there we weren’t going anywhere.

“Come on.” I said. “We gotta get out of these wet clothes before we freeze.” I finished as I started undoing my shorts.

“Sounds Pendik Escort like a guy… always trying to get a girls clothes off.” She said shivering. “But in this case, you might be right.”

I pushed my shorts and underwear off pulling them off over my boots. I found a rock and laid them out to let the heat of the fire dry them. I turned around and saw Nancy nearly naked as she pulled her shorts and panties off over her boots. I took her clothes from her and laid them out by mine, and then moved back to the packs. I put my arm around her and pulled her close, trying to warm her back up. I really couldn’t help myself. Sitting there holding her naked body against mine, my dick did what it had to. Within a few minutes I had a raging hardon. With the way I was holding her, it was poking the head into the bottom of her tit.

“Just like a guy. Turn any situation into a sexual encounter.” She said with a shivering laugh.

“Not any. Just ones with really hot women.” I responded

“I don’t feel hot, thank you very much.”

“Maybe not, but you sure look it.” I said.

“How so?”

“Perfect ass, perfect tits… overall, damn hot.”

“Oh?” she said before we were treated to another huge peal of thunder.

“Damn, that was close.” I said

“No shit.” She said.

We sat quietly, watching the downpour, the wind driving the rain nearly horizontal across the mouth of the cave, the sound only broken by the growing frequency of thunder. I felt her hand wrap around my dick as I held her. I didn’t say anything. She began to slowly stroke my dick up and down, her hand gently stroking my already hard dick larger by the second. I leaned my head over and kissed the top of her head, smelling the faint scent of vanilla from her shampoo. She tilted her head back and I leaned down farther, our lips meeting in the first kiss since we met. She kissed back with wet parted lips, her tongue gently reaching for mine. The kiss turned to another which turned to much more while my free hand roamed and stroked her soft skin. Her kisses became more urgent as my fingers moved from stroking her hard nipples, down her body to her curly bush. She spread her legs wider as I worked my fingers across her soft lips. I could smell her scent as my fingers spread her and drew some of her moisture up and across her hard exposed clit.

Lust a surge of hormones propelled us to dive further into each other, and soon I was on top of her, with one of her tits in my mouth and my dick slowly sliding into her wet pussy. We were beyond thinking about what it might do to our friendship. This was pure sexual attraction. The thunder drowned out her cries of passion as began stroking in and out of her tight tunnel, driving her closer and closer to orgasm, myself not far behind. She climax began to wash over her, her trembling body and spasming pussy was enough to push me over the top. I started to spurt shot after shot of cum deep into her pussy, both of us lost in the sensations and hormones of our climaxes. The last thing I remember was a terrifying crackling of electricity and deafening rush of sound. I vaguely remember thinking that the lightning had somehow hit us, but what a way to go, mid orgasm.

When I woke, Nancy was laying on her side hugged tight up against me, still naked. I had my arms wrapped around her and was lying between her legs. The fire had burned most of the way down, and the rain had about quit, which meant that we were out for some time, maybe as long as two hours. I gently kissed and shook Nancy to rouse her.

“Nancy.” I whispered.

“Not yet.” She mumbled. “I wanna fuck more.”

“Nancy, wake up.” I whispered again.

This time she moved her head to look at me. She lifted an arm from my back to my neck and pulled my face to hers. She began kissing me sensuously, pushing her tongue into my mouth. The feeling was irresistible, and I kissed back. After several seconds I realized that my dick was growing. I could feel it pressing against her pussy as I lay between her legs. She felt it too.

“Put it in me. Shove your hard dick into my hot pussy.” She said between kisses.

How could I refuse? I used one hand to guide my dick to her opening. As soon as she felt the head against her pussy, she used one leg to pull me into her, rolling me on top of her at the same time.

“Fuck me hard.” She said, letting go of my neck. “Make me cum with your huge dick!”

I really couldn’t help myself, I had never seen her act this way or heard her talk this way, and it had me instantly turned on. I started stroking slowly into her as my dick continued to grow fatter and longer, soon pounding into her pussy with abandon. I was at it for several minutes before she stopped me, rolling us over so she was on top. She angled her body over me to put her tits in my face and then sank back onto my dick.

“Please… suck my tits. Make me cum like you did before.” She said as she stared rocking her hips on my raging dick.

I Kurtköy Escort sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and began to roll it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. She cried out in pleasure and rocked her hips harder. I worked on that nipple for a while before moving to the other one. When I sucked on that one she began to lift her pelvis from mine, driving my dick in and out of her pussy with abandon. The sensations were exquisite and she soon began to moan and cry out in pleasure as her orgasm started to build. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, she shuddered as her body began to climax. I lifted her hips slightly with my hands and began to pump my dick up into her, making her cry out more.


With a grunt I pushed my dick deep in her and unloaded a huge amount of cum into her pussy. Shot after shot of my hot juice pumped into her, driving her even higher. She ground her pelvis into mine, shaking and crying out until she collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close while my dick continued to pulse and twitch inside her pussy. It was nearly five minutes before she stirred.

“God that was good.” She finally said. “I can’t remember ever having such a hard orgasm.”

“Well you sure seemed to enjoy it.”

“I know. I don’t know what came over me, It’s not like me to be like that. I’m usually pretty quiet.” She said with a shy giggle.

“If I knew you were this kind of a wild woman in bed I would have tried before.” I joked.

“What took you so long?”

“Huh? I think it was you that didn’t want this.”

“Oh well. doesn’t really matter. All I know is that you’re the best fuck I have ever had and I don’t plan on letting you get away without a lot more of this.”

“If you say so.” I said as she moved to roll off of me. She cuddled up and we watched the rest of the fire die down.

It had been over an hour since the rains slacked off, and now it was breaking up outside, shafts of sunlight showing through the holes in the clouds.

“I guess we better start thinking about heading back.” I said as I crawled over to the rocks to retrieve our cloths. They felt mostly dry. I handed Nancy her shorts, panties and shirt. She took them from me, and then reached for my shorts and underwear.

“We don’t really need these right now.” She said, reaching to stuff them in her pack.

“What, you’re going to hike out naked?” I laughed

“Nope! We are.” She said.

This was defiantly NOT like her. She was generally a reserved person, not taken to displays of skin at all. She stuffed our cloths into her pack, followed by the blanket. She was really going to do it. It shouldn’t be a problem I thought. Between the remoteness of the park and the storm we probably won’t meet anyone anyway, I thought. We crawled out of the cave past the fire and stepped out into the sunlight. I looked around and the damage from the storm was everywhere. Trees were blown down, but most dramatic was the tree next to the cave opening. It had obviously been hit by lightning, but it looked like it had been bombed. There were pieces of tree trunk laying all over the ground, and less than half the tree was still standing. I looked up and saw where another smaller tree had been sticking out of the rock wall over the cave. There was little left of it as well.

“I guess the lightning hit the big tree and transferred to the small one.” I said looking up.

“Is that what we felt?”

“I guess so. The roots must run in the rocks around the cave, so we got a bit electrocuted. I guess were pretty lucky.” I said.

She put stepped in front of me and took my arm and wrapped it around her body, placing my hand on her bare tit. “I know I am!” she said with a smile.

I squeezed her tit briefly and then let go of it and stepped back. “We better get going before you start things again.” I said jokingly

We pulled our packs on and started down the rocks toward the trail with her in the lead. Watching her very perfect ass wiggle as we walked had an enlarging effect. What was more, I didn’t understand how. I had cum twice in the space of a few hours, and here it was again, growing to its normal first time proportions. She turned to look at me when we hit the trail and saw my now hard dick waving back and fourth with each step.

“Ohhh what got you so hot? You like watching my ass?” she teased as she turned her back to me again and bent part way over to wave her ass at me. She arched her back slightly and pushed her pussy out at me as well. “Anything else you like to watch?” she asked before standing up again. She took several steps down the trail and turned around to face me, walking backwards. She cupped her large breasts in her hands and pushed them up and formed the nipples into cones with her hands. “How about these? Like to watch these too?” she teased again. Kartal Escort

I really didn’t know what to make of this behavior. I also didn’t know what to make of the feeling that I wanted to throw her down and fuck her again. She turned around and walked down the trail, making her hips wag as sexily as she could. We did this for nearly half a mile. Finally I reached out and grabbed her back pack, pulling her back toward me. Instead of turning around, she bent over at the waist and stepped her legs apart.

“It’s about time! Stuff that fat dick into my pussy! Come on! Fuck me!” she encouraged.

I lined my dick up with her now exposed pussy and shoved it inside her with one stroke.

“OH GOD YES!” she screamed out as I hit bottom. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” she screamed.

I started pounding into her with all I had, using her pack as a handle.

“OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!” she screamed after several minutes of my pounding into her.

I felt her pussy clamp around my dick as she began her orgasm. I continued to pound into her until I felt her legs start to sag. I let go of her pack and pulled my still raging dick out of her pussy. She turned around and shrugged her pack off and knelt in front of me. She grabbed my dick with both hands and wrapped them around and began to hand fuck me. I looked down at her tits, wiggling and swaying as she worked, and it sent me over the top. I was amazed to see my first shot of cum arc into the air and land on the trail behind her. The next shots she aimed at her face and tits, continuing to stroke my dick as she did. She took one hand and wrapped it around my balls and massaged every ounce out of me she could.

“That’s my horney man.” She cood as she played with my slowly softening dick. After I reduced to a slow ooze, she leaned forward and sucked my dick into her mouth, another thing I didn’t think she ever did. She licked and sucked it until it was soft, and then let it go. She stood up and began to rub my drying cum into her skin and tits like lotion.

“Ohhh. That was sooo good.” She said sexily. “You can squirt your lotion on me any time you want.”

“I didn’t know you did that.”

“What suck dick? I don’t, or haven’t. but then I didn’t know how good it felt before this.” She said as she finished rubbing my juice into her tits. She bent over and picked up her pack, sticking her ass out at me suggestively again. “Just let me know when your ready for more stud.”

“I will!” I responded.

We hiked the rest of the way out without stopping for more sex, but she continued to tease me and caress my dick any chance she got. We got back to my suburban and I dug into my pack for my keys. I unlocked the truck and walked around back, opening the back up.

“We better get dressed now I suppose.” I said as we put our packs in the back.

“What’s your hurry?” she asked as she sat down in the back and picked up one foot to untie her muddy hiking boot, spreading her legs enough to open her pussy with the action. She pulled off one boot and sock and then repeated the process on the other. To my surprise my dick was once again rock hard.

She leaned back on the carpeted floor and stuck both legs in the air. “Come on lover boy. Fuck me with that huge dick of yours again! Fill my hot wet pussy with your fuck stick!”

Almost without thought I stepped between her legs and aimed my dick at her spread pussy. It pushed in easily. Even as much as we had screwed in the last few hours she seemed plenty wet and ready. She closed her legs around my neck, making her pussy tighter as I started stroking in and out of her. Within a few short minutes she was again screaming that she was cuming, along with a wide variety of obscene statements. Once again the language and her spasming pussy pushed me over the edge and I shoved deep into her and again unloaded a huge load of cum. I was shocked at how much I could produce.

After my dick stopped pulsating, she spread her legs wide again and pulled my hands to her tits, which I gently massaged while we regained our breath. “Thank you.” She said. “I don’t think I will ever get tired of being fucked by you.” She said quietly.

“You do seem to have an endless supply of desire today.” I said.

“Ohhh I hope it’s endless.” She said.

“Come on, we better get back.” I said, reaching for her pack.

“Not so fast. We don’t have to get dressed yet, I kind of like being naked.”

“As you wish.” I said, pulling my deflating dick from her pussy. I bent over and took my muddy boots off and tossed them in the back. The two of us gingerly walked on the gravel, to the front seat and climbed in. It was a bit weird driving naked and barefoot, but she seemed to be enjoying it. We continued all the way to her house, which was thankfully in the country, totally naked. A good part of that time she was reclined in the seat with one hand stretched into my lap and the other busy in her pussy. I had no idea what had gotten into her, but I wasn’t complaining.

She got out and pulled her pack and boots from the back of the truck, then came around to the driver side. I had stayed in the truck, not really wanting to be seen naked.

“You going to come in for some more fucking?” she asked.

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