19 Ocak 2023

Lilith, Adam’s Wife


She really didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t on her To-Do list or her Bucket List. It was just something you do like eating and sleeping. The “it” was sex.Lily had too many other things to think about like social engagements, working out at the club, luncheons with the girls, and volunteer work.Lily is a pretty socialite in an unspectacular way, but not ordinary. She has an exotic beauty with an engaging smile that is as radiant as a college cheerleader’s. Her brunette hair is cut short in a pixie style. She wears a minimum of makeup, and dresses conservatively. It is her friendly agreeable personality that attracts both friends and strangers. Men occasionally make passes at her that Lily laughs off like a stale joke.Her wealthy father died when she was in high school. At the age of twenty-four, Lily inherited millions. She can afford just about anything she wants, although Lily is considered frugal by her wealthy friends. Her Beemer is old, two years old. Lily’s wealth bought her a winter home in the Bahamas and a handsome husband. Like one of her husband’s buddies said, “She’s a classy broad.”She is now thirty-one and mostly happy. There are times when she wonders if marrying Adam, her college boyfriend, was her best move. Adam is not her equal intellectually. When he is not at work, he spends his time, playing rugby, watching sports and drinking beer with the guys. Sex with Adam is, well, okay.All of this would still be true today if she hadn’t met a stranger while making a frequent visit to the art museum. The museum had just opened a traveling exhibit called “Eroticism Through the Ages.” It included paintings and sculptures from Greece to the Renaissance to the present. Many pieces surprised her by their boldness and extremism.”Hello,” the stranger said. “Are you enjoying the exhibit?” He was rugged looking, but she thought it was in a good way.”Yes, I think so,” Lily answered, “but I’m not sure where we draw the line between art and pornography.””Good point,” he replied with a broad smile. “It’s in the eye of the beholder. My opinion is that pornography IS art.””Do you think so?” she asked.”Of course. Is there anything more beautiful than making love? Is there anything more pleasurable than naked human bodies, sexual intercourse and procreation?” he asked.”To be honest, I’ve never thought of it that way.”He added, “We are so pleased that our museum took the risk of having this exhibition because so many museums are now pulling back on displaying nudity and eroticism. The critics and censors have been brutal. Hey, my name is Eric.””Oh, I’m Lilith, you know, the dangerous demon of the night. Everyone calls me Lily.””Do you come here often, Lily?” Eric asked.”Yes, actually I do. I love art even if it is a little pornographic. Take this one by Michelangelo. It’s so sensual without being overly graphic.””I see. I agree although I prefer something more lascivious like what I saw at the Khajuraho Temple in India.””I’m not familiar with the Khajuraho Temple. Is it shown here?””I’m afraid not. The sculptures are on the temple walls and can’t be transported, but I have some photos if you’d like to see them.”His offer surprised her and she asked, “Do you work here?”Eric smiled again saying, “Well, yes. I’m the curator.””Oh that’s great, Eric. I wanted to meet the curator because you are doing a terrific job.””Thanks, Lily. We do our best but funding is always a problem. Anyway, would you like to view some of my research photos?””Of course, but I’ve got to meet some friends in a few minutes. Can we meet tomorrow afternoon at say, one?””One o’clock would be fine.”Lily had no friends to meet that day. It was a delay tactic so that she could browse the Internet and find the Khajuraho Temple sculptures. She didn’t want to be caught looking shocked when she should be appreciating fine art.But Lily was shocked when she walked into the curator’s office the next day. In various locations in the room were paintings of people fornicating, and sculptures of males bahçesehir escort with huge erections. In one corner was a partially broken sculpture of a couple exchanging oral sex. There even was a mosaic of a gay men sucking each other’s cocks.”Does this embarrass you, Lily?” Eric asked.”To be frank, Eric, it does. This isn’t art,” she said in a firm, no nonsense tone.”Well, actually, they are considered art by some. These were sent here from various worldwide museums. We are too puritanical in this country to be able to include them in the exhibit, so I keep them in the office.”Look over here,” he said motioning to a sculpture of Pan copulating with a goat. “This is from the Naples Museum. Over here is artwork from Pompeii.” It was a copy of a wall mural entitled Mercury/Priapus.” It was of man with an enormous phallus.”You ought to take a look at this book of erotic art from the Pompeii bordello, Eric suggested. “Apparently the ancient Greeks weren’t as prudish as Americans, neither were people in the Renaissance.”Of all the art hidden in Eric’s office that rattled Lily the most was the bronze ‘flying phallus’ amulet from the first century BC. It was a enormous cock with a tail and bells hanging around it. “The erect penis is such a magnificent symbol of power, don’t you think?””I suppose,” Lily reluctantly admitted. “It’s also quite intimidating. I guess I’m getting a lesson in art education, Eric, but I was here to see the Khajuraho Temple sculptures.””Of course,” and he fired up his computer to browse through a dozen twenty-first century pornographic pictures before he came to those like Lily had seen on her home computer. They were tame compared to what she saw on the curator’s screen and in his office.”Have you had lunch?” he asked.”No, not yet.””There’s a nice café around the corner from the museum. They have a wonderful pasta menu. Care to join me?”Lily hesitated, then said, “Sure.”At Arts’ Café, they both ordered linguine. Lily chose a white wine. Eric asked for a glass of water, no lemon. They talked a little bit about art, then about recent books they’d read and their favorite music. Eric liked jazz. Lily said Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” was her favorite opera.Lily changed the subject and asked, “Do you paint, Eric?””As a matter of fact, I do. I have a studio on the East Side where I dabble in oils. Have you done any modeling, Lily?””Oh I did a little in high school but nothing since.””Maybe you could model for me.””What kind of modeling?”Nudes, mostly.””I could never do that.””Well, maybe I can show you some of my work. It might change your mind.””I would like to see what you’ve done, Eric, but not today.””Okay, maybe next week. How about Tuesday?””Give me your phone number, and I’ll let you know.”Lily was obviously cautious and needed a few days to think about it. What she began to realize was that a switch had been flipped after her visit to the museum. She was beginning to fantasize about “IT.” She was thinking about sex for the first time instead of who to invite to their dinner party. It made her wet, dreaming of fucking a large oversized cock like on the Mercury mural. It scared her to be having such dirty erotic thoughts. Maybe it was her imagination she told herself yet when she got home, they didn’t disappear. Lily wasn’t just thinking about sex, she wanted it.Her husband wouldn’t be home from a business trip until later in the week, so in the meantime, Lily pleasured herself with two fingers in her pussy and a thumb on her clit. It gave her a rare orgasm. She hadn’t masturbated since college, but now things were different. The intense joy of climaxing would have to be a part of her daily workouts if she continued to see Eric’s art.The first night in bed after her husband, Adam, returned home was another disappointment. She was on her back in missionary as he plunged in without even considering foreplay. Adam was in and out and asleep in the blink of an eye. It was a joyless unsatisfying fuck. Lily fled to the bathroom beylikdüzü bayan escort to finish by herself.The next morning, Lily text’d Eric. “How about two on Tuesday afternoon?”Moments later he wrote, “Sounds good. See you in my studio at two.” His signature included the address.The studio was in a loft above a hardware store with high ceilings and large picture windows. Props were scattered around the room including a table, chairs, a bed, and an overstuffed sofa. Of course there was Eric’s art supplies, paintings, and sculptures. Lily wasn’t as shocked by what she saw in the studio as what was in his office. There were nudes, of course, and some paintings that she thought were light pornographic art. Unlike viewing the museum exhibit and the curator’s office, it no longer upset her. It just made her horny. “Who modeled this?” she asked about a man eating out a voluptuous woman.”No one. It is based on a sculpture in my office using some artistic license. Do you like it?””I guess so,” she said in a whisper.Showing her another painting he said, “This one I call ‘The Xtra Kiss’ imitating Rodin’s sculpture.” It showed a nude couple embracing like in the original, “The Kiss,” but with the man’s hand between the woman’s legs instead of on her hip. Her arm wasn’t around the man’s neck like in Rodin’s work, but held a nicely endowed erect cock. “I like to replicate the classics and portray them in a more erotic setting,” Eric explained.As Lily looked around, she saw familiar scenes, those she had seen in museums but with a salacious twist. Some were humorous, others were purely pornographic. One was a Blondie cartoon with Dagwood between her legs. The joke was how Dagwood loves to eat. Another was a take-off on Norman Rockwell’s “Girl At The Mirror.” In Eric’s depiction, the innocent looking girl was naked with her legs apart, rubbing her shaved pussy.”Eric, isn’t the girl in this Rockwell a little young? How old is she?””Don’t get your panties all in a knot, Lily. All of my models are of legal age. This girl is eighteen and a first year student at the art academy. Her name is Jessie and loves to model for me.”It troubled Lily that she was beginning to accept what she was seeing without objection, even appreciating them as an art form. The side effect was her panties weren’t in a knot. They were soaked.”So, what have you decided about modeling?” Eric asked her.”I wouldn’t mind it if it wasn’t so lewd.””You’ll do a nude for me then?” he asked.”Maybe a topless, that’s all.””How about John Singer Sargent’s ‘Madame X’? Come back to the studio wearing your most elegant black gown with spaghetti straps like in Sargent’s painting. We can go from there.””I think I can do that. When?””How about Saturday?””What time?””I work at the museum all day so it will have to be after dinner. Is eight Saturday evening okay?””I’ll check and text you.””And don’t wear a bra. The cups and strap leave unwanted marks.”Telling her husband she was going out with the girls, Lily arrived at the loft shortly after eight. A certain premonition, call it intuition, followed her on the way to Eric’s studio. Maybe this wasn’t going to be about modeling. Maybe I’m wanting more than being an artist’s model. Then she asked herself, If so, how far am I willing to go? Lily didn’t need the answer. She already knew the answers before leaving home.Eric was at his easel when she walked in the door wearing stiletto heels, and what her dress maker called a “wrap maxi dress.” It was held up with thin shoulder strings and slit up to her hip. It was both elegant and sexy. She accented her outfit with a diamond bracelet and a strand of pearls. Eric was pleased with what he saw.”You are beautiful, Lily. You are the perfect Madame X! Perhaps you would join me in a glass of wine before we start. “Is Sauvignon Blanc alright?””That’s fine, Eric,” she said with a forced smile. She was nervous and beginning to doubt herself. The first glass of wine helped. The second put her at ease.”It’s escort beylikdüzü almost nine,” Eric began, “so let’s get started.”Lily frowned when she said, “What do you want me to do?””Stand by that round table and touch it with your right hand. Turn your head so I see your face in profile.” Lily posed while Eric sat at his easel sketching.”Perfect,” he said. “Now drop the shoulder string on your left side and uncover your breast.” Eric continued sketching while Lily revealed her left breast.She watched nervously as Eric’s pencil moved swiftly over the canvas. At least a quarter hour had passed when Eric asked, “Are you okay? Can we go on or do you need a rest?””I’m fine, Eric.””Good, then slip off the other string and let the top of your gown fall naturally.” Lily was now topless with the dress hanging from her hip. “My god, Lily. Your breasts are perfect. I had no idea you were blessed with such fabulous tits.””Thanks. It’s because I like clothes that don’t over emphasize my body.””I’ll bet you have other secrets under that dress.””What do you mean? I just have on my panties.”Eric returned to his canvas for awhile longer, then he said, “Maybe we should have a look at what’s under those panties.”Lily gave him a vacant stare and said, “I don’t think so.””Did I misunderstand when you walked in here with that sexy dress slit up to your pussy and wearing fuck me heels?”Lily was stunned by his arrogant remark. She had to have a comeback. “So, Mr. Know-it-all, you think you’re a mind reader.” It wasn’t great but at least it kept her in the game.”I’m not reading minds, my dear Lily but the truth is, you came here to see if you are still a desirable woman. The answer is hidden by that dress and under your panties. You can hide behind your pearls and diamonds, but you can’t hide behind your desires.Eric stood uncomfortably close to her, unhooking her dress that fell to the floor. He turned her toward him, appreciating every curve of Lily’s body. She felt vulnerable, but strangely excited standing in front of him nearly naked.”Okay, are you satisfied now?” she barked.He held her head and gave her a forceful deep kiss, then said, “Not quite,” pulling down his trousers.Her heart skipped a beat when saw the size of his erect cock. It wasn’t like her husband’s. It was thick and as hard as a baseball bat. Eric was what she had been imagining and dreaming about. It was too late for her to resist.He bent her over the round table, peeling off her panties. Lily was totally nude except for a necklace, bracelet and spiked heels. He was now over her, wrapping his arms around her waist, grabbing her tits, pinching her nipples. It felt so good, so intoxicating to be taken savagely.She could feel his hard cock rubbing against her ass, then came the exhilarating feeling of him entering her slick pussy. It slipped in easily. It wasn’t just his size that filled her with lust. It was fucking this man she hardly knew and feeling desperately euphoric with every stroke as he banged into her. Eric was in no hurry to cum. She could hear Eric’s breaths coming harder while she experienced a mini orgasm followed by another, then a earth shattering climax when his cum burst inside of her. They both finished gasping for air.He didn’t pull out for the longest time, not until he softened, leaving Eric with a dripping flaccid organ. “Now I’m beginning to be satisfied my dear woman.” He emphasized the word, “beginning.”Lily was still catching her breath when she said, “I guess I’m beginning to like modeling too.”The modeling session didn’t end until he sat her on a chair spreading her legs so that he could make a quick sketch of his cum seeping from her well fucked pussy. Eric complimented her on her bush. “I think it gives you a retro look that is perfect for this drawing, Lily.”He was now fully undressed standing in front of her wanting for her to give him a blow job. At first, he lifted his balls having her lick the underside until he was hard enough to stuff it in her mouth. Lily licked up and down the length of his shaft, stopping to pay special attention to the knob. That is what her husband liked. Finally, she licked her lips and dove in, taking him most of the way but not deep throat. It would take time for her to learn to swallow him whole.

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