16 Mart 2023

Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 05


This time there was no dressing up at first although Linda had to dress as though she were attending an interview. She and Mark worked out a detailed scenario with situation and character and tried to play as those characters rather than themselves for the course of the role play. This was how it panned out. Linda was to play as Molly and Mark as Malfoy.

Molly had just turned 33 although she could easily pass for under 25. She had dark black hair and big brown eyes. She was 5 foot 8 and had a perfect curvy figure with not a gram of extra fat. She had long, lean legs a pert bum and perky boobs. However the last year had been a difficult one for her. The company where she was employed as a secretary had folded and she had not been able to get a job in the tough economy. The few interviews she had got had been conducted by women and Molly felt that her looks had worked against her with these other women. She was used to getting plenty of male attention and felt if she could only get an interview conducted by men she would have a better chance. It showed of the contours of her curves without being too revealing. She had applied for an unusual advertisement and was due the interview today at 2 pm. She took a good deal of time to get ready and chose her most clingy trouser suit. She thought it was professional but also thought it might help to influence any male interviewers. The job title was PA and the pay was excellent, far more than Molly would expect to get with her level of experience and she was surprised to have been offered an interview. She was intrigued about this company. With a PA starting salary of £100k a year, plus bonuses, it was four times her previous meagre wage.

Molly sat down outside the office and waited to be called. She went over some possible answers in her head. She smoothed out the folds of her jacket. It never hurts to make a good impression if the interviewer is male. A deep voice summoned her in and after taking a deep breath she opened the door and walked in. To her surprise there was just one man sitting behind a glass table in a suit and tie.

“Please sit down Ms Flood,”

He is younger than she expected, in his thirties and not bad looking. Molly reckoned he was over six foot and he had dark hair and intense brown eyes that had an odd sparkle that she couldn’t quite figure out. If he had been in a bar and not a job interview she would have been flirting instead of giving her warm professional smile. She sat down and felt his gaze hot upon her. He looked her up and down as she took her seat across from him. Molly smiled politely and tried not to blush, his eyes seemed to be doing more than the customary “once over” but for what this job was offering she didn’t feel in a position to argue. Molly passed over her resume but it was pushed to the side.

“Hello Ms Flood, my name is Mr. Malfoy, the position you are applying for is that of PA working directly under me. Now you must understand that this is a specialist position with very particular requirements. It is not for everyone but the remuneration is excellent. You only have to satisfy me as to your suitability and the job is yours.”

Molly was a little confused but listened intently.

“We don’t believe in typical interviews here, we prefer to see candidates being put through their paces. Our interviews are hands on affairs; we like to get a feel for the candidates to see if the chemistry is right since you would be working very closely with me. The first thing to understand is that there is a strict dress code. Your uniform is in the next room. If you decide that it is not something you would like to wear to the office you may leave, we will understand. If however you are still interested in the position, get changed into the outfit and return within three minutes. You can only wear what is provided for you, nothing else”

Molly sat trying to digest this strange statement but Malfoy gestured her to go and started reading a document on his desk. Molly walked into the next room and was shocked to see an under bust corset with garter belt and stockings, a tiny mini and 6 inch fuck me heels beside a diamond choker necklace. She only had a few seconds to try to decide what she should do. Her first instinct was to walk away but the thoughts of the salary flashes through your mind and she was getting a little turned on by thoughts of what might happen with this powerful stranger. Besides she’d been looking for a job for several months now, bills were piling up and if she didn’t get something soon it was likely she would be tossed out of her rental and into the street.

Almost without making up her mind she stripped quickly and slipped into the mini and slid the cool suspenders up her legs. She clipped the corset into place below her swinging tits and stepped into the heels. She suddenly realised that there were no knickers but the three minutes were almost up. She put the choker on and rushed up to the door as quickly as the teetering heels would allow. She had no time to think how she would appear to this man dressed like a wanton whore. Pendik Escort She pushed the door open and swayed into the room standing tall and proud.

There was complete silence as Molly emerged through the door perched high on the heels, her hips swayed and her tits hung full and pendulous and swayed with each movement. Molly looked away from the man and felt the air kissing your exposed boobs and tautening teats.

“Stand in front of me and clasp your hands behind your back,” the voice is calm and authoritative.

“You are a gorgeous vision Ms Flood, just as I knew you would be. You must dress like this since we work very long hours here and one of your main duties will be periodic stress relief and you must be ready to get down to your duties at a moment’s notice. I need to be able to take advantage of your talents whenever I need to.”

Molly could feel his eyes feasting on her exposed, seductively wrapped flesh. He smiled as he gazed at her body presented in such a lust provoking form. She kept her eyes down and stood in front of the desk. She heard Malfoy get up from his chair and he circled her inspecting her shapely form thoroughly. Her pert breasts were moving in time to her quick, shallow breathing and her heart was thumping in her chest. She could feel a heady concoction of uncertainty and tantalising excitement. The moment was strangely thrilling and incredibly erotically charged. He was standing behind her and she gasped quietly when she felt his hands grazing the outside of her thighs and squeezing her firm ass that the heels push up and out.

“Owwww,” Molly’s ass reddened slightly after Malfoy smacked it playfully.

It stung but in a sweet way increasing the sensitivity of her flesh. Molly’s mind was whirling with arousal and anticipation. Then she felt his hands snake up and engulf her dangling breasts as he ground his hips into her rump. He cupped the breasts and traced lazy circles around her hardening peaks. He trapped her rigid buds between finger and thumbs and twisted and pulled at them. She moaned softly as they thrust out bullet like from such ministrations

The bulge of his hard cock pressed against her. Then she felt it, the hot rush of warmth and fluid as she became deeply aroused. She was sighing and dripping with desire as the hands roamed and fondled her tingling flesh. Malfoy lets go and walks in front of her.

“Look at me Ms. Flood.”

She looks up into his intense gaze.

“Do you want this job?” Molly nods back with dilated eyes.

“Well this is a very promising start and you fill out the uniform beautifully and you make my cock so hard but we have to see if you can take the initiative.”

Linda pouted and licked her lips. Then in a sultry tone she went on to say,

“Well Mr D’Arcy I think you would be very happy to welcome my assets and skills into your office.” As she was saying this she started to slowly open the jacket.

“I am a very willing worker who will do anything to please her employer.”

“It’s all well and good to promise things Ms Green but I feel you must demonstrate your skills before I can promise anything in return. Get on your hands and knees and crawl over here.”

She heard a zip open, there was a pause and she was not sure what to do.

“Keep looking at me and take things in hand Ms Flood,” Malfoy took her hand and she could feel it touching his rigid, pulsing penis.

Almost instinctively she wrapped her hand around the fat, swollen shaft and started stroking it gently. Malfoy groaned deeply and slapped her ass again and tugged at one tender nipple

“OH, you are one talented and gorgeous slut,” he moaned. “Now listen carefully. I expect utter obedience and unquestioning loyalty in return for your handsome remuneration package. Your role is to please me. Now oral dictation is a daily task and I need to test your talents in that area. I must see that you can take dictation even when it is long and. Now, get up on your knees Ms Flood.”

Molly did as she was bid. He was domineering and powerful and she didn’t feel as if she could do otherwise. As she knelt down she was faced with his raging, pulsing hard on. Part of her was pleased that she could have such an effect on this confident man. She could smell his must as the swollen member twitched by her nose, all thick seven inches of it.

“I’m sure you know how to take care of that situation Ms Flood.”

She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his penis, sucking and twirling her tongue. Molly prided herself on her oral abilities and quite enjoyed driving a man wild with her mouth. She swallowed him deeper and further and Malfoy responded to her eager efforts with low moans and shallow breaths. Molly bobbed up and down the length the now wet shaft enjoying the feel of his stiff yet velvet soft cock as it stretched and filled her wet mouth. It slid further past her lips as it became soaked in her spit. Malfoy wrapped his fingers in her hair as she inhaled him deep and felt him throbbing against her tongue Kurtköy Escort and the roof of your mouth. She was so turned on and reached down with one hand to play with her moist, hot pussy lips and clit. She thought to herself that you must be a sight to behold as she knelt in open breasted corset, tight mini and suspenders with her mouth stuffed full of cock.

“Ohhh , fuck ohhh yeessssssss , ohh Godddd, that’s it you sexy babeeeeeeeee, ohhhhh,” Malfoy’s words are vague as he moans loudly from the pleasure she was giving him. Some part deep inside of her desperately wanted to pleasure this man.

Then Molly felt his hands pushing at the back of your head and he began to thrust into her wet mouth. She kept her mouth wide open as he pushed deep inside touching the back of her throat with a deep groan. The pressure of his hands kept her head firmly in place, lips locked near the base of his cock and he pumped her face with measured strokes that made gargling like noises as spit spilt over her lips.

“Fucckkk yeahhh, that’s it , ohh swallow my cock yesss, ohhh yess take it, take it deeepppp”

Malfoy thrust forward and her eyes widened as he pushed almost all the way in. He held his cock still in her for a few seconds and then withdrew and some drool drizzled out of her mouth.

“The wetter the better,” he said ” now look up at me while I hump your mouth.”

Malfoy continues to speak as he pushes in and out.

“Now I have to say that ahhhhhhh your interview o ohhhhhh is going very well so far ohhh fuccckkkkk , I think you are favourite ohhh for the head position.”

Molly kept her eyes locked on him as she was crammed full of cock.

“Now I know that what you really want is to ohhhhh get bent over this conference table and filled with this hard cock” her pussy tingled at these words.

Malfoy pulled out leaving a trail of saliva dangling from your lips and signals you to stand up. He kissed Molly with possessive passion and reaches down to rub and stroke her wet pussy lips. Moans and sighs escaped her lips when he broke away and palmed her swollen tits and caressed her tender nipples. She groaned unrestrainedly when he sucked and licked her dark purple buds and brushed the inside of her thighs.

” I see you are good and ready Ms Flood, Now bend over the desk, open your legs and push your ass high up for me, that’s a good girl.”

Molly followed the instructions as if in a daze, and stretches her arms out and lays herself down. She relished the feel of her breasts pressing against the cool wood. She was so turned on and her body was screaming for sex so she happily present your body up to this man on a plate.

“Stick your ass out and up,” she suddenly felt her ass sting and realised that Malfoy had spanked her quite hard. The initial surprise gave way to pleasure as he smacked her behind again and again and again and she pushed it back and up savouring the warm sensitivity as blood rushed to her reddened rump.

“I can see you are a bit of a slut Ms Flood, I like that, now tell me what you want” he slapped her again.

Molly didn’t care that this stranger had called you a slut, at this moment she felt like a slut, all she cared about was this insistent sexual need burning inside her. She needed his cock inside her now. She wanted to be fucked hard. She needed to feel his hard cock pound her snatch more than she ever wanted anything. The words spilt out of her,

“I want your hard cock in my pussy, please fuck me, fuck me hard.”

“I’m going to fuck you like the naughty slut you are and you are going to love every last punishing second of it.”

She could feel his hands on her hips and then without warning she feel his cock spreading her pussy lips and shoving far up into her as he took her fully in one fierce thrust. She groaned loudly at the forceful penetration and her pussy grasped at the stiff shaft. She could feel his thighs slapping against her as he beat into her.

“OHHhhhhhHHHHH” she gasped involuntarily as she lay across the desk impaled on his hard throbbing cock. Huge and hard, it filled her.

Then his hands slid up her body, circling the slopes of her breasts and rubbing up and down her back before sliding up into her hair. Molly stiffened when he grabbed a tuft by the nape of her neck and pulled her back on him. Her head was lifted up, her back arched and her tits thrust up and out. The total length of his hardness, every last millimetre was embedded in her pussy. He let go of her hair and she slumped forward as his fingers tightened on her hips.

He was banging her royally now, thrusting furiously, each spearing penetration adding to the intense heat building from her loins. Molly surrendered completely to his raw carnal passion and the rough possession of her thrilled body. Both were breathing harshly and shimmered with sweat.

“Ohhh you like it like this oohhhh take my thick cock you horny little slutttt” she felt some sharp slaps falling on her jiggling ass flesh.

Malfoy took her arms and crossed them Tuzla escort behind her back. He held them with one hand and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled hard as he rammed up into her fucking her like a ragdoll. She gulped in air between delirious moans as her body was jolted by his erotic assault. It was overwhelming, overpowering and intoxicating. Her breasts were brushed and crushed along the table as her body was pitched back and forth while Malfoy doggedly sawed into her, ploughing her pussy with impassioned determination.

Molly was now in a pure sexual frenzy as she was brutally fucked by this total stranger. She was out of control and moaning for him to keep fucking her as she felt her orgasm about to burst. His thrusts were coming even faster and harder as he slammed into her yielding flesh.

Between ragged breaths she could can hear Malfoy saying

“I’m going to commeee, ughhhh fuckkk tell me you want me oghhhhhh to come on your face.”

“OhHh please ohhhh comeeeoohhhhh on my ughhhh pretttyyyy face.” She begged.

Malfoy sharply thrust into her a few last times and then withdrew.

“Down on your knees.”

Molly slumped to the floor and he loomed over her stroking his glistening cock furiously. He tilted her head back and she gazed up at him, he had a look of fierce concentration and he pushed his cock head millimetres above her face.

“UGHHHHHHH, open wide baby, ughhhh. “

With a drawn out groan and some curses Malfoy exploded and all over Molly’s upturned sweat streaked face. She felt a spurt land on her cheek quickly followed by more squirts of creamy cum that drizzled over her face. Some drops fell into her mouth as he seemed to spill a torrent of warm sperm on her flushed face as he cried out his release. Soon her panting face was drenched in his load and some dripped down onto her tits.

“Ohhh you sexy fuck, consider yourself hired,” Malfoy said as she knelt beneath him face glazed in cum while she sucked on his cock and swallowed his load. Malfoy walked away and zipped himself up before sitting down in his chair again. Molly sat in a fuck daze on the ground as some cum left a snail trail from her neck to her breasts.

“You can leave your clothes Ms Flood, you won’t need suits like that here. Take a trench coat from the rack over there and wrap yourself in it before you leave. This is how I expect you to come to and from work in future. ”

His voice was hypnotic to Molly now and she immediately got up and pulled a trench coat around herself forgetting to wipe away the remains of his seed that now clung to the underside of the coat.

“You start tomorrow at 7.00 am sharp, see you them Ms Flood, that will be all.” With that Molly was dismissed and Linda walked out the dining room door. Her pussy was still warm and she still had some of Mark’s seed on her face. She went upstairs to get a shower her mind still spinning from the fuck session she had enjoyed.

Mark had bought selection of sexy lingerie for Linda to wear at night and her favourite was a garter, G-string and suspenders set with a cupless sheer halter top. She looked stunning and irresistible in it and Mark certainly could rarely resist her when she wore it to bed. She enjoyed to wake up first some times and glance down at Mark’s semi hard cock. She would sometimes take it in her mouth and suck and slurp it gently while Mark sighed softly in his sleep. Sometimes she would suck him until he came in her mouth and his orgasm would wake him up to the most sensational sight and feeling as he spurted past her wet lips. Other times Linda would just warm Mark’s cock up and then wake him up by whispering in his ear repeatedly,

“Wake up, come on, I need a good fucking.”

This particular morning Mark woke up still a bit groggy but his mind cleared sharply when he felt Linda’s hot breath descending on his raging hard on. Then she stretched her luscious form clad only in the skimpy lingerie along the bed so her head was leaning over the bed.

“Do me big boy.” Was all she said.

She closed her eyes as her knickers were ripped off and Mark stooped and lightly licked and flicked his tongue over her clit. Her moist slit was lapped, teased and tantalised and she squirmed on the bed beneath his oral ministrations. He reached up and palmed and caressed her breasts as he pushed his tongue in and out of her swollen pussy lips. Her body writhed with passion beneath him and he gasped and sighed with pleasure. Then he eased one finger into her slick channel and pushed in and out of the soft, yielding flesh. He slipped another digit in and filled her out further. Then he withdrew his fingers covered in your juices and whispered,

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you will find it hard to walk tomorrow.”

He knelt over the aroused woman and lifted her legs up before angling his rock hard penis at her opening. She gasped sharply when he plunged inside her and jolted her soft flesh. Lusty sighs seemed to be squeezed out of her as his shaft stretched her out fully while he buried himself far within her. He pumped into her with forceful thrusts and her breasts jiggled beneath him. He lifted up her knees and rested them under his chest as he ploughed in and out of her clutching depths while she moaned softly relishing each sweet invasion.

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