12 Mayıs 2023

Little Sister in Lockdown


I have been staying at my parents’ house since I lost my bartending job after the restaurant I worked at shut down for good two months ago. I’ve been pretty lethargic, sleeping most of the day and hanging out in a tiny little bedroom. I’m 26 and accustomed to having my own space. Suddenly having to share space with my mom, dad, and little sister was a big readjustment. To make matters worse, my sister Ava moved into my bedroom when I left the house five years ago, so I am stuck in her old one.Ava just turned 18, and she’s starting her senior year of high school. She has been home all summer just reading books and messing around on her phone. We keep to ourselves as much as we can in a 3 bedroom house, but end up spending quite a bit of time together. She is about 5’4″ and has an athletic body, thanks to years of gymnastics.Growing up, we weren’t very close because of the age difference. Even though she’s 18, I still look at her as my baby sister. She is a smart girl and does really well in school. She has a couple close girl friends, but she doesn’t run around with the popular social circle of football players, cheerleaders and such. She isn’t awkward, but she’s relatively shy, and the party crowd doesn’t really appeal to her.We’ve spent a good amount of time discussing all the social movements, economic turmoil, and societal upheaval that has taken over the news cycle this summer. It’s been kind of nice getting to know her as an adult. Especially with how bored I’ve been lately, having someone pleasant to talk to is comforting. She’s not the little girl I always picture her as anymore. She’s a smart, capable, and nice looking young woman. Her breasts aren’t huge, but they are nice and perky, which seems to be the case with most gymnasts. She has a great ass, though. I was caught off guard the first time I noticed her curvy backside shaped by years in the gym. She wears leggings around the house most of the time, highlighting her best asset. She has had a couple boyfriends, but nothing serious. Being the homebody she is, I don’t think she was too concerned with dating at the moment.Last weekend, I needed to wash my favorite pair of sweats after spilling some wine on them. I only had a couple other things to throw in the load with them, so I asked Ava if she had any laundry she wanted to toss in with mine. She told me she did a load earlier that afternoon so I emptied my basket into the machine and adjusted the dial. Just before I closed the lid I heard Escort Sefaköy her call from down the hallway.”Hold on a second, please! I might as well wash this stuff,” she said as I walked back towards her bedroom.We met in the hallway and I saw she had changed into some lightweight purple pajama shorts and an old t-shirt. Her hair was braided in pigtails today and she looked like the shy, innocent girl I had always known. She thanked me as I reached out and took the clothes she wore earlier from her. As she turned around I noticed her shorts looked a size too small. They hugged her ample bum, and just barely covered the bottom of her cheeks.I pulled my eyes away from her perfect rear end and walked back to the bathroom with the washing machine and dryer. In my hands were the yoga pants and halter top she wore earlier. As I tossed them in the washer, a pair of light purple panties fell on the floor. I reached down and picked up a lace trimmed thong. I was surprised my little sister wore sexy underwear. They weren’t see through or anything, but they certainly weren’t the cotton briefs I would have expected.I pictured her wearing them and I felt my dick react. I brought them to my nose and smelled the crotch. I knew my sister was a cute girl, but a switch had just been flipped. I closed the bathroom door and closed my eyes as I slid my pants down a little and grabbed my dick. I stroked myself while sniffing Ava’s panties. After only a minute I was about to explode, so I pulled the panties from my face and came inside the crotch. I tossed them in with the rest of it and started the machine.I was thinking about her tight young body for the next couple hours as the laundry went through its cycle. When it was finished, I brought it all back to my room to fold. I placed the little thong on top of her pile and carried it to her room. Her door was cracked and I gently knocked and pushed the door open. She was lying down on her bed reading, but jumped up and took her clothes from me and put the pile on top of her dresser.I asked her what she was reading as she got back in bed and looked her phone. She was now leaning against the headboard with her knees bent and hanging off to either side. I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin material of her shorts. I said “goodnight,” and went back to my room for the night.The next morning I went in to wake her up for breakfast. I said her name a couple times, Yenibosna escort bayan and she just rolled from her side to her back but didn’t open her eyes. I tapped her shoulder, and she sighed but still kept them closed. Finally, I just grabbed the bedsheet covering her and pulled it off while she moaned in protest. I was shocked to see her shorts in a ball on the bed and her uncovered pussy in plain view. She didn’t even move, so I assumed she didn’t remember she had taken her shorts off. I snapped a picture of her for later, then I quickly grabbed the panties I jacked off into the day before. I walked back to the bed and tossed them so they landed on her lower belly. “Might wanna cover yourself up, sis,” I told her and walked out of the room.My cock was rock hard as I went back to my room and closed the door. Why was she not wearing her shorts? My imagination took over and I pictured her sliding her fingers in and out of that tight young pussy. I imagined her looking into my eyes as she played with herself, showing off for her big brother. I opened my phone and zoomed in on her plump pussy, covered only by a neatly trimmed patch of light brown pubic hair. I imagined I was in between her legs, licking up and down her gash as she said my name. I grabbed a tissue from my nightstand and came into it. I stood up to put my pants back on and walked out my room and down the stairs.My parents were both on their way out the door for work, and I sat down alone at the kitchen table. I ate my bowl of cereal, looked through the news on my phone, then went upstairs to take a shower. I heard knocking at the door and my sister’s voice from the hallway.”How long will you be? I’m running late. I need to brush my teeth,” she asked.”I’ll be out in ten minutes, then it’s all you,” I shouted back.”I don’t have ten minutes. I can’t be late on the first day,” she argued back.”Then come brush your teeth. I tried to wake you up a while ago,” I said.She walked in and went to the sink. I could see through the clear shower curtain, but it was pretty blurry. She was wearing a skirt and spaghetti strap shirt, and I wondered if she was wearing those sexy panties I tossed at her earlier that morning. I pictured guys at school seeing up her skirt as she sat in class. I felt my cock getting hard as I lathered myself.”Was it warm in your room last night?” I asked her.”What do you mean?” came her reply.”I mean you weren’t wearing any shorts Halkalı escort when I woke you up,” I said smiling.”Oh my God! I was so out of it this morning. You saw me naked?”She sounded honestly surprised to hear this information.”I didn’t see your boobs,” I told her, thoroughly enjoying myself.”But, you saw my…?””I saw your pussy,” I interrupted her.My cock was completely hard. I had never said anything like that to her before. She continued brushing her teeth in silence. The tension in the room was palpable. I was enjoying it, but I decided to try to lighten the mood and said, “No big deal. I can handle seeing a naked girl.””Well maybe I don’t want my brother looking at my vagina,” she shot back.”Next time don’t take your shorts off then,” I called after her as she walked out of the bathroom.I jacked myself to completion in the shower, got out and dried off. Ava had already left for school, and I couldn’t stop thinking about our bathroom conversation. I was now alone in my house, and didn’t bother putting any clothes on. I walked into my sister’s room and opened up the top drawer of her dresser. Her bras and panties were lined up and folded neatly. I grabbed a bra and looked at the cup size. 34B. I tried to picture what her naked breasts looked like. I wondered how big her nipples were. She had some plain cotton panties and a few sexy looking ones. I grabbed one of the lacy ones and brought it up to my face. I was so horny. I went and grabbed my phone and sent a text to Ava.”Sorry about earlier. I guess I would feel weird if I were you, too.”She replied quickly, “It’s fine I guess. But it’s weird knowing you’ve seen me naked.””I have an idea,” I wrote back.”What’s that?” She asked.”If you see me naked are we even then?” I sent her.”Haha. As if you’d show me,” she said.I took a selfie on my bed. My dick was hard and I held it in my hand My face and penis were clearly visible in the picture. My cock was about 7 inches hard usually, but it had to have been a half inch longer in this picture. I felt so dirty. I sent it to her. “There you go.””Oh my god!” she replied. “Why do you have a boner?””I thought it would be rude if I wasn’t hard after looking at your pussy,” I said.”Well, thanks, I guess. This is weird,” she texted back.”Send me a selfie? I barely even saw you earlier,” I pushed my luck.A few minutes later I received a picture of her sitting on the toilet with her legs spread. She had her panties pulled to the side and her inner folds were clearly visible. Her slit looked wet and I grabbed my cock. Her face was in the picture, too. She was sticking her tongue out at me.”Looks delicious. Can I taste after school?” I texted back.”You want to eat your little sister out, you freak?!” came her reply.”Come to my room after school and see!” I said.

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