13 Mayıs 2023

Living Doll


I come home from work to find her there, in the living room. She’s on her knees in an armchair, torso draped over the back, arms dangling and cuffed, and there’s a spreader bar between her ankles. She’s wearing heels, white nylons, and a flowery, virginal white dress.She’s completely still and completely silent. I stand behind her and lift her dress. There’s pale skin above her stocking tops, and no underwear to impede my view of her delightful pudenda and enticing buttocks. I touch her, easing a finger between her folds, finding the way in. She is moist, and remains completely still and completely silent.I unzip. I grab my stiff cock and ease it between her labia, teasing the entrance. I grab hold of her and penetrate her. Her moistness grows as I thrust my cock inside her, but she remains completely still and completely silent. I thrust harder and faster, her walls squeezing my rigid pole as I stab at her innermost depths. I fuck her hard and fast, not letting up until I’ve emptied my balls in her sopping cunt. Then I withdraw. She remains completely still and completely silent.This is my first encounter with Doll, and as my semen glides back out of her, dripping onto the carpet, my wife, Cindy, sits at the other end of the room, rubbing herself to a climax.*Doll becomes our lodger. My wife and I decide on conditions. One of the most important is that when in the presence of Cindy and myself, Doll must never wear any item of clothing that obstructs access to any of her orifices. She is our lodger, but she is also our toy, our plaything.The very first morning after Doll has moved in, we lay her on the kitchen table. We’re in a hurry. Cindy and I have to get to work. Doll’s legs are spread. She’s wearing leggings under her dress, but in accordance with our rules, they’re ripped open to allow access. She lies very still and completely silent.Doll accepts that she is nothing but Cindy’s and my toy, our plaything. She is there for us to use, to take ownership of whenever it suits us. She remains very still and completely silent as I penetrate her. Just a quickie, a little light entertainment as a way to start the day. I slide my cock back and forth as Cindy’s fingers play with Doll’s clit. Our toy, our plaything is completely still, but not so silent. Soft moans are heard as my cock twitches and I fill her vagina with my seed. She does not climax. Cindy makes sure of that. Doll is our thing, our toy, and she only climaxes if it amuses us.*Imagine if you will Doll stripped naked, wearing nothing but a black collar. Cindy and I invest in a gyno chair, and now we place our Doll in it. It’s a substantial investment, but once Doll is strapped in place it’s worth every penny. Triple layers of duct tape are placed across her mouth. Doll is very good at remaining completely silent, but the tape adds a dimension. With her legs spread and fastened in place, her naked, glistening cunt is ours to own.Cindy magics forth her wand, plugging it into the wall socket. She applies it to Doll’s naked pussy, pushing against her clit. Doll is bound too hard to move, and there’s no discernible sound. The wand hums as Cindy moves the wand, applying pressure. I look on, the only reaction from Doll being that her nipples grow erect. I flick Doll’s hard nipples, pinch them, squeeze them, pull on them. Cindy keeps up the pressure, rubbing the wand against Doll’s clitoris. It takes a while, but eventually there’s a sound at the back of Doll’s throat.I take a step back. Cindy moves the vibrating wand away from Doll’s pussy, running it up and down the insides of her thighs, holding it against her nipples. Then the wand is returned, stimulating Doll’s pussy once again. My wife waits, and as soon as a new moan fights its way past the duct tape, the wand is removed. This time Cindy switches the device off, using fingers, just as I use fingers. We use our fingers together, feeling Doll all over until Cindy decides it’s time to use the vibrator again.Doll will not climax. Not unless Cindy wants her to. Cindy owns Doll’s climaxes, and she is expert at this game, this cycle of applying and denying, applying and denying. Cindy brings Doll to the edge Escort side over and over, only to deny that ultimate pleasure. Through it all Doll never tries to speak or move, just lets things happen, accepting that every time she is unable to suppress a moan, denial will follow.Doll sits staring, denied for the eleventh time. Cindy puts the vibrator to one side. She wants it now, and we undress and do it right in front of Doll.Doll watches, stares as I take my wife from behind. Getting Doll worked up gets Cindy worked up, and I fuck her hard and fast, her moans mingling with the squish of vaginal bliss. I keep my eyes on Doll, we both do. She looks needy. Is that an attempt at movement? Doll is so good at remaining completely still and completely silent, and now she is bound too hard to move. I begin to pant as I plunge my cock deep into my wife. Cindy moans loudly, then gasps, “Do you want to cum? Do you want to cum all over our plaything?”I pull out with a wicked grin on my face as I read the expression that tells me Doll thinks this is a good idea. “I think Doll should have a big cock up her,” I reply. “A really big cock.”Cindy understands me. She likes what she hears. It takes no more than a moment for her to produce a dildo. A big, black dildo.As she is penetrated, Doll breaks. There’s a groan of desperation at the back of her throat, an attempt at movement. The dildo is very long and very thick. I look over Cindy’s shoulder as the dildo stretches Doll’s cunt. I put my hand between my wife’s thighs and push my fingers into her saturated cunt as she in turn forces the dildo further and further into Doll.Doll moans, a mixture of pleasure and desperation as Cindy uses her other hand to rub her clit. Juice oozes out, just as moisture flows from Cindy, trickling down her thighs as I dig my fingers deep inside her. My wife rubs Doll’s clit and fucks her roughly with the dildo. Doll tries to squirm, but the restraints provide prevention. She moans loudly behind the tape. She must be very close now. Is Cindy about to make her cum?Of course not. Applying and denying is what Cindy loves to do. She brings Doll close, right up to the edge, and withdraws the dildo from the hole she owns, we own.The dildo is stood on its end on the floor and Cindy lowers herself onto it. Doll watches, breathing heavily as the dildo stretches my wife’s cunt the way it has just stretched hers. Cindy begins to rub her own clit. “Fuck, yeah!” she breathes. “This won’t take long.” Then she licks her lips.I step forward, my eyes on Doll as I hold Cindy’s head in place and thrust my cock into her mouth. Doll watches, stares and tries to squirm, but the restraints do what they’re designed to do. Is that a spark of jealousy in her eyes? A spark of jealousy as Cindy sits impaled on that fat dildo, bringing herself ever closer to the climax denied to Doll.Doll watches, stares as I fuck my wife’s mouth. Cindy is moaning. She moves on the fat dildo that stretches her cunt as her fingers play frantically with her clit. Yes, Doll is definitely jealous, trying to squirm as Cindy achieves the climax she has denied Doll.I remove myself from Cindy, moving up to Doll instead. I stare into her eyes as I grab my cock. I’m close myself, and it takes no time at all for me to bring the sperm shooting from my cock, all over Doll’s super smooth mound and her glistening labia.Cindy is there at once, tongue extended, licking and lapping at my semen as it dribbles over Doll’s sex. I pull on Doll’s nipples. She moans and tries to squirm, but there’s no defeating the restraints. Cindy’s tongue slithers all over Doll’s sex, cleaning her of my emission. Then Cindy grabs the wand and applies it.Doll moans loudly. Silence and passivity have abandoned her, though she’s too tightly bound to squirm. Will Cindy allow her to climax this time? You can never tell. Applying and denying is the name of the game, and Cindy will play it for as long as it amuses her. If she’s feeling really sadistic, she’ll release Doll without having let her climax at all.Having our very own toy, plaything, Doll is so much fun.*We invest some more in clothes and other manavgat escort items. It costs a fair bit, but it’s worth it. Doll is now required to wear whatever we decide to dress her in. For instance the black latex full body suit which covers Doll from head to toe save for the requisite openings where she has openings. We make Doll pose for us, with the added delight of glossy, black ballet boots with impossible heels.She is our toy, our thing, our Doll, and we love toying with her.We make her pose in her outfit, standing on all fours between ourselves and the television. We put bowls of snacks on her back. There’s a film we want to see, and Doll makes a fine occasional table. Her holes make great occasional amusements.There’s a commercial break. There’s only one way to spend it. Cindy is the first to have fun, though I have fun watching. Cindy has bought herself black latex gloves. We’ve bought oil too. Cindy squats behind Doll, squirting oil over her anus and her labia. Cindy uses her fingers to rub oil over Doll’s holes. Cindy separates Doll’s labia. Doll glistens with oil and her own secretions. Cindy slides her fingers all over Doll, finding her clit and rolling it between her fingers. Doll is completely still and completely silent, but her pussy leaks.The commercial break ends. Cindy joins me on the sofa. We huddle up close, watching the film, snacking from the vessels on Doll’s back. Doll remains completely still and completely silent.There’s a commercial break. “Your turn,” Cindy says.“No,” I say. “Continue.”Cindy smiles. She takes an implement from a side table. Cindy squats behind Doll and rubs her pussy with her latex fingers. Doll’s pussy leaks. Cindy inserts the sleek, curved implement and works it inside Doll while rolling our toy’s clit between latex fingers. Doll remains completely still, but there’s a gasp, a moan. Cindy works the toy faster, pinching Doll’s clit. Doll’s pussy leaks. Doll moans. I take out my cock and play with myself while Cindy uses the toy on our toy. Then the commercial break ends.Cindy joins me on the sofa. We huddle up close, watching the film, snacking from the vessels on Doll’s back. Doll is once again completely still and completely silent in her second skin, but her pussy leaks. Cindy holds my cock between her latex fingers, occasionally moving her hand.There’s a commercial break. “Your turn,” Cindy says.“Both of us,” I say.Cindy smiles and squats behind Doll. I watch as she drives two fingers inside Doll’s leaking cunt. I move round to the front of Doll. Her mouth is obligingly open. I place my hand on the back of her head delighting in her rubber skin, holding her in place as I stick my cock in her mouth. I can see Cindy’s arm moving, hear the squelching of vagina agitated by agitated fingers. Cindy smiles at me as Doll moans. I thrust my cock in Doll’s mouth, fast, just as Cindy moves her arm fast. Doll is completely still, but moans some more. She drools. Saliva froths in her mouth and trickles over her lips, sliding down to the latex that covers her chin like a second skin. Then the commercial break ends.“Too bad,” Cindy says. “I was just about to shove my fist up her fuck pit.”We return to the sofa. We huddle up close, watching the film, snacking from the vessels on Doll’s back. Doll is once again completely still and completely silent in her second skin, but her pussy leaks and saliva drips from her chin. During a boring spell in the film I pull my wife’s top down and suck on her hard nipples.There’s a commercial break. “She’s all yours,” I say.Cindy smiles. It takes but seconds for her to pull off her top and her skirt, leaving just black stockings and suspenders, high heels, and the strap-on she’s been wearing under her clothes all along. The dildo is thick and long. Doll is completely still and completely silent. Her mouth is obligingly open. Cindy places her hand on the back of Doll’s head, latex fingers on latex skin. She grabs the dildo with her other hand, taking aim. The long, fat dildo enters Doll’s mouth. Cindy gives a hard thrust. Doll gags, a wash of saliva flowing over her lips. Cindy shoves the long, alanya escort bayan fat dildo back into Doll’s mouth. Doll gags, a terrifying rasp at the back of her throat, saliva flowing, flowing over Doll’s latex chin, staining the carpet. Cindy holds the fake cock, waiting, taking aim. She inserts the long, fat dildo, gripping Doll’s head with both hands. Cindy fucks Doll’s mouth. Cindy fucks Doll’s mouth like a man. Saliva flows from Doll’s mouth, but she remains completely still. Her throat protests but her pussy leaks.Then the commercial break ends. Cindy joins me on the sofa. We huddle up close, watching the film, snacking from the vessels on Doll’s back. Doll is completely still and completely silent, but she continues to drool. Her pussy glistens. I squeeze Cindy’s breasts as she squeezes my cock. We can’t wait for the next commercial break.It arrives. “What’s your pleasure?” Cindy asks.“I want her cunt,” I say.I’m already on my feet, holding my cock. I’m behind Doll. I place one hand on her latex skin, taking aim with the other. Doll gasps as I shove my cock into her, but does not move. I grab her with both hands. I fuck her. I shove my cock back and forth, pounding her pussy, fucking her as deep as I can. Cindy is moving. She’s prepared this well. The wand is already plugged in and now she squats next to me. I continue pounding Doll’s pussy, my cock forcing her juices back out and down her thighs, lubricating her second skin. Doll moans but does not move. Cindy has the wand beneath Doll, a loud hum erupting as she pushes the toy against our toy’s clitoris. Doll moans but does not move. I fuck her deep and hard. Her pussy leaks. Cindy holds the wand in place. It vibrates and vibrates, Doll moaning and moaning. I feel her tighten, feel my own approaching climax.The commercial break ends. I pull out as Cindy removes the wand and switches it off. “Too bad,” I say. “I was just about to fill her cunt with spunk.”Cindy and I return to the sofa. We huddle up close, watching the film, snacking from the vessels on Doll’s back. Doll is completely still and completely silent, but her pussy leaks. Her own denied climax matters little, it’s all part of the game, of applying and denying.The film ends. There’s a short break before the next one. Cindy leans over and sucks my rigid cock where it’s coated with Doll’s juices. Doll remains completely still and completely silent, but her pussy leaks. The film starts. Cindy and I watch, but don’t really watch. We just wait for the arrival of the commercial break.*One day Cindy and I catch Doll pussy-handed in front of her computer. When we see what she’s watching, we realise it’s high time we introduced her to our friends.Cindy and I dress Doll in her latex skin, the only openings those that grant access to her openings. There is a trunk ready for her downstairs. It’s been made to measure. There are air holes, but the best thing about it is that there’s exactly enough room for Doll’s head, torso and pelvis. When we close the lid, all we can see of Doll are her latex legs sticking out through precision engineered holes.We carry the trunk outside and load it onto the van. We drive. It takes about twenty minutes to reach Goat’s house. Goat and Trixie are waiting. We carry the trunk inside and place it on a trestle table. Sarah Suck is already there, along with Debbie Deepthroat. Also present are Max Girth, Chris Cumblast, John and Thomas, Big Willie and Big Dick.Everyone stares at the trunk with Doll’s latex legs sticking out. Goat wheels in a piece of machinery and positions it. There is a smaller hole in the trunk, equidistant between Doll’s latex thighs. Trixie squats between Doll’s legs and sticks exploratory fingers through the hole. Only two words are necessary. “She’s ready.”The machine is wheeled closer to the trunk. Goat flicks the switch and it begins to whirr, the metal rod moving. Trixie finalises the position and we all watch as the the dildo on the end of the rod enters the hole in the trunk, penetrating Doll. We all watch the rod move, slowly but insistently, the dildo moving back and forth, fucking Doll where she lies captive within the trunk.There is silence from within the trunk, but we can all imagine. We are all excited by what we imagine and we are no strangers to each other. There are two men for every woman, and we know how to enjoy ourselves. The machine whirrs; slow, steady, relentless movement in the cunt we can imagine but not see.

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